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Sharing temperature between smart battery sense and smartshuunt?

I would very much like to make sure that Smart battery sense can share the temperature with the smartshuunt to compensate for capacity, and not just with smartsolar.

Because my smartshuunt has no temperature sensor because I need the engine battery voltage reading. Is it possible to do this? If this is not possible, it would be very convenient for victronenergy to implement this possibility via firmware in the future.

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How to manage smartschunt + smart battery sense in data transmission to smartsolar??

Hello, I have a smartsolar 100/30 on the VE network. SMART with smartshuunt and smart battery sense.

Now, smartschunt don't have the temperature sensor because I need the engine start battery voltage function.

The smartsolar receive from smartshuunt current and battery voltage. And receive from battery sense only the temperature.

But I would like the smartsolar to receive only the current from the smartshuunt. And that it receives temperature and voltage from the smart battery sense. It's possible?

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How do I resetten smart Batteryprotect


I have a smart batteryprotect 12/24V 65A. I try to resetten the pincode, but it does not work. I use the 3 dots and enter the PUK-code. The answer is: function not available.

How do I resetten this device?

Thnxs Harm Abel

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SmartShunt and Smart Battery Sense Temperature Issue

Odd issue that randomly pops up between a SmartShunt without an auxiliary temperature sensor, a Smart Battery Sense, and a pair of MPPT 100/30 controllers.

The SmartShunt will occasionally take over temperature monitoring duties and it sticks at a temperature of 30 F. This causes issues with over voltage on my battery bank.

All devices are on the same V.E. Smart Network

I am unsure what is causing the demotion of the Smart Battery Sense temperature sharing. The SmartShunt does not have the external temperature probe installed physically, and it is not enabled in the firmware either.

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Smart battery sense - incorrect temperature value received by the MPPT

Good day,

I have been using Smart battery sense a little over a month together with a MPPT 100/20, Smartshunt 500 and Cerbo GX. Smart Battery sense is located on top of my 100Ah Lifepo4 battery and transmits the battery temperature to the MPPT unit which is 2 meters away from the battery compartment.

Everything was working in harmony until yesterday. The weather was perfect and sunny but the MPPT wasn't charging my battery. After spending some time, I realized that the SBS was reporting a temperature of -18*C. Of course, MPPT was not sending any amperes to the battery in order to protect it. However, -18*C couldn't be true as I had access to another temp device in the trailer which was reporting +23*C. I was checking this remotely via VRM.

Today, when I came close to my trailer, I noticed that the SBS was reporting the temperature correctly, +12*C. However, when I enable the Bluetooth on the MPPT, the temp value received by the MPPT is still showing -18*C. Maybe, SBS needs an reset or a power recirculation but I wanted to share this here to ask if any of you had a similar experience.

I will appreciate your kind assistance

Best regards

Sedat Bilgebay

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Verkabelung Victron Smart Batterie Sensor mit 2x200AH GEL Verbraucherbaterie, Smartshunt und MPPT

Hallo Community,

Ich würde gerne mal ein Verkabelungsdiagram abfragen für folgende Problemstellung:

I habe 2 GEL 200AH Verbraucherbatterie in Reihe (12V) mit einem Smartshunt 500A und bin gerade am planen für eine Solaranlage am Boot. Hierzu wurde ein 150/35 MPPT Victron angeschafft nun die Frage: Der Smartshunt hat ja schon ein Kabel an den Plus Pol meiner Batterie für Temperatur, nun will ich den Victron Smart Temperatur Sensor nachrüsten. Muss ich für beide Batterien einen Temperatur Sensor kaufen und mit dem MPPT Regler verbinden? Oder langt nur ein Sensor? Wie ist denn der Schaltplan hierzu? Ich kann leider nichts hierzu finden....

Danke für Euere Unterstützung.

VB Beluga...



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problem connecting Smart Battery Sense to Smartsolar 250/85

datasheet-mppt-250-60-up-to-250-100.pdfI'm configuring the Smart Battery Sense and Smartsolar 250/85. I have created the network on the Smart Battery Sense but I can't select any options in the Smartsolar 250/85 to connect to a VE network.. The data sheet says it can... See attached
Please assist.

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Which battery in the bank should Smart Battery Sense connect to?

Hi, I'm going to add the Smart Battery Sense to our Bluesolar 100/50 mppt controller to improve charging on our battery bank. The system is 24v and we have 4 x 6v FLAs in series. Which battery should the SBS be connected to (and presumably to both terminals on the same battery)?

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Managing VE Smart network remotely with Victron Connect

I noticed the smart network menu is not available in my smartsolar MPPTs. Never needed it until a technician installed a Smart Sense on a site but forgot to set the smart network up... a site in a island :(

We have a GX device just for monitoring purposes and change MPPT charge profile if needed. Can we set the VE.Smart Network with the Smart Sense, remotely?

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Smart Battery Sense or BMV-712?

Is the BMV-712 able to provide voltage and temperature meassurements to the Victron MPPT Solar Charger or I also need a Smart Battery Sense?

Will the Cerbo GX connect with the Smart Battery Sense too?

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Smart Battery Sense data in VRM through MPPT75/10


My setup is Smart Battery Sense with bluetooth connection to MPPT 75/10, which has a VE.Direct USB cable to Raspberry Pi.

The MPPT can see the data from the smart battery sense, and in VRM I can see the MPPT. But I cant see the data from the Smart Battery Sense. Is this normal? I expected that the MPPT would pass on ALL data to the VRM portal.



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Smart Battery Sense only displays temp in app when the charger is on




I have a Smart Battery Sense Bluetooth connected to my mppt 75/15 charger, I can see the battery temp during the day (once the solar panels have a charging voltage) but at night time I do not see any battery temp information. Is this a bug or how it is designed?

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How to connect SmartBatterySense to setup with BMV

Ive added a SmartMatterySense (SBS) to my system so I can monitor battery temperature when solar charging my lithium batteries.

The SBS instructions says to connect +ive and -ive wires to batter terminals, but how does this work when I have a BMV-700 with shunt attached to the -ive battery terminal?

common wisdom is all -ive lead should be connected to ground side of the shunt .

I appreciate the SBS only draws a very low current (20mA), however should I connect SBS -ive wire to the -ive battery terminal (as per instructions) or to the ground terminal of the BMV shunt (as per common wisdom) ?



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smartsense or smartshunt? which to choose?


I´m about to put together a system with 3 x Smartsolar 100/30 + 16 batteries and 12 panels. With a phoenix inverter with ve.bus. Running 24v. They´ll be connected to a VE.Smart network and. I´ve been searching but dont seem to find the answer to this question.

Since the charge controllers need some data about the state of charge of batteries. Could i just use the smartsense or are there major advantages that make it a better choice to get the smartshunt?

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Problem connecting Bluesolar 75/15 MPPT with BT dongle to Smart Battery Sense vis Ve.Smart Networking

I’m trying to connect my new Victron Smart battery Sense (lates fw 1.05) via a VE.Smart Networking by BT connection to my BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT solar controller ( to transmit battery temp info to the MPPT In advance of installing lithium leisure battery.
I also have a BMV700

I’m aware the Bluesolar 75/15 MPPT (latest fw 1.56) and the BMV700 are not natively BT equipped, but i have VE.Direct BT Smart Dongles attached to both (latest fw 2.26) and i can see the MPPT, BMV700 and the Smart sense on the Victron Connect App.

I’ve set up a VE.Smart network on the Smart Battery Sense and that is transmitting battery voltage and Temp info


but i can’t work out how to pair the BlueSolar MPPT to the VE.Smart network… The VE.Smart network option is not appearing in the settings area of my BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT. I thought it would with the BT dongle attached .

Any solutions / ideas??

TIA Gerry

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