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I want to ask, is more detailed documentation available regarding assistants?

I have a network switch and would like to use a relay from GX to control switching depending on the SOC. If the SOC reached 10%, the relay would switch signal eg NC(or NO), using which I would send an impulse to the grid switch, which would disconnect the PV and connect the distribution grid. If the SOC was at 50%, the relay would switch NO (or NC) and send a signal to switch the grid, where it would disconnect me from the grid and connect to the PV.
I'm just missing the documentation so I don't screw something up :)
Basically it is no science… but the documentation is terrible...

Someone help me, please :))

I want to stay off grid as much and as long as possible, even if I have a stable and available distribution grid. I want to use the distribution grid as little as possible and practically only as a backup. From this case I don't use ESS . A little strange design :))

Or are there paid trainings for this? :))

Many thanks for help.

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Is it possible to switch Multiplus 800/35 inverting off when SOC reaches 50% via Cerbo GX?

I have just added a Cerbo GX to my current installation consisting of two 12V 190Ah AGM batteries, two Blue Solar MPPT 100/50 controllers, one Multiplus 800/35 inverter/ charger and a BMV-712.

Prior to adding the Cerbo, the original system protected the batteries by switching off the inverter when an alarm for 50% SOC was triggered via the BMV relay that was connected to the remote connection of the Multiplus.

I had to remove the remote connection (DS1 to "off") in order to allow the Cerbo to properly connect to the Multiplus via VE.Bus.

I now want to reproduce the same protection rule using the Cerbo. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Programmable relay not AC out put 2 driven by SOC


I have 3 stage load shedding i want to set up to load shed based on SOC

I had seen in the manual that there is only the below

6) Programmable relay that can a.o. be set for general alarm, DC under voltage or genset start/stop function AC rating: 230 V / 4 A DC rating: 4 A up to 35 VDC, 1 A up to 60 VDC

I'm trying to achieve the below

Stage 1 Drops out AC circuit at 70% SOC and on at 75% :Relay??

Stage 2 Drops out general power at 50% and on at 55% : Relay??

Stage 3 Essentail drops out at 25% and on at 30% : AC output 2

Thanks in advance

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Cerbo/Venus GX - Set maximum charge level, e.g. 90 % SOC

Hello together,

my config is:
- 3x Multiplus 5000
- 3x MPPT 250/100
- Cerbo GX
- BYD LVL 15.4
- 45 x Sunrise Energy SR-M660340HL -> 15,3 kWp

- In plan: Fronius Symo on AC-Out

Here is my question:
I would like to limit the maximum charge level. For example, to 90% SOC. I can not find this setting in cerbo gx. Is it possible that this setting does not exist at all? Why? Many other manufacturers have this option. I think this would be a good option to save the battery in the summer. Since peaks occur here from time to time. And the battery is loaded beyond its limit. Especially if you plan to add another inverter. Even if this adheres to the 1.0 rule. Here it would be better if the battery still had reserves. And from time to time, the battery could charge to 100% to balance the cells.

Are there any efforts on the part of Victron Energy here?

Thanks for help.

greetings from germany
from an enthusiastic Victron user

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Bug: battery state of charge keeps changing to 100% (GX Touch and VRM)

We have 1200amph Lifeblue batteries, and after installing latest firmware updates, we see now, that at some point SOC just randomly keeps changing to 100%. Not sure what is the right way to submit a bug, would love to provide more information

Cerbo GX: v2.89


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How can I check the capacity status of my Peak Power Pack full /half or empty?

I have the 40Ah version and the Bluetooth Dongle. But there are no informations About the state of charge.

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What is your SOC limit?

Hello I wonder how you have set your SOC.
I use an ESS and wonder how much battery charge I should leave for emergencies.

How do you handle it?

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Last Full Charge Unknown

My Victron Smart Lithium 200Ah 12v battery says “Last Full Charge Unknown” and “Cell Status Unknown”

My whole system is new, and I’m not convinced it has correct SOC. The system from first connection believed the battery is at 100% extremely quickly.

It is DVCC.

Lynx Smart BMS and Distributer, Multiplus 12/800/35, MPPTs, CerboGX, Orion DC DC,

The Multiplus goes into Absorbtion very quickly, but then never goes to float.

Any ideas?


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Discharge floor generator autostart

When i set my discharge floor on 50%

And the geneator autostart stop on 0%- 100%.

Will the 0% actual be 50% or would i completly discharge my battery bank to 0%?

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Multiplus SOC

My Multiplus never leaves absorbtion stage and shows blank in the SOC section.

My system is a Victron Smart 200Ah LiFePo4, CerboGX, Multiplus 12/800/35, Lynx SmartBMS and Distributer, Orion DC DC Charger, Smart MPPTs

It is set up as DVCC.

How do I get the Multiplus to see the SOC?

On another question, when I start the engine, the DC DC Charger goes to BULK initially even if other chargers are at Absorbtion. Am I missing something to make the parts all play nice together?



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BVM-712 SOC not accurate

This is my second season with the following setup:

  • WFCO-8955 Power Center
  • Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/35
  • 3x Battleborn BB10013 100 Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery
  • Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor
  • 3x KIT1010 90w Zamp Solar Panels

I have the BMV set exactly according to the battery website (see screenshot):


The issue that I’ve always had is that the displayed SOC decreases much quicker than the actual SOC:

  • After connecting to shore power, the batteries will quickly charge and SOC will show 100%, but if the system remains connected to shore power for a day or two, the SOC will drop from 100% to as low as 80%, lower if connected longer.
  • When boondocking/drydocking, the SOC will eventually display 0% yet the batteries will continue to put out power for days, running the refrigerator, pump, lights, etc.

This leads me to think of these possible issues:

  • Wiring is incorrect. I've had the installer and battleborn/dragonfly check the wiring 3 times. Everything has been verified correct (see screenshots).image008.jpgimage004.jpg
  • The battery parameters for the BMV are not correct. This has been checked many times by battleborn/dragonfly.
  • The algorithm for SOC is not correct. I can't believe this is true since most people say how accurate this is.
  • The batteries have much more capacity than 3x100 aH=300 aH. If the battery bank was substantially higher, then this might explain why the SOC drops to 0% yet I still have power left in the batteries, but it wouldn't explain why the SOC drops even when connect to shore power.
  • There's something wrong with the WFCO-8955 charger. There is almost nothing to configure on this except the Li switch (which is correct).

As a possible fix, could I increase the battery capacity? Is this recommended?

Battleborn/Dragonfly says that the system must be completely charged and discharged to 0% 4-5 times before the BMV "learns" the true capacity of the batteries. I haven't seen this documented and so I don't understand how this would work. Is this true?

Anyone have any other ideas? I'd love for this to work, but with the current situation, the SOC is useless.

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SOC diference between Victron Smart Shunt and JK BMS

Maybe someone can help me?

I have JK-BMS plus Victron family - SmartShunt, Multiplus II, Cerbo GX and Smart Solar MPPT 100/50. 24 V system with 210 mAh battery. It been fully launched 1.5 month ago.

Original idea for SOC was to use JK-BMK CanBus, but I been told that it is not compatible with Victron.

Then I ordered Smart shunt.

For few weeks I been adjusting SOC as there was a difference between JK-BMS and smart shunt. Usually JK-BMS had higher SOC than SmartShunt. Few weeks ago I went for vacation and after a week I saw that my SOC reaching only ~70% (based on SmartShunt measures). After coming back I found that SmartShunt has SOC value of ~70%, but JK BMS had 98% and charging was stopped due to cell OVP.

What can be an issue? settings?

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virtual switch (vs): how to switch it depending on solar power delivery ?

Hi, I use a Quattro and a MPPT SmartSolar Charger.

I configured the Quattro, so that the VS switch the AC-Input (Shorepower), depending on the AC-Output-Power and the SOC of the batteries. For example, the AC-Input will not be ignored, if the SOC is lower than 50%.

This make it possible, that the batteries are loaded regularly from the PV (solar power modules).

This is good at summer time, but in the winter, the PV energy is to low to load the batteries. With my configuration, the batteries would be unloaded permanently to the SOC of 50% and then be loaded to about 100% from the shorepower. This procedure would be repeated every day and wouldn´t be the best for the batteries.

My idea is to optimize the configuration of the VS, that the switch depends on how the PV delivers energy (for example more than 100W) to load the batteries, or if the PV isn´t able to load the batteries enough and the shorepower is needed to do this.

Is it possible in the ve.config to configure this?

Thanks for help!



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Daly BMS SoC - CCL nur 5A


ich nutze das Daly BMS an einem 24V System mit LiFePo4 Zellen.

Ladeschlussspannung ist auf 27.20V eingestellt. Das sind 3,40V je Zelle.

Eingebunden habe ich de Batteriepack mit dem Serial Battery Driver via RS485 zu USB an meinem Raspberry Pi. Hinter dem BMS sitzt noch ein Victron SmartShunt.

Mein Problem ist nun folgendes. Bei 97% geht der CCL auf 5A und mein MPPT liefert nur noch maximal 5A Ladestrom! Ich habe am Tag unsere Poolpumpe laufen, desweiteren läuft hier ein Kühlschrank und ein Gefrierschrank. Wenn alles läuft sind das locker über 5A. Alles was über 5A geht wird dann von der Batterie entnommen obwohl diese noch gar nicht ihre Schlussspannung erreicht hat und genug PV da wäre um alle Verbraucher direkt speisen zu können...

Die Batterie erreicht so quasi selten ihre Schlussspannung von 27.20V

Hat jemand Lösungsvorschläge

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BSL Battery doesn't fully charge, stuck on 87%

Good day, a Victron 3 phase system with 2 x 5.1 kWh BSL batteries is behaving very peculiar.

Until recently, it was fully functional but suddenly it started to behave such that when the battery is being charged it will stop to charge between 85% to 87% SOC. And no matter what we do it will not charge further either from PV or from the grid. It appears as if the BMS is stopping charging at this point and we cannot figure out why.

We have verified all settings as per Victron instructions for the BSL batteries and have upgraded to the latest firmware on the Cerbo, Quattro's and MPPTs and it had no effect.

We have reached out to the battery supplier as we believe it is probably the BMS or the battery that is faulty but I thought it prudent to check the forum here if anyone has come across something like this?

Below is a screenshot taken right now when there is full sunlight and more than enough PV available.

Kind regards



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