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What's the MPPT should I use with a MULTIPLUS-II 48/3000 120V ?

Hi there

I am new about Victron, but I will buy the MULTIPLUS-II 48/3000/35-50 120V + a unit Cerbo GX

So, I don't have any Idea about MPPT.

What type and model of MPPT should I pick?

In my scenario will set:

6 X 550 Watts solar panel

4 X battery 12V 220 A connected by series, total: 48V 220A.


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How many separate strings can i connect to Smartsolar 250/100?

I see that the Smartsolar 250/100 has 3 pairs of PV connectors. are these all going to the same internal connection but avoiding overloading the MC4 connectors by using multiple?

If i have 11 400w panels, would i be best to connect these as 3 strings of 4, 4 and 3 panels? would they be ok like this in parallel but different lengths/wattages? The manual and the videos that i've watched don't go into this.


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EasySolar-II 48-3000 Power limiting MPPT / Solar

Hi Guys,

I need some assistance here, any inputs appreciated;


1 X Victron EasySolar-II 48-3000

1 X 100Ah Lithium ION Battery

8 X 360W Canadian Solar PV panels facing true North on 25 degrees roof (I'm in South Africa) (4 X Series + 4 X Series, 2 X Series pairs connect in parallel to EasySolar using 6mm2 cable)

I played around with the PV Panels, when I disconnect 1 X Series string the MPPT max out at 1220W with Battery charging, Essential loads + Loads on 6000W (Running ESS) This is quite acceptable.

The issue is both Series strings paired in parallel, get MAX of 1800W from MPPT. In fact over the passed week I got 1800W MAX from the EasySolar over 24-hours.

According to my calculations I should get around 2300W from the 8 X 360W PV Panels.

The EasySolar is equipped with a 250/70 MPPT, and is rated at 4000W.

Any thoughts on why I'm limited at 1800W on Solar power?

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PV Voltage Drop when connected to MPPT


I have a solar system that has consistently worked with no issues but recently, I am finding that my battery has drained and that my MPPT will no longer turn on. The primary culprit is the MPPT (BlueSolar 100/30) because I see that my PV voltage drops from 35V when measured open circuit (or disconnected from MPPT) to ~2V once connected to the MPPT PV inputs.

My System: I have two NewPowa 160W solar panels in series that measures 35V open circuit while in sunlight. It is connected to a BlueSolar 100/30 MPPT which is then connected to two 100Ah 12V Renogy Smart Lithium Iron batteries in parallel.

My batteries have been drained and both are sitting at 1.8V measured at their terminals. I have disconnected the loads to the system to rule out the rest of my electrical loads as a variable in this situation. None of the LEDs to my MPPT will turn on since the voltage difference from the PV input and batteries are only 0.2V.

I have verified that the PV polarities are properly connected with my multimeter, and now, I am stumped. I bought a brand new MPPT (same model) and replaced it into my system and am still seeing that my PV voltage is dropping to 2V. I figure the odds of having two defective charge controllers is unlikely. Please, any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/15 temperature compensation doesn't work

So I have a SmartSolar MPPT 100/15 where I have set bulk voltage to 14.4V and float to 13.7V. Temp coefficient is set to the default -16mV/C. The charger and the battery is in the same small non-heated room, with a temp of 12C (measured by a termometer on top of the charger). This temp has been stable for at least a week now.

With my settings, and a temp diff from the base temp of 25-12=13C, then the bulk and float voltages should be 0.016*13=0.2V higher (as the room temp is lower than 25C). So I should read 14.6V bulk, and 13.9V float. But when I check what is happening, the bulk voltage ends up at 14.34V, and the float at 13.63.

Not only is the difference smaller (0.06 to 0.07V) than the expected diff of 0.2V, but it's also in the wrong direction. The action of the charger indicates that it belives the room temp to be 0.07/0.016=4.4C higher than 25, i.e 29C, while the termometer on top of the charger says 12C.

How can this happen? There is obviously no power coming from the panels during the night, and there is no load either. Well, actually there is always a small constant background load of 100 mA from a security camera, but this is so small that it doesn't even show up in the curves, and anyway shouldn't heat up the internals of the charger.

Then user manual says: "By default, the solar charger uses its internal temperature for battery temperature compensated charging. An internal temperature reading is taken in the morning and then again when the solar charger has been idle for at least one hour, for example when the charger is not actively charging a battery or supplying a load."

My assumption was that the morning temp reading would always be taken even if the charger was supplying a load (i.e. 100mA in my case)? And the criteria "not actively charging a battery or supplying a load" would only be used for subsequent temp readings during the day?

If I disable temp compensation I get the correct values of 14.4 and 13.7V, but as the installation is in a non-heated cottage which is not accessible during wintertime (with common low temps of -30C/-22F), it would really be good to have a decent temp compansation working...


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Problème de charge MPPT 100/50 bluesolar


Alors voila j'ai un petit kit solaire, 3 panneaux 170w, 3 batteries 150ah gel 12V et un régulateur bluesolar mppt 50/100. J'ai voulu rajouter un panneau de 330w en plus et depuis le régulateur ne charge plus. Pourtant les tensions PV et batteries sont bonnes aux bornes du régulateur. Le mppt reste en bulk et a un courant de charge de 0. Ce n'est pas un problème de cablage ou de panneaux car lorsque je branche mon système sur un autre régulateur (plus vieux et pas victron) ça marche nickel. Des idées de ce que pourrait être le problème? Merci!

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MPPT 150/35 not charging because of -18° battery temperature!?!

this morning the MPPT 150/35 did not start charging the battery. After some searching I found via bluetooth contact to the MPPT that it shows a battery temperature of -18°C (have never seen a temperature there before!). The MPPT is in a bluetooth network together with a smart shunt, but on the smart shunt there is no temperature sensor and it is also configured to not have one!

I had to disable/reenable the bluetooth network on the MPPT to get out of this situation. Now the MPPT does not show a battery temperature at all.

Very strange and not very nice if the system is not permanently (intelligently) monitored ...

(system is working since many months without an issue like this)

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Lastausgang MPPT 100/30

Hallo zusammen,

ich würde gerne den Lastausgang meines Mppts nutzen. Ich habe dazu schon in der App unter der Tx Port Funktion auf den virtuellen Lastausgang umgestellt. Ich möchte gerne ein Relais schalten. Es soll bei einer bestimmten Spannung anziehen bzw loslassen.

Wie genau ist die Pinbelegung des Tx Ports und wie hoch ist die Spannung der Ausgangsspannung?

Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen. :)

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Synchronized charging with 2x Blue solar, Venus and Phoenix inverter

I've got the following off-grid setup:

- 1 BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT on PV string 1

- 1 BlueSolar 100/30 MPPT on PV string 2

- Venus running on a raspberry pi

- Phoenix Inverter

- 12V AGM battery bank

- Smartshunt

The MPPTs & smartshunt are connected to the Venus using a cable. The inverter is connected to the Venus using a MK3-USB cable. Both PV strings suffer from occasional shading at different times throughout the day.

Is there any way to enable synchronized charging on both MPPT charge controllers? Either controlled through the Venus, or controlled by an assistant running on the inverter? Right now I get into situations with one controller in float, and the other one still in bulk. One trying to reduce power to reduce voltage, the other doing the opposite...

From the documentation I found so far it seems impossible. networking is not applicable as I'm using Bluesolar instead of Smartsolar. The ESS assistant I can't use because I don't have an AC-in.

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temps de commutation du relais du mppt 250/60 sur tension d'entrée

Bonjour à tous

J'ai remplacé complètement un système 48v obsolète avec des opzs en fin de vie par du victron avec des batteries BYD. Bien entendu, pour les champs PV j'ai utilisé des MPPT et tout va bien, mais là où j'ai un problème, c'est que le site comportait une éolienne, dont le régulateur existant ne permet pas le paramétrage de tensions de charges compatibles avec les batteries BYD. Il faut donc que je trouve un moyen d'exploiter la sortie de cette machine avec par exemple un mppt victron.

Je pensais utiliser un gros redresseur triphasé, avec un mppt 250/60 derrière. Mais problème : il est possible qu'a vide (donc typiquement en fin de charge) la tension de sortie de l'alternateur dépasse 250V. Je pense donc utiliser un contacteur pour dériver la puissance vers la résistance de freinage qui était utilisée par le régulateur d'origine. La question étant : est-ce que le basculement du relais disponible sur le mppt est assez rapide (par exemple si je le programme avec une tension de seuil de 200V ) pour que le freinage soit activé avant que la tension dépasse les 250 ? Ou y a t'il un délai de traitement de l'information conséquent, et il vaut mieux que je bricole un truc avec un comparateur analogique ?


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MPPT 250 earth fault monitoring

In general I am very happy with your MPPT controllers, but I do have the same problem as the author of "Earth Fault Alarm Monitor in parallel to the MPPT250/100". Since there was no real solution within the answer, I suggest you built a monitoring system into the controller as all the grid inverter manufacturers do for the Australian market.

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Multiple MPPT with BMS

Hi all. I have a multiplus 2 GX and pylontech 48v bank with bms.

The system works well with one string at the moment. The bms controls the MPPT via DVCC. The MPPT is connected via cable to the inverter.

I am adding 2 more strings with 2 new MPPT100/20. I can smart network the new MPPT via Bluetooth. My question is: how do I make sure the bms still controls the MPPT since I cannot impose which MPPT is the master? Do I have to physically connect all MPPT via cable (VE direct I think) or can I use the bluetooth network?

Many thanks for the answers.

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System recommendation and Wiring diagrams

Hi there I am in the process of retrofitting my sailboat with Victron equipment. The first item being installed is a BMV 712 but will be adding a MPPT and potentially a charger/inverter thereafter. There is the factory charger (will the BMV tell me if it is charging to the correct charge profiles or do I need another device to track the charge profile over time). There is a FET Battery isolator wired to the alternator that combines both start and house banks for charging under motor.

Finally are there any resources to help me put together the wiring diagrams (including the required fuses etc) for adding the Victron equipment to an existing setup?

Thank you!

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MPPT - Voltage difference between units

I have two MPPTs aboard my boat.

1x SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/20
1x BlueSolar Charger MPPT 100/50

They are attached to the same point on the positive bus.
Wires from the two MPPTs are same length.

On the 100/20 the battery voltage is 0.5 to 1.0 volt lower than on the 100/50.

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Quel MPPT choisir ?


J'aurais voulu savoir dans une installation avec 24 panneaux de 370Wc et une batterie LiFePo4 4,8kwh, s'il vaut mieux choisir 4 mppt de 150/35 en string de 6 (2 séries de 3 panneaux en parallèle ou alors un RS450/200 avec 3 string de 8 panneaux.

Je constate qu'avec les mppt 150/35 je vais avoir une tension minimal de démarrage plus bas qu'avec le RS450/200 et donc je suppose avoir une production supérieur en cas de mauvais temps et charger mes batteries avec un courant de 140A (35*4). Par contre je risque d'avoir plus de perte par effet joules en travaillant sur des tensions plus basse que le RS ?

Dites moi si je me trompe et quels sont les avantages inconvénients svp ?

Merci de votre aide.

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