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Understanding Victron MMPT Readings


We will use bar chart '5 days ago' for reference.

Question 1: Yeild, does this mean my solar panel yielded on average 40Watts per hour or a total of 40Watts throughout the entire day? I have a 50W panel and would assume I should be yielding at least 200W per day i.e. 50W*4hrs = 200W

Question 2: Consumption, does this mean power draw consumed 40Watts per hour or a total of 40 watts in the day? My equipment only yields roughly 5watts (sunset switch disconnects load at night time).

The way I am interpreting it right now is that I consumed 40Watts per hour and the battery charged 40Watts per hour which doesn't seem like the correct interpretation to me - especially considering the battery was in float the majority of the day.

Note the battery is LifePo4 9Ah in capacity.

Your help would be much appreciated!

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Cervo gx how to connect 4 ve bus devicea


I have:

Cervo gx

Mppt for solar panels

BMV 712 for battery monitor

Smart shunt as DC meter for boat engine alternator

Ve bus to nma2000 cable

SD card

USB gps device

USB bluetooth for ruuvi

Multiplus 12/1600/4800

4 ultra capacitor batteries

Albicombi for engine sensors

Bilge pump sensor

Fuel tank sensor

Water tank sensor

Relay to turn Aircon on/off

Relay to turn lights on/off

Ethernet cable to connect to raymarine MFD and rest of raymarine system.

I now installed silent wind wind generator with hit own controller and i would like to add a shunt as DC meter selecting wind generator

How do I connect the 4th be bus device to the cerbo


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Multiplus in ESS mode aansluiten op Belgisch net voor thuisbatterij.


Ik heb thuis een multiplus II GX aangesloten op het Net met een 10Kw lithium batterij.

Alles in mooi aangesloten zoals het in de manual beschreven staat en het systeem werkt ook gewoon perfect, Maar nu is de keuring langs geweest om het systeem te keuren en dat wilde hij niet doen omdat de omvormer in serie was aangesloten met het electriciteitsnet en niet in parallel. (Ik vertelde hem dat dit systeem enkel maar in serie kan worden aangesloten en dat alle meet apparatuur vanbinnen in de multiplus aanwezig is, en dat dit toestel aan alle veiligheids voorzieningen voldoet en gekeurd is door Synergrid belgie)

Kan iemand mij helpen met info of voorbeelden van iemand anders die dit ook zo gedaan heeft thuis, zodat ik dit kan voorleggen aan de keurder? Of heb ik zelf iets over het hoofd gezien?

In bijlage de schets van hoe het is aangesloten:



Met vriendelijke groeten


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solar array config


I have 4 x 40 w victron (18.3v/ 2.2 A) panels plus one 100w Energie mobil (17.4v/5.8A) solarpanel on the roof of my Rv. I need to connect all that to an mppt 75/15 wired to a 250ah 12v lihitum battery.

I am wondering what would be the best configuration for it. i have also a spare mppt 75/15.

I tought about doing like this : 2 x 40 w in series wired together in parallel with an another 2x 40w couple .So it will be 2 couples on one mppt giving in 160 w /36v/4.4 A

And the 100w panel alone on the other mppt on .

I think this option might be the best for optimal efficiency ?

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Multi RS Solar AC Input disconnect until low battery voltage

The Multi RS Solar uses about 250W with AC1-IN connected, is there a setting that will only connect AC1-IN if battery voltage goes low?

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MPPT 150/100 died


Howdy trying to investigate this failure with my MPPT 150/100. Installed new solar panels and updated the battery wiring since the factory gauge (RV) was small and came from the factory cut / with exposed copper on the red wire... On battery alone with PV cut off, no lights and no longer available on bluetooth. Did notice a few hours before that it was 'rebooting' frequently / the bluetooth was not stable. It is connected to a Venus/Cerbo GX (w dual MultiPlus 3000VA 12v and 1,000 amp smartshunt). during that time, I noticed the battery configuration was wrong and corrected it (settings showed 24v battery, but was 12v). But found that the corrections did not stay. I wasn't sure if it was because Venus/CAN was setting things up and the configuration was no-op or not. But looking at the graphs, it looks like around the time of the failures it legitimately thought 24v and was not saving the settings, but you can see previously it did not have that issue. Back to the wires, 2ga (US) from panels and to battery (wasn't sure what to put on battery side so decided larger would just lead to less efficient charging on lower end, but not leave me in a pickle on the higher end.)

Questions I'm trying to solve:

  • Is any of this expected?
  • Is this something that I should warranty? - less than a year in service and $800 USD
  • How do I know replacing the MPPT 150/100 won't cause the same issue again?
  • Is it possible the wire sizing caused this?

Graphs :) - the missing time period is when the charger seemed to die. When that happened the multipluses also went down- so unaware of what happened during that time. Might be time to install a UPS for the "home lab" in the RV.

Battle born batteries 12v. So 14.2 is right.


Here 18.9v is, quite wrong. I think this is going back to that 24v setting I mentioned.


nothing out of the ordinary with the pv


if you're curious about multiplus since that would be the other feeder of dc voltage


Not seeing anything unusual on the battery either,


Oh, one thing that was weird too, the battery terminals:



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Why did Multi RS Solar ESS discharge below the minimum SOC?

When you setup a Multi RS Solar with ESS set to "Optimized with Battery Life" and the Minimum SOC is set to 51%, is this supposed to limit the battery discharge to a minimum of 51%? Reason I ask is that I checked my system this morning and the batteries had discharged to 33%. My concern is that although the grid started charging the batteries, I have no idea how low my batteries would have dropped to (No History on SOC). Is this a fault with the setup or the algorithm?



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100/20 controlar

Can a 100/20 handle a 400w panel, I have a 440 amp battery storage, 12v.

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lack of connection

I have a house connected to 3 phase electricity. I then built a barn and had the 3 phase connected via the junction box on the wall of my house. Everything works.

I have just had a Victron system installed. The installers, super guys, assured me that as the house and barn were on the same power source that the solar generated electricity would be available to both the house and the barn.

The solar set up works fine in the barn...but doesn't feed power to the house. The installers can't explain why.

I attach photo of the junction box on my house....two switches,,,one controls house, the other the barn. I also attach photos of the set up in the barn.

Anyone got any clues? Thank you.


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g99 application

hi simon i have submitted a g99 application to sp energy they are looking for

  • A schematic drawing showing the G99 protection systems (the drawing you have supplied doesnt show the G99 protection)
  • A clear narrative description of the scheme that describes the scheme operation for Normal Mains Healthy, Loss of Mains, Returns of Mains and Paralleling (where applicable)
  • A site location drawing showing landowner boundary
  • Where a developer is representing a Customer or land owner we require a signed letter of authority to act on their behalf
  • any chance you could give me some guidance
  • the inverter is a type tested solis 5kw hybrid
  • thanks

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Smartsolar RS UL?

Hi, I have noticed that the new Smartsolar RS do not have UL certification, however the Smartsolar 250V do have the certification.

Is there any plan to get UL certification for this model?


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Offgrid Solar System

Hello everyone, Please help me to select suitable Vectron products to fully off-grid solar solutions to achieve the following requirement. Peak power consumption 16kW. daily energy consumption is 145kWh. Day time -40kWh and night time 105kWh. waiting for your help.

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PV not showing on Multiplus 2GX

Hi all,

I have a Multiplus 2 GX used as ESS. Seems to be working ok apart from the readings on VRM dashboard. Solar is not showing at all, no orange box even!

I have et112 meter for grid measurement and ac current meter connected to temperature input. Assistants on multi are ESS and ac current meter.

I can't find where to configure the ac current meter.

Any ideas?



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using MPPT solar inverter DC input with an AC generator


I have a question regarding the possibility of using an AC generator with an MPPT solar inverter.

So basically I have a wind power turbine, the generator is a 3 phases permanent magnet synchrone generator.

In order to have a DC voltage, I will use a diode bridge with a DC/DC converter to meet the requirement of DC input of the inverter.

Lets say I will use the Victron EasySolar-II GX (who handle a DC input between 38V - 66V) without battery, and I'm able with the diode bridge and the DC/DC converter to convert the voltage of the AC generator to a DC voltage that oscillate between 38V - 66V. Will the inverter be able to generate power and behave normally ?

I want to know too how the MPPT will work under those circumstances. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, from what I understood, the MPPT algorithme changes the value of the voltage on the DC input in order to find and drag maximum power. In the system that I explained above, the source imposes the voltage I believe, how the MPPT algorithm will be able to find the maximum power point?

Feel free to ask more questions if I misexplain something.

Thanks in advance


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Solar charge setup

Advice please.

Need some direction on how to setup a vehicle system for solar.

I already have EHU into victron inverter/charger which then can charge house battery.

I also have a split charge controller to allow the alternator to charge the house battery.

So house battery can be charged via EHU or Alternator at present.

Master battery also can be charged by EHU or Alternator.

I will have a dedicated battery charger for house battery as I will be going lithium so I will not be using the inverter/charger for battery maintenance.

Want to introduce solar into the mix.

How do I get the solar to provide power to house battery charger but also charge master battery. I have seen talk of trickle charge power on a second line but they don't seem common.

I know some controllers can have 2 outputs but then how do I stop too much power being delivered to the master battery with a second controller.

Thanks in advance.

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