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victron multiplus 12/3000/120

Could use a little help.

I have a Victron/Multiplus charger/inverter 12/3000/120 with the BMV-712 monitor and four Battleborn lifepo4 batteries installed in an RV.

The individual / company is no longer around that did the install, so asking them for help is non-existent. Originally as I remember, the unit would maintain the batteries at or near 100% while being in the on or inverter mode and plugged into shore power.

As time went by I noticed this was not happening anymore, the battery SOC was dropping to what extent I'm not sure. So, after several days of leaving it alone, I checked it again and the battery SOC dropped to 80%, I then just put it in charge mode for now.

What happened? did something change as in settings? If so, how do I correct it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

longshot300 asked

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Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15 geht der mit einem 370W Solar Panel


Funktioniert der Victron Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15 mit einem solar Modul der 370 Watt hat um eine Liontron 12V LiFePo4 Batterie aufzuladen?

Es handelt siech um diesen Solar Panel:

Ich benutze die Anlage als Direkt einspeisung und wenn ich meine Batterie aufladen will umstecken auf Victron Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15! und wenn die Batterie voll ist wieder umstecken auf den Inverter der Anlage um direkt einzuspeisen.

Danke im Voraus

amazona asked
aki answered ·

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Adjustments to charging 12/12 30 dcdc

Hi I was recommended to ask a question regarding the charging of my gel battery on this forum. I have a gel 110ah under seat battery in my VW T6, which has a smart alternator. I have the 12/12/30 set to auto charge and on the pre-set for gel 1.

So what i noticed is the battery only charges when the alternator kicks in to top up the main van battery, this kicks in once the volts drop below 12.5v and then charges for about 5 seconds, at which time the Victron kicks in and charges my auxiliary battery, then the alternator drops out and stops charging and the Victron ceases. Is there a way to make the Victron charge even if the alternator is not charging the main battery in Auto mode. Or do i have to connect an ignition wire to get this behaviour to happen. advice would be great. thanks



djgriff asked

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buck boost stops output current when target voltage is reached

installed 100amp Buck- Booster and programmed output at 14.6 volt 100 amp output for 400ah lithium battery's as soon as it reaches set output voltage it stops putting out amps, any ideas

failsafe asked
snoobler answered ·

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Victron EV DC Charger for CCS2 type connector

Good morning All,

just looking at the Victron EV charger accessory (currently AC version only) - excellent developments in this direction, however are there any plans to also have an DC ev Charger version (to facilitate for example the CCS2 type connector) ?

Perhaps early days, but worth asking the question.

stojan-nejkov asked
wkirby answered ·

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How long would it take my 20W solar panel to recharge my 12V 9Ah Lifepo4 battery?


I would like to know if my Victron 20W solar panel be suitable to power my Invicta Lithium 12V 9Ah Lifepo4 Battery.

Victron solar panel specifications:


Lifepo4 battery specifications:


Power manager (MPPT):

I would also like to interface the solar panel and battery using my Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 solar charge controller.

The reason why I ask is to get an understanding of:

1. Compatibility between all three components, &

2. An approximate or average on long would it take to charge up the battery, if the battery was in a depleted state (at a cut off voltage of say 10.5v).

Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

samuil asked
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Which Victron Controller Do I need?

Hi, I'm installing 2 x 175W RENOGY Mono Solar Panels wired in Series

I've ordered 10Awg cable, and run will be approx 18ft.

Batteries are 2 x 150Ah AGM wired in parellel.

Ive used the Victron calculator but I've had to guess a few figures as it's not on the Spec sheet for the panels.

It's telling me I need a 100/50 Controller? Does this sound right as I had to guess a few figures?

Also, I have an original panel that is linked to the existing split charge system via a rocker switch which I can change to charge either the starter battery or the leisure batteries. I'm going to leave this as it is and can then charge the leisure batteries with this as well as the two new panels effectively having 3 x solar panels in total charging the leisure batteries if required. However this panel has an existing PWM controller and I would like to also change this to a Victron at the same time, but I don't have any info on that panel as it came with the van. I think it's a 120W Pro Logic panel.

Therefore to summarise I need to purchase 2 x Victron Smart Controllers, one for the two new Renogy Solar panels. And one to replace the existing PWM controlled for use with the existing Pro Logic panel.

Can somebody please assist as I don't find it very easy to chose Victron controllers and I'm sure Victron would sell a lot more if they made it easier for customers.

scubacollie asked
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DC/DC converter to battery

Hi, i'm developing a full electric propulsion plant for an e-boat (scheme in the image attached).

I have a doubt: i'm gonna use a 12V service battery to power on board hotels, feeding the service battery with current with voltage scaled by the DC/DC converter (the Victron Energy Orion Tr-48/12-9, as you can see in the scheme). The problem is that the DC/DC converter could continue to feed the battery even when the battery is fully charged, leading to overcharge and its dangerous consequences. How could i solve this problem?


antonio-gioioso asked
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Mppt 250/100 MC4 anschließen


kann ich wie auf dem Bild zu sehen ist, meine 15 Module an den Mppt 250/100 MC4 anschließen??

Oder gibt es eine bessere Lösung??20220426_193150.jpg

Gruß Martin

martinka asked
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Brancher en // sur une batterie un regulateur victron sur un regulateur Master power LMP 1218-PWM

MPPT bloc alimentation camping car


Je possède un camping-car PILOTE P69D

Je souhaite installer un régulateur VICTRON MPPT 100/30 en // de celui d’origine.

Mon souci est que celui d’origine fait partie intégrante du boitier d’alimentation (Master power LMP 1218-PWM) alimenté par un panneau solaire de 100W.

Je voudrais brancher un panneau solaire de 200w en plus de celui qui est en place ,en passant par le regulateur Victron 100/30 et le brancher en // sur la batterie avec le regul. existant .....est-ce réalisable ?pas d'interaction entre les deux regulateurs?

Par avance merci.

strotacoster asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Victron Multiplus remote switch battery on / off

Is there an option to send signal like 3.3 volt to Victron Multi so it stops inverting like stop using batteries. I do not want to use SOC/DOD or voltage values. Just send remote signal via other device and force victron to stop inverting and use normal AC grid. Then later when i remove 3.3 volt to start using again the batteries. Actually i need only inverting from victron and ups function.

Todor Neshev asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Victron grounding

I need to double check grounding rules with the Victron Multiplus please… in our situation it will be used to power a coffee machine in a tent at a trade show. It will not be connected to shore power, it will only be operated in inverter mode. There is no chassis or hull to connect the Multiplus case ground point to and no connected metal parts that customers can touch, Is an earth cable to the case ground point necessary in this temporary use case?

ginesvadillo asked
wkirby answered ·

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EV Charging Station and Mini SE 2020 Cable type 2

Hello to all,

I have just tried to connect my Mini SE electric to an EV Charging Station, the car is not detected, impossible to find a solution. It is the manufacturer's cable (mini type 2, 22KW Delivered with the original vehicle therefore.)

nonop4 asked
Lucian Popescu (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Bitte um Vorschlag VICTRON Wechselrichter-Ladegerät für paralleles 1 PhasenNetz

Ich möchte ohne Einspeisung ein Netzwerk betreiben, da mein Fronius Primo nicht ohne Netz läuft, brauche ich wahrscheinlich eine VICTRON Wechselrichter-Ladegerät dazwischen.

Meine bisheriges SETUP

vom Wohnmobil ins Haus : meistens verfügbar ( verbrauche momentan ca. 50 % der 300Ah Kapazität über 1 Nacht im Haus mit einer extra Verkabelung [für Blackout verlegt] - Licht, Kühltruhe, Kühlschrank, Kaffeemaschine, Wasserkocher... )

4x400kWp = 1,6kWp

Victron Smart Solar Mppt 150/100 MC4

12 V Batterie LiFePO4 300 Ah

3000W KFZ Reiner Sinus Auto Wechselrichter 12v auf 230v

Wird derzeit mit Automatischem Umschalter AC 230V 2P 100A bei zuwenig Solar-Leistung auf öffentliches Netz geschaltet

Neu ist Solaranlage für Haus :

16x400kWp = 6,4kWp

Victron PRIMO 5.0-1

Möchte dieses mit extra Notstromverkabelung oder einphasig

(dazu werde ich ja einen einphasigen Wechselstromsensor ????AMPERE ??? benötigen)

in mein Haus einleiten

Den Strom vom Wohnmobil noch dazu verwenden - wenn das möglich ist um Spitzen abzudecken und vielleicht auch den Autospeicher zu laden !

Welche Grösse des Victron (könnte ja ein VICTRON MultiPlus II [auch GX möglich] sein )

ist erforderlich um diese zu verwirklichen ???

Meine Vorstellung im Bild !


woisetjo asked
steffen-graap answered ·

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