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Multiplus 12/3000 + Cerbo + Lynx BMS + Smart Battery DCVV

Hi I am expanding an older system with the following components and ran into behavior by my Multiplus 12/3000 in charging my new Victron Lithium Smart batteries.


  • Cerbo GX
  • Lithium Smart Batteries
  • Lynx Smart BMS
  • Multiplus 12/3000

I see in the Cerbo where the Lynx communicated through DCVV the following values from the battery.

  • CVL - 14.2V
  • CCL - 330A
  • DCL - 600A

However, when I start commissioning the first battery solo the Multiplus is charging at 13.8V and floats at 13.38V

So a few questions:

  1. Does my Multiplus on the latest firmware v494 support DCVV over the VE.Bus?
  2. When I go into the configure the Multiplus it specifically says in the help section that if a Lynx BMS is used the GX will override all settings over CAN-bus
  3. Trying to understand why the Multiplus is charging at below 14.2V even when I configured it to do 14.2V if the DCVV was not working.
  4. My Multiplus dropped into float after 15-20minutes on the single battery and never hit a voltage above 13.8V to trigger the batter to know it's cell status. Not sure how to get the cell status to calculate. Battery Cells are all 3.40V and says Battery Read For Use in Victron Connect App.
  5. For a fully charged 12V Victron Lithium Smart Battery what is the normal cell voltage supposed to be?


murphy-r asked
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multiplus en surcharge dès 30° Celsius

j'ai un multiplus 1600 VA tout neuf, et une charge CA de 800 W

dès qu'il fait 30°C il passe en surcharge..malgré un ventilateur extérieur rien n'y fait....

mes kits sont pour l'Afrique...faut il que je change de marque où a t-il une solution ? dans la doc il est donné jusqu'à 65°C

philippe-gonin asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Two SmartSolar 75/15 to the same battery: Should I connect BOTH load outputs or just one?

I am planning to have two SmartSolar 75/15s charging the same battery bank to help with partial shading issues on my sailboat. But I do not know if I should connect BOTH of the load outputs to my DC panel or just one of them.

Please advise.

allen-goldstein asked

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veconfigure dc input low shut down se déclenche trop tôt


j'essaye d'éteindre mon multiplus 24/1600VA quand les 2 batteries sont faiblement chargées (genre 30%)

et de le rallumer quand elles sont en pleine charge...

il s'éteint beaucoup trop vite (j'ai 2 betteries victron plomb carbone de 12v 160ah)

il s'éteint quand la tension est vers 25v alors que j'ai indiqué 22.7V dans le DC input low shutdown

philippe-gonin asked
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User manual for Atlas 12/1500 (not combi).

Please can someone help me, I am looking for the user manual for an Atlas 12/1500 inverter, it is circa 1991 device!!

jerry087 asked
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Precharge with AC input?

Is it possible to precharge the MultiPlus capacitors by connecting the AC IN to the grid and putting the switch to charge for a couple of seconds, then disconnect AC and turn on the DC switch to the batteries?

Using a resistor is messy..

Minas Papageorgiou asked
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multiplus bloqué

mon convertisseur Multiplus fonctionne mais son état apparait en "bloqué" et dans VRM la charge CA est nulle (la courbe reste à plat)

j'ai un smartshunt

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DC Power Missing on VRM Portal when using External Grid Meter

fallo configuración victron multiplus II.JPGHi.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

I have a solar photovoltaic system with batteries (inverter Multiplus II with Cerbo GX). The problem is that, for the last month, it has only been feeding energy from the grid to the loads. The batteries are not discharged and the solar field does not produce any energy.

Thank you very much.

fernando-barrena-barrero asked

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Separate shore power and inverter mains circuits

Hi all -

I have a 12/500 multiplus and I'm a little confused regarding mains circuits after looking at a few diagrams. Some show a totally separate mains circuit from the hookup and then one from the inverter. Am I right in saying that this is an optional setup if you want to have a circuit you use for higher draw items as there's a higher rating if it's coming straight from the shore power rather than via the inverter? I will only be using laptops and other digital devices so doesn't seem a big deal for me, so at the moment I'm assuming all mains power can make its way to me via the inverter. Just need to check my assumptions are right!

Here is a shot from a book i'm reading this shows this kind of setup:


Many thanks

Dylan Tucker asked
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Growatt grid tied tl-x inverter

Anyone know if the growatt tl-x grid tied inverters support frequency shifting.

I can't spot it in manual and manufacturer responses are slow. Anyone tested these inverters.

Is there a list of supported inverters or a way to tell from inverter manuals. Or Is there another word other than frequency shifting that I might have better luck searching in literature to determine if this inverter is supported.



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My Quattro inverter is pumping the grid like crazy every 1 o 2 weeks

Hi everyone,

I'm fighting with my system for weeks now and i'm wondering if anyone saw this behaviour.

I have 2 Quattro 48 units as split phase with 8 rolls batteries 487ah.
The system is working properly and then every 1 or 2 weeks in the morning it's start pumping on the grid like crazy even if the batteries are full.
I can't stop it until I switch off the inverter and restart it which i can't do remotely as i'm loosing the internet connection.
If i leave this situation going on for several hours, it's not stopping by itself (i tried 6 hours and was still pumping, the batteries were like boiling with increase in temperature.
The system doesn't use ESS.

Until now, no one was able to find the reason for this

If anyone has an idea you will save me from months of headaches ...





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Suche die richtige Dimensionierung PV + 3phasig Multiplus


ich plane gerade eine PV-Anlage und würde gerne einen Akku mit einplanen. Hier schwebt mir die Idee vor, die Akku-Kapazität später mal zu erhöhen, um abends / nachts auch mal ein Elektroauto laden zu können.

Für den Moment reicht mir eine Basis-Akku zur Verbesserung des Eigenverbrauchts.

Nun zu meiner Frage:

Ausgehend von einer Reihenschaltung vom normalen Netz, dem Multiplus (3x um 3phasig aufzubauen) und dann ein 3phasiger PV inverter mit ca. 15 kwp (sollte ja Factor 1.0 Regel sein) wie in dem Bild.


Für den Moment sei es mal egal ob der Inverster auf der AC Seite sitzt, oder ich hier MPPT Regler auf die Akku-Schiene setze ...

Wenn ich das System und die Doku richtig verstehe, hängen alle Verbraucher "Hinter" den MultiPlus-sen. Sprich die gesamte Leistung muss auch da durch.

Wenn jetzt also die Leitungen glühen (Herd an, volle Koch-Session, Backofen auch noch + Trockner und Kaffeemaschine ... ihr wisst was ich meine) - kollabiert dann mein Netz? Reichen da 3x Multiplus 48V / 5000 ? Klar 15000kva auf allen Phasen ist ne Menge Holz - aber die ganzen Verbraucher sind auch nicht ohne?

Die Anschlussleistungen von Herd und Ofen liegen jeweils bei 11kw ... klar ziehen die das nicht immer und selten ...

Klar - ich könnte natürlich einige Verbraucher auf der Netz-Seite lassen und würde über die Einspeisung bei genug Strom aus dem PV bekommen - aber die Geräte profitieren dann nicht mehr vom Akku...

Klar könnte ich auch die Multiplus-se verdoppeln (auf 3 mal 2 parallel) - oder auf die 48V / 8000 gehen. Allerdings steigert das den Systempreis und auch die notwendige Installationsfläche, so dass hier ein "normaler" Hybrid-Inverter mit profanem Hochvolt-System deutlich attraktiver wird ...

Mit fehlt hier die Erfahrung für eine vernünftige Dimensionierung ... und ob der Anwendungsfall Sinn macht ...

Vielen Dank und Gruß


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MultiPlus inverter & charger. 2000 Watts, 24 Volts DC does not invert but does charge


I have (2) MultiPlus inverter & charger. 2000 Watts, 24 Volts DC, 120 Volts AC, 50 Amp chargers connected in parallel for AC output.

Yesterday I wanted to charge the batteries with the 2 MultiPlus's. I plugged one of the inverters into a GFCI outlet and it turned on the yellow light on the front panel and had a big hum. I disconnected the power source. Now the inverter does not work to output AC electricity. It still charges. Any ideas what happened to it. Any fuses to check?


Guy Bradley

gbradleyviper asked

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Mppt to charge 480v battery bank???

Hello I saw that there are inverters for three-phase current up to 50/100/200 kw. And they accept a battery voltage of 300/400 volts.

However, I have noticed that there are no mppt controllers capable of charging 400 volt battery banks.

I wonder, is it possible to connect many 48v mppts in series to a 480 volt bank?

I also saw that victronenergy does not produce inverters over 5kw it seems to me.

Is it possible to combine several 5 kw inverters in parallel to obtain 30/50/100 kw output?

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Hardware Resetting with loss of AC

Hi Victron Community,

We have a Multiplus II on a Freedom Won Lithium Battery. We have an active AC supply from our energy company. We run a multitude of hardware on this Multiplus II. Average load is around 1000W. When we lose AC supply most of our hardware is unaffected by the switch from AC to battery. But our servers and some other odd devices (like speakers, UPSs and PC screens) reset.

This is obviously not good. It is damaging the servers as well as causing downtime which the Multiplus II + battery was supposed to prevent.

So by my deduction I am assuming the Inverter is off while there is AC input and as soon as it switches to Inverter there is a delay which is tripping the hardware. Do I perhaps have a setting somewhere that should prevent this? Could someone perhaps give me an idea where to look for a solution to my problem?

Thanks in advance!


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