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Smart Battery Sense data in VRM through MPPT75/10


My setup is Smart Battery Sense with bluetooth connection to MPPT 75/10, which has a VE.Direct USB cable to Raspberry Pi.

The MPPT can see the data from the smart battery sense, and in VRM I can see the MPPT. But I cant see the data from the Smart Battery Sense. Is this normal? I expected that the MPPT would pass on ALL data to the VRM portal.



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Smartsense network

I am looking to upgrade my boat charging system. I currently have an non Victron MPPT controller and old three stage mains charger. I am looking at a Pheonix Smart IP43 12/50 (1+1) and Smartsolar MPPT 100/20. From previous experience even with large wire, voltage drop is a significant issue for optimal charging. I will fit a Smartsense for voltage drop and temperature compensation. Can the Smartsense, IP43 and MPPT be connected to one network.

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Two SmartSolar 100/30s, one reads different voltages -- do I need a Smart Battery Sense?

I have a travel trailer with the following:

  1. Solar panels on the roof feeding a SmartSolar 100/30 wired close to the batteries.
  2. A second set of solar panels on a portable rack with a second SmartSolar 100/30, this one mounted behind the panels. There is a 10 AWG, 10m cable that connects these panels to the trailer. This second set of panels can be tilted and turned to keep them gathering the most sunlight possible throughout the day.
  3. A SmartShunt reading charge/load.

Everything is connected via VE.Smart network.

My issue is that the SmartSolar in #2 sometimes reads significantly higher voltage--sometimes in excess of 1v higher--when charging current is higher. That seems to cause both controllers to go into absorption mode sooner than I would expect. I do have a couple of connectors inside the trailer to upgrade that may help this a bit, but I still have a few things I'm not sure about:

  1. Shouldn't the SmartSolars be using the voltage reading from the SmartShunt? VictronConnect shows that they are, but they still go into absorption mode when the voltage at #2 is close to the absorption voltage setting in both SmartSolars. If I bump up the absorption voltage in #2, both go back to bulk mode.
  2. Would a Smart Battery Sense help somehow?
  3. Would it make more sense to put SmartSolar #2 close to the batteries, like SmartSolar #1?

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Charger and battery sensor show different chaging time data

Hi, Guys!

I have a Victron Smart IP65 charger 230v 12v/7a, 45Ah AGM battery, and Smart Battery Sense. Today, after another power failure and the battery working for 4 hours, I put it to charge. After 3 hours I saw that the charger reports that charging time is 2 hours but the data in Smart Battery Sense was different. You could see on the screenshots below that Battery Sense reports that the voltage was up at 13:10 and still high to ~16:10.

Any ideas where 1 hour is lost? Thanks for the advice!



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does smart battery sense works with Cerbo ?


Best Wishes to everybody for this new year.

I'm trying to connect a smart battery sensor with bluetooth to a Cerbo GX but It seems to be impossible to create a network with CerboGX. So how to do it ? is this sensor compatible with CerboGX ?

Thanks for your help


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Smart Sense or Smart Shunt

Lithium with no low temp cutoff, these batteries are inside a travel trailer I live in full time. Just in case I would like to add low temp cutoff to my Smart Mppt, correct me if wrong but I thought I could do this the Battery Sense but could the Smart Shunt w/ temp sensor also provide the cutoff to the Bluetooth mppt ?

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Export Battery Sense Data from VictronConnect


Is it possible to (CSV) export the Battery Sense Data available within VictronConnect (5.74) graphs directly on my Android phone? Or via VRM? VC tells me that voltage and temperature are being transferred to VRM and historical data is shown in the app, but I can find only a settings export.

Kind regs


PS No, at the moment I do not have any other Victron product.

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Victron Connect y-axis scaling


I‘m using the Victron Connect App on iOS to read data from a Smart Battery Sense. I find it very irritating that I cannot move or scale the y-axis. Am I missing something? An autofit button would also be very nice. Sometimes the app doesn‘t show the data or cuts partly off due to wrong scaling. In that case the only fix seems to be to switch the axis to temperature or none, then change it back to voltage.

Its also kinda sad that I cannot export the trend data but I already commented on another thread regarding that problem:



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Smart Battery Sense

If the Smart Battery sense is used can it be read by a Cerbo GX and therefore seen on VRM , i only want a way to see the correct Voltage at my Batteries , the Cerbo shows aprox up to half a volt higher on the VE Bus sumary Charge and aprox up to half a volt low Charge Controler Sumary but the variation amount changes depending if charging or discharging so its very frustrating when i have to physicly go out and take a reading with a multimeter . I have an Old style Blue Solar MPPT with the screen and 4 buttons so cant cuple it to that .

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Smart Battery Sense Not Working

Smart Battery Sense started showing -460 F temperature and when I try to connect to it, it will get to 80% connection and keep restarting. The light just flashes blue. My network shows that my Smart Solar MPPT is using it for temperature and voltage readings, but it's all messed up. Was working fine until a week ago. No changes have been made and my system has been working fine for almost a year. Can't figure out how to fix it.



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Orion TR Smart & Smart Battery Sene

Hi. I’m hoping to use the Orion TR Smart with the Smart Battery Sense.

Currently it shows these are not compatible with each other.

Will this be fixed with a software update? Or is this a hardware issue?


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Flashing the Smart Battery Sense – Firmware v1.13 not possible
Hi. I run two Smart Battery Sense. Both are managed with the Android Victron Connect App v5.77. I was able to update the older of the two (HQ212xxxx) to firmware 1.13. I could not update the younger one (HQ221xxxx) from firmware version 1.11 to 1.13. Attempts with Linux AppImage v5.77 and v5.80beta2 also end with the same error. Is there a way to get the firmware version 1.13 as a manual download in order to flash it manually? Many thanks in advance. Regards.

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LoRaWAN with Smart Battery Sensor

I have a LoRaWAN Gateway setup connected to a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 via the VE.Direct – been working great. (...and I can't use LTE adapter, since the site has no cell service.)

EXCEPT, I also have a Smart Battery Sensor in the system too and VRM never shows any "battery temp" stuff in the VRM for the site. It shows temp in the Victron app locally via BT... but really like to know/monitor the temp remotely.

But it seems the MPPT doesn't relay the bluetooth that expected, or a bug someplace? 2nd question is the MPPT 100/20 even using the Battery Sensor for anything since it not relay the data to VRM?

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No Battery Temp in VRM: Using SBS, Smart Shunt, Multiplus, Cerbo GX

For the life of me I cannot seem to find a way to figure out how to get the battery temperature to show on the VRM. I can't get it on the main Dashboard, nor can I make a custom widget for it on Advanced. I have a temp sensor connected to the Cerbo GX but it's not reporting so I purchased the Smart Battery Sense. Seems that is only reporting in the Victron Connect app but I need the data on my VRM as well.

In the DVCC section on the Remote Contols I don't have any other choices than Automatic or None but still, no way to figure out where the Automatic setting is pulling the data from and how to visualize it.







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Cerbo GX with Smart Battery Sense


the new Cerbo GX looks very promising as its now supporting Bluetooth. Am I right that now the Smart Battery Sense devices can be monitored with it?



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