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Utiliser Linky comme compteur d'energie


je dispose d'un véhicule possédant une installation solaire (BMV 702, Multiplus 800Va, MPPT 100/30, MPPT 75/15, VenusOS) et pour lequel j'ai configuré l'assistant ESS. une simple rallonge est branché entre le véhicule et le logement dont je suis locataire.
Le mode ESS marche a merveille ! Je souhaiterais pour ne pas modifier le réseau électrique existant du logement utiliser les données fournies par le compteur Linky afin de transmettre ces dernières à l'installation solaire afin de limiter la quantité de surplus injectée dans le réseau. Je sais qu'il existe l'ET112 pour ce genre de cas mais je souhaiterais ne rien modifier et donc utiliser la téléinfo du linky pour récupérer L1 et ensuite le transmettre au VenusOS via modbus pour piloter l'assistant ESS.
Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà mis en oeuvre ce genre de chose et pourrait m'aider à reproduire celà ?Je suis inculte en python et modbus donc un p'tit coup de pouce serait vraiment apprécié ! D'avance merci à tous pour vos retours !

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What is the benefit of connecting Multiplus compact to VenusOS on rasp pi?

My wife liked the display on the GX touch but our installer told us it was overkill, and we should stick to Bluetooth and VictronConnect to monitor the shunt and mppt.

But that means I’m not monitoring the Multiplus compact; which feels wrong given how much data I get from VictronConnect.

I have a spare raspberryPi so I am thinking of using venusOS, getting some cables and registering on VRM.

But, I don’t know what extra data I would get if I ran all three through VenusOS. I’ve scanned many many victron documents, but still I don’t know which documentation I should be reading or which document will tell me what extra data I’ll get.

Can you help?

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[NOT SOLVED] Raspberry Pi and Zigbee link for ET112

Raspberry Pi 3B running the latest Venus OS 2.89. Connected to Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50.

The system is connected to a 48V LiFePO4 pack with 250A Daly BMS.

Everything working, I can power up the unit and configure it, inverter comes on, ESS assistant installed via VEconfig, I am in the UK, country code entered, system test successful etc..

I have an ET112 and Zigbee units one USB and one RS485. I have the USB inserted into the Raspberry Pi, which is connected to the multiplus II via Mk3 USB cable to VEBus.

However, in the "setting" > "energy meters" screen on the RPI there is no energy meter showing. The zigbees have a blue tx-rx light flashing?

Any ideas?

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Two Multiplus II in series


I am working on installing a Multiplus II 48/5000 at my home, where I already have an on-grid photovoltaic inverter SMA Sunny Boy 4kW and I have some questions I haven't found answers anywhere:

1. Is it possible to install two Multiplus II inverters in series (one of them connected to the other critical loads output) with non-shared batteries? How should I configure them? That would enable me to add a new Multiplus II in the future with another new battery on grid-parallel mode connected to first Multiplus II critical loads output.

1.1 If 1. question is possible, should I configure second one to not exporting to grid? Or first one could use frequency shifting (or similar) to control how much energy could export the second one?

1.2 Continuation of 1.1 question. Would be possible to have SMA Sunny Boy 4kW connected to the same critical loads output than second Multiplus II, having both controlled by frequency shifting? Or that is not possible as maximum power would exceed Multiplus II maximum power?

It appears a similar configuration could be done by using CerboGX large firmware, to be able to use Node-red to control some inputs:
- first Multiplus II critical loads frequency (could be updated depending on first Multiplus II is able to receive more power from critical loads or it cannot accept many more
- first Multiplus II AC In grid status (availabe/not available)
And to be able to control some things:
- second Multiplus II power exportation limit, being configure to 0 power exporattion into second Multiplus II if grid on first Multiplus II is disconnected

I've seen some other questions about similar solutions, but they were trying to control batteries load between two Multiplus II at the same time at the same battery load. I'm not interested on that. What I'm looking for is to:
1. If second Multiplus II (with AC In connected to first Multiplus II critical loads AC OUT) has batteries fully loaded, then it will share power with the other one if the other requires it; if the other doesn't require it and external grid is connected, power could be exported to grid; and if the other doesn't require it and external grid is disconnected, 0 power export should be configured into second Multiplus II
2. If first Multiplus II (connected to grid and with second Multiplus II connected to it's critical loads AC OUT) has batteries fully loaded, if second Multiplus II requires power, first Multiplus II can provide that power as if it were coming from real grid

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EV Charger integration: OpenEVSE


this might be interesting to some of you. I wrote a simple service which polls data from the OpenEVSE (EV Charger, mqtt/json) and puts the data on dbus.


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Lynx Shunts sometimes not showing on Cerbo

Hello fellow enthusiasts!

I am encountering a very puzzling error.

I have two Lynx Shunts connected to my Cerbo.

However either 0,1 or 2 of these shunts are being displayed in the Overview Hub on my Cerbo Display as tiles (DC Power) and in the menu, after everything has booted.

That situation is also constant and it only changes upon reboot, where again, it is like a "throw of dice" which shunts will be shown.

I can confirm that the shunt lights are constantly glowing green.

Does anybody know what that may be?

Could you perhaps supply the CAN matrix for the shunts?

Thank you so much!

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Grid Meter nicht angeschlossen (meldet sich ab) - Auto Neustart möglich? NodeRed?


Bei meinem Multi 2 5000GX melden sich ab und an der Grid-Meter EM24 und ET112 ab.
Da dadurch keine Informationen zum Stromverbrauch kommen, regelt der Fronius ab und die Batterie wird nicht geladen.
Ist es irgendwie einen Automatischen Neustart anzustoßen? Vielleicht über NodeRed.

Beide Geräte sind mit einem USB Y Kabel am GX angeschlossen.

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EM540 + MP2 = slow control speed?

Dear Victron Engineers,
Dear Victron Community,

I have the following setup:

1. EM540
2. 3x Multiplus2 48V-5000kVA attached via AC-IN only
3. Raspberry PI4 8GB with VenusOS 2.90 stable

The setup generally works as expected, but when I look at the EM540 in the remote console meter values change approx. every second = 1Hz

Carlo Gavazzi advertises at least 10Hz (100ms per measurement) with the new meters like the EM540

This is 10x slower than it should be and causes the control loop to produce unwanted power feed and unwanted net power purchased.

When I querry the EM540 via my own Modbus Interface I can easily archive the 10Hz measuring frequency. When I plug that into the ve.bus with a custom python script I can also see the VE-Bus values changing with approx. 10Hz on the remote console (Grid Meter Detail View on the remote Console), but I have the feeling that the control loop of the MP2 on the VE.bus can not catch up?

Anyhow! My custom scripts are a nice experiment, but I wonder if VenusOS currently takes advantage of the 10x increased measuring frequency with the new CG meters?

If that is not the case, is there any way of increasing the grid meter meaurement frequency on venusOS?

If I get the grid data with 10Hz frequency, will the VenusOS control loop utilize the data? Are there any limits that would prevent the MP2 from adjusting with 10 Hz instead of 1Hz?

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Kann mir jemand helfen beim Einstellen meiner Anlage im Wohnmobil

Leider komme ich mit den Einstellungen nicht so wirklich klar, daher hätte ich gerne ein wenig Unterstützung. Heute hab ich erste mal versucht den Multiplus als Wechselrichter zu benutzen bei nicht ganz vollen Batterien. Diese hatten angezeigte 77% und als ich die Kaffeemaschine anmachte bekam ich die Meldung es ist zu wenig Strom da. Die Kaffeemaschine hörte auf und meine Frau war nicht erfreut :( Ich hatte es die Tage getestet bei 100% da ging die Kaffemaschine.

Ich habe im Wohnmobil folgende Komponenten verbaut.

Raspi 3 mit 10" Display

Smartshunt 500A

BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15

Multiplus 12/1600/70-16

1x Solar 150W auf dem Dach

2x 120Ah AGM Batterien für den Wohnbereich

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Fischer Panda page not showing


I have a problem. I have a new i10000 genset, confirmed with latest firmware CerboGX is running 2.9 and i followed this link verbatim to wire up the genset.

Im my devices list i clearly see a 'Fischer Panda Genset' and we're receiving data on the GX for temperature etc etc.

I should have a new page, both on the GX display and on the HTTP MFD interface, but i don't. It's like venusos has not seen it as an FP genset and therefore isn't displaying the page, not attempting commands over the ve.can to the fp.can.

Can anyone help please?

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Firmware update and large image from SD/USB on Cerbo GX (without internet)

Hello you all

I have been working on the Cerbo GX pretty much the last days and also playing around with Node Red, which I have to say, offers a lot of possibilities if you dont need to get your hands dirty with Modbus Communication, anyways ... I wonder if it is possible to update the firmware and install the large image in a Cerbo GX with an SD/USB stick because in some places I dont have internet access and for being honest, I havent found the way of doing it without using "Online Updates".

Thanks a lot !

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Venus OS 2.90~27 et Raspberry pi 4 v1.5, Comment booter ?


J'ai vu que les nouvelles versions beta de venus OS devaient être compatible avec les raspberry pi 4 v1.5, donc je prend une sd card que je formatte, je télécharge la version 2.90~27, que je met en utilisant Belena etcher et quand je boot le raspberry, le logo Victron energy apparait, puis se bloque avec une ligne de commande en mode texte en bas à gauche de l'écran... si quelqu'un à une idée de quoi faire à part attendre la version finale !

Merci, bonne soirée


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Falsches anzeigen bei AC Last
Hallo Leute

könnte mir bitte jemand sagen was ich einstellen muß, das mein Wechselrichter, der Direkt auf L1 1 Phasig einspeist, NICHT in der Remote Konsole als AC LAst angezeigt wird??

Es soll nur der momentane Ertrag angezeigt werden.

Habe alles versucht, leider ohne Erfolg. S. Foto

Gruß Martin



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Venus OS Oberfläche


Vorab das ganze läuft einen RPI4 eben mit Venus OS.

Das neue System also Victron ESS System das wird eigens aufgebaut mit (Multiplus 2 Pylontech Mppt Regler EM24) da ich damit einen Null einspeisung erzielen möchte also meine Grundlast auf Null senken möchte sowie Notstrom im Fall der Fälle-> das hat mit der anderen Anlage PV Wechselrichter PIKO 5.5 nichts zutun diese ist völlig eingenständig...

Ich wollte mir nur den WR anzeigen lassen damit ich sehe was los ist was er gerade für Leistung bringt!

Der PVWR hat keinen Einfluss auf die Victron Anlage.


Die Viktron Anlage läuft aber noch nicht...daher sieht das ganze im Moment so aus..

Kann ich die PV Wechselrichter Kachel sozusagen auf die Netz Grid Seite setzen sofern der EM24 dann eingebaut ist damit es optisch auch zusammen stimmt... Weil der Piko 5.5 ja voll einspeist und nur ins Netz!

Oder verfälscht es mir die ganze Werte?

Irgend ein File ändern oder sowas??

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Value too large for defined data type

I got goe-charger addon running and it seems it made the log file too big, rendering the /data directory useless as it's 100% full now, and the log file is not accessible.

/data/dbus-goecharger/current.log: Value too large for defined data type

How can I get rid of that file now?

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