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Multiplus II in parallel Multigrid I

Hi all.

Have a customer with 3kVa Multigrid I on the one site and a 3kVa Multiplus II on the other, he’s hoping to combine them at the one site for parallel output.

Is it possible to parallel these two models or are we going to have to get him a second MultiPlus II?

Thanks in advance

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Use Solar 'overcapacity' to connect Mppt 100/20 Load to a grid-tie inverter

Since my camper is parked near my house, it seems a littiebit of a waste not to use the solar-panel for another purpose than solely keep my battery healthy. So I thought: When my battery is topped-up I want to be able to switch the output to my grid tie-inverter. I thought I could use the LOAD-output of the Mppt for this purpose. Is there anyone who did this? I it correct to do it? The product I have is the Victron SmartSolar 100/20 12V

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mots de passe multiplus 2

rebonjour je repose ma question vue que la personne technique de chez victron a pas put resoudre mon probleme je recherche le code pour renisialisation vitron multiplus 2 et grid pour modifier le service technic ma donner un code mais marche pas !!! il me dit mauvais mots de pass donc il comprend pas !!!!

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Save critical loads when Multi fails

As my Multigrid didn't come back after a power outage (Error 11), the critical loads (fridge & heating) didn't come back on-line either. :o(

To avoid this in the future I do see two options

1. connect the critical loads to the grid an forget the UPS function


2. monitor grid down and grid recover and check if ACout1 is back after grid recover. In case ACout1 remains off, switch critical loads from ACout1 to Grid

Before I start developing...did anybody already create such a simple watch dog ?

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MultiGrid 24/3000/70-50 firmware v497 issue

Hi there,

With the latest firware version, I'm having an issue when uploading a different VEconfigure profile. I was able to change the profile without a system outage. With the latest firmware (and the version before it which I used for a week or so), when I change profiles the power is off for a few seconds. This creates an issue with getting everything rebooted and connected again. Is there something I can do to stop this from happening or do I just need to revert back to an older firmware.

I bit of of backend info if you care for it or you're wondering why I need to change profiles:

I'm running a 1380AH 24 V flooded lead acid battery bank. I need to equilize every 20 days ideally. To meet the battery manufactures specification or an equalisation charge I need to change the charge voltages from the regular absorption voltage. So I can it so the multigrid think its in bulk or absorp, but the voltage is set to equilise. I haven't figured out another way to do this without changing profiles every 20 days; the built in equalize feature of the multigrid doesn't work with the requirements of our system.



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Multiplus II ESS error 11 when generator is connected


ESS Assistant (Europe)

Multiplus II 24/3000/70, Cerbo GX, MPPT 100/50, SmartShunt, LifePO4 210Ah 24V batteries

Feeding to Grid is not allowed

My idea was to install a automatic switch on the Multiplus input to switch between the grid and generator in case of grid failure.

The issue is that Multiplus gets an error

Error 11: Relay test fault on VE.Bus System when generator is connected to the input

Any Idea how to solve this issue?

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How to connect MPPT 450/100 + LG Resu + Cerbo GX + Multiplus 2

I am trying to create a system that will save energy from solarpanels to my battery and also sell the energy from battery to the grid. I have followed the instructions regarding installing the LG Resu battery to the Cerbo GX. But when doing so, the MPPT "disconnected" (both the battery and the MPPT was connected to the VE.Can bus on the Cerbo GX). I have read the ESS instructions and other blog post. But I cannot get it to work. My questions are:

- Where do i connect the RJ45 cable from MPPT in the Cerbo GX? The instruction for the LG Resu battery tells me that I have to connect it to the VE. Can bus and then the MPTT "is disconnected".

- Which settings do I have to change to make it work?

Here is a picture of the current status of the installation.



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Multigrid 48/3000/35 replacement

Hi Victron,

We are looking forward to replacing our Victron multigrid 48/3000/35 due to faulty. Because this product is discontinued and we could not find anywhere in Australia.

Could you please give us a solution of replacing our inverter? Thinking of using Multiplus II but it is not in CEC approved list for using in Australia.

Could you please advise which Victron inverter that we can replace in our system to be compliant with Ergon Energy?

Best regards,


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MultiGrid don't use MPPT when battery reached 100%

In my ESS-system a Fronius Symo 8.2 is at AC-in and a MPPT250/100 at AC-out. When DC feed-in is disabled and the battery has reached 100% no power comes from MPPT but all from the Fronius.


Only when the Fronius no longer supplies sufficient power does the MPPT switch back on. This is how I lose feed-in remuneration. Is it possible to prefer MPPT-power for critical loads?

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DVCC limiting charging current - Multigrid, Venus, MPPT, Fronius and Pylontech

I`ve got an problem with DVCC on while charging the batteries. My system: Multigrid 48/3000/35-50 with Venus GX and two connected Pylontech US2000 Plus. A BlueSolar 150/35 is DC- connected to the Multigrid. My Fronius Primo 3.0-1 is AC- connected to the output 1 of the Multigrid. The gridmeter is an ET340. The system work fine. But if i activate DVCC the charging current will slow down to about 20A and the excess of energy is load to the grid. If i deactivate DVCC the full energy (about 30A) is load to the batteries. I want to load all the energy to the batteries. All firmware is up to date. Whats the problem?

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Mutiplus mit grid

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe ein Problem den Multiplus richtig einzustellen. Versuche es jetzt schon tagelang ohne Erfolg.

Ich habe einen Multiplus+ cerbo+ MPPT von Victron + Batterie.

Einstellung ESS

Der Multiplus soll wenn die Batterie voll ist und freigegeben die Batterie nehmen und damit AC Lasten abdecken. Geht soweit.

Wenn aber die Batterie leer ist soll er einfach Strom aus dem Netz nehmen.

Es wird aber immer die Batterie zu geringen Teilen dann wieder voll geladen (ca. 8-10 W). So zieht er immer 12-20 W aus dem Netz. Das soll er nicht machen, sondern nur der MPPT wenn die Sonne scheint. Selbst wenn ich das Ladegerät in den EInstellungen ausschalte macht er es.

Was mache ich in der Einstellung falsch?

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What happens with two Multiplus in parallel not linked with each other

Background: I have an old Multiplus 48/5000/70 and I would like to increase the available power with a second battery bank

I'd like to know what happens if I connect the output of a Multiplus to an existing grid formed by another Multiplus. Would it be any different if any or both of the Multiplus is a Multiplus II instead. note that in this example the two Multiplus would not be linked together in parallel, it cannot work as this would require a single battery bank.

Take this schema from the MultiGrid datasheet.


In this schema, Let's replace the MultiGrid by a Multiplus II (as I understand the Multiplus II is an improvement of the MultiGrid). Let's replace the PV inverter by another Multiplus and the PV array by a separate battery bank (that too has solar panels).

What would happen in such a scenario ?

edit: an answer below tells us that it's impossible to connect the output of two Multiplus together without linking them. But then, if the Multiplus is capable of feeding back current to its AC input, the second Multiplus can be connected via its AC input.

If it doesn't work by replacing the PV Inverter by a Multiplus, can I take the PV inverter and plug it to some batteries instead ?

Thank you

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Off grid system upgrade, need another inverter/charger- with one should i go for?

I need info what Inverter/Charger should i buy for my setup.
I have big problem that Victron Distributors won't help me at all.
They just never gets back to me...
What i have already is off grid 100%.

I have connected and running for many years;
15x : CS6P-250 panels
Powerbank: OPZS 130a 56V (2.25v batteries)
Mk3 to USB
Diesel power generator 8KW

What i dont have connected and i bought already:
10 panels JAM60S20-380/MR
Powerbank: OPZS 24V (2.25v batteries)

What i would like to do, connect new panels and new 24v powerbank would be nice to hook it up into 1phase so i could pull more power out of socket etc.

Help me please...

my inverter is:





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ESS (AC DC coupled) "Feed-in excess solar charger power" not full potential


i running a ESS (MultiGrid 48/3000 FW459, VenusGX FW v2.31with EM24) with AC Coupled third party PV Inverters (via ET340 and ET112) and a Smart Solar 150/35 v1.39 and a BYD B-Box 5.0kWh. (DVCC enabled, SVS disable, Smartsolar has BMS controlled)

The DC Coupled PV system is oriented south and could be enlarged by approx 900 Wp, since currently only 1,8kWp is installed. Maximum charge power to battery is limited at 2000W fixed due to the 35 Amps - i know ;).

In the ESS Settings I enable " Feed-in excess solar charger power" but soon i discovered the the typical behavior of the system was to charge from the East oriented AC Coupled inverters, which means, the the battery is full, sincce there is enough excess. But the south orientated DC coupled PV System was dearted by over 50% due to battery being at SOC 100%, even with the enable option of "feedin excess DC Power". Over have of the production of the south oriented DC coupled PV is derated (see pic attached, redline is potential solar production).


To prove my hypotheses i changed the ESS Setpoint to activly discharge the battery into the grid, thus a lower SOC than 100% is realized. this enables the BMS controlled Smart Solar to use the full potential of the PV system. (previously 340W production goes up to 900W Production).

See my screenshots and notes

ESS Feed-in excess solar charger power - not full potenial.pdf


I presume that the Mutligrid doesnt discharge/feedin as much power as the full potential of solar available on the DC side.

I would presume that the voltage Gap between SmartSolar and Multiplus isn't high enough for Multi to discharge the battery more but to keep it at 100% and though making it possible for the SmartSolar to feedin more of his potential solar power.

So propably i will not add any more Modules to the Smart Solar or install another SmartSolar, but install another PV Inverter AC coupled.

If anybody has the same Issue please let me know!

If anybody has an idea how to optimize the use of the DC coupled Solar to feed into the grid, please let me know! I thought already of an external PLC writing the ESS Setpoint into the Modbus register, to actively reduce the SOC during the daytime, to make more use of the DC coupled PV System.




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MultiGrid and three ET112 at ACout1- how?

Changing my setup I'd like to connect three PV inverters to the ACout. So far had two ET112 to the ACout, which worked well. I.e. I don't see the individual PV values but the sum of both, which is OK as I work with the Modbus data mainly.

Today I tried to add a third ET112, so I changed the Bus ID with Gavazzi Software. The meter is recognized by the Venus, however - I cannot assign it to the ACout1 like the other meters.
It offers the tickboxes ACout1, ACout2 and ACin but If I tick ACout1, it defaults back to ACin.
Is there a limit of two meters at the ACout?


PS: don't worry about the factor 1 rule, my three inverters never get peak power at the same time.

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