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Wiring diagram feedback please - Multiplus II GX, MPPT, Pylon LiFEPO4, Consumer unit - UK

Hi people,

Hoping I can get confirmation that I'm on the right track here. I'm no expert but I've made a couple of wiring diagrams, one mainly showing the DC circuitry and the other expanding out the AC circuits from/to the inverter.

I'm planning on putting all the AC gear into a small consumer unit.

I plan to get the AC in power to the inverter from an existing power socket in the utility room and use the earth cable from it as the earth for the system. If the grid goes down I assume I might need another earth, so could install an earthing rod to connect to in this rare case. I'm based in the UK if it matters.

The equipment I already have is -

Victron Multiplus II 48-3000-35-32-GX

45A Victron MPPT Smart Solar 150-45 - 150VOC Solar charge controller 12 , 24 , 48V

3 x 375W Canadian Solar Mono Half Cell Panels - Super High Power Mono PERC HiKU (only using 3 in this config until I move house soon when I'll expand out with another 7 panels, another inverter and another MPPT)

2 x Pylon 3.5kWh US3000C Li-ion Battery - 48V Lithium

2 x STÄUBLI MC4 Solar Connectors - Pair (Male & Female) suitable for 4mm and 6mm cable only

2 x 20A DC DIN Mount Breaker 125V MCB C curve

Outback DIN Mount Breaker 60A 150VDC

Victron Mega fuse 125A for 48v systems

Victron Mega fuse holder, Stand alone with cover

350A Battery Isolator Switch - Blue Sea E Series 48V

2 x DIN mount rail 35mm 10cm long for DC or AC Breakers

2m x 16mm cable - Large Charge Controller or Inverter to Batteries

100m x 6mm Solar Cable

Victron VE Can to CAN-bus BMS Cable 5 metre Type A

Pylon Batteries DC Cable Pack 25mm

Victron VE Direct Cable 1.8m, straight both ends

Pylon battery Wall Mounting Cabinet PRO

If the AC diagram is ok I'll need to also buy -

2 x 16A RCBO's

1 x 32A RCD

1 x MCD (16A?)

Consumer unit

Ground rod (backup earth)

Also will need several metres of red and black 35mm2 cable to connect the inverter and MPPT to the battery under the counter.

Sorry if I've been a bit long winded here, just like to get all the details down. What do you think, have I got it half right? Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.

Oh, I've mounted most of the equipment, before realising I might have to move it a bit to make space for the AC consumer unit, unless I put that on a separate board.

Thanks vey much!





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Mppt 100/20 voltage spikes every 10 minutes on graph

I have 6 of these controllers. For 2 years this one controller has always gone schizophrenic every 10 minutes. Before I replace it I thought I'd post some screen shots. I suppose it could be a bad panel, but my guess is its the controller. The pic on the right is a 13 minute run. The left is a close up at 3 minutes. Exact same pattern every time.


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Mppt to charge 480v battery bank???

Hello I saw that there are inverters for three-phase current up to 50/100/200 kw. And they accept a battery voltage of 300/400 volts.

However, I have noticed that there are no mppt controllers capable of charging 400 volt battery banks.

I wonder, is it possible to connect many 48v mppts in series to a 480 volt bank?

I also saw that victronenergy does not produce inverters over 5kw it seems to me.

Is it possible to combine several 5 kw inverters in parallel to obtain 30/50/100 kw output?

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150/70 MPPT Trips Battery Breaker and Effectively Stops Charging (Rings)

I have had nearly the same solar configuration for three years. 900W PV into a 150/70 TR MPPT into 600 Ah of LiFePO4 in a 5th wheel RV trailer powering a Magnum 2812 Inverter. I have a second independent PV/Controller/LiFePO4 Battery Bank for all of my house 12 VDC loads. I leave the RV plugged in when it is parked at home, but I do spend at least one weekend a month and all of Summer boondocking without any shore power. My system has worked flawlessly for 3 years.

Over the past 3 months or so, I have noticed the 80A DC breaker trips on the output of the 150/70 MPPT. It is set to limit the charge to no more than 50A into the battery bank. (Though I have never seen my solar output exceed 50A even given the setting.) There are no faults displayed. It gets stuck in this mode and does not recover.

When I recycle the PV array breaker, it does begin to charge again but quickly rings between charging and shut off. See the image. When it shuts off it goes into Absorption mode but with nearly zero output. I was inside of the 5th Wheel "basement" yesterday when the 80A breaker tripped again so I was there to see the behavior. It appears to me that the MPPT is faulty. Note also that the Victron Connect App records a very low (false) Battery voltage for three separate resets I made after the 80 ADC breaker trips.

I bought all of my system components from Amazon so there is no dealer or installer to go back to.

I'm looking for confirmation that this is faulty operation as soon as possible as I need to reposition my RV for a Summer of boondocking.



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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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SmartShunt and Smart Battery Sense Temperature Issue

Odd issue that randomly pops up between a SmartShunt without an auxiliary temperature sensor, a Smart Battery Sense, and a pair of MPPT 100/30 controllers.

The SmartShunt will occasionally take over temperature monitoring duties and it sticks at a temperature of 30 F. This causes issues with over voltage on my battery bank.

All devices are on the same V.E. Smart Network

I am unsure what is causing the demotion of the Smart Battery Sense temperature sharing. The SmartShunt does not have the external temperature probe installed physically, and it is not enabled in the firmware either.

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Newday reset while still charging

For past month my smartsolar is starting a newday in the history at around 1.30 in the afternoon. This happens even though the batteries are still bulk charging. I've reset the mppt via the Bluetooth app but the problem persists. Any suggestions how to get the newday to start at sunrise like it should?

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How to connect Multiplus, (3) BlueSolar and SmartShunt to Cerbo GX

I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120-50, (3) bluesolar charge controllers, (1) SmartShunt and connecting it to a Cerbo GX. The Cerbo has only (3) VE direct connections that will connect to the Cerbo GX. How do I connect the SmartShunt to the Cerbo GX. The SmartShunt has a VE direct communication port only.

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MPPT tracking drops to 0 watts at full sunshine after connecting to Global Link 500

When I connect my Global link 500 to the Victron 150/35 mppt controler , tracking becomes unstable and after a minute or less the power drops to 0 Watts, even in full sunshine. A minute or so later it recovers, starts tracking again only to repeat te same pattern after a short time. The global link works perfectly and I don't see anything wrong with the smartshunt either. When I disconnect the mppt from the global link tracking returns to its normal operation. Any ideas what this may be?

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I was a little disappointed after discovering that my new mppt smartsolar 100/30 DOES NOT HAVE BATTERY REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION.

This is very strange in fact The Chinese medium quality controllers (like epever or helios etc ..) have this protection and cost half the price of victron.

Even the top quality American MORNINGSTAR mppt controllers have this protection. (Only in the medium power models 25 / 40A, but not in the 60A models)

I wonder why Victron chose not to integrate this basic protection. What is the point of putting the protection against PV REVERSE POLARITY and not putting BATTERY REVERSE POLARITY?

Also I would like to understand why the smaller versions of smartsolar have a replaceable fuse while the larger versions do not have one and are irreparably damaged.

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Solar Controller consumption data no longer displayed in Android app after update.
After the most recent update my solar controller (MPPT 100/15) no longer shows the consumption current in the android app.

I was monitoring the consumption immediately before and after the update. It is powering all the lights in my Airstream so it is obviously still working. Immediately after the last update it started displaying 0 and has been at that level since when it should be at 40-100 watts. The power is still being consumed, the unit is still operational, it is just that the app does not display it.

The total daily consumption is still displayed in the history section, it is only the the status page that displays nothing for load output. Solar and Battery states are still displayed normally.

Any way to revert the last update? Any other way to resolve this now?

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Is the MPPT Calculator correct when oversizing a PV Array ?

The excellent technical article by Bob Hopman details how to calculate the mppt with an oversized array. But Bob's description does not seem to be consistent with the Victron provided online excel Spreadsheet Tool or online calculator ?

The technical article states

"Determining the maximum PV short circuit current.

Get the maximum PV short circuit current from the PV Panel datasheet. Multiply by the number of panels in parallel in the array. Having more panels in series does not change the number.

The result of the calculation may not exceed the Max PV short circuit current as specified in the MPPT Datasheet."

Both the spreadsheet tool and online calculator don't seem to use the PV short circuit current Isc in any of the calculations. Take the online calculator, selecting a custom module, any value for Isc can be used and there is no impact on the MPPT recommendation !!! The same with the spreadsheet : any Isc value can be entered into column H of the "Modules" tab and no warning is given in the spreadsheet calculation. They both do however use the maximum power current Impp. It appears that it is the Impp that cannot exceed the Max PV short circuit current of the MPPT not Isc which contradicts Bob's technical article.

So my question is which one is correct ? The technical article or the spreadsheet tool/online calculator ?



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Using a SmartSolar MPPT 100|30 with a Common Port BMS and LiFePo4 batteries.

I need a definitive answer from someone that really knows what they are talking about.

It’s always being bandied about that the solar panels must be disconnected before the batteries, otherwise the Victron SmartSolar MPPT Controller will be damaged. Well, I find it pretty hard to believe that this unit is designed to self-destruct if its outputs are disconnected from the battery by any means; fuse, switch or otherwise. before the solar panels are disconnected.

I want to use a common port BMS with a LiFePo4 battery setup, and from what I’ve read, the BMS will break the battery connection to the MPPT at some point which, in turn, will damage the MPPT charge controller.

I do know the manual for the SmartSolar MPPT 100|30 states “First: connect the battery. Second: connect the solar array (when connected with reverse polarity, the controller will heat up but will not charge the battery). Torque: 1,6 Nm” but, scratching around the net I found the website, and in their right-up on the Victron SmartSolar they state “You need to make the battery connections first so it knows what battery voltage you have. In the programming you can tell it the battery voltage and then in the future it won't matter what order you make the connections”. Now is this statement correct? If it is correct all this stuff about damaging the charge controller is just people talking parrot fashion, and there is no problem using a common port BMS on this charge controller; so long as one does the initial battery voltage programming of the charge controller first!

Any engineers responsible for designing these Victron charge controllers on this board??????????

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