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Understanding VRM dashboard data

Hello everyone!

I am trying to understand the data shown on the VRM dashboard. My new installation has a system configuration with

- Fronius with a string of solar panels and

- Victron with a second string + batteries.

Looking at the VRM dashboard screenshot attached:

- What is AC load showing? 10W is obviously not the energy being consumed at home

- What is Grid? Is this showing the energy exchanged with the net? And if so, does it make sense to be sending energy to the net while batteries are not fully charged?

- How can I see a real balance of energy? (e.g. PV generation - loads - battery charge = Grid)


Note: I have seen that during night, when PV inverter (Fronius) and PV charger are zero, AC loads seem to correspond to actual home energy consumption and Grid to the energy from/to the net. See this second screenshot:


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remote console enabled and online but no access

Hi I enabled the VRM remote console, it is online, enabled 2 way communication and disabled password check, updated to the newes firmware at a new system, but cant get remote access - access to remote console only within the home-network by ip.

I need a remote access and it doesnt work. Someone any idea what the problem is?

Thank you!


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Cerbo GX WiFi issue documentation

Cerbo GX H21xxx vintage : Venus OS 2.92. Touch 50 installed

I have my Cerbo GX connected to local WiFi (Peplink) and publishing to VRM. 90% of the time it works fine but occasionally the WiFi becomes unresponsive. I have it configured to restart if it is unable to publish to VRM after X period of time. Every time it becomes unresponsive, other clients on the local LAN remain fully operational and when Cerbo restarts it recovers wifi without touching the local LAN.

Today I observed the WiFi became unresponsive shortly after a voltage drop on the Quattro shore power AC2-In and the Quattro switched to inverter mode.



[Edit:] At the time the Quattro kicked into inverter mode there was also a brief DC voltage sag, which I forgot to mention when I first posted.


I believe my vintage cerbo is not impacted by the Touch 50 problem that is well documented. Peplink's DHCP reservation is set to 1 month.

The Cerbo self-restart hack is my workaround. Functional but far from ideal.

I don't have a question per se but thought I would share a data point with the community for observation and commentary.

Thanks - John

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VRM portal has not updated (or successfully communicated with GX) for a day now

VRM portal frozen with data from a day ago.

The VRM is connected to the Venus GX as you can see from the picture, the last successful communication was yesterday at 15:34.

I have directly connected to the Venus GX and done a re-boot. This changed nothing.

Is there a Portal issue with Victron or could there be another issue?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am based in the UK. Thanks.


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New home screen Widgets feature for VRM app on your phone

Hello Victron Community,

There is a new feature to make it easier to keep an eye on your Victron system,

Phone Widgets!

These allow you to show the vital power system information right on your phone Home Screen without even needing to open the VRM app.

How to get started;

Step 1: goto your app store, and update the VRM app if it hasn't already

Step 2: open the VRM app, make sure you're logged in.

Step 3: go to the phones widgets screen, in iOS this is by swiping to the left-most screen.

Step 4: scroll to the bottom and press the edit button you see there

Step 5: click the plus button on top left

Step 6: select the VRM widget

Step 7: select one of the many types of different size and layout (try them all)

Step 8: press the + Add widget button on the bottom

Step 9: press done; (even though the widget says to select an installation wait till the next step)

Step 10: tap and hold the widget until the "edit widget" option becomes available

Step 11: choose an installation by tapping only once on the installation selection, and then choose your installation from the list that appears


Step by Step Video;



Example screenshots;




Further documentation is being prepared, so please feel free to ask any questions here.

We'd also love to hear any feedback, be it positive, problems and suggestions for improvements.

As an idea - a possible next step is that we are looking to also add widgets to VictronConnect, which work via Bluetooth.


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vrm dashboard connection

My VRM dashboard works fine at home with my wifi. When we are camping away from home we use a starlink satellite for our wifi, but I cant get the VRM to connect to that wifi to update the dashboard.

Any ideas?

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Why AC in alert on VRM ?

My Victron ESS with Cerbo gx works right, but on VRM Portal it send Alarm: AC in not available .It doesn’t show the value from the EM 24. in the menue of Remote console this value is alright. How can I set it correctly?

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DC Power Missing on VRM Portal when using External Grid Meter.

Here is an interesting question for the VRM Portal guys. When I set my ESS to use my External CG Grid Meter and have 'Have DC' selected, then the DC Power icon is not displayed. Neither on VRM Portal nor on the Remote Console of my GX.

I understand the Remote Console (GX) space might be a limitation but the VRM Portal has no such limitation. See below:

With CG External Grid meter selected under ESS.



And when I select Inverter/Charger as the Grid Meter in the ESS setting. Here you can see the DC Power being displayed on both.



Why would DC Power not display on the VRM Portal when using an external CG Grid Meter?

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VRM map - Globallink 520 - static unit relocates itself on VRM installations map - GPS fix?

Hi, got 12 static sites with Globallink 520 and MPPT 75/15 and for some strange reasons, 2 of the units keep on relocating their map location to another fixed location compared to where I save them in the map. It's only the same 2 units this happens with, to the same fixed common location, time and again. Must be a bug or something. Tried various ways to save the location, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I now see what happens.... every now and then, these 2 units seems to pick up a GPS location that's somehow put forward by the one of the LTE providers (Telia) I believe, so the Globallink sees it as a GPS fix.

It seems like these 2 Globallink units with VRM ID staring on 807d3a...... picking one (Telia) of two providers and this happens. Other Globallink units with VRM ID starting on 3c71bf....... using same provider (Telia) seems to be fine and don't do the GPS fix.

Once that happens, I noticed the widget in Advanced also display the GPS possibility...


None of the other 10 units display the GPS possibility under widgets.

Is there any way to tell the Globallink not to use that LTE position data, as its all wrong compared to actual location??

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VRM Portal visualises incorrectly

Hello Victron

I have a small problem with the VRM portal.

My Victron environment. A Rasberry Pi with 2.92 large image and an EM24 LAN. I want to monitor my house and PV yield.

I find the Victron devices really great. Unfortunately, the VRM Portal visualises incorrectly. On the GX console everything is fine. On an iPhone with the VRM app, the total is missing from the dashboard at the AC input. On the Windows PC with Edge Browser, the AC input is displayed as a generator. Something is wrong there.

It would be great if the total is displayed correctly on the dashboard. The values are there. In installations, the current values are displayed correctly. The daily consumption is also correct. I have taken some pictures. Maybe someone from Victron can take a look. I plan to buy a Multiplus in the future.

But the correct display should also be possible without a Multiplus.

Please ask for help.





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Globallink 520 - Internal temperature - only random/rear samples

I noticed there is an "Internal Temperature" for the Globallink 520, but it seems like its not sampled on each report? Only randomly/rearly. You can find it on Custom Widget and use it as an Alarm reference.

Is there any plan to fix this sampling issue Victron?

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VRM installation map - Globallink 520 - map won't center in full screen mode / add terrain mode ?

When using the PC browser with it's VRM "All installation" dashboard and press the full screen map button and go full screen, every time you hover a site in the map with your mouse cursor, the sites jumps to the top part of the screen and "adjust" the map to center as it was still in window mode / dashboard with map on the very top part.

It won't center the site to the center of the full screen page...

Very annoying as you always have to drag the map down, again and again...!!

Screenshot below is hovering the site with the red arrow...



And can we add the possibility of "terrain" mode of the map?

The terrain map is much better for static sites with more details etc.


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Why my VRM portal is doubling pv production?

Multipluus 5000

Fronius gen 24 ( mod bus connected, via wifi)

Polyntech bateries

Whem the pv sustém is working, the vrm portal shows the prosuction but nultiplied by 2 (apeox).

Also , when the pv production is higher than the loads, this value is added to the pv production.

Also in the history of the day, the pv square does not appear.

Anyone knows or having similar situation?

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VRM App Login “Stay signed-in” doesn’t work anymore with app on IOS

VRM portal ask everytime for email ansd password even if the box “Stay signed-in“ is checked With App on iPhone and iPad

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no value in "to grid" information on VRM

Dear community,

I recently installed an ESS with an ET112 grid meter.

During feed-in to the grid i notice an negative power value (as expected) on the ET112.

In some way the "to grid" value doesn't change when feeding-in.

The utility meter shows an feed-in value.

i have used the search function but could not find an clear answer.

Kind regards,

Kor de Vries

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