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Multiplus 24/1600 with MK2 for parallel operation

I recently bought and installed 2 Multiplus 24/1600 inverters and an MK2 USB. I'm just trying to program them for parallel operation, but VE Config3 and VE.Bus Quick Configure won't let me into the inverter. VE Config3 says it detects the MK2, but then goes to a screen asking to select a coms port. The VE.Bus Quick Configure doesn't seem to detect the MK2. I'm using windows 10, which recognizes the MK2 as a device, and I'm pretty sure I managed to install the drivers correctly, after all VEConfig3 says the MK2 is detected. Please help.

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Switching back and forth between parallel and single configuration - multiplus 2's

Just wondering here....I have parallel mp2 2x120 in a 50a RV setup. The minimum input current limit in this configuration is 18.6. Say I find myself in a situation where I need to plug into a 15a outlet. I know I can hook up the mk3 and easily change config, but my question is...would it be possible to just unplug the ve.bus from the second inverter, switch it off, and reconfigure the master mp2 to run in stand alone? Or would I have to break the ac in and ac out from the second inverter even though it would be off and ve.bus not connected to it?

I can't say for sure I would ever need to do this but it would be nice to have the answer before it's needed.

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MK3 not connecting to multiplus 24/1600/40 on Windows 10

Greetings. I have two Multiplus 24/1600/40's that I would like to connect in parallel. I have been unable to communicate with them in any way. I've tried a laptop and desktop computer with apple iOS and windows 10 operating systems. I've tried VE Configure 3, and VE The drivers seem to work fine. No yellow triangle, and the device is recognised as an MK3. I've downloaded the drivers both from Victron website and directly from FTDI website. Tried completely wiping everything and starting over several time. The inverters and MK3 were purchased within the past year, just months ago. I've tried everything I can think of and there is absolutely no communication between the MK3 and inverter, nothing, ever. Please HELP!!!


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Parallel connecting Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 with ...?

Hi all,

I am looking to extend my system with another inverter. I now have a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 from 2009. I have a HEX number of 1812017.

On the form I read about not being able to connect compacts, phoenix inverters and newer multi's with my firmware. My question is three fold.

1. If I am able to get another Phoenix multiplus with the a simmilar HEX number (beginning with 18) is it then possible to connect them parallel?

2. What cable do I use to connect the two? I only have 1 RJ45 port for my control panel and 2 10pin ports of witch I don't know the name. The manual says it should be possible to connect with other devices from the port. ( Paragraph 1.6.6.)

3. With the correct cable, will the parallel set than communicate via the old MK2 protocol? Or do I need to install a certain protocol?

See below for pitures of the inside of my current phoenix multiplus.




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Montage 2 multiplus avec 2 parcs batterie differents


Est il possible de monter 2 multiplus II 48/5000 identique en parallèle avec chacun un parc de batterie différent ( un lithium et un plomb). En montage ESS avec cerbo gx

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Multi Compact parallel compatibility

May I connect parallel two Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70-16 (both CMP121620000), one of them is HQ15131FPJI and second HQ16428BNP4. They are more than 1 year apart in production, will they work ?
Is there a website with compatibility chart ? Where should I ask for checking ?

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Multi Compact Solid Alarm Light

I have 2 Compact Multis 24/1600 in parallel, all working fine, now the slave has a solid red Alarm Light, I reconfiged the master to standalone and it is fine, Have tried disconnecting both AC and DC for a day or so- no change, VEconfig cant now detect the broken multi (tried different UTP cables and ports, to be clear it goes straight to solid alarm when turned on to either inverter or charger only- no other lights flash, was plugged into shore power at the time.

Any thoughts thanks??

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MultiPlus II, 3 Phase, Parallel 30kVA, How many current transformers are needed?

The system comprises 6x MP II 48/5000 in a 30kVA 3-phase configuration. Looking to use the Victron external current transformers to improve the ACin Current accuracy.

  1. The manuals point to one CT per Phase Master. Is this correct, or do the Phase Slaves need external CTs as well?
  2. If CTs are not needed on the Phase Slaves, what is the correct VE.Config setting for the external current sensor of the Phase Slaves?

Thanks for the help.

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Offgrid Solar System

Hello everyone, Please help me to select suitable Vectron products to fully off-grid solar solutions to achieve the following requirement. Peak power consumption 16kW. daily energy consumption is 145kWh. Day time -40kWh and night time 105kWh. waiting for your help.

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Multiplus-II 3000/120v 48v in parallel OR one Quattro 5000/120v 48 ?

Two (2) Multiplus-II 3000/120v 48v $1,149.00 x 2 = $2,298.00

One (1) Quattro 5000/120v 48v = $2,269.00

Other than "idle consumption", which is less with two multiplus-ii on parallel, what are the advantages of one over the other?

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Any plans to change minimum input current limits on multiplus 2

As the title suggests, does victron have any plans to change (lower) the minimum input current limit for the multiplus 2? I have 2 of the 24/3000/70-50 2x120 installed in parallel in my RV (in the us) and the lowest I am able to set the input current combined between the 2 units is 18.6. On occasion I do plug into a 20 amp outlet which of course is limited to 16 amps. (This scenario can actually be quite common in the us, especially when parked at relatives driveway for a visit) Also I would like to be able to run from my little Honda in a pinch if the onboard Genny takes a dump. The Honda is limited to 13.8 amps. I realize I can disable the power assist and set the current limit lower, but that defeats the whole purpose of being able to run larger loads through the inverters from limited shore power.

What say you Victron?

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firmware update v498

while updating to v498, it failed to complete and now all the lights are blinking on my inverter multiples 2. how do I fix this?

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GX or not GX

I'm planning to install a new system with a multiplus-II 5000 but I think that power will be not enough within some time (in a 2 years time frame). I'm planning to pass to a parallel configuration in two years. I will be able to add additional PV modules and batteries (Pylontech) and use more power and also to have a level of redundancy

Considering that is possible to have only a GX device what do you think is the better option:

1. Install now a multiplus-II GX now and then install a second multiplus-II GX, disabling the GX part

2. Install now a Multiplus-II and a Cerbu GX and the install another Multiplus-II

3. Install now a Multiplus-II GX and then, in parallel a Multiplus-II NO-GX

4. Redundancy is not required, use a Multiplus 8k or 10k now and a Cerbu GX and upgrade only batteries and PV modules


Kind Regards!


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Not getting full DC charger output from parallel mp2

As the title suggests I am not seeing full DC charging output from parallel multiplus 2's. I have 2 MP2 24-3000-70-50 2x120 in parallel. Ac input feeds from the ac in junction box are the same size and length, as are the ac output leads to the junction box. Both ac in and out are 12/4, the manual is very clear about not oversizing the ac wiring for the purpose of balancing between the 2 multi's. I have checked and the multi's are within less than .5 amps of each other under various load conditions. The DC side is fed from a lynx distributor with same size and length wire going to both units. (0000 wire connects 400ah lifepo4 battery bank to the lynx, and 0 connects each inverter to the lynx. Initially each inverter was connected to the lynx with 2guage and I thought to try different size when I wasn't seeing full DC output but no change) everything is connected to a cerbo and I also have a smart shunt. I am only seeing 120 amps combined from the inverters in bulk. I have confirmed that each inverter will put out the full 70 amps in stand alone. The battery bank can take 1c charging (the full 400). If I start the RV and the alternator starts to supplement the inverter charging the batteries will take way over 140 so I don't believe it is a limitation anywhere in the system. DVCC is enabled but these are self managed batteries so no bms connected to cerbo and only shared voltage and current are enabled in DVCC. Max charge current is set to 250.

Unfortunately my clamp meter only reads ac amps and not DC so I can't tell if both inverters are throttled back equally on charging or not. Oh and the firmware is 497. Any ideas? Or is this one of those "it is what it is" situations? Same behavior on shore power and generator.

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