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Smart Solar charger and VE.Bus BMS remain energized after battery and PV switched off

I have a 24V Victron system, When battery switch is off, smart solar and BMS remain energized with 20V in the system. Where is the 20v coming from if the battery power is off? BMS power connected to battery positive after switch.

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 battery settings for Victron Lead carbon 106Ah batteries


I have ordered 4x106Ah Victron Lead carbon batteries that I will connect in parallel to a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20.

2x100W solar panels will be connected to the regulator.

A Victron Smart battery sense will also be connected.

What I have been able to read off the data sheet for the battery I should set:

Absorption V to 14.1V

Float V to 13.5V

But I cannot find any information regarding

  1. Re-bulk v offset
  2. Eq voltage
  3. Eq current %
  4. Tail current
  5. Temperature comp



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Sizing a charge controller

Hi guys, hoping you can help. I'm in the process of building my first power wall, whilst I slowly process the cells, I'm trying to learn what I can about the other parts of the system. I was recommended the Victron brand by the dealer who will likely supply me parts for the system when I'm ready. What I (think) I know about my system so far is as follows (please correct me if I'm wrong) I'm building a 24 volt system from 18650's, so 7 modules total, each comprising 144 cells with an average capacity of 1.75amp hours each, that makes 252amp hours per module, at 3.7 volts, that's .9325kWh per module, so about 6.5kWh total

questions as follows :

1, my total battery capacity is correct at 252amp hours ?

2, the intention is to have a load connected to the inverter of a constant 1.6kW - 2.5kW, 24v is ok for this ?

3, For quantity of solar panels, I'm totally confused. One calculation suggested take the size of the panel(1.8952m) x1000(1895.2) x efficiency as decimal 0.26 (390.41) x sun hours6.5 is (2537.67) divide by 1000 is (2.538kWh/day) it didn't ask what direction the roof is facing, nor where I am in the UK (North West England actually).... and this figure somehow sounds particularly high production. Perhaps talking to a local installer, or an owner or two in my local area might help with a better estimate ? how many panels would you guess I would need, (or should start with ?)

4, it would be great to have my battery bank full every day, however I guess that the differences between summer and winter production might have to give me a balance of having not quite enough production in winter, along with probably too much, and a bit of wasted capacity in summer ?

5, an upgradable / adaptable system would probably be the best for me, clearly I can add more cells to my bank, but the controller could do with headroom for the addition of extra panels, giving me the ability to start small and add capacity ? can anyone help with approximate calculation for sizing the controller ?

any help, much appreciated

thanks for reading


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MAJ V1.10 RS Smart Solar avec onduleur réseau


J'utilise un RS Smart Solar 48/6000 couplé à un onduleur réseau sur sa sortie AC1.

Jusqu'à la mise à jour V1.09, tout fonctionnait bien, l'onduleur hybride modulait sa fréquence réseau entre 50 et 52,7Hz pour tirer l'énergie solaire de l'onduleur réseau dès que la consommation dépassait la production solaire du parc du Victron et pour maintenir la charge des batteries au mieux.

Après la mise à jour V1.10, il semblerait que le RS Smart Solar n'autorise l'onduleur réseau à fonctionner que jusqu'à la tension Bulk des batteries moins 0,9V.

Soit 55V - 0,9V = 54,1V

Passé ce seuil, il remonte la fréquence AC jusqu'à 52,7Hz et bloque l'onduleur réseau.

Ce fonctionnement, non paramètrable, provoque un manque à gagner le matin, car la fin de charge de la batterie, de 54,1V à 55V n'est plus assurée que par le parc PV du VICTRON et surtout le soir, au soleil déclinant, au lieu de profiter des watts que pourrait fournir l'onduleur réseau, il l'empêche de fonctionner, tout en n'ayant pas la puissance PV nécessaire pour faire fonctionner l'installation et charger les batteries à leur maximum avant la nuit.

Est-il possible d'intervenir sur ce problème ?

Est-il possible de revenir à la version V1.09 ?

Merci de votre aide.


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Absorption and float LEDs flashing simultaneously on MPPT150/70, batterie not charging


I'm setting up a SmartSolar MPPT150/100 to charge batteries with solar panels. Here is my configuration :

-2 arrays of 3 solar panels each (Voltec 385W, Voc = 43.3V each panel)
-2 packs of 12V batteries in series (so 2x 24V batteries)

I've got the Absorption and Float LEDs flashing simulatenously, and the batteries are not charging. I checked the manual and it indicates "Charger or panel over-voltage". I measured the voltage coming from the solar panels and it never exceeded 115V (which is less than the maximum PV voltage).

What could be the cause of this error ?

Thanks in advance.

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Smart Solar doesn't show up in the Victron app

My Victron app shows the Orion Smart, the Bus Smart and the Smart Shunt and but the smart Solar part doesn't show up. It did once! But never since. I tried emailing customer support but they were of no help. The person I bought the van from also doesn't know why it won't show up. I restarted phone. Any ideas?

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24V 1200W Solar Set Up with 24V 600ah Battery HELP



Hello every one, I searched for quite some time on here and other forums but I can't find the answer any where. First question is, Is my set up correct or is something undersized? And second what fuses do I need for the Shunt and the Distributor?

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Checking my maths, A / V / W and a SmartSolar 75/10

Hi All,

I've got a couple of 300w panels with Voc of 39.98 and Isc of 9.66 a Smart Solar 75/10 and some 12v AGM batteries.

If I take the max values then I don't believe that I can use two panels on the one controller as in series the voltage will be over max at 80v and in parallel the current will be over at 20A so just the one panel in use currently.

But... 75V at 10A is 750w and I am rarely if ever seeing more than 135W of output from my existing panel. By my maths at 40v 135w is <4 A and I'm not getting volts above 36 so at worst two panels would be below all of those limits.

So, not withstanding the fact that if they did both go max volts and current my controller would blow up, would I get any benefit from dropping two panels onto the one SmartSolar?

I've got a load of around 90w and am currently struggling to keep it going overnight.

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Battery Protect 65A mit Smart Solar 75/15 Lastausgang steuern?

Hallo liebe Community,

ich habe eine Frage zum Battery Protect ( ohne Bluetooth).

Laut Anleitung vom Smart Solar (mit Lastausgang) lässt sich der Battery Protect über ein Kabel vom Remote zum Lastausgang steuern.

Muss der Battery Protect dazu ein Smart(er) sein oder geht das auch mit dem BP ohne Bluetooth?

Über etwaige Erfahrungen und Tipps wär ich sehr dankbar.



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24V Lithium Settings and Mid Voltage error

I have 2x 200Ah /24V Lithium batteries in parallel on a sailing vessel, a Smart BMV-712 and a 400wpeak solar system connected via the SmartSolar MPPT controller. All systems are from Victron.

Could you please confirm the right BMV settings?

Attached is a pic of my current settings. I have read that the correct settings for the charged voltage for a 24V Lithium battery should be 0,3v below absorption voltage. The absorption voltage on these batteries is 28,4V correct? Should I set the charged voltage to 28,1V?

I receive mid voltage errors as well. Is that related to the charged voltage?


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Tiefentladen trotz Smartsolar?

Ich bin noch ganz am Anfang, was Erfahrung mit Solar und Victron angeht.
Deshalb bitte ich Euch hier um Hilfe - und entschuldigt bitte, wenn Euch die Frage zu trivial ist.

Ich habe ein sehr einfaches setup:
12V lifepo 30ah batterie und Smart Solar MPPT 75/15.
Batterie konfiguriert als lifepo mit 12V.
Ansonsten alles default gelassen.

Für einen ersten Test mit einem 100W Panel die Batterie voll geladen.

Straßenlichtfunktion aktiviert.

Am Lastausgang des SmartSolar hatte ich 2x 20W Halogen-Lampe als kräftige Verbraucher angeschlossen.
Meine Rechnung war grob: 30ah bei 12V sind etwa 360Wh.
Bei etwa 40W sollte das für 9h - also eine Nacht - reichen.

Über Nacht hatte ich die Verbraucher eingeschaltet gelassen, um zu sehen, was die Batterie für eine Kapazität hat.
Am nächsten Morgen zeigte mir die App: Batterie min: 0,07V.

Jetzt meine Frage(n):
War die Spannung wirklich auf 0.07V gesunken?
Kann bei einer solch tiefen Spannung das SmartSolar überhaupt noch Daten schreiben?
Sollte das SmartSolar nicht dafür sorgen, dass es zu keiner Tiefentladung kommt?
Ist meine Batterie jetzt etwa non reversible kaputt?

Was kann ich tun, um eine Tiefentladung zu verhindern?
Ich dachte, der SmartSolar würde das tun.

Vielen Dank vorab.


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MPPT 110/20 Smartsolar and Smart Shunt showing different readings?


I have had a Victron Smart Shunt installed for sometime in our campervan and I have recently upgraded the old solar charger to a MPPT 100/20 Smart Solar.

I have linked them on a VE network via the Bluetooth and the network shows that I am getting the External Battery current sense and External Battery Voltage sense from the Smart Shunt.

I would assume that the current and voltages figures would be the same at the same time but i have attached 2 screen shots taken at the same time below. ( I used my phone for the Smart Shunt and an iPad for the Smart Solar)


and below is the Smart Solar reading at exactly the same time


If they are on the VE network and the Smart Solar is getting the Voltage and Current from the Smart shunt they would be the same?

Also why is the Solar Current is 2.0A but it shows the battery Current is 2.8A.

any help would be great

Thanks in advance

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Walmart EverStart 27dc Solar MPPT settings

Hello to everyone,

I have searched high and low for the correct SmartSolar 75/15 Mppt settings. I have 3 Walmart EverStart Deepcycle/starting batteries that I would like to keep charged while our boat is in storage. Thanks for your help.

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Why am i getting 68v 0amps in full sun with smartsolar charger

Looking for some advice. I just installed a Victron Energy SmartSolar 150/60 PV charger on my boat. My battery bank is 6 x 100AH 12v LiFePO4 batteries in parallel (12v system). I have 6 x 100watt topsolar flexible solar panels on the hardtop of my boat. I have them installed in two parallel strings of 3 panels in series (68v per string, ~6 amps per string). So i theoretically should see 68v, 12Amp and 600watt maximum at the solar charger input. My Victron SmartSolar charger reads 68v but 0 amps and 4 watts output. I am only getting 3-5 watts in full sun with the batteries at 50% discharge. I have the Smart Solar charger set for 12v LiFePO battery setting. Set the bulk charge rate to 14.4v per the battery manufacturer settings. Could this be a solar charger settings issue? What can i do to troubleshoot this?

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Deep discharge despite Smartsolar?

I'm at the very beginning of my experience with solar energy and Victron.
That's why I ask you for help here - and apologize if the question is too trivial for you.

I have a very simple setup:
12V lifepo 30ah battery and Smart Solar MPPT 75/15.
Battery configured as lifepo with 12V.
Otherwise everything left by default.
For a first test with a 100W panel the battery was fully charged.
Street light function activated (or always on?).
At the load output of the SmartSolar I had connected 2x 20W halogen lamp as a powerful consumer.
My calculation was rough:
30ah at 12V is about 360Wh.
At about 40W, this should be enough for 9h - one night.
Overnight, I had left the consumers on to see what capacity the battery has.
The next morning the app showed me: Battery min: 0.07V.
(see the attached screenshot)

Now my question(s):
Had the voltage really dropped to 0.07V?
With such a low voltage, could the SmartSolar still write data itself?
Should the SmartSolar not ensure that there is no deep discharge?
Is my battery now non-reversible broken? What can I do to prevent deep discharge?
I thought the SmartSolar would do prevent that.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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