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Power value on Grid for L1 different to L1 on AC Loads

In this setup we have 1 x Quattro 8kVA on L1 and an Carlo Gavazzi EM24 meter installed at the three-phase grid point of connection. Grid Setpoint is 200W.

The L1 power (W) value shown on the 'Grid' is always wrong. The L1 power value shown under 'AC Loads' is correct. Can anyway explain how to fix this?

The screen shot from VRM below was taken at 22:30 local time, so there is no PV input, and the battery is at its SOC discharge limitation.

The W value does not even compute by Ohms law.

Happy to provide more info on settings if needed.

We plan to install a Fronus Symo inverter soon for this client.


Thanks, Tim

tim-hickman asked

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Custom Widget Beta Feedback

You can now add a customisable widget to the advanced page in your VRM.

While this feature is in BETA, we would like to hear your thoughts, and through your feedback improve it.

You can leave your comments below.
If this is your first time visiting Victron community, please create an account to make a comment.

Edited to add: Great suggestions, please keep them coming, I am taking them all to the team.

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
gregoryx answered ·

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Solar data record after switching to victronenergy products?


would like to understand in detail how to record all the data of my new smartsolar and smartshuunt over time. And how to use the VRM portal.

IN the switch between Epever to victronenergy system I have lost the ability to record data. I used to record up to 30,000 records every 10 minutes for 4 months with an Epever accessory costing $ 20. Epever E-log.

FRA asked
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Anyone getting a 401 error from VRM API since yesterday (20th May 2022)?

Suddenly with no software changes from my side, I'm getting a 401 error when I fetch:


Tokens are correct... Can it be a ACL/CORs change from Victron?

Any info/help is appreciated...

Thanks in advance!

abascuna asked

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VRM Portal access, no help links on VRM portal page

Trying to log on to VRM portal using a different laptop and also my phone. My main computer logs in fine and I can see my system remotely, but when I try to log into vrm.victronenergy.com using the same name and password on ANY different computer/phone, I get a popup red box that says invalid credentials. Not sure what the problem is. I can be on the same wireless network that accesses the internet that my system Cerbo GX is connected to, or I could be just using the Phones data connection and accessing it from a different IP address. Same issue. Is there a limit of only one login 'computer'? I'm not doing it at the same time my main computer is logged in. I can access the GX via bluetooth or it's internal WiFi. Very confusing.

green-monster asked
Jason - UK answered ·

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Cant connect to my cerbo through VRM portal due to installer registering first

I Cant connect to my cerbo through VRM portal due to installer registering first. He is no longer available. How can i get it removed so i can access it.

borgy90 asked
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Sum of powers far out of range (power disappears)

In the VRM Portal as well as on the display the sums of powers is far out of range

700W are consumed but 1600W are fed into the system from solar and battery, which means 900W disappear somehow.

Any clue where this could go to?


Another example with the display


techmaniac asked
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keine Kommunikation mehr zum VRM-Portal

ich habe seit dieser Woche keine Kommunikation mehr zum VRM-Portal. In den letzten 3 Monaten war alles gut , jetzt habe ich das CCGX gegen ein Raspi getauscht, beides 3 Wochen nebeneinander laufen gehabt, vor 7 Tagen den CCGX entfernt und in der Installationsliste gelöscht. Nun stelle ich fest, daß keine Daten mehr seit 4 Tagen zu sehen sind, weder live noch die Historie. Laut Venus ist eine Ethernetverbindung vorhanden, die IP ist auch korrekt und in meinen privaten Netzwerk komme ich auch an die Daten. Kann es sein das Victron da ihre Finger im Spiel haben ?

holger-m asked
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Getting "Another export was started[...]" for every CSV download from specific VRM Installation

While trying to download CSV exports from the VRM portal for a specific installation, all I got in the export was the error message "Another export was started; since only one export may run at any given time this export was cancelled." I've confirmed that no one else with access had tried to download an export at the time, and tried re-downloading from this installation multiple times over 4 days with the same result. Interestingly, this problem isn't present in the other installations and I have been able to download from them just fine.

I also tried automating the downloads using a script and the VRM API which has downloaded every hour over the past 4 days with the same results: the downloads from the other installations worked except for this specific installation. I'm suspecting it's a system issue but still unsure. Would appreciate any input on this!

wvjug asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) edited ·

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Incohérence Affichage VRM avec ESS en mode Triphasé


Je rencontre un soucis d'affichage sur le VRM sur mon installation triphasée

J'ai une installation avec un multiplus II 5000 et des batterie pylontech
Un cerbo GX pour manager le tout
Un compteur EM24 ethernet pour mesurer la consommation générale en provenance du fournisseur , un compteur ET340 relié au cerbo GX par cable (RS485 ) pour la mesure de la production Solaire ( micro onduleurs Enphase )
Le tout fonctionne relativement bien mais j'ai un soucis d'affichage dans l'interface du VRM le soir lorsque l'ESS injecte sur une Phase pour annuler ma conso.
Sur le plan pratique on est OK, sur mon exp, il décharge 887W pour compenser ma conso
la phase 1 absorbe 270W, la phase 2 432W et la phase 3 est négative pour annuler la 1 et 2.

C'est approximatif car le VRM récupère les infos en MQTT et elles ne sont pas toutes actualisées simultanément

Mais mon soucis n'est pas là, il est sur la la partie conso totale et Charges CA

Je m'attends à avoir à peu près la valeur tirée sur la batterie puisque je tire dessus pour ne pas avoir de conso EDF ( dans mon exp je m'attends à avoir ne conso totale de 890W environ )

Mais il affiche bien plus en conso.

La ligne L1 de la charge CA passe elle à 1136W alors qu'elle est à 270W sur le réseau.
C'est comme si il additionnait le total injecté de la batterie

Donc en regardant la conso théorique je suis à 1571W de conso alors qu'au réel je suis plutôt sur 890W ...

QU'en pensez vous ?

un soucis d'affichage sur le VRM ? uniquement en tri ?

quelqu'un aurait un retour en mono phasé ?

Merci par avance pour votre retour et pour vos impressions


s3b asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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ios 13.1.2 wifi issus connection hotspot


Any one having issue with the last iOS

I have loaded the iOS 13.1.2

I used to connect with hotspot

did run connmanctl scan wifi, services,agent on, connect wifi......

Error / net/connman/services/wifi....

system error Already connected

but I could not see the connection and the VRM does not sysc

any advice


fenix asked
jmbrunson answered ·

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Is it possible to transfer/copy existing VRM installations to a new profile?

Hi All

Is it possible to transfer/copy existing installations to a new profile, instead of having to be invited through the portal.

Thanks in advance


lewis asked

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VRM shows battery discharging when battery is disconnected

I have an EasySolar II GX running with LFP batteries. If I isolate the battery while the EasySolar is connected to PV it continues to run quite happily - which I understand is the expected behaviour, assuming the load doesn't exceed what the PV can deliver.

What I do not understand is why the VRM continues to show power being taken from the battery when it clearly it cannot be the case. Is this an artefact of running at no/low load or something elese?


Suggestions as to why this occurs gratefully received.

nigelp asked

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Fronius Primo inkl. MULTIPLUS GX im VRM nicht sichtbar

Hallo. Habe zusätzlich zu meinem Victron Multi Plus II einen Fronius Primo WR installiert. Vor Tagen hatte ich den Fronius eingerichtet und ins Netzwerk eingebunden. Der Primo war dann auch in der Remote Konsole sichtbar, sowie im VRM Portal unter Geräte zu finden. Gestern habe ich den Fronius erneut zu Testzwecken aktiviert. In der Remote Konsole ist er sichtbar und kommuniziert auch mit dem Victron. Da steht er auch in der Geräteliste. Über das VRM, ist er nun aber nicht mehr in der Geräteliste, bzw. wird er nicht mehr aktualisiert. In der graphischen Übersicht fehlt er da auch. Die Daten werden weiterhin in die Diagramme geschrieben. Habe heute noch mal Updates gemacht. Leider keine Änderung. Einstellungen hatte ich bis dahin nicht geändert. Die Leistungsreduzierung über den Victron scheint auch zu funktionieren, soweit ich das heute bei den Wolken testen konnte.

Jemand eine Idee?

rodenberger asked
rodenberger answered ·

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Visualization of the Growatt MIC 600 in the VRM portal

I've had a Multiplus 2 5000 with Cerbo GX unit for a few days. Also connected an SMA Sunny Boy 3.6. I connected the SMA to the Cerbo as an external inverter and it is also displayed in the VRM portal. Now I would like to visualize my Growatt MIC 600 in the VRM portal as well. Unfortunately I can't find a solution to my problem.

getacca asked
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