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Is VenusOS right for my offline data monitoring use-case?

So my use-case is a small travel trailer (caravan) that I'm going out part-time, although next spring I hope to do a lot of traveling and mostly live out of it for a few months. I've got a SmartSolar MPPT, OrionTr DC-DC, and BlueSmart 110v charger, BMV-712 monitor. Everything works great so far, except for me being able to see historical trends/usages. As in minute-by-minute (or at least hour-by-hour) how much solar I'm getting in, how much power I'm actually using, etc.

I initially thought VenusOS via VE.Direct from the SmartSolar & BMV-712 would be what I wanted, got it on a RPi, hooked it up temporarily, but I've since realized it doesn't seem to have that level of logging/viewing of data that I want. Is that correct? Should I instead just hook up VE.Direct and plain old Linux with my own recording stuff using a library such as or just implement directly from the docs from Or is there a part of VenusOS that will do what I'd actually like?

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Increased Data usage with V2.60 and/or VRM

I am using a color control GX on my boats system, it is connected to a 4G Wifi router, Since this week I notice quit high consumption of data, which could only be used by the GX! (4.5GB in 5 days!)

Could it be the new version 2.60 is using more data?

And/ or will the new VRM protal use more?


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Venus GX Suddenly Unreachable on Local Network

After working for about 3 months, today my Venus GX was suddenly unavailable. It was still reporting to VRM. I couldn't reach the Venus from any computer or phone on my local network using the venus.local shortcut. All of them complained about "Server not found". Trying to access the Venus directly by its IP address, *most* of the time I couldn't connect to it but one out of ten tries I'd get a box drawn on the screen that said "Remote Console" and nothing else. Using the Victron Connect app on my iPhone, I could connect to the Venus via bluetooth and then access the remote console successfully from the app. I could also successfully access the remote console via the VRM website. I rebooted the Venus and nothing changed. I updated the Venus' firmware, updated setuphelper, and updated guimods and then rebooted the Venus at the same time I rebooted the router and my laptop and phone. After that, I can access the Venus reliably from the local network using its IP address but the venus.local shortcut still doesn't work. Other devices that allow the .local shortcuts still work properly (can get to my NAS via nas.local, etc). Only the Venus is having trouble.

Any idea why the whole thing broke to begin with and why I can't access it by venus.local now?

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setting up multiplus for solar priority with external grid-linked solar?

Due to irritating conditions with my grid provider, I can't touch my grid-linked inverters - they can't be moved behind my multiplus-II or the grid provider will terminate my feed-in contract and replace it with a very rubbish one..

So - my question..

I have two inverters (physically separate sets of panels) feeding the grid, I have rs485 metering on the solar feed to grid as well as the overall grid. I am happy and allowd to feed to grid from the inverters, but not the multiplus (else the above feed-in rate change), but want to prioritise battery charging and self-consumption.

What is the best way to do this? I plan to setup a Raspberry Pi with Venus OS and the Node-red image.


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Alarm Relay Function - Set Alarm Relay On via dbus

I am trying to programmatically set the state of Relay 1 on & off on a VenusOS on an RPi via sending the following command but the change is not applied. Relay 1 function is configured as an Alarm Relay.

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState SetValue %1

While dbus command returns a successful result the "Alarm relay on" toggle switch in the UI under settings->relay does not reflect the issued command.

I can programmatically change the Function & Relay Polarity and the change is reflected in the UI immediately.

I looked at the var/log/localsettings/current file and confirmed that the UI and CLI command is affecting the same setting.

@400000006106581304f7c444 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 1, New: 0 //UI "Alarm relay on" Setting Change
@4000000061065c1c04621bc4 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 0, New: 1 //CLU dbus Setting Change

Has anyone else had the same issue before?

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Venus MQTT keepalive - how to do this in python script with topic list payload ??

I have a python script to send the 'keepalive' message to the Venus MQTT broker running on a raspberry pi 3 :

import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt     # MQTT support
import time
import json

mqttBroker ="victronpi"                 # define MQTT broker address
client = mqtt.Client("KeepAlive") # identify client
client.connect(mqttBroker)              # connect to broker
print("VictronPi MQTT broker connected...")

while True:
  # send 'keepalive' message
  errcode = client.publish("R/b123abc7d123/keepalive") # publish all topics
#  topics = json.dumps("solarcharger/+/Dc/0/Voltage")
#  errcode = client.publish("R/b123abc7d123/keepalive",topics) # publish selected topics
  print("VictronPi KeepAlive sent : ",errcode)

I'd like to just keep alive the topics I'm interested in. I gather you can do this by including a payload in the 'keepalive' message but I'm struggling with the python syntax to do this, see commented out lines above, which just create a new read topic. Can anyone enlighten me what the correct python syntax to do this is please ?


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Struggling with local access to MQTT data

I have a simple home solar PV system - 2 panels, MPPT 100/20 charger, AGM batteries & Phoenix 24/800 inverter. It's up and running and I've added a Raspberry Pi 3 running Venus OS, connected to the two Victron devices with VE.Direct USB cables. I can connect to the Venus system with a browser and can see the devices data fine. I can connect using the VRM portal and can also see the devices data fine.

I've enabled the Venus MQTT broker for SSL and PlainText and can connect to it from MQTT Explorer but all I see is the following :


I know there is a 'keepalive' requirement I've seen discussed in the forums, but as I understand it the Venus MQTT broker is enabled when accessed from the VRM portal and should be accessible from the LAN when that happens.

My problem at present is I cannot see any data from the two victron devices in MQTT Explorer. I assume I've missed something, but trawled the forums for a while and cannot see what it is ??

My aim is to bridge the central MQTT broker in my existing home automation system to the Venus MQTT broker so I can add the Victron data into my home automation database (InfluxDB) and display it, along with other data, using Grafana.

I've spent hours reading forums posts etc. but cannot see where I've gone wrong. It would be much appreciated if someone could give some guidance as to how I can achieve my aim of adding the Venus MQTT data into my existing home automation system, with the 'keepalive' function and without using the VRM portal. I have no need to se the VRM portal as I have already have VPN access to my existing system, so will be able to see the PV data when added into the system.



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Venus GX versions and VEBUS firmware versions compatability list

Is there a table that identifies firmwares that will play nicely together.

Venus / VEBUS.

I have had it previously, where an update (remote / automatic) of the Venus device loses some sort of connectivity / data / functionality with the Multi / Quattro. (in varying levels of lobotomisation)

The effect hasnt necessarily been immediately obvious.

My current issue.... Multiplus on firmware 430 - CCGx on firmware 2.33 - do i risk a remote firmware update on the CCGx ? (system has only recently been provuded with remote internet access)



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Not seeing screen dimming option after installing SetupHelper and RpiDisplaySetup (Kwindrem)


First let me say thank you for your work and generosity sharing! The items for Victron Venus OS are very much appreciated!

I have just installed Raspberry Pi 4, Victron Venus OS latest V2.85, your SetupHelper V4.13 and RpiDisplaySetup V2.7.

I have the option "Display Off Time" under "Display and Language", but I do not find any option for controlling the brightness or dimming.

Would you have any advice?


Carl Lance

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'Tank overview' page with Cerbo GX tank level inputs only

In the manual for the GX Tank 140 there is a beautiful 'Tank overview' page that can be enabled. The Cerbo GX have four tank level inputs that I want to use and I don’t want to add a separate GX Tank 140.

Can the 'Tank overview' page be enabled when I just use the Cerbo GX tank level inputs and don’t use the GX Tank 140?

Or must the the GX Tank 140 be connected to the Cerbo GX to be able to activate the Tank overview' page?


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Venus OS et Raspberry pi 4 v1.5

Est-ce que la nouvelle version de venus OS 2.85 est compatible avec les Raspberry pi 4 récent (board 1.5) ?

J'utilise actuelement une version modifier (2.85~1) de venus os qui fonctionne sur le pi 4 v1.5 mais je préfèrerais utiliser les versions officielles.

Does the news Venus OS 2.85 work with the pi 4 board v1.5 ?

I'm using a modified release of Venus OS (2.85~1) witch works with the Raspberry pi 4 v1.5 but I'd like to use official release.

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Venus GX fails to update to new firmware

My Venus Gx fails to update fw online,

When i press to update v2.84, it initiate the update but after approx a minute it displays a brief message " error updating firmware"

I made a reboot and then retried but not successful.

Im currently running version v2.72


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Nulleinspeisung mit PV nicht null =)

Hallo Leute,

kurz zu mir und meiner Situation:

Mein Name ist Matthias, bin ein 89er Baujahr und betreibe seit kurzem einen YouTube Kanal (Energie&Hobby).

An meine vorhandene PV mit 9,18kWp mit Fronius Wr habe ich noch eine DIY Anlage mit 3,4kWp angebaut, die DC seitig mit Victron Ladereglern meinen DIY LiIon Speicher mit 29kWh (Brutto) lädt.

Am Akku hängt dann noch ein Multiplus 2 / 3000 / 48, der mir als ESS das ganze Haus versorgt.

Im Winter/Übergang lädt der Mp2 auch noch zusätzlich AC seitig den Akku mit.

Gesteuert wird alles mit einem Raspberry Pi, auf dem die Firmware V2.82-large-30 läuft.

Als Smartmeter verwende ich das originale von Fronius, dafür habe ich die Software angepasst, funktioniert einwandfrei. Daten vom Smartmeter gehen über RS485 zum Fronius Wr, von da über LAN zum Pi. Dort wird das "angepasst" und der originalen Regelung auf dem dbus zur Verfügung gestellt.

Für die Regelung verwende ich die originale ESS Regelung von Victron.

So, nun zu meinem "Problem":

Solange keine Sonne scheint und der Mp2 allein die Lasten versorgt, regelt er sauber auf den eingestellten Wert (-20W) ein, natürlich mit etwas Toleranz, aber es "schwingt" um die eingestellten -20W. Soweit so gut.

Kommt jetzt aber die Sonne und die PV macht AC seitig z.b. 500W, Lasten sind jedoch höher (z.b. E-Auto mit 2kW) wird nicht mehr auf die -20W eingeregelt sondern je nach Last irgendwo zwischen +50 bis +150W. Der Mp2 ist noch nicht an der Leistungsgrenze, das gleiche Phänomen hab ich auch bei sehr geringen Lasten.

Sichere ich z.b. die AC PV aus, regelt er wieder auf die -20W ein.

Mit meinem Latein bin ich langsam am Ende und ich kann es mir nicht erklären, was das eine mit dem anderen zu tun hat??

Ist das von euch schon jemandem aufgefallen bzw. hat eine Lösung?

Sonnige Grüße


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Falsches anzeigen bei AC Last
Hallo Leute

könnte mir bitte jemand sagen was ich einstellen muß, das mein Wechselrichter, der Direkt auf L1 1 Phasig einspeist, NICHT in der Remote Konsole als AC LAst angezeigt wird??

Es soll nur der momentane Ertrag angezeigt werden.

Habe alles versucht, leider ohne Erfolg. S. Foto

Gruß Martin



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Future of LoRaWan module

I noticed in the documentation that there was mentioned in the LORAWAN module docs the release of the LTE-M module. Is the long term plan to drop the LORAWAN? I know the TTN network is spotty in places but the technology is sound. The Helium LongFi network uses the same tech and seems to be quickly becoming a dominate player in LORAWAN and I would love to connect my LORAWAN module to that network. Would it be possible for Victron to open source the config to allow for the community to re-program these devices (effectively just a nicely packaged LoPy4) to use whatever network we choose to send data back to your servers?

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