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Smart shunt settings


I’m struggling to read/understand the smart shunt, any help is appreciated

It was recently installed along with 4 brand new 110ah sealed lead acid batteries (hankook xv110 dual purpose), then plugged into the mains to ensure 100% charge and synced.

Today it shows I’m at 91% SOC after using 62ah out of my 440, which I calculate as 86% SOC

However when my fridge starts and has been running for 10mins my volts drop to 12.34v, then with fridge off and for 5mins the volts jump back to 12.5v

So….. what reading should I be using?
Percentage seems wrong, Ah used doesn’t seem to match the voltage when in use.

I’m so confused? I don’t want to damage my brand new batteries?

***Batteries are charged by both solar and running the engine and currently battery temp is 5*c



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Cerbo/GX50 is not showing AC input or AC loads

Set Up a cerbo and GX 50. PV data is showing, Battery info from smart shunt is good, however with the shorepower connected I am not seeing the AC input. I also have no AC loads showing, when i know there are loads on the invertert. I have checked all my connections but still no luck.

Any ideas what it might be?

Thanks all

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SmartShunt and time remaining for charging


The SmartShunt approximate end time of charging is not displayed during charging. Can this be fixed somehow?

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API for Bluetooth 500 Smart Shunt access

I see where there are a lot of options for accessing devices with other systems, but I cannot find anything for the Smart Shunt (500). It doesn't appear to work on windows at all, and the linux version of Connect seems to require a GUI. I was hoping to integrate battery monitoring with other aspects of an astronomy system, for example to get an alert if the SOC drops below some threshhold, park the telescope, shut down gracefully.

Is there any mechanism for programmatically accessing its data via Blue Tooth, on Linux (preferred) or Windows?

It is standalone, not part of a larger system of Victron devices (well, I have a Victron charger but it will not be with the telescope in use).

Also, on a related question: Am I correct there is no remembered state of charge if the shunt is disconnected? That you have to manually enter it, and/or let the battery charge fully? As opposed on power-up to resuming where it left off?

But my main goal is to be able to monitor it from an automation system during unattended imaging.



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SmartShunt Battery Settings??


I have a 12 V battery bank consisting of 8 6V 370 ah FLA batteries.

Other than changing the battery bank AH size, I think all the other settings are the defaults.....See below attached.

Can someone comment if the settings are accurate?

Thanks in advance.


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SmartShunt and Smart MPPT 75/15 current draw

Hello all, first post here.

A couple of days ago I installed a SmartShunt 500/50 and a 75/15 Smart MPPT controller in a motorhome. When everything is off and nothing can be used the shunt is showing current draw of 0.10A to 0.20A.

According to the datasheets, the MPPT has self consumption of 10mA, and the SmartShunt is <1mA. 11mA combined for the two. However, I'm drawing 10 to 20x more. The accuracy of the shunt is ±0.1A, so shouldn't it be reading 0.1A as a maximum? I appreciate this is a minor amount... I'm just curious as to why the numbers are 10 to 20 times out.


A couple other question while I'm here:

Is there any value in creating a VE network and joining both devices?
For the shunt, I only updated the battery Ah. Did I need to do anything with other settings and options (Sync SOC, zero current calibration, charged voltage etc)?

I didn't really know anything about solar and electrics before this, so it's been a steep learning curve! Many thanks in advance.

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SmartShunt 500A settings


I bought the SmartShunt 500A and wanted to set it correctly.
Can anyone help me with this?



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Victron SmartShunt 500AMP/50MV Bluetooth Smart Battery Shunt blue light no longer comes on

I was having problems with my Smart Shunt freezing up in the app, it would grey out. To resolve it I was disconnecting the ground and then reconnecting. Recently the blue light stopped coming on, I don't see the smart shunt in the app. I tried disconnecting, reconnecting as before and nothing. I've checked the fuse, cleaned all the connections and used dielectric grease. Batteries are fully charged. I think the smart shunt is defective. Any thing else I should try?

Here's the log from the app.VictronConnect_report.log

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Difference between SmartShunt and Multiplus-II charging readings

Hi dear Victron community!

I have a three phase AC-out-coupled system with Multiplus-II, CerboGX, SmartShunt, Lynx distributor and battery balancers. Battery pack is 48V 600Ah made from 12 pcs of 12V lead acid GEL batteries. Pictures attached. I am interested why I get so different charging values from SmartShunt and Multiplus. The difference is usually around 100 W. And this is 70% difference when battery is full.

The SmartShunt shows correct power when calculated with a simple formula N=UI but the Multiplus power is much higher. Can somebody think of any reason why that is?

Thanks in advance



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SmartShunt tailing current on BattleBorn Battery

I just installed a SmartShunt in my trailer that has a 100 A-hr BattleBorn Battery. As the battery was charging to 100% SOC, I noted the current. The charging current decreased to about 160 mA (per the SmartShunt) and maintained that current level, not zero as I had expected. I did disconnect the battery (via disconnect switch) and the SmartShunt did read zero; hence, the SmartShunt does not appear to have a non-zero offset.

Does the BB BMS has a 160 mA consumption? I cannot figure out where else the 160 mA could be drawing from. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

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SmartShunt configuration on starter battery

My Fairline boat will be installed with a SmartShunt, but I am a bit confused on how to connect the negative wire from the starter battery. The question is whether connect to "system side" or "battery side". I have seen 3 different pictures. Two of the pictures are from different versions of SmartShunt Manual and the 3rd one is from Solarquip web site where I bought my SmartShunt.

For me it makes more sense to connect to the "battery side".

One of the pictures in the manual also shows connection to the start-engine and alternator. That makes sense with one engine, but I have two.

My config is a bit odd (Fairline), where I have 3 batteries connected to "consumtion bank" but also serves as starter/charger for engine no1. And the "starter battery" is connected to starter/charger for engine no 2. I just want to monitor the "starter battery" in SmartShunt, but I think I should not bother about the "system side" of the wiring. I probable need to write down the schema, but hope that someone can explain the negative wiring from the starter battery. The rest I hope I know. Yes, the setup is odd, and later I will reconfigure my system a bit. But as today I have two different banks which are non-connected and no VSR either. And I do have 2 separate chargers.




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SmartShunt only - why temp sensor

I have so far one single Victron equipment only. No Victron chargers (yet). I plan to monitor two battery banks, so the Aux-cable will go to the starter battery. Then there are no possibilities for a temp sensor via Aux, but I don't see a reason for it in this basic system. Can anyone state this is a right analysis, or do you see a need of having the temp sensor?

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Peak Power Pack and SmartShunt: can I tie all grounds together?

I would like to track the state of charge of my Peak Power Pack, something which is sorely lacking (for the price I kind of expected something like this to be included, actually!). The difficulty is the different current paths, I have the charger connected, the car/solar connector is also connected, and of course the load is connected to the "mover" output. Can I tie all the "minus" connections together (charger, car/solar, load, and possibly even ground), connect this to a smartshunt, and then connect the smartshunt to the PPP? In other words: the minus of the charger adapter, the car and the load are connected to the load side of the shunt, and the other side of the shunt is connected to the mover output minus of the PPP.

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SmartShunt DC Energy Meter question

I know this is still brand new and may not be in a production release yet but is anyone using a SmartShunt in DC Energy Meter mode to monitor a 3rd party solar controller? Does it show up on the monitor screen (CCGX/Touch 50)? How about the VRM? I would assume there is or will be a Voltage/Current widget for it?

I'm running the V2.80~33 beta of Venus OS on my Cerbo.


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Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

Does anyone know where I can find info about using a Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

I have one being used as my battery monitor, and now got a 2nd that want to hook up to log DC charging from a non-victron solar/DC charger connected to it. With aim that can then include this in stats for day of PV generated vs Consumption, etc.

Went into VE Connect and under setting for the 2nd shunts I changed "Monitor Mode" to "DC Energy Meter", and then the "DC meter type" to "DC-DC charger".



It states it will show on GX Device and in VRM but can only get very basic info shown on later and nothing on my GX device (VenusOS running on a Raspberry Pi)



Searched for documentation for "DC Energy Meter" and "DC meter type" settings but nothing is showing in Victron help or in any forum discussions. So can only guess maybe this is a pretty new feature and most users haven't used or is still in development to integrate better with VRM/GX.

Anyone else successful in this or know where can find info on how to config/etc. Thanks is advance.

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Victron SmartShunt bluetooth is busy


I have been using my SmartShunt for some time successfully. This weekend while monitoring my battery from the app it suddenly disconnected and greyed out in the app. Now when I try to connect it says bluetooth is busy.

Here's what I tried, nothing has recovered:

1. Turning off bluetooth on my phone, waiting couple minutes then turning on

2. Setting airplane mode, turning back on after a couple minutes.

3. Rebooting my device

4. Powering off device, leaving off overnight, turning back on

5. removing the SmartShunt from bluetooth settings

6. Clearing app cache/data

7. Removing and re-installing the app

Here's my log:


Can anyone assist?

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Will the BMS cut off low temperature charge from MPPT to lithium Batteries

I have seen what appears to be two contradictory answers to this question - can someone give me a definitive answer ? Thanks



This is my system .....if the BMS does not control low temperature cut off - I think I can connect the temperature on the Smart Shunt and the MPPT should receive temperature, along with Current and voltage on my VE. Smart Network?


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Lynx Shunt benefits compared to Smart Shunt?


what are the benefits of Lynx Shunt compared to Smart Shunt? It has a nice box that integrates nicely with Lynx Power-In, but is that all?

It costs 2.6x more than Smart Shunt.

Smart Shunt datasheet says current draw < 1 mA ~ < 1Ah/month, Lynx Shunt says 20mA @ 48V ~ 14 Ah/month. That's huge difference.

Smart Shunt says resolution and accuracy 0.01A +- 0.4 %, Lynx Shunt's datasheet does not mention those.

Is there any reason to buy Lynx Shunt over Smart Shunt except integration with other Lynx boxes?

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Comment connaitre la quantité d'energie (Kwh) transitant par les batteries ?


Dans la cadre d'une utilisation domotique, je récupère un certain nombres d'informations sur Home assistant via Modbus. Je souhaiterai récupérer les quantités d'énergie stockées et déstockées bar les batteries (en kWh, en Wh, ..., je connais déjà les puissances "instantanées" de charge et décharge en W)). Ces informations sont à priori disponibles mais pas avec le Bus-can.

Pouvez vous me confirmer, comme je l'ai lu sur le forum anglais, qu'il est possible d'installer un SmartShunt de le connecter en, de récupérer les informations sur les flux d’énergie mais de ne pas l'utiliser comme BMS ?

Existe-il un autre moyen d'accéder à ces informations ?

Ma configuration

  • Multiplus II 5000
  • Cerbo gx
  • Batteries pylontech


grichka asked
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A digital display for a Smart Shunt?

I got a 500a Smart Shunt and understand it hooks into the Victron Connect Ap via Bluetooth. That is great and will plan to use it in this manner. However, I would also like to hookup a digital display like the one that comes with the BMV-712.

I have read I can hookup a display using the GX devices but I don't have those and they are expensive. I really don't need all the what the GX devices deliver. I just want a digital display of the battery voltage and SOC for quick reference without having to log onto my phone. Besides there are other people at the cabin that are not going to download an ap to monitor SOC. They just need a simple digital display that they can glance at and know whether the SOC is good or they need to turn on the generator and charge the battery.

Doesn't seem as this should be a problem but it appears to me I need to fork over several more hundreds of dollars to purchase the whole GX stuff to get this. There has to be a way.

Any ideas??

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SmartShunt setup for LiFePO4

For the Victron SmartShunt with a LiFePO4 battery, the Victron Manual recommends the default parameters with the exception of tail current, Peukert exponent, charge efficiency, and discharge floor. For the last three parameters, Victron recommends Peukert exponent (1.05), charge efficiency (99%), and discharge floor (10%-20%).


- I am using a BattleBorn 100A-hr battery. Does anyone know what the recommended tail current parameter is? With COVID, BB is not answering phones....

- Are the other three parameters reasonable in your experience?

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Smartshut Won't Stay Connected...

I have a smartshunt attached to the battery of our camper trailer. The first few weeks connectivity was fine, and since then it has been terrible. This is the second time I've been unable to connect via bluetooth, standing right next to the battery and smartshunt (maybe 1 foot away with no metal objects in between). I guess I can un-pair it and re-pair it again, but if I have to continue doing this every time I want to see what is going on with my battery it is going to get old really fast. Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated. I know these devices get very good ratings, but so far my experience has not been good. Thanks.

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Ruhe Strom Smart Shunt

Habe einen Smart Shunt an einer 160AH Li Batterie im Wohnmobil verbaut.

Jetzt entlädt sich die Batterie, obwohl am Shunt (mittels Knebelschalter) keine Verbraucher mehr angeschlossen sind (Minuspol unterbrochen). Entladestrom nach App ca 50-100 mA/h.

Lt Vitron Angaben ist der Ruhestrom des Shunts nur bei 1 mA.

Muss dafür Bluetooth ausgeschalten sein??

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The longest "VE Direct" cable is too short. How can I extend the reach?

It is approx 60 ft from the batteries to the Pilot House. How can I connect a Smart Shunt to the Cerbo GX when the longest VE Direct cable is only 10 meters (32 ft)?

FYI - This is only tempoary until the LiFePO4 batteries arrive in several months. LiFePo4 batteries will use Lynx Smart BMS and connects to the Cerbo GX via network cables.

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Smart shunt

My battery bank is 250 AH and the smart shunt is saying I used 140 AH so far but is at 63% and the voltage seems low too for the percent of charge.

I have done all the settings in the Victron video and something still doesn't seem right. Any suggestions?


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Smart Shunt Mid-Point Series Parallel

I have a bank for four batteries that are in series/parallel which equals 24 volts (4 - 12v batteries). How can I monitor the midpoint?

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Smart Shunt wiring re-wire

Having upgraded to Lithium and moving my coach battery bank to another compartment I added a Bluetooth Victron Smart Shunt. I have attached a diagram of how I wired it. My question concerns *wire #1 and *wire #2 . Should I leave them as is or reconnect them via the dashed line


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One shunt, one 2000aH battery bank and 2 Quattros’ and a cerbo and a color gx

Hi all, I have a question I have 2 Quatro each running a separate 230 VAC distribution. So they are not parallel in a master/slave setup.

There is one smart shunt connected to the color GX Which is connected to the first Quattro, The second Quatro is connect to the Cerbo. Both the Cerbo and the Color are connected to the N2K network.

The first Quatro / Color GX set up works fine as the smar shunt is connected there But how do i get the Cerbo to use the same smart shunt ?

I included ome screen shots

Thanks Paul



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