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Would it be possible to parallel two RS 48/6000 Inverters?

Can the RS 48/6000 Inverter be paralleled with another RS 48/6000 Inverter to increase capacity?

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add RS 48/6000 to EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32?

I have an EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32 with 12x 320W nominal solar panels, 8x 12V sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle batteries and a BMV-700. We are 100% off grid in northern New Zealand.

The inverter component struggles when using power tools (we are building a home off grid) despite a soft start device. I also wonder why a soft start capability is not built in to every solar system?

The system also struggles when the sun is shining and I use excess power to charge my electric vehicle (standard mains charging unit, draws ~1800W continuous). It raises high temperature alarms which (if I don't disconnect the EV charger in time) result in a shutdown. I don't understand why this should be given that the load seems well within the advertised parameters.

So my thought is to add a more powerful 'compatible' inverter to the system that gives us much more reliable power draw- short term for electric motor loads, and also sustained to charge the EV when the sun is shining. As I understand it the RS 48/6000 would be DC coupled (connected to the batteries in parallel with the EasySolar) in this circumstance but would need a data connection back to the GX component of the EasySolar.

I am keen to hear

* whether I am trying to solve the wrong problem, or

* what would make the RS 48/6000 not a great fit to the situation?



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newbie: MultiPlus-II 48V 3kVA 120V, Inverter RS SmartSolar 48/6000 and SmartSolar MPPT 100/20-48V

background: while i have some experience with setting up grid tie systems and building electric cars i would call myself a novice with off-grid battery systems and very little knowledge about victron systems.

overview: i'm building an all electric camper van for USA travel [60 Hz] on an EV platform. i will have a single lithium battery pack 48v 304ah with its own BMS. i will need both 120v and 240v but not necessarily at the same time. i think i can meet my needs with a combination of MultiPlus-II 48V 3kVA 120V and a Inverter RS SmartSolar 48/6000?

i will also be adding a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20-48V because i will have two different solar arrays. a 'small' one mounted on the roof of the van and a larger one that can be deployed while camping. these two arrays may not use the same type of panels and will likely be of different voltages. the smaller roof array will be 800-1000w and 55-100v [for the 100/20-48V] the larger array will be 1500-2500w and 80-450v [for Inverter RS SmartSolar 48/6000].

i assume all of that will be fine but i'm not sure how much other items i might need such as a Cerbo GX, or lynx items? i also don't see the smart-shunt on the victron website? has that been replaced with the lynx-shunt?

i see three possible combos of additional items: 1] just a lynx-distributor, 2] lynx-distributor and cerbo-GX or 3] lynx-distributor, cerbo-GX and lynx-shunt?

what are the pros and cons of each option?

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How do I connect a Multiplus 12-1600 70-16 inverter/charger to solar panels. (schematic etc)

I am looking for a schematic or diagram to connect solar panels to my Victron multiplus 12-1600 inverter/charger showing the required components.

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RS 48/6000 not supported via VE.Direct, not connected via VE.Can

Hello, community!

I have updated RS 48/6000 to v1.11 and Cerbo GX to v2.92 recently. After the updates it appears RS is neither supported via VE.Direct nor can be connected via VE.Can.

With VE.Direct the system (RS + Cerbo) still works, although RS in not shown on Control Panel (the invertor is “off”). With VE.Can the system doesn’t appear to be working at all.

Please advise if the issue can be resolved.

Many thanks,






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No data from Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000 and Cerbo GX

No data from my Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000/100 is displayed via the Cerbo GX VRM online portal. The setup and internet connection seem to work fine. The dashbord displays but no data is present for anything. The status says OK, and there are no error messages to be seen anywhere via the PC. The 2 devices are connected via VECan with RJ45 and terminators at either end. The remote console is working fine and I can update settings. In the Victron Connect app my device list shows the Cerbo GX and the RS 48/6000, but also the user named cerbo GX as well, which I did not expect. The VRM tab only shows the user named cerbo GX but I do get the MQTT-RPC error here (error code #R2) if I try and access it via the app; which most users on the forum say is temporary and goes away when you use it later. Any hints on possible configuration explanation for the lack of data before I concude the cable (or something else) is faulty? Suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Multi RS Solar Hybrid - Self Consumption Optimization

I'm trying to choose an inverter for a PV self-consumption system with LiFePo4 batteries. The plan is to run on battery when SOC is above 20% and switch the loads to grid when SOC drops below 20%. The battery must NOT charge from the grid when the loads are on the grid.

The Multi RS looks like a good fit, but I could not figure out if it has the option to DISABLE GRID CHARGING and keep only PV charging.

I've read the manual but it does not say anything about this.
I've looked in the VictronConnect Demo Library but I didn't find the Multi RS there.

The manual does mention that the "backup generator" output can be configured to switch based on SOC and I think I can use it to connect / disconnect the grid at the AC Input using an external contactor.
But I'm concerned that the Multi RS will try to charge the batteries from the grid at night and I don't want that. It should wait until there's enough PV to charge it.

Does anyone know if Charging from Grid on Multi RS can be disabled?

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DC couple Quattro + RS Multi

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to DC couple a Quattro and an RS Multi?

My Quattro is acting up, not charging with excess (I have both Fronius on AC input and Huawei on AC Output with AC sensor). Right now, the Quattro is with my old lead-acid batteries (i hoped by removing the JK BMS from equation, it would start charging as it would see a "dumb" battery pack with only the BMV700 shunt). But what I hope to do soon, is expand the new LFP pack and leverage both inverters on the same pack (the RS alone might not be able to cover all my loads as I run exclusively on electric with 2kw boiler, 2kw heatpump, all electric appliances, etc.).

I think best would be to use RS with it's own 3kw array, DC coupled with Quattro, which would have the 5kw Huawei on AC Out and on quattro's AC IN have the Fronius between him and the grid.

Opened to advice :)


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I have a question about RS Smart Solar inverter

Because the RS Smart Solar inverter has four mc4 inputs if they only have one mppt

It is necessary to use two positive and negative, or you can use only one input of negative and positive

If I have a (550 x 7 )solar panel with a current of 17A. How do I connect it?

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MPPT built-in Inverter RS 48/6000 doesn't appear on GX Device !

Hi there, my new inverter RS 48/6000 is running now with SmartShunt and Cerbo GX and a Fronius Primo 5.0. Unfortunately, I can't see the MPPT power on screen, and the MPPT doesn't appear in device list of the Cerbo. Firmware on GX is 2.57 (2.60 release candidate was running at first but the inverter doesn't appear with that version !!).

All the devices appear only on VictronConnect.




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Multi reset on Error 276

Inverter reset itself when the below error popped up, but 20.0v is impossible as it's a 48volt battery system, after resetting Battery voltage is sitting at a healthy 50.9v. What is the cause.of this error. Comms loose, maybe?


Image Caption


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Short circuit on VE.CAN bus?

i'm attempting to setup venus os on a raspberry pi and to connect it with a waveshare can hat to my RS smart solar.

A loopback from CAN0 to CAN1 on the raspberry worked excellent, communication worked and no errors are logged. Connecting to the inverter didn't work though.

I realized I didn't have a termination resistor on the inverter end (the raspberry board has one included on the board so thats why the loopback worked out of the box), so I made a canbus terminator .. and it burned up once I put it in the inverter. Literally sparked and melted away. I checked the power requirements out a bit and it should have been able to handle it, so I figured I messed up the terminator. I made a new one, that seemed to remain intact, but communication still didn't work.

Finally, I figured if the terminator is really no good I can use the raspberry at both sides, so raspberry can0 -> inverter -> raspberry can1. That would have 120 ohm termination resistors at both ends, and the loopback already was proven to work; this is just an extra node in between .. and as soon as I plugged it the second rj45 plug on the inverter end (same port that burned of the terminator before) it burned the raspberry CAN board.

I'm really confused, from what I read the CAN bus itself should be current limited and unable to damage itself even if you connect L to H, or even H to VCC. So even if I messed up the wiring (which I measured out before, 120 ohm termination confirmed on all parts), I wouldn't expect such catastrophic failure.

I'm ready to throw in the towel and get a cerbo gx with victron cables and what not just to get rid of the headache here, but I'm afraid the exact same thing will happen, if the inverter is actually the culprit and somehow the VE.CAN port is defective somehow.

Does anyone have an idea what went wrong and how I could check the correct functionality of the inverter VE.CAN port(s)?

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RS 48/6000 battery SOC discrepancy between CCGX & Inverter

System is including:

  1. RS 48/6000
  2. CCGX
  3. BYD LVS

RS 48/6000 is connected to the CCGX via VE.Direct

Problem: CCGX shows 49% SOC but Inverter shows 98%

Dose anybody know how I should fix this problem?



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Inverter RS 48/6000 230V Smart Solar reliability and AC charging version

Doing some system planning for a global voyaging boat. The RS 48/6000 looks like a great solution because I can keep the AC system completely separate from AC shore power. In effect all AC loads will always be on inverter 100% of the time. This will eliminate voltage and frequency issues for when shore power by using separate AC battery chargers in combination with robust solar and alternators.


1- I got feedback from a Victron dealer that "HF inverters" like the RS 48/6000 are less reliable and should not be used for full time. Suggested that reliability was not as good with HF designs and they can't handle extended use. Is this really true? I understand that many "Chinese" inverters are HF designs and may contribute to the opinion but is there something inherently flawed in an HF design making it not suitable for full time use? Any reason why a more traditional larger transformer design inverter may be a better choice?

2- Understand that you are launching a Multi RS Solar 48/6000/80-400/80 charger version in January. This sounds like the perfect solution for my setup. Are specs available for this? Key question is if the 80 amp AC charger is simply that, an AC charger and the AC input is isolated (all AC loads are 100% inverter). There is no relay correct? Reason I would want this is to enable global shore power (using an autotransformer) that is frequency independent. Also, is the MPPT charger output shared with the AC charger or is it completely independent?

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Inverter RS 48/6000 Smart vs MultiPlus II 48/5000/70-50

Just trying to make sure I fully understand the benefits and rationale behind the Inverter RS/6000 Smart vs sticking with the tried-and-tested MultiPlus II.

Are there any videos or other training material I've missed explaining the reasons for the shift to HF inverters away from the old LF technology?

The Victron marketing and training material used to highlight the benefits of LF inverters over HF ones, but I haven't seen anything yet explaining why that situation has now been reversed with the introduction of the RS series?

As best I can tell the only practical benefits of choosing the "Inverter RS 48/6000 Smart" over the "MultiPlus II 48/5000/70-50 are:

- 6000VA/4800-5300W (batt voltage dependent) vs 5000VA/4000W 'continuous' @ 25 deg C
- 100A battery charger vs 70A
- 11kg vs 30kg
Am I missing anything else?
I haven't seen any explanation for why Victron have changed their tune on HF being inferior to LF inverters for reliability?
I may have missed a press release or training video, if so I'd be grateful is someone could point me to a link...

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