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VRM Portal To AC Input & From AC Input

I have a generator that is connected at AC Input 1 but the generator production is under Generator. Nothing connected to AC Input 2.

So can anybody explain what is To AC Input and From AC Input?


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MPPT Showing as inverter in VRM

I have a small system with (2) 100/30 MPPT charge controllers, 800w of solar, and a single Multiplus 3k inverter/charger.

When I attach everything to a Venus device (RasPi) the MPPT devices are showing up under the Inverter control tab. Why is this happening?



justin-carver asked

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Smart Battery Sense data in VRM through MPPT75/10


My setup is Smart Battery Sense with bluetooth connection to MPPT 75/10, which has a VE.Direct USB cable to Raspberry Pi.

The MPPT can see the data from the smart battery sense, and in VRM I can see the MPPT. But I cant see the data from the Smart Battery Sense. Is this normal? I expected that the MPPT would pass on ALL data to the VRM portal.



Cameron Gillies asked
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vrm online but no history

I have a client with a system that is online, can look at it realtime, but since 19/3 there are gaps in the history, and since yesterday the history is completly empty. The ESS system is working normal.

Any fixes for this?

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setting up remote access monitoring.

Hi, I'm helping the owner of an off grid property who wants remote access to his energy/power system when he's away from the property. It's a new (5 month old) system and the installers have not shown a lot of interest with follow up support which is why I'm reaching out for support.

I have minimal tech knowledge of these things. I did try a search of previos posts but I'm not even sure what I should be looking for.

A VRM online account has been set up.

Components of system:
In the shed:

* EasySolar II GX MPPT 250|100
* SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 250 | 6 - tr
* lynx power in 1000
* BYD battery
* BYD Ethernet Inverter unit

In the house:

* D-link DIR-615 (which shows up on a search for wifi networks but doesn't seem to be connected to the internet. It has a data cable connected to it that I assume goes to the EasySolar GX but from having a look it's not clear.
* Everis tablet connected to D-Link via wi-fi showing the monitoring page of the system via "Remote Console on LAN"
* There is a separate 'Smart Modem 2' in the house (which was not here when the energy system was first installed) for internet but is not connected to the energy system.

Plan that has so far been suggested is to remove the D-Link modem and connect the data cable that was going to it to the Smart Modem ethernet port.

Is a reboot of the EasySolar || GX required to point to the new set up with the Smart Modem? Or something else? I'm worried if I do a reboot I'll mess up the current settings on the whole system. I can see there is a switch at the bottom/underneath the EasySolar || GX that I assume is a power switch. Or can a reboot take place using the small LED panel with a scrolling button?

Thanks for your help.

seasun asked
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Remote Console unusable after recent website update

Hi all, just offering feedback/looking for advice. I am now finding the Remote Console completely unusable on my phone because the latest website update puts a huge margin/padding at the top of the age. This pushes the Remote Console display down so that it only shows the top half of the display. There no way to scroll down to it, as the page just re-centres. Also made worse by being forced to use landscape mode.

This issue makes remote console unusable on a mobile device, a major pain. As an installer I regularly like to use remote console when setting things up on the system.

This issue is on both the website and the VRM app. I’m using an iPhone 11.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ian Jordan asked

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Can I measure 2 PV inverters with one EM24 and get them cofigured and shown correctly in VRM/Cerbo GX?

this looks like it should be possible, but all docs and questions still leave me uncertain. Otherwise it looks safer to get 2 ac current sensors as that does look like it would work and is supported.

or perhaps only the et340 supports this?

note I already have one et340 monitoring grid input, so a second to monitor 2 PV inverter outputs seems to make sense

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WIDGET BUG REPORT Solar on widget misreporting PV info

I have ET112 on grid and and a second one on PV through a CERBO GX. It's all working fine except the "quick glance" data on widgets and dashboard of VRM is not getting updated correctly.

Zero actual solar pv shows 2715 watts all the time, and when the sun hits the panels, the widget seems to be adding 2715 to the total.

Note that I'm still awaiting batteries so the inverter has yet to be powered on and set up, it's just CERBO monitoring the AC loads and PV on the roof till the batteries show up.

Is this a bug?

Screenshots below

Widget on screen


Click open VRM app on Android, get the same errors


Open the dashboard and it first shows wrongly then self-corrects to the actual data. Widget remains in error


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ET112 Generator AC adds to AC Loads


I have ET112 connected to Cerbo GX as Generator that measures AC that goes to battery charger.

I run the charger when the battery voltage drops bellow a treshold, it is simple AC to DC charger. There is no victron AC inverter so I measure load by DC Power.

My problem is that no matter what I configure, it always shows in AC Loads. It looks like it charges with 800W and also discharges with 800W at the same time with imaginary AC Loads that does not exist. DC Power shows correctly charging with -800W. From technical point of view it works, but shows nonsense.

Is there a way to show the generator only as power input?

My system is pretty simple, SmartSolar, BMV-712, no ESS, just DVCC, no victron inverters.


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Why are shore power input amps/watts wildly disagreeing?

On both the Cerbo GX:


... and on the VRM:


... the amps and watts wildly disagree. I know that our usage on the boat right now is super low -- the watts look about right -- but it's showing several amps of usage. The math is pretty simple -- W=A*V. What gives? I've never bothered to pull out the access covers and use a clamp ammeter to validate, but I'd be pretty shocked if I was actually pulling 6 amps combined -- I have no idea where that 700 watts would be going, and when we're off shore power, all the watt numbers add up to correct battery usage. So it feels like this is just a calculation error by the Cerbo/Quattros, but it's pretty eggregious.

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Inaccurate Portal & Remote Console Information ?

So this is bugging me and I thought I would come to the experts. First is a screen shot of my Remote Console readout, then within a minute a screen shot of my VRM Portal info. The difference in PV Charger is a passing light cloud.

But what is not making sense is my Battery. Both readouts are showing “discharge” when clearly the PVs are producing far more than “AC Loads” require. Both readouts show a “-” for watts and current.

Any thoughts?



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MQTT Battery history energy values

Hello guys,

I wanted to have some battery statistics also in my home assistant (Energy from battery / Energy into battery).

I tried it with the following MQTT topics and expected a kWh Counter, but those values are quite too high.



Can anyone help me and explain what is the unit behind those topics?

Is there any documentation on this?

Thank you, best Regards, Dominik

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Consumed Amphours not showing in VRM

I have just installed Pylontech batteries and everything is working fine but the Amphour consumption is not being displayed in the VRM Portal

Am I missing a setting?

Config is:
MultiPlus II
Blue Solar MPPT
Cerbo GX
PylonTech US2000C


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Temperature from Smart Battery Sense not in VRM via Globallink 520


I added a Smart Battery Sense to my installation and is connected w/the smart Bluetooth network. i also enabled the Smart Sense on my GlobalLink 520. I see data on the VRM portal, but not the most important one :) the temperature of the battery. Why is it not showing it? Bug?

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EV Charger consumption as AC load

I was able to connect my openWB with my Victron system using MQTT. Data flow is working fine and it is showing up on the VRM portal. Using an SDM630 as EVU and pushing these data also via MQTT.

The issue I have currently is that the EV consumption is also part of AC Load - see below. AC Load should have been at that point only as 810 W instead of 4590 W.

Maybe I'm missing a data point which is required for the portal to calculate correct.


How is that looking if a Victron Wallbox is installed and connected ? Is then the EV load excluded from AC load?

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