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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 Not Seeing DC voltage from battery & Not turning on.

My Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 isn't outputting AC voltage any longer. I updated firmware to the newest (2708492) and it no longer outputs AC from the inverter or passes through AC power from AC In.

I can connect to it using Ve.Configure and the MK3 Device. The display shows AC input power but no AC output or DC voltage. I have reset all settings back to factory.

When I turn on the inverter all three lights flash then go off. If I cycle dip switch 8 to store the dip switch settings it will also flash all three lights. It is just outside of the warranty. So, what should I do?

Here is the list of things I have done.

Reinstalled Firmware (Most current and previous firmware) using ve.flash. I have tried reverting to older firmware but still have same not working inverter.

I have used to different MK3 devices.

Check and replaced the Mega Fuse. I have also checked the barrel fuse next to the transformer.

I have used Two 12V batteries and 12v power supply.

I have checked all the connections (ribbon cables and temp cables)

The Dip switches are all in default position

I have checked the PCB board and couldn't find any damaged or distorted component.

Here are some pictures. When I took these pictures, the inverter was connected to a power supply outputting 13.4 volts DC. AC in was also connected to 125V AC.








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Gibt es eine Änderungsübersicht zu den Firmwareversionen?

Hallo zusammen,

gibt es bei Victron zu den einzelnen Geräten eine Änderungsübersicht in welcher die Inhalte der neuen Firmwareversionen beschrieben sind?

Sehe gerade, dass es für meinen Multiplus II eine neue FW (V492) gibt und ich möchte zuvor gerne wissen, was bzw. welche Änderungen in dieser beinhaltet sind, bevor ich diese möglicherweise aktualisiere.

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Multiplus II Ignores "Low Temperature Shutdown" Threshold


I am creating this post on behalf of a fellow client of ours. Our client recently bought 2 Multiplus II's and configured them into split-phase (master/slave). Both units seem to work well except the slave unit or Leg 2 (the second Multiplus II in the set up) seems to ignore the Low Temperature shutdown threshold. Our client reached out to us about the problem attaching a YouTube video describing the issue and the specific set up that we will link as well. After inspecting the video and specific Victron Configure programming settings we asked the client to send us for BOTH units, it appears that both Multiplus II's are set up with the proper and identical settings however leg 2 (or the slave unit) completely ignores the threshold. This seems like it might be a firmware like issue, but incase anyone else is dealing with this issue, we'd like to shed light on it in hopes we can either find a fix through the community, or hopefully this brings enough attention to come out with a firmware update fixing the issue.

Link to YouTube Video:

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Smartsolar firmware 1.59 update

I saw the latest MPPT firmware was released stating it applies to all the models, however noticed the Smartsolar 75/15 does not get updated using the latest version of IOS VictronConnect 5.47 or the Android version and remains on 1.56. Can this point in relation to "all models" be clarified please? The larger models updated in line with earlier releases and the documentation guides.

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What to do after failed firmware upgrade

I was forced to do a firmware update of my VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle at a time when my cell phone connection was not at full strength. The update failed, and now I cannot connect to the dongle (and thus, my charge controller either).

The dongle shows one blue light. Holding the "Clear PIN" button down for 5 seconds (or any length of time) does nothing.

Is there any chance of recovering this device, or do I have to throw it away and buy a new one?

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RS450/100 internal error 201 immediately after firmware update V1.05

Are there more people with a RS450/100 that had internal error 201 after the latest firmware update?
Now I have to sent the unit back to Victron.
Unit is connected to 30kW BYD lithium batery, color control and Quattro 15kW.

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Question for firmware updating a MultiPlus

Hello, Ive got a question about a firmware update.

My multiplus is running at version 2610158.VFD. So i made a connection with the MK3-USB, search at the dropbox files for the right file but i coudn't find the right one. The lowest one witch i could find is the 2610159.vff, Can i use this one instead?



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Resolved: Firmware update of battery mgmt controller IP22 failed

I tried to update the firmware of the IP22 24/48 V battery mgmt controller with the VictronConnect app. I think the update failed.
Now when I try to switch on the system the status LED is continuously flashing red and nothing happens.

In VictronConnect I cannot see the IP22 anymore… :-(

What can I do?

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Charge Power Ramp Up -> MP2 5000 after Upgrade to 490

Hi Community !

I've upgraded my "Charging Only" MP2 - 5000 to Firmware V490. After upgrading i noticed that the behavior changed. With the previous V477 Firmware i got full charge power just after syncing to mains power (after powering up the unit). Now i get some kind of ramp up. It takes several minutes to get full power.

I've read the changelogs and i'm not able to find any information which would explain this behavior after upgrade.

Is there a chance to get the old functionality back ? If not: where can i download the old version of the firmware ? (its not on victron professional).

thanks a lot !


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What to do with a MultiPlus II GX failure after bad firmware update

After (a failed?) firmware-update and restart one of our MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX just shows "Victron Enery" in the display and stopped working. Furthermore there is no LAN connectivity (can't ping, no web, no ssh). Reset (button) and completly power-off does not change anything. Is there any way to flash the firmware again (the device has no sd-card-slot, just one usb-port)? The device is in France and I'm on site for the next days. Any assistance / ideas would be appreciated :) Andreas

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3 Phasensytem mit Multiplus II 48/5000/70 nach Firmwareupdate auf 4.90 Zustand Aus

Hallo, ich habe ein 3 Phasensystem mit 3 neuen Multiplus II eingerichtet. Als erstes die Firmeware mit Handy auf neueste Version 4.90 aufgespielt. Dann die Einstellungen auf den ersten Multi übertragen.

Es passierte kein Neustart. In der Remote Console steht Zustand Aus, Status unbekannt. Habe dann die Einstellungen auf die 2 anderen Multis übertragen. Der 2.te lädt die Batterie. Bulk und Float blinkt. Der 3.te ist auch Aus. Habe immer noch Zugriff auf alle Multis.

Danach die Ve.Bus Einstellungen nochmals wiederholt. Auch mit Quick Configure keinen Fehler. Nochmals den Ve.Bus mit Victron Connect neu eingerichtet. Kein Fehler. Nach dem Abshluß kam die Fehlermeldung:

Nicht unterstütze Firmwareversion

Kann jemand helfen? Problem bekannt?



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CCGX time set


Hi just updated to firmware version v2.65, now unable to set the correct time. Just will not save. Any one else having this problem after firmware upgrade. Rolled back to firmware v2.63 and still will not accept correct time settings, immediately jumps back to 1970-01-01. Stuck in 1970. Also error 153, see pic. Solution??


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Where do I get Latest Firmware Version for Multiplus 12/3000/120-16

Think topic says it all.
Where do I get the newest firmware for the MultiPlus.

Current is 2609430.

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Serious operating problems after the latest Multiplus Qattro firmware

After last firmware update . A lot of problem there is somebody can help me also in this festive day. I manage hotel and we have a lot of problem for this :-(

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Firmware Upgrade 2610xx to 2612xx

Hello, is it possible to upgrade firmware from 2610xx to 2612xx ?

The are both multis...

2610 --> MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 (+EasySolar)

2612 --> MultiPlus 24/3000/70-16



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Mise à jour firmware CCGX - Procédure en version française

Si vous avec besoin de mettre à jour le firmware d'un Color Control GX d'une v1.x vers une v2.x, pour profiter des dernières options disponibles, voici la procédure traduite en français.

Ayant fait allemand 1ère langue, j'ai encore du mal avec la langue de Shakespeare...

Update CCGX - v1.x vers v2.x - Fr - V1.0_2021.12.23_PS.pdf


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Multiplus Compact Firmware Update Failure

While trying to complete a firmware update to a new Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80/120 via VictronConnect (laptop connection via MK3-USB) the update failed (no error code given). Now the unit shows a rapid blinking yellow "charger" light. The MK3-USB device cannot establish a connect through any of the toolkit software (VEFlash, etc.). Not sure where to go from here to troubleshoot the issue further. Submitted a help request for distributor support but hoping the group here has more ideas.

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Old Phoenix MultiPlus (VE Configure 1) LiFePO4 settings/compatible?

I have a Victron Phoenix Multi 12/2500/120 which is about 15 years old.

The firmware number is 1700123.

My understanding is it does not have a VE.Bus, however it can still be configured using the original VEConfigure, (but is not compatible to VEConfigure 2 or 3, and the firmware cannot be updated). Is this right?
Do I need a MK2 to USB and RJ45 cable to use VEConfigure with this unit?
Does VEConfigure allow me to change any settings which I otherwise can't change using the dip switches?

I want to use the charger for a LiFePO4 bank, can someone tell me what settings I can change using VEConfigure 1? Will I have enough control to adapt this charger for a LiFePO4 bank?

I'm also interested in what settings others using victron chargers for LiFePO4 batteries recommend.

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VE Bus Smart Dongle and Multi Issue

hi guys! a few months ago the victron app on my phone will display only "initialising" (image below) for my inverter/charger not allowing me to view my full specs when I need to and also not allowing my to adjust the incoming amps for when connected to shore power. Has anyone here experienced this? If so how did you fix it? Thanks in advance!


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Request for Old Multiplus Firmware version - 1958142

Can some please help me with this Older firmware number 1958142 HEX.. ? if yes, please email it into

Thank you!

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Multiplus II dead after 2611491 firmware

I just have tried to update my Multiplus II 24/3000/70 with VRM / cerbo from 489 to 491.

It hangs at 40% (for 30min). Now it is in a bad state :(.

On the Multiplus all the LED are fast flashing at the same time.

Can somebody help me what to do?

(Try with VEFLASH? or a hare reset?)


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How to update Ve bus quattro when ve bus BMS connected

So I have a ve bus BMS connected to the system and it says I should remove the RJ 45 cable before remote updating the vebus quattro. The problem is once I remove the cable the internet goes off because the router is connected to the inverter power. How can I resolve this? Also my quattro firmware version is 460, should I update to 490?

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Firmware updating to combine older and newer MultiPlus to work in parallel

My apologies for a lengthy post, but I thought a more detailed question would help for a more accurate response. I searched the forum and got a lot of good info but not exactly my situation. I am looking for some guidance in updating and reconfiguring my system. A step by step "Dummies" tutorial would be great, but maybe not necessary.

My system was originally a single MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50, with a BluePower control panel and a BMV-702 battery monitor (only way to get Bluetooth remote access at the time). This was all purchased and professionally installed in June 2016. It feeds a house bank of 6 x Full River DC400 batteries for a total of 1245 AH capacity.

Two years ago I installed an additional MultiPlus, but wired and operating in charge mode only. This was to reduce genset runtime when cruising, which we do 4-5 months each summer. I originally configured it with just the dip switches, with the expectation that eventually it would get fully wired as an inverter/charger and an overall "control panel" running and monitoring the whole works.

I recently installed a CerboGX with a Touch 50 to intially be the control panel for this second MultiPlus (still running as a charger only) with the understanding that it could and would be the grand Control Panel running both MultiPluses as a single unit (paralleled?) It is nicely talking to the second unit, I've upgraded the Cerbo firmware to current (2.73) and have used it to more accurately set battery and charging parameters. However, it is my understanding that I need to ensure the firmwares of both the MultiPlus units are at the correct level to permit this to all operate as a cohesive unit. My first indication that this isn't a trivial plug and play exercise is that the CerboGX will not communicate with the original MultiPlus. I have the MK3-USB adapter, and VEFlash and VE Configure downloaded so believe I have the tools ready to go, but want to confirm the correct order and f/w levels to do the updates.


1st MultiPlus - serial #HQ1537RZ6BL, f/w ver 2702158

2nd MultiPlus - serial #HQ1846742B3, f/w ver 2702430

CerboGX with Touch 50 - serial #HQ20357GUYQ, f/w ver 2.73

So if you please, which device do I update to what level of f/w, and in what order, and using what tool/method? I think I first need to use VEFlash to update the 1st Multi to some level because the Cerbo won’t talk to it right now, and then maybe use VE Configure (or VE Connect) to continue updating both devices to the same level, but I’m just not sure.


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Cerbo not booting - flashing orange light after failed firmware update

Good Morning,

This morning I started to install the Cerbo in my system. Booting the device with minimal connections went great, and we began to connect the Quattro, Solar via USB, and BMV via VE direct.

A firmware update was detected, and we chose to update to 2.60 - at some point after telling it to perform this update, the Cerbo will no longer boot. (I assume its not booting). We were using the wifi, and check for updates, under the system menu. When it found the 2.60 update, we told it to download and install. It didn't automatically install, but showed in the list of "alternative backup firmwares" to boot from. We chose to boot 2.60 instead of 2.57 and on the next restart, the Touch 50 GX remains blank, and the red / orange Wifi light will begin flashing after a few seconds, but nothing else appears to happen.

1.) Is there a hardware or backdoor way to force the Cerbo to reboot back to the 2.57 firmware?

2.) Is there a way to connect to the Cerbo via a computer and manually push a new firmware to it?

Unfortunately going back to the dealer is a VERY lengthy issue at this point. We're in the Caribbean, and floating in French Martinique at the moment. Anything we do would require weeks and weeks of shipping each way, so hopefully there's a technical way to solve this, as I believe it's just a bad firmware boot, and going back to the old one would be fine?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Firmware updated but, ....

Hi everyone,

unfortunately I have installed the updated firmware but I stopped and do not know the next steps to take. Now the system is badly programmed and if I don't manually put the switches on the electric / photovoltaic grid the system only goes to the electric grid.

In the settings I noticed that the ESS and Inverter settings have disappeared ... what can I do?

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Multiplus Fails Firmware Update with latest version VRM

Only Guessing, Multiplus 12/1600/70 failed to update firmware 4.89 at 40% "writing firmware". Is this the latest firmware or latest VRM?

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Multiplus dead after 2620490 firmware


My ESS with 2x 48/3000/50 (Parallel, one phase) system worked well, after updating to firmware 2620490 the second Multiplus is going to overload after switching on.

Removed the Parallel function, reset to stand alone, still the same.
(Of course removed all AC in- and out to test)

Flashing the Firmware back to 2620433 did NOT solved the problem, flashing the firmware was without problems.
You hear the Inverter wants to start, as you hear the Transformer a short period.

How can this happend? The system worked well for some years.
Is the Multiplus dead, and must be repaired? Or any other suggestions?


Sander van Noort

PS. The first Multiplus is now setup as Standalone, and is working fine with the 2620490.
In winter i can live with one, but is sommer i need the extra power for a heatpump.

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VE. Flash cannot find device (Quattro 2748 Firmware v155)

I've got 2x Quattro 2748 running firmware 155 (the original) and I would really like to upgrade them so I can use assistants.

I have a Microsoft Surface and a MK3 adapter. I can connect to them using VE Connect and change/save existing settings with no problems.

However, when I try to use VE. Flash I go through the entire procedure and when it gets to 'Connecting' it fails saying cannot communicate with device. I've tried a couple of different cables, but no joy.

I can't use the new Victron Connect because my firmware is too old, so I am stuck. I did see one other thread with the same problem but the chap managed to fix it by forcing Victron Connect to update, but I have no such option. I don't have access to another PC to try.

Any ideas?

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Firmware update and wrong MPPT battery voltage selection

Over the past two months, I have commissioned several MPPTs. A recurrent problem following the firmware update is a low voltage system alarm. While checking the settings of the MPPT (Victron connect) I noticed that the MPPT failed to detect the right voltage level at startup and therefore leading to low voltage alarms.

I know how to fix the problem, but this situation is not ideal. Especially if I am giving support to a system installed in another country or that is connected via a can.bus (so far not supported for remote configurations with Victron Connect).

1. How could I verify and if necessary correct the system voltage remotely for a VE.Can connected MPPT device?

2. Did Victron notice this problem before? are you working to solve it?

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