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Troubleshooting issues with VRM App Push Notifications


If you are having issues with the new VRM App Push Notifications feature, please let me know here and I will try and resolve them :)

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Victron VRM Presentation: VRM Push Notifications on iPhone - Not Working

@mvader (Victron Energy) I really enjoyed the presentation yesterday on what the VRM enhancements are and what it can do. So many great new features. I am excited about the push notifications so I went through the steps you outlined in the presentation, but upon downloading the Victron VRM app, it did not ask me about push notifications at all. And in the VRM, I do not see any way to add push notifications to my phone at all. I'm running the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just downloaded it, went through the steps. Isn't working for me. The new Preferences selection inside the app is not there. There does not seem to be an update available in the App Store.

Please can you clarify if the app has not yet had this feature enabled since the presentation was only yesterday?

I'm also not seeing in the app the ability to add those custom widgets. I'm only seeing the widgets from my Advanced page, but not in the same way as was shown in the presentation.

Thanks for your contribution to the community!

: )



allswell asked
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Configuring a three phase system using vrm

Is it possible to configure three phase system using only vrm portal ? I mean don`t use mk3 and laptop for the first time configutaion? When I try to download configutarions, I got an error message: 'Incompatible VE.Bus system configuration. Writing system configuration failed' Error: mk2vsc-61.

anton-sahara asked
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VRM Dashboard scrolls back to the top by itself preventing access to history

Hi if i scroll down and select Consumption/Solar then the page will randomly snap back to the top?

So basically i can not watch the historical data because of that. Has anyone encountered this as well?

mryoshii asked
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Rename devices in VRM Portal


Is it possible to rename default device names in the VRM portal? For example, I'd like to rename "Solar Charger [277]" to something like "MPPT North Array". Please advise. Thank you in advance.

ssoffgrid asked
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How do I see Phoenix 12/1200 on/off controls on the VRM Dashboard?

I have enabled inverter/charger control in VRM settings page, but when I click on the controls icon in the upper right, all I see is a toggle for "Switches: Relay 2". I can control on/off state through the remote console, but I'd like it on the Dashboard. I have latest firmware in everything as of 2022 Nov 24

tamboril asked

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Why AC in alert on VRM ?

My Victron ESS with Cerbo gx works right, but on VRM Portal it send Alarm: AC in not available .It doesn’t show the value from the EM 24. in the menue of Remote console this value is alright. How can I set it correctly?

corbach-happel asked

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VRM Portal showing non-existant devices...

My portal is showing devices (2x Tank, 2x Temp sensor) that are not connected to my Venus.

When I delete them, they return again....

Can Victron have a look, and correct ?


vronsky asked
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3 Answers

VRM temperature display bug

VRM webpage and VRM app on Android do not refresh temperature.

I keep the website open, i come back after a few hours to check things, temp is the same, only when i reload page the temp gets updated.


jj-o-jj asked
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Readings discrepancy's

Why is it that in VRM Dashboard my Solar input is shown as 1.5 kWh but on the Advanced page Solar Charger Summary the Yield is shown as 1.9 kWh , i dont have any other input other than the Solar Array , which reading is correct , surly both figures have the same data source so why are they different .

ako asked
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VRM App Login “Stay signed-in” doesn’t work anymore with app on IOS

VRM portal ask everytime for email ansd password even if the box “Stay signed-in“ is checked With App on iPhone and iPad

steve777 asked
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Ordering of VRM widgets on mobile

I see that the layout of the advanced page changes depending on screen width.
With big screens (e.g., Laptop) there are three columns and the widgets can be rearranged.

On narrow screens (smartphones), though, there is only a single column and the widgets cannot be arranged.

While I generally think this makes sense (in order to avoid mistakenly dragging around widgets via touch gestures), I see one big issue:
The order only seems to be defined by the first time a widget is added, and cannot be changed later.
This is really annoying... I have my widgets set up nicely on the desktop, but on mobile, the one I usually want to look at first is last in the order.

This was also stated by ranger-rocko in a comment to an answer to this question:
"One final bit of info on the Androids, if I remove a widget that is already showing and then re-enable it, it is placed in the same order that it was before disabling it. If I add a widget that has never been enabled, the new one gets placed at the end of all widgets and it too is immovable."

I think the correct solution would be to also take the order from the 2D-grid on large devices, and apply this to mobile, somehow like this desktop layout:

-----A----- (one wide widget)
C1 ---C2--- (one narrow, one two-column widget)
D1  D2  D3  (three narrow widgets)

should just be converted to this on mobile:


Until the correct ordering on mobile is fixed, is there any workaround to reset the "remembered" order how the widgets were added so that I can build the correct order of my widgets on mobile by the adding order?

danielhalmschlager asked
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VRM unable to delete device

I'm trying to delete an old charge controller from the VRM device list and when I click Delete, nothing happens. If I open the browser inspector, each time I click the delete button, this error pops up in the console "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'stopPropagation')". It seems like there's a JS problem with the VRM delete button.

w8dev asked
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Cerbo GX won’t work properly below 12v

My cerbo GX seems to stop sending information when voltage is below 12 volts. It is connected to a router via a network cable. The router works, but every time the voltage is below 12v, the VRM online portal stops updating. Does anyone understand why this happens?

martin-rt asked

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Cerbo GX WiFi issue documentation

Cerbo GX H21xxx vintage : Venus OS 2.92. Touch 50 installed

I have my Cerbo GX connected to local WiFi (Peplink) and publishing to VRM. 90% of the time it works fine but occasionally the WiFi becomes unresponsive. I have it configured to restart if it is unable to publish to VRM after X period of time. Every time it becomes unresponsive, other clients on the local LAN remain fully operational and when Cerbo restarts it recovers wifi without touching the local LAN.

Today I observed the WiFi became unresponsive shortly after a voltage drop on the Quattro shore power AC2-In and the Quattro switched to inverter mode.



[Edit:] At the time the Quattro kicked into inverter mode there was also a brief DC voltage sag, which I forgot to mention when I first posted.


I believe my vintage cerbo is not impacted by the Touch 50 problem that is well documented. Peplink's DHCP reservation is set to 1 month.

The Cerbo self-restart hack is my workaround. Functional but far from ideal.

I don't have a question per se but thought I would share a data point with the community for observation and commentary.

Thanks - John

John Leslie asked
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