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Quel onduleur victron choisir pour mes panneaux et batteries


Je cherche la meilleure architecture possible pour mon installation ainsi que matériel complémentaire à ce que j'ai déjà.

Mon installation est la suivante:

- 2 pans de toitures (est et ouest)

- 11 panneaux sur chaque pan

- panneaux Sunpower 375 black p3

- 3 batteries domestiques de Renault Twizy second life (48volt): total 15kWh

- pas encore d'onduleur

- montage on grid

- réseau 3 X 400v sans neutre

- compteur digital

- région Flandre

- véhicule hybride + véhicule electrique (bientôt)

- boiler thermodynamique

- projet de pompe a chaleur air eau pour chauffage

Voilà, je cherche à faire fonctionner tout ce matériel harmonieusement pour maximiser l'autoconsommation. Je ne veux charger les batteries qu'avec le surplus non consommé directement. Donc pas de charge batterie sur réseau.

Je cherche la combinaison onduleur avec chargeur pouvant gérer 2 strings intelligemment et gérer des batteries de voiture de seconde vie. Les batteries sont des lithium-ion.

Je voulais vous demander quelle schéma vous proposeriez pour mon installation et quel onduleur hybride compatible avec des batteries et BMS Twizy. Quel matériel complémentaire à l'onduleur me permettra d'optimiser la charge de Batterie sur l'énergie solaire ?

Priviligeriez vous deux onduleurs ? Un par string? Ou un onduleur hybride central? Quelle marque modèle d'onduleur est compatible avec batterie Twizy?

Je remercie ceux qui prendront la peine de se pencher sur mon cas.

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Multiplus above LiFePo4

Working with limited space in my camper, and have my system designed with the MP 12/3000 directly above my two 300ah lifepo4 batteries. I know the manual states not to mount directly above batteries, but if I'm correct, that is due to off-gassing with other battery chemistries. Since lifepo4 batteries are fully sealed and do not off-gas, I'm thinking that mounting the inverter above them is totally fine, obviously with precaution to cover battery terminals so nothing is ever accidentally shorted.

How does this sound? Okay to mount above the lifepo4 batteries, or find a different place (which would be extremely difficult at this point)? Anyone from Victron have a say on this?

Thanks all

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Marine Lithium Battery Charging, Controlling and Monitoring

Marine setup. 4x Renogy 12v/200amp (100amp Max continuous charge) LiFePO4 batteries w/internal BMS & Bluetooth. Sources of Charge: (a) 2x Volvo Diesel engines with standard Alternators (guess 65amp each) - internal regulators configured for typical LED 12v charge profiles, (b) Multiplus II 12/3000/120 (30 amp Shore Power), and (c) Victron Blue Solar MPPT 100/30. Question #1. Recommendations for methods to manage/control Charge Profile for current produced by engine Alternators to manage Lithium batteries instead of LED batteries. I suspect this would be via the use of Orion DC-DC 30amp Charge Controllers - would you recommend (A) one for each engine or 2x stacked per engine, and (B) would these be then common connected to a bus bar or directly to battery bank or via a Victron Lynx product (I want to be able to manage and see in real time the performance of DC chargers and control situations where Solar and Shore power and Engine Power is all coming in at once via the Victron Connect App. Question #2 How do I configure the 4x Battery Bank to be able to see each individual batteries performance via the Victron Connect App? I currently have a Victron Venus GX & one Victron BMV700 with temp sensor and smart shunt - should I buy additional smart shunts + battery protectors, or, Lynx Smart Shunt, or will any of the Victron external BMS systems work?

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more than 1500Ah Possible?


could I connect two LiFePO4 battery packs 51,2V/1000Ah (2S5P 25,6V/200Ah) to get 2000Ah?

According to the description it is not allowed to connect more than 5 batteries parallel.

But if I make two packs each 5 parallel, 2 serial and each has its own BMS, I could connect the two packs on the same DC busbar?

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Lifepo4 and AGM with Bluesmart 30/12


I have two Victron Super Cycle AGM 100Ah batteries in my boat and to Charge them I use Victron Bluesmart IP22 Charger. Can I replace one of the batteries with LiFePo4 battery and use the Lithium setting in the charger? Will it ruin the AGM battery? I have the setup as stationary in my boat so that I only have to plug in the powe cord when I arrive home.

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Problème BMS pour lancer utilisation batterie lithium-fer


J'ai une installation autonome composée de :

- panneaux solaires

- batterie lithium-fer phosphate avec BMS 24V

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50

- Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70

La journée tout est OK : courant depuis les panneaux, Inverter ON, SmartSolar Float.

Le soir quand le soleil se couche : plus de courant, Inverter sans voyant, SmartSolar en Bulk.

Pour lancer les batteries, je dois court-circuiter le BMS avec un câble directement sur la batterie.

Je cherche de l'aide pour un diagnostic / ou une intervention (à 72130 Moulins-le-Carbonnel). L'installateur n'est pas en France (réalisée par un distributeur à l'étranger sur une tiny house livrée en France).


Merci par avance,


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MultiPlus II shuts down when grid fails

Note: please see my latest update for additional information and findings.


Hi all,

I've been having issues with my MP2 since installation. Every so often when the grid fails ("load shedding", substation trips, etc.) the MP2 shuts off for about a minute before starting up again).


  • 1 x MultiPlus-II48/5000/70-50 230V
    • Firmware: v490
  • 1x BSL Battery LiFePO48 Battery 8.2kWh (160Ah)
  • 1 x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can
  • 12 x LONGi 450W mono panels
  • Cerbo GX
  • ET112 Energy Meter

At first I suspected a battery (BMS or otherwise) issue, due to the fact that the shut off coincides with "Low battery voltage" warnings and alarms, as well as "High DC ripple" warnings. There's a whole thread about this. I however do not believe this is actually the issue, but rather just a symptom.

A battery supplier technician was on site a few weeks ago to inspect the battery, and reported that everything seems fine (checked battery params via RS-485). He said:

There's a known issue with the MP2 and BSL and FreedomWon batteries. The MP2 has some low voltage offset bug where it would shut down on a battery voltage that isn't actually too low. The issue has been reported to Victron.

He suggested the installer set the "DC input low shut-down" lower as a workaround for now, until Victron fixes the bug. They set it to 46.80V (at this point the BMS should shut down the battery in any case). They also checked all wiring and replaced all fuses as a precaution.

After this, the issue seemed to go away. There was a "Low battery voltage" warning at one point, but no alarm and the system didn't shut down. However, last night when the grid failed (minisub explosion led to panel trip at substation, i.e. probably brownout) the MP2 shut down again for a minute. What is very strange is that there was only a "Low battery voltage" warning - no alarm. I don't understand why it shut down on a warning.

I am skeptical that the cause of the issue is actually a MP2 bug, since this happened on v481 and v490 firmware. Does anyone know about this bug?

EDIT: I just realized that the MPPT reported a large drop in battery voltage - see the VRM screenshots I replied with. It shows a voltage drop to 46.58V, which is well below the 46.80V DC input low shut-down. I measured the voltage on the battery terminals and at the MPPT with a multimeter. The battery terminals currently measures 53.7V, while the MPPT battery terminals measure 53.9V. Does this seem okay?

My theory of the actual root cause:

- I've seen threads about similar issues, such as this one: MultiPlus II overload on grid failure. One comment that stood out:

Hi. Solved a similar problem. If you have No grid code set please set you Ac low disconnect to 195vac of even 200ac....low reconnect from 202ac and above. Where i am in Zimbabwe my grid is above 240ac sometimes on failure it browns out as low as 170ac! Unless you install some external capacitors the Mp2 struggles to get into inverter mode from such a low voltage to raise it to 230! HENCE DC RIPPLE SHUTDOWNS..LOW BATTERY LIGHTS.and BMS SAFETY SWITCH OFF..etc.

- I have a feeling that when the grid fails (often due to equipment failure) the grid actually experiences a brownout. Then the MP2 tries to follow the voltage down, and finally attempts to switch over to inverter mode, but now the voltage is low enough that it struggles to reach 230V, draws a large current on the battery (thus causing a voltage drop), and shuts off.

- The "AC low disconnect" is currently set at 200V, but maybe this is still too low. The grid runs at anything from 235V - 251V. Should I maybe set the low disconnect to 210V or even higher?

- An external energy meter is beings used via USB (ET112) on the Cerbo. Could it be that it is too slow, and when the grid browns out the MP2 actually follows the grid below the "AC low disconnect"?

- I checked the BMS warning & alarm history via RS232 and PBMS Tools. There is only one alarm in the log since I purchased the battery, and that's when the "Low battery voltage" warning occurred without the system shutting down. The BMS reported a "SCP" protection (which I assume is Short Circuit Protection). Is this maybe due to a large current being drawn? There was about 4500W that was being drawn at that point, but the battery is 160AH @ 1C, so it should easily be able to handle that.


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? The installer has been on site multiple times and they can't figure it out, so I don't know. Should I maybe just insist that they replace the MP2 and battery?

P.S. screenshots of system configuration to follow.

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Mehr als 1500Ah Lithium Möglich?


ist es möglich mehr als 1500 Ah Speicher zu realisieren, indem ich zwei seperate Systeme aufbaue?

Jedes System besteht aus 2x25,6V in Serie und 5 Serienschaltungen parallel. Jedes Akku-System hat auch ein eigenes BMS.

Bei zwei Systemen mit je 51,2V/1000Ah sollte man damit doch 2000Ah realisieren können oder?

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Hybrid Lithium AGM setup

I am planning a battery upgrade for my new 4x4 which comes factory with a single 105ah AGM battery.

Due to space constraints I am planning to add around 100ah of LIFEPO4 prismatic cells to beef up the capacity.

All the loads i want to run are already wired off the AGM battery and I don't want to move all the circuits over to the lithium battery. The vehicle has a very complicated electrical system that I would like to leave as standard as possible.

So the plan is to have the lithium charging through a DC/DC while the engine is running, then when the engine is off the DC/DC will disconnect and the lithium will be used to charge the AGM as my camping loads slowly deplete it. In theory the AGM will stay at 100% SOC until the lithium is discharged. Then the lithium cuts out and I am discharging from the AGM.


I think this will work but welcome any comments, I'm a little out of my depth here.

The current plan is to use another, smaller DC/DC charger from the lithium into the AGM. Although looking at the voltage curves I wonder if I could save some money by switching to a cheaper DC/DC converter set at 12.8v, or even just a Victron Smart Battery Protect. With the battery protect only, the AGM should see a float charge of 13.8v from the full lithium, dropping down to 12.8v as it discharges. Then, I guess, they both both discharge together until the BMS cuts the lithium out at 12.0v. By which time the AGM is empty anyway and I need to run the engine or stop drawing power.

Is this reasonable? Or should I stick with a second DC/DC charger?

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MPPT 100/30 suddenly allows battery to be charged to only around 50 %


i have approximately 6 months old solar system on a camper consisting of these components: Victron mppt 100/30, LIONTRON Lithium LiFePO4 LX Smart 12,8V 100Ah, three solar panels 12V/100W, Converter SINUS Victron Energy Phoenix VE.Direct 800VA 12V, Cyrix-ct 12-24V 120A connection to alternator.

Everything was working perfectly until recently. Suddenly im no longer able to fully charge my battery. I can usually get it to around 50 % and then mppt turns to float. I think it shows absorption point has been reached [14.20V], which should indicate battery is full [unless im mistaken], however that is definitely not the case. If a turn solar panels on/off, it goes back to bulk, but only for a couple of minutes. Adding screenshots of mppt history and battery overview. Im somewhat suspicious its connected to the firmware update a while ago, however im by no means certain as i dont check it that regularly and therefore only noticed the issue with a delay.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Petr K.








Screenshot_20220521-205312_LIONTRON Multi.jpg

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Lead Acid to LiFePo4 conversion - help needed

good afternoon, i am in the beginning stages of converting my TT from LA to LIFePo4. I have purchased a CHINS 12.8v 300ah lifepo4 battery and i have already upgraded my LA WFCO charger to the proper WFCO charger to handle LI battery charging.

I have pulled the 6ga pos & neg battery cables to the inside compartment under master bed where my battery system will reside.

Here are my questions:

1) are the 6ga wires big enough for this new system?
2)i plan on ordering the Victron Energy SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor
3) i am told i need an auto switch, to go back and forth from shore power to battery power, is there a Victron model?
4) i also need an inverter to use my 110V side of my trailer when not plugged in to shore power (i'm aiming for a 2000W pure sine inverter)

5) ordered battery cutoff switch

6) my main questions are:

a)since the TT already uses 6ga wire, can i stay w/ 6 ga wire to connect the shunt, switch & inverter?
b) am i missing anything? do i need bus bars, inline wired fuses (what amp fuse), larger fuses?
c) install directions to wire all this up? My local RV dealers are clueless so this is DIY

TIA for any help!

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Restrat when battery is fully charged with grid without grid feed-in

Hello. I have problem with this. (three phase) Configuration is 3x Multiplus II 3000W 48V, GX modul, 1x MPPT regultor 150V/85 and 1x MPPT regulator 150/70, 1x VictronSMARTHUNT 500A with 16x lifepo4 battery 300Ah. BMS is JIKONG B2A24S150 and current senzor. With ESS configure. When battery is fully charged and connect with GRID system fall down and multiplus II is restart When enegry is in FV panels. I disabled feed-in is disabled. Grid metering is "Inverter/Chrarger" If I use off-grid everything is corect don´t resatart. Have you ever solved this problem.

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Blue Smart IP67 charger - Lithium-ion voltage

Hi - I just got the Blue Smart IP67 charger. It states that for Lithium-ion batteries, the charging voltage is 14.2V, and float is 13.5V. My batteries are rated differently: 14.6V/13.8V. Is there a way to reconfigure the charger with the proper voltage? I couldn't find such option in the app. Appreciate any help!

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How to change Blue Smart charger advanced settings for Li-on batteries?

I'm using the 24V / 13A Blue Smart IP65 Charger on two 120Ah LiFEPO4 batteries in series. It's working OK but I would really like to tweek the Bulk Absorption up from 28.4V to the 28.8V receommendation from the battery manufacturer. I may also need to change the 2 hour absorption time limit.

However the settings are greyed out (WTF?). Is it possible to chnage these settings somehow?


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Batterie Lithium


Est-il possible d'installer une batterie Lithium dans un camping car alors que les chargeurs AC/DC et DC/DC n'ont pas de position Lithium. D'avance merci

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