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SmartSolar MPPT 100V 15 amp grounding questions

1. On the underside of the controller I see a screw with a lock washer, is that the ground for this device?

2. What gauge wire should I use? The rest of the system will be 10AWG. So 10AWG?

3. This is going into a travel trailer. The chassis ground of my trailer is hooked directly to the negative terminal of my battery. Would I just attach the controller ground directly to my battery negative terminal too?


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Smart Solar 150/60 firmware Upgrade not available in VRM - Product not in library

I have a SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/60 and in VRM -> Device List -> Firmware update VRM shows "Product Not In library". Previously it had showed as "up to date" (a week or so ago). I also noticed it shows v1.59 while the Victron Professional shows a v3.1. I tried to upload this SmartSolar_MPPT_Charger_150_60_v3.10_A06B.xup file via VRM but I got an error:

"An error occured during the update process. Please try again later! Error Message: xupd-66." followed by a another error:

"The installation is already executing another request. Please wait and try again. Error 1391"

How can i update the firmware and what is the latest version?



joe-d asked
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Hi, keine Möglichkeit den mode setting button zu nutzen.

Hi, keine Möglichkeit den mode setting button zu nutzen.

es kommt nur "d", debug auf Blue Solar PWM light. 12 V panel 100W, 12 V gelbattery 115Ah. Last: Gartenbeleuchtung (2 Lampen 9-30V) Was mache ich falsch, Panel Leuchte ist bulk, Battery Leuchte grün voll. Danke für jede Hilfe!Thanks

sifasolar asked

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Turning off SmartSolar controller

Can the SmartSolar controllers be damaged by leaving them turned off using the Victron connect settings? The user manual and app semm to be pretty adamant that the off setting is for "maintenance only". I 'd like to turn off the charging output from my 100/20 controller when connected to shorepower for long periods of time.

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Victron SmartSolar To starter battery


I have an old jeep xj with parasitic loads and an agm starter battery (Optima red). I understand that the stock alternator only charge 80% of the agm battery. Plus I have other loads like lights a fridge and so on.

The car is parked outside days sometimes Weeks. So I instead of using an external battery charger like nocco to top off the battery when I want to use the truck I want to put solar to keep the battery charged.

I want to install 240w solar panels and a victron smart solar controller to the starting battery. So I can keep the fridge running and keep the agm battery 100% charged.

My intention is that while driving during the day both the alternator and solar would be charging the battery.

Can I do that?

Could the alternator affect the solar controller?

Do I need to install a diode to prevent electricity running in the wrong direction inside the solar controller?

All the documentation talks about connecting a service battery but nobody talks about the starter battery.

My use case doesn't justify a second battery because I have limited space and want to keep the weight low. The fridge has low voltage protection. And if the lights drain all the battery I carry a portable li-ion battery starter to start the truck.

I might eventually put a smart shunt to protect the battery.

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Multiple SBSs?

Not sure if this is a dumb rookie question or not, but can a SmartSolar 100/30 "talk" to multiple Smart Battery Sense modules?

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Configuration du courant de charge max sur le SmartSolar MPPT 150/60


Au préalable, deux mots sur mon installation : j'ai un SmartSolar MPPT 150/60 couplé à un MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32, des panneaux solaires d'une puissance de 2800 Wc, et de batteries 265 Ah en 48V, le tout connecté à un Color control GX.

J'ai une question précisément sur la paramétrage du courant de charge max du SmarSolar MPPT (menu Batterie) : comment limiter le courant de charge pour protéger les batteries, mais en même temps bénéficier de toute la puissance de mes panneaux via le Multiplus en convertion quand la consommation dépasse les 2000 W par ex?

Je m'explique : si je limite le courant de charge max à 20 A dans la configuration du SmartSolar MPPT (soit environ 1120 W à 56V), va-t-il laisser passer plus de courant quand le Multiplus en demandera en mode conversion avec un besoin de 2000 W par exemple (ce qui à 56V correspond à 35 A environ ?

Autrement formulé : le régulateur SmartSolar fait il la différence entre la charge de la batterie et le besoin de puissance pour le Multiplus pour réguler ce qui arrive des panneaux solaires ?

Je ne sais pas si j'ai été clair, sinon je peux essayer de reformuler.

Merci pour votre aide.

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Smart Solar 75/15 Bluetooth Ladeendspannung höher als voreingestellter Wert/ zu Hoch

Ich habe in meinem Wohnmobil den Regler Smart Solar 75/15 installiert ( ein 100W PV +90 AH AGM Batterie). An der Batterie habe ich zusätzlich den Victron Battery Sense installiert und per VE.Smart Networking mit dem Laderegler Verbunden.

Am Laderegler habe ich manuell als Batterietyp AGM Spiral Cell ausgewählt.

Die Absorbationsspannung soll laut Voreinstellungen 14,7 V betragen, Erhaltungsladung 13,8 V.

Nun das Problem:

Trotz der Voreinstellung von 14,7 V läd der Regler mit 14,9 manchmal sogar höher.

Diese Spannung ist viel zu hoch für die AGM Batterie. Diese darf nur mit mx. 13,8 V geladen werden, ansonsten beginnt diese zu " kochen" und geht kaputt. Wie kann das sein? Warum gibt der Regler mehr als 14,7 V in die Batterie? Ich dachte der Regler macht bei der Maximal eingestellten Spannung von 14,7 V Schluss.

In der Floot Phase ( Ladeerhaltung) gibt der Regler manchmal nur 13,2 Volt anstatt 13,8 Volt. Sollte der Regler nicht "zu machen " wenn die 13,8 Volt auf der Batterie sind und der Regler diese nicht mehr zur Verfügung stellen kann weil das Solar Panel nicht mehr genug Leistung Liefert?

Ich hatte von einem PWM extra zu einem MPPT Regler gewechselt weil ich dachte das sei besser. Momentan kann ich den Vorteil noch nicht erkennen. Mit dem alten PWM Regler wurde die Batterie exakt mit 14,7 V geladen und bei 13,8 Erhaltungsladung beendet. Mit dem Smart Solar sinkt die Spannung schnell wieder unter die 13,8 V wenn die Sonne weg ist obwohl keine Verbraucher an sind. Anscheinend zieht der Regler selber ordentlich Energie.

Hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen?

giotti938 asked
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Will using an MPPT with a DC to DC pass too much current to my battery
  • Hi guys i have added a Victron 15a MPPT solar controller wired to 155w of solar panels that can produce 8a on a good day, i also added a 12/12 18a DC to DC charger to charge my battery off the alternator in my campervan.

I have a 75ah Bosch sealed lead acid leisure battery

My question is this, since the dc to dc’s dont have VE networking, will the mppt and dc dc produce too much current for my battery during a bulk phase? Or will they self regulate via V?

So I know wether i need to isolate the solar panels while driving

Thank you

peterbennett9 asked
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Smartsolar to starter battery and orion tr to auxilary battery


I'm thinking of upgrading the electrics in our Campervan.

Currently the alternator and solar panel charge both batteries simultaneous. I would like to disconnect the starter from the auxiliary battery to prevent draining the starter battery by accident while camping.

My thought is to hook up the Smartsolar controller to the starterbattery to keep it charged while not using it and hook up an Orion TR between the starter battery and the auxiliary battery.

When the engine is not running, ideally the Smartsolar would charger te starterbattery first, and the Orion TR will use any excess power charging the auxiliary battery.

And ofcourse the Orion TR will charge the auxiliary when the engine is running.

My questions are:

- Is this a good idea?

- Won't the Orion TR drain the starter battery because it consumes more power than the Smartsolar produces?

Looking to hear from you, much appreciated :).

Best regards,


Max Flentge asked
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Victron Smart Solar 150/35 charging shutoff malfunction

Here is the configuration:
Two SmartSolar 150/35 loading a 48 V LiFePO4 Battery disconnecting without error at around 30A load. New system running two 150/35 on two identic pv strings. The webpage is known to me.

Nevertheless, I have no DX-device installed and the chargers have no bus connection with the BMS of the battery.

All three Victron MPPTs I have installed are charging bulk until a voltage level of 52.3V until Absorption and 51.00V Float.
This results in: At 97% battery charge status, both of the 150/35 are into Absorption and end up at 99% in Float mode. On lower currents than about 30A, everything works fine..

Again, I stress: The Victron chargers do not "know" anything from the battery. No bus connection beetween Victron chargers and battery BMS at all. I know, that Victron recommends using a DX-device in combination with Pylontech batteries, however, the Solar MPPTs of Victron are universal chargers, that are described in the manual as for universal use. Therefore I claim that these controllers in the present configuration should basically work, even without BMS bus control.

The controllers are intentionally undersized regarding battery charging current. The manual and the Victron layout software say, that this is possible in my configuration and the particular chargers will limit charging currents higher than 35A each. I've already checked that and it works without any overtemparature problem for a while.

Here is the error description: Both controllers sometimes switch off at battery charging currents above 30A, regardless of the battery's state of charge, and independently from each other. At the same time there is no error message. Not in the csv sheet, the LED still shows blue, as if the bulk load would run normally. After about 20 minutes, the charge current is switched on again and the controller charges the battery normally. If the charge current of 30A and above continues, the cycle repeats after about 15 minutes.

For demonstration, I have uploaded a video to

I have never watched such a behaviour on these usually very reliable devices and hope, that someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you very much!

Michael Timler asked
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prevent Solartasche 135 V mit Victron Smart Solar 75/10 liefert keinen Strom


da ich mit Mr. Volt nicht gerade per Du bin wende ich mich nun an die Community. Beim Laderegler blinkt die blaue LED ständig, gelb und grün sind aus. Die Solartasche ist angeschlossen, alle Sicherungen ok. Der Regler ist aktiviert. Keine Verpolung. Optima AGM Batterie 75 Ah soll geladen werden.

Anzeige Pv:

Solar 0W, Spannung 0.01 V, Strom 0.0 A

Anzeige Batterie: 12.39 V, Strom 0.0 A, Zustand aus

Batterieeinstellung Victronconnect App:

AGM Spiral Cell

Batteriespannung 12 V

Max. Ladestrom 10 Amp

Absorptionsspannung 14.70 V

Erhaltungsspannung 13.80 V

Ausgleichsspannung 16.50 V

Nun meine Frage wieso liefert die Solartasche keinen Strom, ist es eine Einstellungssache oder eher ein Defekt.

Danke schon mal für die Antworten

Grüßle Christoph

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Smart Solar 100/50 fail ?

I accidently shorted the PV input to the 100/50, hear a pop and controller now does not produce more than 3W. Is there no protection against shorting the PV input as. The 50A thermal breaker between the panels and controller did not trip either.

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Error 67 - BMS Connection Lost on Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can

I have a Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can connected by VE.Can to a MG Energy Master LV (With 2 x 200Ah HE batteries) and a Color Control GX. There is also a Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 connected by VE.Bus on the same system.

I'm having an occasional 'Error 67 - BMS connection lost' from the Smart Solar but I have unfortunately been unable to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue. It never happens when the solar is isolated but randomly when solar is generating. It does not automatically recover unless I clear the issue by isolating our solar panels and reconnecting. Is this a known issue with Smart Solar VE.Can variants? Details are below. Many thanks!


DVCC Enabled

Smart Solar 150/100-Tr VE.Can Firmware v̶1̶.̶0̶3̶ v1.04

MG Energy Master LV Firmware v1.22

Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 (230VAC) Firmware v469

Color Control GX Firmware v2.51

jamesk asked
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Solar Controller Graph interpretation

I recently installed a 110/20 smart solar controller on to a system with two 125W panels feeding two firefly house batteries. I'm learning to interpret the information on the monitoring app. In the pic below the circle graph shows 0Watts of Solar at that point in time however the voltage is 20.18V. My question is does the graph represent the available power at the panels or the power that is being used (needs to be used) at that point in time. To clarify, the batteries are fully charged and the boat is connected to shore power.


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