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Difference between globallink 520 and GX LTE 4G

I'm using a cerbo GX and I'm looking at a way to connect my system to the cellular network.

In the description of the globallink 520 it says that it comes with a 5 year sim-card.

1. Does the GX LTE 4G come with a similar 5 year sim-card?

Or since the globallink 520 is about the same price as the GX LTE 4G.

2. Can u use the globallink 520 with the Cerbo GX?

Thank you guys in advance for the help!

sjors-heikoop asked
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GlobalLink 520 in VRM Portal but not in the Victronconnect App

I see my new GlobalLink 520 in VRM Portal but not in my Victronconnect App on my phone.

In Victronconnect i am logged in with my vrm-account, the phone has internet, whats the Problem?

kurzer asked
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Is There any smart GPS Bluethooth compatible with Victron GlobalLink 520?

I would like to use a GPS unit to track position on VRM using a GlobalLink 520 unit?

Is it possible?

Thank you

lmorales asked
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Global Link 520 Relay automatically actions possible?


the relay of my GlobalLink 520 i can activate via VRM Portal.

Is it possible to activate this relay automatically?

Alwin Schulze asked
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Globballink 520 relay, but how?

Have a question about the relay function of the Globallink 520. I have basic knowledge on electronics. I know for instance the positive side of a battery is the side with the "knobby" thing on it's end. My question is: since the Globallink relay cannot be fed more than 3V (otherwise it explodes) am I right to assume I should get a (another) relay that has 3V on the one side, so it will trigger it's relayswitch so that I can switch on a bigger load? Or, if I am mistaken, how do I switch a substantial (10A, 12V) load with the relay onboard the Globallink 520? Please take me through this step by step and bear in mind my complete and utter ignorance on the matter.

westen asked
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Globallink 520 - Random reboots

The Globallink 520 seems to reboot at random times, quite often, and without any reason.

This happened on firmware 2.05 and also on 2.06.

It is a serious issue as it also affect the relay connection where we have the primary equipment connected. Its wired through the relay with relay energized for normal operation of the equipment as the equipment is only used summer time and relay is then disengaged in winter time to save battery and less chance of icing on equipment.

Is there any troubleshooting done to rectify on this issue?

Øystein Hennø asked
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Cerbo and Global link 520

Can Ruuvi, SmartShunt and MPPT controllers connect at the sametime to my cerbo on ve.bus and bluetooth (Ruuvi) as well as with Global link 520 via bluetooth? thanks

Daniele Calabrese asked
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Globallink 520 - Internal temperature - only random/rear samples

I noticed there is an "Internal Temperature" for the Globallink 520, but it seems like its not sampled on each report? Only randomly/rearly. You can find it on Custom Widget and use it as an Alarm reference.

Is there any plan to fix this sampling issue Victron?

Øystein Hennø asked
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4 Answers

Lost pluggable terminal blocks GlobalLink 520

I have unfortunately misplaced my terminal blocks. and need new ones where can I buy them?lost.PNG

lala asked
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GlobalLink 520 Temperature Limits

Does anyone know the minimum temperature of the GlobalLink 520?

I recently changed out my CerboGX (temperature limit -20 C) with the GlobalLink 520. Using device with SmartSolar 100/30 MPPT (temperature limit -30 C) and SmartShunt (temperature limit -40 C). I will find out this winter whether or not this unit will work all winter in my unheated Alaska location.

The extremely low power consumption (measured at 10 mA) of this setup should survive the winter with flooded lead-acid batteries. With the CerboGX, I had to shut down the loads including CerboGX during -30 C temperature conditions.

Global warming has helped since it has been over 10 years since I have seen -40 C at my location.

Old setup for previous years used industrial rated (-40 C) components for all parts of the system; however, power consumption required me to limit operation to sunny days only.

Terry LaGrone asked
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Globallink 520 added external antenne, but it say otherwise?


I added an external antenna to my Globallink 520 the other day. Signal strength was boosted by 5 -10Db, so no complaints there! The antenna used is the one Victron recommends on it's site.

Statusscreen keeps saying that an internal antenna is used (lower right in picture):


Do I have to make adjustments in the configuration to get this reading to change to "external antenna used"?

Any thoughts on this appreciated, greetings!


westen asked
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VRM installation map - Globallink 520 - map won't center in full screen mode / add terrain mode ?

When using the PC browser with it's VRM "All installation" dashboard and press the full screen map button and go full screen, every time you hover a site in the map with your mouse cursor, the sites jumps to the top part of the screen and "adjust" the map to center as it was still in window mode / dashboard with map on the very top part.

It won't center the site to the center of the full screen page...

Very annoying as you always have to drag the map down, again and again...!!

Screenshot below is hovering the site with the red arrow...



And can we add the possibility of "terrain" mode of the map?

The terrain map is much better for static sites with more details etc.


Øystein Hennø asked
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6 Answers

GlobalLink 520 Uk coverage

I’ve just ordered a GlobalLink 520 for remote monitoring of my boat solar but can find a difinitive map coverage for the uk. Mainly Gloucestershire.

Has anyone got one in the uk?

Simon Coram asked
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VRM map - Globallink 520 - static unit relocates itself on VRM installations map - GPS fix?

Hi, got 12 static sites with Globallink 520 and MPPT 75/15 and for some strange reasons, 2 of the units keep on relocating their map location to another fixed location compared to where I save them in the map. It's only the same 2 units this happens with, to the same fixed common location, time and again. Must be a bug or something. Tried various ways to save the location, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I now see what happens.... every now and then, these 2 units seems to pick up a GPS location that's somehow put forward by the one of the LTE providers (Telia) I believe, so the Globallink sees it as a GPS fix.

It seems like these 2 Globallink units with VRM ID staring on 807d3a...... picking one (Telia) of two providers and this happens. Other Globallink units with VRM ID starting on 3c71bf....... using same provider (Telia) seems to be fine and don't do the GPS fix.

Once that happens, I noticed the widget in Advanced also display the GPS possibility...


None of the other 10 units display the GPS possibility under widgets.

Is there any way to tell the Globallink not to use that LTE position data, as its all wrong compared to actual location??

Øystein Hennø asked
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