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Expansion MEGA fuses


Will the 58V MEGA-fuse series expand?

I’m asking because:

The connection cables of Pylontech 48V are 4AWG, which is about 21QMM.

When I did my cable calculation, that’s about 63 Amps when in a cable tray with 40 degrees C.

That would mean it could charge/discharge 2 batteries at 25A each, 50A in total. A fuse of 60 Amps would be perfect in this case.

If I fuse this at 125A, the minimum available at 58V, the cable is not protected from 63A till 125A if a fault would occur.

So I hope an expansion will soon arrive.

thanks in advance


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Can anyone explain what has happened to my fuse?

My IP67 12V / 17A has been working fine until today, when it failed to charge the 135AH AGM in my motorhome. I had to pry the inline fuse holder open so figured it must have a problem. I wasn't prepared for what I found! I've had this about 12 months.
Can anyone shed any light on what has happened here and why?
Also, is this covered by warranty?


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Hi, does anyone know the recommended inline fuse size for the battery cable for Victron Centaur 12/80?



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Fuse monitoring with Lynx distributor and Lynx Shunt

Hi all,

According to what I've read in the manual for the Lynx Distributor, it is not possible to get blown fuse information across VE.CAN unless there is a BMS in the system; i.e. a Distributor + a Lynx Shunt will not produce the required messaging to the GX interface panel. Is this really correct? What a huge missed opportunity if so.



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BMV 712 keeps blowing slow blow fuse

Fuse blows when lead is put into B1 position on shunt. New install. Wired directly to positive battery terminal, as per instructions.

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Do I need a 48V System Mega Fuse?

Attached is my Wiring Diagram. I have purchased a 200A Mega Fuse 58V (For 48V Systems). I need a 100A Fuse between my MPPT and Battery. Does that also need to be a 100A Mega Fuse 58V (For 48V Systems)? Because the I can only find a 125A Mega Fuse for 48V Systems? So yeah I cant find one that is 100A.


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fuse/circuit breaker between panel and controller ,do i need one

hi,200w solar panel to victron 75/15 mppt controller,do i need fuse or circuit breaker inbetween,if so what size,been running a 100w for over a year with nothing inbetween thanks steve

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SmartShunt 500A Red Wire Fuse Information

I blew the small glass fuse that goes in the red power wire for the SmartShunt 500A. Finding a replacement is proving difficult. I can't believe the fuse information isn't cited in the manual. Stunning omission. Between my smartphone & a magnifer, I can read some information off the fuse, but when I type what I see in a search, I'm not sure I'm finding the correct replacement.

Anyone been there & done that?

Victron - what the heck were you thinking by not including that information??

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IP65 12/25 2021 inrush current and save fuse size?

Based on a ‘zeilersforum’ topic I found this question discussed: “Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse” in this community.

Summary: a IP22 12/30 will trip a 6A and 10A fuse and not a 16A. So, you may need an inrush limiter as proposed by Victron.

In the same discussion Victron added that this phenomina has been discussed while preparing the IP65 design.

Old harbours may be fused at 6A or 10A rather than 16A. The shore fuse may not be accessable after it trips (a reset will do, if accessable).

1:-is the IP65 12/25A model year 2021 adapted in a way to limit the inrush current to 5A or such that a 6A fuse will not trip?

2:-to which save fuse size have the IP65 improvements result in: are 6A and 10A tested?

3:-if not, is Victron willing to test this (or these) charger(s) in order to document needed fuse level and inrush limiter recommendation?

4:-is there a Victron approved hardware interface or schematic with component list available for save use at 6A fuses (a 5A inrush limiter)?

5:-neither manuals are prescribing an “aansluitwaarde” (current supply level) and do not warn for low level harbour fuses. The charger will only take 1.5A average so this inrush is very unexpected. Will you update the manual or supply an addendum on the product tab of the website?

We have a seagoing trailer sailer located in the Netherlands and are planning sailing from remote locations next year, where neither 16A nor 24/7 harbour master may be obvious. The IP65 12/25 is the main charging source for the lfp battery.

Please add the question numbers as a reference to your answers. Thank you.

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/50 Fuse Type not specified

Looking at the manual for this unit under section 4.2, we don't see recommended fuse type. Given surge current, inverter efficiency loss, and true wattage, we were going to use a Class-T fuse. Why has Victron not suggested a specific fuse type? Especially one with a higher AIC. What fuse type have others used?

Thank you.

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What fuse size for battery should i use in EasySolar II GX 3000/48

What fuse size for battery should i use in EasySolar II GX 3000/48?

Am using 4 batteries (200AH - 12V)

am confused because when i calculate it, the fuse size would be 230A,
however the manual recommends a 125A Fuse.

Any ideas please ?

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Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-20A (240W) Isolated DC-DC converter: External Fuses

Hello community,

Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-20A (240W) Isolated DC-DC converter: External Fuses

I am confused about external fuses required in a system with the above device.

The spec shows 25Amp maximum current under nominal operating voltage and 50Amp short circuit on the 12V output channel.


But the fuse advice in the manual is for 30 amps on the 24V channel and 60 amps on the 12V channel - surely these are too high?


I am specifying the integration of this component and am looking at advising 25Amp (24 volt channel) and 50Amp (12 volt channel)

Any confirmation would be appreciated.


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Grid fuse blows 6A

Hi, my older Atlas combi 24V 1800w.manages to regularly pop the grids 6A220Vac fuse... When charging in boost mode... Is there a way to cap the "boost mode" for the charger?

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Fuse for Battery negative pole in case of lightning impact

Dears, this is my current, well running setup:

EasySolar 5kW + 48V 10KW Lithium Battery (Winston-cells) + 480W Solar Panels

Installed in a cabin, 2000m elevation in the alps -> So its a "island system" with no access to a grid

The cabin is protected against lightning impacts with a lightning rod. Unfortunately, the resistance is a little high with about 100 Ohm.

The EasySolar ground is connected to the lightning rod in order to be grounded.

I worry a little bit, that a lightning impact might damage the electronics, due to the high resistance in to the ground. I have installed fuses to protect everything as good as possible. Only the battery negative pole is directly connected to the EasySolar.

Question 1: Should I install a fuse on the negative pole of the battery as well? Because in case of a impact, the lightning would go into the rod and therefore directly to the earth connector of the EasySolar and then through the negative pole into the battery (if the resistance is lower than 100 Ohm).

Question 2: Would it make more sense, to unhook the system from the lightning rod and give it its own grounding? -> In case of a impact (in to the rod), the only connection would be through the solar panels which have a decent fuse.

Many thanks for your advise!

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EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70 - Fuse Size

Hi All

Can someone confirm the correct fuse size to use ? I am thinking of using a 150A fuse.

My logic is -

When charging - the max it could throw to the batteries is 70A. When inverting the max it could be pulling from the batteries is 1600W / 12v = 133A plus about 10% = 150A.

So a 150A fuse would cover charging and inverting.

Thoughts ?



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Wire and Fuse Sizes?

I have 4 X MPPT 100/20's going to a fuse box. Cable run 0.5m. Each input to the box is fused separately. What wire size and fuse should I use? I was advised 40A on each input, but this seems too high??

What wire size should I use from the fuse box to the battery? Cable run 2m.

On the input to each MPPT 100/20 are 2 x's 115W panel wired in series. The circuit goes through an isolation switch. The systems is on a boat.

Do I need fuses PV to MPPT? What size?

Is there a general rule of thumb?

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Class T fuse speed for Multiplus

My Multiplus 12/3000 calls for a 400A Class T fuse. Many suppliers are out of stock but I find that some Class T fuses available are slow blow and some are fast acting JJN and extremely fast acting TJN. What type does Victron recommend?

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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

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Lynx Distributor 24V fuse sizing?

Hi! I'm about to purchase a Lynx Distributor, but the Mega fuse sizing is giving me trouble. I've already checked these sources ...

- https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf

- https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/56077/lynx-distributor-usages-clarifications.html

... but I want people to check my math. The system has a 24V flooded lead acid battery. After I've found out current, do I choose a 32V fuse for the same current?

Lynx Distributor:

Slot 1/ Multiplus II 24V 3000VA

- Maximum load is 5500W / 24V = 229A

- Mega fuse 225-250A/32V ?

Slot 2/ Solar charge controller

- Maximum inflow is 1440W / 24V = 60A

- Mega fuse 60-70A/32V?

Slot 3/ Wind charge controller

- Maximum inflow is 800W (actually less than 30W...) / 24V = 33A

- Mega fuse 35A/32V ?

Slot 4/ Victron non-isolated DC-DC converter 24V->12V

- Maximum load is 200W / 24V = 8A

- Mega fuse 8-10A/32V ?

Also, in the left side of the distributor I will be connecting the battery bank with external fuse and SmartShunt. I also need to power the Cerbo GX. The manual says it is preferred to be powered by the bus bar instead of a conveter. Can I connect it to the left side also with the battery, because it has it's own slow blow 3.1A fuse?

The final problem is that 60A/32V are smallest Mega fuses widely available. I've seen a few 50A/32V. Is there anything smaller for my case for slot 4? Thanks!

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What fuse to protect Multiplus 2 5000

Hello all,

what fuse should be used to protect the 48V input of a Multiplus 2? Can it be a Megafuse 125A 58V in a Victron Lynx distributor or does it have to be an NH00 fuse?

Many greetings


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BMS 12/200 really 200?

Designing an all Victron Li system for my Sprinter van. I have a 220 amp alternator and while I know that I may not be able to use half that for charging my house system, I want to be able to use as much as the system will allow. So I got a BMS 12/200 thinking it would allow up to 200 amp charging. Now I see that the input (AB) is limited to 80Amps when using a 100 Amp fuse. That's still a lot, and maybe more realistic about what I can expect but still not 200. It seems installing a larger fuse would allow more, but elsewhere it says this is limited to 80 amps.

And nowhere do I see a table of fuses I can use on the LB side. I have the multiPlus 12/3000 and other loads on the LB side - I want to put a big old fuse in there but how big?

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Peak power/fuse sizing Phoenix 12/1200

I am sizing a fuse/wiring for this inverter. Would I be right in saying the peak power is double (so 2400W) and so my fuse size should be 200A? We are using power heavy tools so expect that they may dip into the surge capacity when spooling up. Also, is there an internal fuse built in, and if so what size?

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what size fuse do I need between MPPT 150|35 Victron and my battery bank

what size fuse do I need between MPPT 150|35 Victron and my battery bank? (battery bank is 400aH 12V (2x 200aH)

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Why do my fuses keep popping

Hi there , hopefully someone can help me figure out what's wrong with my setup and why my 40amp fuses keep popping. It seems to be only the fuse on the positive cable that keeps popping.

My setup:
MPPT 150|35 Victron smart solar charge controller
BMV-712 victron smart battery monitor
2 x Renogy Deep Cycle Agm Battery IN PARALLEL - 2x200aH = 400aH @ 12V
• 2 x Renogy Solar Panel 160 Watt 12V ( if I connect only one, the problem still persists but seems to happen less frequently)
• 1500W erayak inverter ( fuses keep popping when this this turned off, so I don’t think this device plays into the problem)

According to my (novice) understanding the fuses should not be popping continuously.

I’m afraid to just disconnect the fuses, yet maybe I don’t even need them? Would it damage my MPPT if I disconnected them?
I appreciate any advice!

Thank you in advance!

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correct breakers for mppt 150-70-tr

Hi. need some info on which size breaker I need for my solar array and for my battery as I have little knowledge on this. PV array will be 4x200w renorgy panals. (isc- 10.9)(Vmp-21v)(imp 9.2v) in series and will have 300ah lithium battery from CANBAT. thank you

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One or two fuses?

Hi Everyone,

The Quattro 10000KVA manual recommends x2 50mm sq wire and a 400amp fuse. Is that 2x 200amps or 2x 400amps?

As background, the 2x 50mm sq is equal to 2x 1/0 AGW. A single 1/0 can carry 150amps, so two pieces equals 300amps.

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Fuse connecting MPPT 100/30 solar charge controller to batteries in lynx distributor

I have a Victron MPPT 100/30 solar charge controller and I’m trying to fuse it in my victron lynx distributor before if connects to the battery. I cannot find a 30 amp MEGA fuse to connect fuse the solar charge controller at the lynx distributor. Is there such a thing as a 30 amp mega fuse because I cannot find one or what should I do to fuse this solar charge controller properly at the lynx distributor?

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Help a budding solar enthusiast please ! MPPT/Charger Related



Thank you for your time in advance, Setup is for an Electric van with a fridge unit, with PV power to top up batteries.

- 2 x 115W PV panels in series (40A inline fuse) after MPPT before DC BUS

- 1 x MPPT 100/30

(both those elements wired to bus bar) 150A

Connected to Bus bar is

1 x Fridge unit, which draws 50/70amps when under load, with built in 100A / 12V charger system, to charge batteries. Fused at 125A as shown.

1 x Smart Shunt (all negative loads pass through)

2 x212AH 12V Lithium batteries in parallel


- When the 12V charger (rated to 100A) charges the batteries, the charging current is flowing through the whole circuit. What stops the 40A fuse on the + line of the MPPT not blowing, or will it blow ? as current passes through the MPPT as it will happily give voltage of the battery etc.

What can I do, is there a risk of 'back current' or similar, as I am worried, that when I will blow the fuse before the MPPT when I turn the charger on.

I have done a similar setup before where I have not fused the MPPT, but I understand its best practise to do so.

Thank you

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MPPT Bluesolar 150/85 no charge current incorrect display

Good afternoon

My Bluesolar MPPT 150/85 ceased correct operation after a small short on the pv side (unfortunately between PV panel fuses and MPPT )

First it showed a warning "inf 21 " then after complete discconnecting no more error messages but now

- current reading is 0 A , but PV current seems to be simply passed through

- measured current from PV is 7 amps ( cloudy ) and output current is exactly identical

- Voltage on panel is battery voltage + approx 0,7 V

- No MPPT function -

Is there anthing likee a fuse or so ?

Anything I can do ?

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