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Blue Smart Charger IP65 12/15 Fault when use as power supply

Blue Smart Charger IP65 12/15, Firmware v3.25

Output current set to 15A

Output Voltage set to 12.8V

When use as a power supply for a 12V 50W light, the voltage drop to 0 and I got a fault with message: #27 Short-circuit


Is the unit defect?

steve777 asked
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Victron Blue Smart Charger IP22 and Battery Protect 12V
For the electrical installation of my van, I would like to confirm the correct connections between my products.
I have just received my Victron Energy Battery Protect 12/24 100A. This I will use in combination with the Blue Smart Charger and a 105Ah semi traction battery with a 100A fuse on the positive connection.

With the charger, I want to be able to charge my battery and use my loads, while I will want to use the Battery Protect to monitor and protect my battery when I don't have 220V connection.


The Battery protect did include a manual with wiring diagrams, including one with the charger and Battery protect, but it does’t show where the loads should be and so I guess this is meant for another use.


Which diagram to use and how?

Just don't want to mess these up, so I appreciate you help! Thanks

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Hello Can I connect my liquid lead-acid starter battery on one bank and my two AGM Trojan on another bank on a Blue-Smart-IP22-30a Charger(3). Thanks Denis

Hello Can I connect my liquid lead-acid starter battery on one bank and my two AGM Trojan on another bank on a Blue-Smart-IP22-30a Charger(3). Thanks Denis

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Blue Smart 12/10 Normal vs High Recondition Voltage

I would like to try and recondition a 12V SLA battery that has been discharged for an extended period. Do I choose Normal (16.2V) or High (16.5V) recondition voltage? And what is the difference between normal and high in terms of reconditioning?

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Blue Smart Charger under voltage protection/detection


I am looking for a way to automatically start charging a battery (LiFePO4) if it reaches a certain voltage threshold (under voltage protection), via the grid.

Looking at the manual for the Blue Smart Charger it mentions the following:

Lithium Ion compatible

Compatible with Li-ion (LiFePO₄) batteries; when the integrated LI-ION charge mode is selected the charge cycle settings are altered to suit.

If the charger is connected to a battery where under voltage protection (UVP) has tripped, the blue smart charger range will automatically reset UVP and start charging; many other chargers will not recognise a battery in this state.


I can't seem to find any more info on this feature/topic and would like to understand what is required for this to work, OR if there is another solution to automate this? The manual also does not show this mentioned in the Victronconnect application.

I currently have the Smart Solar MPPT controller and a SmartShunt that are configured in a VE.Smart Network, along with these being connected to a GX device (Raspberry Pi with Venus OS).

I understand the Blue Smart Charger currently does not support VE.Smart Networking.

The battery is not Victron.

Many thanks in advance.


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Blue Smart Charger 12/15 IP65 vs IP22

If I have understood well, on the Blue Smart PI65 12/15 charger, the charging current can be only chosen between two fixed values 4 & 15A until on the IP22 the current can be free limited through the app.

My intention is to by the IP22 12/15 model and limit the current to 10A and use it for my 100Ah lead acid flooded battery (recommended charging current) and at the same time to have space for further upgrades with a higher capacity battery. Is it possible to do it on this way?

in addition to IP protection level and the possibility of limiting the current on the IP22 model via app, is there any other difference between these two models?

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Blue Smart Charger advanced settings

in the demo library of the current VictronConnect version you have the possibility of advanced settings in the Blue Smart Chargers(at the bottom after changing from "normal" to any other preset).
In this advanced settings you have a lot of settings to change.
But with a real charger this option is not available.
Will this be a future feature or is it a bug in the app. If it is a future feature when will it be available?

Greetings from Germany

Matthias Lange - DE asked
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IP67 12/17 charger settings for AGM Battery VMF DC140-12

Since early this year, I have a 12V, 140 AH AGM battery in my boat (VMF DC140-12 AGM).


On the battery, the following is specified:

"Charge voltage (25C) 14.6-14.8V (-30 mV/C), float use: 13.6-13.8V (-20 mV/C), max current 42A"

Whenever not sailing in the weekends, my battery was connected to shore power using a Victron IP67 12/17 charger, which I had set to the following 'advanced' settings in order to fully comply to the above specifications: Absorption charge: 14.7V, Float charge: 13.7V, Storage charge: 13.2V, Temperature compensation: -20 mV/C

After one season, my new battery is almost dead: only about 30 Ah capacity left. Not nice at all.
Did I do anything wrong? Is there a possible misunderstanding about the word 'Float Charge' (Victron: max 24 hours then storage charge, VMF: continuously after absorption charge)? Should I have set the 'storage charge' on the charger to 13.7V instead of 13.2 volt, so that it corresponds to the 'float charge' voltage on the battery? If that is the case, then that misunderstanding cost me a new battery.

What should have been the correct settings on my charger?

Below the definition of charge phases I believe Victron uses:


bartvdree asked

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Multimeter readings way off from Blue Smart charger settings

Hi. I have a 200Ah VRLA acid battery and Blue Smart IP22 charger 12/20A (3) hooked up 24/7. Latest firmware (I think 3.42..).

In any of its automatic charging phases, readings from a multimeter are off by a great margin - 0.10 to 0.20V. When in Bulk mode its about 0.1, and in Float/Storage, close to 0.2V. Tried three multimeters, they are correct, one is not cheap. I hooked up an oscilloscope and there I can see considerable ripple (maybe about 100 mV) but I can calculate good voltages that correspond closely to what's supposed and what on the app screen (14.4 or 13.8V). Why this discrepancy between multimeters and what's on the smartphone screen (and what's supposed to be by the currently selected profile)?


Err: The scope is about 0.1V off when calibrating with battery. Then the charger is approx. 0.15V off from what it's supposed to output at almost any moment! When the current is higher (1-2A+), the voltage seems much closer to the supposed value.

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Can IP65 Blue Smart Charger 12/5 charge large capacity batteries

Hi all. I have in the process of purchasing a Victron IP65 Blue Smart Charger 12V 5A, however, i have a question that will inform my purchase. In the product manual, it is recommended a maximum battery size of 50Ah capacity for this charger. CTEK offers a 5A charger and states that batteries up to 160Ah can be charged with this charger....obviously it will just take longer. Can the Victron 5A charger be used for larger capacities (>50Ah) than recommended or will it damage the charger?

Thank you

soothadee asked
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BlueSmart Charger 24V for LiFePo4 ?

Hello everyone !

I own a LiFePo4 battery "24V" 768Wh (30Ah), whose PSU is dead. Is it possible to use a BlueSmart charger in Li-Ion mode to recharge it ? If yes, which model is recommended to recharge it fast ? Also, which model will fitt my needs, as I need to recharge it as fast as possible. The PSU was able to recharge it to 80% in 1h, and full in less than 2h.

It has its own BMS. Thanks,


michelg asked
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Which size IP65 12v blue smart charger for AGM battery bank?

I have two 12v 130ah Leoch AGM leisure batteries connected in parallel (so I think 260ah total?) and am looking at buying one of the IP65 blue smart charger range. Which size charger would be best for this? Would the 12/15amp one be sufficient? I would like to charge both batteries at the same time if possible (so attach the charger to the positive of one battery and the negative of the other) as they are already connected together but not really bothered about super quick charge time as I will be charging them at home mostly!

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IP65 charger "sleeps" ?

I'm using the Victron IP65 12v charger with bluetooth built in.

My Battle Born battery 12v 100ah is brand new and never used.

So, I connected the IP65 to the BB just to top it off....

After a period of time....I don't know how many minutes...all of the lights on the IP65 turn off.

Question- is the IP65 still charging the battery even though the indicator lights on the IP65 are off?

If not, what does it mean when the IP65 lights are off even though it's still connected to grid power and the battery?

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DIY Solar at home, any options to have the inverter switch to mains power if the battery is low?

I have a Phoenix Inverter 24V 1200VA 120V on my system which has 1kw of solar connected to it with my Lifepo4 batteries, currently just running the fridge in my garage. Is there any option where if the battery gets to a certain level it could switch over to mains power to avoid the fridge turning off, just in case I went several days with no sun where the battery got low? Not sure if that's a feature of the inverter itself or if mine supports that, as this one was pretty much in my budget with anything higher seeming to be overkill.

Alternatively, are there any Victron products like battery chargers, where instead I could have THAT connected to the mains, and when it sees the battery hit a certain voltage or SoC it activates to keep the inverter running? Something like I don't know, if the battery SoC is 30% activate the charger and then stop charging once it's at 50% or something along those lines?

Thanks so much!

Lee Moreau asked
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blue smart ip22 3 output front panel display

I have 3 batteries what battery is the display referencing they can't all be at the same soc what if I have one failed battery and two ok to go on float

zara asked
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IP65 Smart Bluetooth wont find/connect

My new IP65 Smart Bluetooth charger isn't found in the Victron application. Bluetooth has "paired" to it, though, with Android.

My phone is an Android.

Charger model is- BPC121531104R Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/15 120V NEMA 5-15

pda1 asked
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Using victron b2b charger and victron mppt solar controller, how to wire up

As the title says. Do I wire the b2b charger throught the solar controller? combine the inputs and run an input wire where the solar would attach to the controller? Or do I leave the solar controller as is and attach the b2b directly to the battery?

sea-rambler asked
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Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12V 30A Battery Connection Terminal Size


I am deciding to purchase

Victron Blue Smart IP22 SLA/LiFePO4 Charger 12V 30A

The battery connection terminal is listed a being for 16mm2 or AWG6 in the manual.

Could the manufacturer or someone that is capable of precise measurement please advise what is the actual size of this hole.

What is the precise size of the battery input terminal ?

Mathematically it has to be bigger than 4.52mm D

To accommodate 16mm it is probably at least 5.5mm D (cabac cable lugs have a 5.5mm hole to insert a 16mm cable for example)

Can it fit a 6mm D copper stalk ?

Can it fit a 7.7mm D ferrule ?

Yes I am trying to use 25mm cable for 'reasons' being that is the cable I have got already.

No I don't want a stud with a 25to16 tie tail.- Looks rough to me and I'm not keen on extra connections joints and hardware just because Victron didn't think to put a 6,8, or 10 mm terminal stud on this item.

Any help much obliged.

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BlueSolar Charger MPPT 100/20 48V #33 Hohe Spannung am Eingang

Schönen guten Abend an alle!

Ich habe an meiner Anlage folgendes Phänomen.

Ab ca. 20:00 Uhr bekomme ich die obige Fehlermeldung vom Laderegler. Also wenn die Sonne weg ist.

Ich habe 4 Module AxSun AX M-36 3.2 premium black 165Wp an dem Laderegler angeschlossen. Leerlaufspannung 23,25 V pro Modul. Die Batteriespannung beträgt 48V.

Am CerboGX Gerät kann ich erkennen, dass die angezeigte Modulspannung stark schwankt. So bis 92V. Wie gesagt, jetzt abends, wo es dunkel ist!

Als Vmax am CerboGX wird aber nur 85V für den Laderegler angezeigt.

Hat jemand eine Ahnung, was die Ursache für diesen Fehler ist?

Für einen Hinweis wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Vielen Dank und schönen Abend noch.

solar4md asked
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IP65 12/15 Smart Charger on inverter.

Hello everyone. I want to connect my IP65 12/15 charger to an inverter. What wattage should the inverter be? It will only power the charger. If i use some of the calculations i get to about 200watt. Would this be correct. I must mention i am a total "newbie" on this subject. Thanks

hugosmith asked

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Don't know which charger to choose

Excuse me, there are two batteries on my boat, A is STARTER BATTERY (70AH), B is LITHIUM (80AH), I installed Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters (12V) in the middle to isolate the two batteries, the engine is directly connected A charging, when A battery voltage is sufficient during driving, B battery will be charged through DC-DC.

I want to use a charger to charge battery A when the ship is towed back to shore, and then charge battery B through DC-DC. I don't know which charger and how much current charger can be selected for this configuration to avoid overheating?

*****Please forgive my english*******

alen asked
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Wiring diagram bmv712 and blue smart charger

Hello all,

I bought a new boat. In this boat we have an old charger and a analoge voltage meter. As a winter project I upgraded the charger and voltage meter to an Victron Blue Smart Charger IP22 12/20 (3) and a BMV-712.

As in most older boats the electrical system is a mess and I want to clean it up as much as possible.

I've got an household battery and a starter battery. My question for now is.... Is the wiring diagram which I made correct? Or is there still a problem.

In the current situation the negative lines of both the batteries are connected to the most left positioned switch. I understand this needs to be changed if I place the BMV712 in my boat.

Kind regards,

Koen de Kruijf


koendekruijf asked
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Start Interuption with blue smart charger

I would like to use the orange Si cable and interrupt the current for the startmotor when charging (not being able to sail away when the cable is connected to the shore power).

I assume I need a relay for this, but so far I have only found (automotive) 12v relays with 20-30 amp control current.

This Si cable is 12v/0.5A, so not sufficient for these kind of relays.

Did anyone manage to build a start interruptor with the Si cable?

oscarmulders asked

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90ah Battery Landscape (smallBMS, Blue Smart Charger)

Hello community,

hope to get some input here. I just got my hands on 4 older Victron 90ah Lifepo batteries. 2 of which are claimed to be broken. I will see once they arrive. The other two are supposedly in good condition. If they can hold around 75ah I am happy.

Now I found out that I need an external Victron BMS with those batteries. Is the smallBMS sufficient?

I have an MPPT 75/15 and a BlueSmart 12V 15a Charger. I am sure I can use the MPPT solar charger with the batteries, but does the BlueSmart 15a Charger also work? There is no option to connect the charger to the smallBMS.

Any input on how to set this up correctly with my existing equipment would be highly appreciated.


fabian-s asked

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Blue smart ip67 workaround?

I have:

Phoenix inverter 12/375

Smartsolar 100/30


Planning to get cerbo/GX to connect everything via

I also have a blue smart ip67 12v/25a. I no longer have PV panels hooked up to the smartsolar

can I wire the blue smart ip67 output (either in power supply mode or charger) to the PV input on the smartsolar to workaround the lack of connectivity on the blue smart charger?

Pedro Rampolla asked
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Blue smart ip67 24/12A charger

I'm running two of the 24Volt 12 amp ip67 chargers in parallel to charge 24V Lithium batteries that run a electric trolling motor. The motors maximum draw is around 75 amps.

What size generator do I need (in watts) so I can run both chargers at max rate (24amps) continuously whilst running the motor at 25amp draw?

patrickvela asked
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Battery draining when connected to shore power

I have a Blue Smart IP22 12/30 charger connected directly to a 180Ah leisure battery (lead-acid). Went camping with it for the first time last night and noticed that when connected to shore power and using devices connected to the battery that the battery was draining and not being topped up by the charger. Using a Renogy 500 meter showed that the battery had lost exactly the amount of power consumed by the devices, but the charger showed the charging status as “float”. Charging status was set to “normal”. It did fully charge the battery overnight though so there is power going to the battery.

Any thoughts?

the-reverend asked
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Terminals connections screw does not ajust anmyore clamper. How to solve?


On my SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 on of the screw has left the position to adjust the bottom plate from terminals connections. I'm not able to get again to adjust. Anyone know to solve the problem?

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Bluesmart charger and VE.Direct

Ok , more a whinge , why don’t victron add a VE.Direct mechanism to the blue smart chargers. It seems to me a deliberate decision to prevent it encroaching on the Phoenix unit. The blue smart mppt , the bmv 712 all have both but this charger doesn’t

In my case , I want a simple network initially , but long term want to go to a VE.Direct monitoring , now I neither buy a much more expensive charger a and Bluetooth dongle , or I buy a better Blue smart charger but it will not integrate

Grrrrr. Victron, you need to have a standardised policy so that devices work across networking solutions.

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The Victron IP22 30amp 3 output charger cannot charge 3 batteries when 2 are in series for 24 volts!0


The Victron IP22 30amp 3 output charger cannot charge 3 batteries when 2 are in series for 24 volts as it shorts out one battery because negatives are commoned together. Can I put a 50amp diode in the negative leads from charger to batteries so I can use to charge 2 batteries in series?

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