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Phoenix Smart charger vs Blue Smart charger

I want to install a dedicated 12v charger on my boat. There are three battery banks, Bow Thruster, Service and start accu.

Can someone tell me what the difference is between the Phoenix Smart(3) and the Blue Smart(3), it look likes both can do the same, but it has a very different price.


wilco asked

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Simple van setup help


Need some help.

-Is this correct way to connect this setup?

-can i charge simultaneously with Orion tr smart and solar panels while driving?

- when parking can i charge simultaneously with those two 230v chargers and solar panels?


jiittilainen asked
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SmartShunt Inaccurate Current


I seem to be getting inaccurate current with my SmartShunt 500A.
I have done the calibration, with nothing connected to the load side and has not made any improvements.
Not sure if it has only recently happened or has always happened.

I have tested it with a Victron IP22 30A Charger and is the only thing connected to the Load Side.

The below are the results.

Charger SmartShunt Lithium Battery Difference Between Charger & SmartShunt Difference in %
7.5A 7.22A 7.4A .28A 2.65%
15A 14.53A 14.9A .47A 3.13%
25.6A 24.92A 25.6A .68A 3.73%

Also did a small current draw

SmartShunt Lithium Battery Difference Between Charger & SmartShunt Difference in %
-2.48A -2.6A 0.12A 4.61%
-5.61A -5.9A 0.29A 4.91%

What do you guys reckon is happening here? Is it within spec or how do I make it more accurate?

tienn89 asked
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Charging options for liesure and car battery - mains, solar, DC-DC

Afternoon folks,

I am just in the midst of a camper conversion and have been struggling to find out if the following is possible.

I have the following items regarding the charging side of things:

- Victron Orion-TR Smart DC-DC isolated 12v 18A

- Victron BlueSmart 12v 15a 3 output mains charger

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/15

All 3 will be connected via a distribution block to the leisure battery bank (2 x 115ah AGM) which i understand is ok to do, but i would also like to charge the car battery via the mains BlueSmart charger while connected to shore power.

Now i could run a ing switch live to the DC-DC charger so it only comes on when driving, but that means running a cable the length of the van which i could do without, and i'd rather not if i don't have to.

So the question is, would it be a problem if the BlueSmart mains charger was charging the leisure batteries and the car battery, which would then switch the DC-DC charger on as it'll see the high voltage?


danny-kennard asked
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Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Outputs

I'm hoping that someone knows, definitively, how this Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 output charger (available as 1 and 3 output versions) handles the specific needs of each of the 3 outputs? Are they handled independently? For example each of the connected batteries are depleted to different extents, perhaps #1 only requires maintenance/float whereas #2 requires charging from a 30% state. I wouldn't be so concerned except that the VictronConnect app only shows single charging information (as though this was a single output instead of 3). It's a little difficult to envision a scenario when all 3 outputs should be handled as single..? Unfortunately Victron does NOT address this issue in ANY of their documentation. Also, is each output capable of 30A output (so for example the 3 outputs performs exactly the same as the 1 output version if only 1 output is being used)? Someone mentioned to me that they "thought" that the 3 output version was only capable of 10A per output channel, max, or perhaps 15A per output in the case where only 2 outputs were used.?

grayjp5 asked
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Charging by shore Power and SmartSolar - VE.Smart network


i m currently setting up a system for a liveaboard vessel - meaning mostly connected to (expensive) shore power, 24/7 consumption on both, 230v AC and 24DC systems.

There is space and will for a PV-system with about 1kw peak.

I'd prefer to install a BlueSmart IP22 charger for Shore Power and a SmartSolar MPPT fitting to the PV-panels.

English (latest?) version of the VE.Smart Network Manual tells the two chargers will "synchronise charging process" - with no further explanation how.

Is there priority for the MPPT to deliver the max. available power (if needed) while the AC charger is "second priority"?

Would be happy about some further details on this!

thanks a lot,

R. Lamersdorf

rl asked
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Bluesolar, Orion, IP22 together on 24V


I am building a Van to live in full time right now.

I do not need an alternator, as all my devices are DC anyway.

The plan is to have a "Victron Energy LiFePO4 Batterie 25,6V/100Ah Smart", for this I know I need a BMS (miniBMS) and a batteryprotect on the loads side, to ensure the battery is save from undervoltage.

For Solar, I have 3x 180Wp in series (totalling 147V) for which I would need a "SmartSolar MPPT 150/35".

For alternator charging, I am looking at a Orion-Tr Smart 12/24. (15a or 10a)

For 230V charging, I would like to use the Victron IP22 24/16. (maybe a smaller one to save some money and space)

The 3 charging methods would be connected to the plus of the battery, before the batteryprotect.

From what I understand, the Orion-Tr Smart can be remote controlled by the BMS.

Now I have 2 main questions:

Q1: The MPPT and the IP22, from what I can see, do not have remote functions for turning off, so I need a batteryprotect for those on the charging side, to cut them from the Battery? I would then look at buying one which both are connected to and that would cut both at the same time. (adding the orion -> one less cable, cut all charing options at once)

Q2: If I have two charging methods running (MPPT + either IP22 or Orion), how do they work together?
I think I can configure them so that one is always the main one (e.g. MPPT, as it's "free" would be the one that is prioritised, the others jumping in on lower voltages if need be by configuring float voltage)
I did not quite understand what the Cerbo GX is doing - would it help with managing several charging devices at once? Or is there any other way to make them work together better?

Q3: Do you have some feedback about the overall setup?

Thank you already for answering, I have an electrotechnics background but this specific topic with several chargers and an external BMS are strange to me, plus the very victron specific setups :)

jochot asked
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Parallel use of Blue Smart IP22 and Smart Solar MPPT with one battery possible?

I found misleading information in the internet and just want to be sure if and how I can use both Blue Smart IP22 and Smart Solar MPPT in parallel in my camper. The Blue Smart IP22 charger is used on the campsite with 230V input and the Smart Solar MPPT 100/15 together with the solar panel on the roof. Both will be connected to the same battery (utility battery). The systems istself is not connected to the cars‘s starter battery but only the utility battery.

So, do both devices communicate with each other via bluetooth or how will the one know from the other how is the battery status? And is there any possibility to give priority to either the solar or the grid charger? Is there any risk that the two chargers will badly interact with themselves due to both are ‚intelligent‘ chargers? Thanks for your support.

tk21 asked
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Fischer Panda burn 2x IP22 chargers

I need the support of the cummunity to solve a problem whichs shows to be a conflict between a Victron Charger model IP22 12/30 (3) and a brand new Fischer Panda 1000i: Victron and Fischer Panda official support was unable, over 1 month, to propose a solution.

The story: a Victron partner technical team made an integration with Victron lithium batteries on an exsisting system made by GEL batteries, two inverter charger QUATTRO, battery monitor, and a charger IP22 12/30 (3) for the starter batteries. Present was also an old generator, replaced with a Panda 1000i.

When everything was in place an configured we tested the system. QUATTRO's and the new equipments inslalled for lithium worked fine in any condition, including when powered by the new generator. However when we switched on the IP 22 12/30 (3) to charge the starter batteries, it took non more that a minute to start smoking.

We stopped immediately the unit and then we did several tests to try to understand the possible problem.

First of all, we connected the IP 22 12/30 (3) charger to the quay net: the charger worked with no problem for more of half an hour.

Second test was to install it again in the original position, and try, first, to charge with the quay net connected to the boat. In this conditions everything was working ok.

Third test was to have again the generator as AC source. In a short time the charger started to smoke again.

Fourth test was to use one output only (the charger is a 3 output model): we connected each single output to one battery but the result was the same: smoke in a short time.

Next step was to replace the exsisting charger IP22 12/30 (3), 8 years old, with a new one. The result was the same: if powered by AC from the Panda 1000ì, smoke within less than a minute. If powered with AC from the quary net, no problem in charging, for several hours.

It's clear that there is a conflict between the IP 22 12/30 (3) charger, this specific model, and the Panda 1000ì.

Attached you have the pictures of the IP22 12/30 (3) opened after the smoke event. We circled in red the part we believe is the smoke source (L3).


I talked to Victron about the problem and they told me that they have never experienced any problem with Panda generators so it's a problem on Panda side.

I talked to Fischer Panda about the problem and they told me that they have never experienced any problem with Victron charger so it's a problem on Victron side.

On both sides no one try to discuss with the other side...

In short, we have a new Panda 1000ì which works ok with all equipment installed, but has a clear conflict with Victron charger model IP22 12/3(3).

It cannot be that we have been unlucky with two defective chargers. Must be a different reason. Which we don't know and we, as the situation is now, we don't know how to solve.

Please let me have your comments and, more important, let me know how to work on the problem and solve it.











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2x BlueSmart IP22-30A + SmartShunt 500 + SmartSolar 75/15 Synchronisieren

Wie funktioniert die Synchronisierung von zwei IP22 Ladegeräte?

Ich habe mir 2 Ladegeräte + einen SmartShunt gekauft und möchte damit zwei LiFePO4 Akkus laden. In der Anleitung -Datasheet wird die Synchronisierte Parallelladung empfohlen.
Ich finde keine Hinweise, wie diese Synchronisierung eingestellt wird.
Kann oder soll auch der SmurtShunt und der SmartSolar Regler synchronisiert werden?
Ich habe die Teile noch nicht eingebaut..

gernots asked
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Blue Smart IP22 Charger and Victron-Connect App

I recently installed a Blue Smart IP22 Charger (30A, 3 bank) in my boat. This is connected to my house battery (AGM) and my running battery (lead/acid/flooded). I don't see anywhere in the Victron-Connect app to monitor individual batteries. Is there a way? In the app it seems like the same charge profile is applied constantly to all banks (which wouldn't be very "Smart". Am I missing something here? Is there a way to visualize what is going on in each bank/channel? Is each cannel handled independently and the app just doesn't portray this? Is that is the case, which bank is being displayed? For the most part I will be wanting to charge the depleted house battery and simply maintain/float the running battery. I'm assuming that this is an extremely common situation.

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Blue Smart Charger IP 22 - Anzeige spring immer wieder auf maximal Strom

Hallo zusammen!

Bei meinem Blue Smart Charger IP22 12/15 (Firmware 3.42, Bootloader 3.15) kommt es immer wieder vor, dass in Victron Connect die Stromanzeige auf den Maximalwert "springt".

D.h. es fließen tatsächlich 8 Ampere, aber die Anzeige springt mal kurz auf 15 Ampere. Tatsächlich fließt aber dieser Strom nie wirklich, sondern nur die Anzeige springt regelmäßig auf diesen Wert.

Ich habe es nachgemessen.

Seltsamerweise gibt es eine Schwelle für dieses Verhalten. Bei tatsächlichen 5 A passiert es nicht, aber ab 7 oder 8 Ampere. Kann einer von Euch dieses Verhalten bestätigen?


Übrigens spielt es keine Rolle, ob Victron Connect auf einem Mobiltelefon (Android, IOS) oder Mac läuft.

Danke für Eure Mühe.



influx asked

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Lifepo4 and AGM with Bluesmart 30/12


I have two Victron Super Cycle AGM 100Ah batteries in my boat and to Charge them I use Victron Bluesmart IP22 Charger. Can I replace one of the batteries with LiFePo4 battery and use the Lithium setting in the charger? Will it ruin the AGM battery? I have the setup as stationary in my boat so that I only have to plug in the powe cord when I arrive home.

Juhani Tuominen asked
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Incorrect voltage displayed - Blue Smart Charger IP22 24V 16A



Interesting fault...

Output voltage is measuring correctly (with a multimeter) and charges with appropriate current, however the app indicates it's charging at around 18V and 16A (which I know to be false). Latest firmware and app. I've tried cycling power, reinstalling app, reducing output current to 8A, Power supply mode at both amp settings, all of the modes - nothing changes the displayed output voltage from around 18V. Any solutions?


Sean asked
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What is the difference between these models of chargers


Could someone please let me know the difference between these 2 models of chargers.

bpc121542002 vs bpc121542022

The 2002 is around £30 cheaper online and I’ve no idea why and can’t seem to find more info myself they both appear to have the same specs at least from what I can find in retailers descriptions

Thanks in advance for any help


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