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Node red : Multiplus II primary relay

Dear all,

My installation consists of solar panels, Pylontech batteries, a Multiplus II, and a Solar Charger MPPT 450/100. This set is controlled by a CERBO GX. I have installed Venus Large and Node-RED.

I already control a hot water tank from a CERBO GX relay programmed with Node-RED.

I would also like to program the primary relay of the Multiplus II via Node-RED. I can do this with the Relay Assistant but cannot find it with Node-RED. Do you have an idea?


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Cerbo GX - USB frequent reset with GX Tank

I was troubleshooting a separate software issue on my Cerbo, and looking in the logs I discovered something strange / concerning.

I have GX Tank device connected to the Cerbo which is very frequently being removed and re-added to the system, sometimes every few minutes, sometimes several times within 1 second.

The syslog is saying that the USB port is being "disabled by hub" which prompts it to be re-enabled and subsequently the GX tank is removed and re-added.

I haven't noticed any issue with the actual reporting of the tank levels or any issue in the gui but the behaviour is concerning...

I've attached a log excerpt with the full messages where you can see this happen twice within a second and the device number gets incremented.

Anyone have any ideas on why this could be happening?


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2nd Smart Shunt Disconnecting from Venus

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B running Venus running version v2.87

I also have 2 SmartShunts 500A/50mV on two separate USB ports. One is to monitor the coach batteries and one is to monitor the chassis battery. Both have been reporting fine but sometimes the coach battery or Chassis battery drops off the VE network. When I'm at the RV I'm able to connect via bluetooth and reset the connection but now the RV is in storage for a couple of weeks and the the coach batteries are loosing the connection. Eventually I will be adding solar to the RV. I really appreciate this ability! I will also be adding an additional Pi running Home Assistant and looking to get the data using the modbus interface.

I just updated to Venus 2.89 and was wondering if this may have been addressed.

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EasyPlus/Multiplus does not exchange data with Cerbo

I have an issue with an EasyPlus connected to the Cerbo.

- The Cerbo „sees“ the EasyPlus, but claims it‘s not connected. Still, the Cerbo can read the type of device (Multiplus Compact, the product number and firmware version (481), but not the device state or any parameters. See attached screenshots.

- I have checked:

  • EasyPlus DIP settings (1: off, 2: on, remaining switches off, as per the manual)
  • VE.Bus cable is plugged into the appropriate socket of the Cerbo (i.e. not the Ethernet socket)
  • All devices have been restarted using different sequences several times
  • EasyPlus is operating nicely along the setting of the physical switch
  • Firmware versions: EasyPlus: 481; Cerbo: 2.75

At the time I took attached screenshots the EasyPlus was inverting.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks!




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[solved] 3rd party ESS with inverters


I'm a fresh Victron user trying to start with this ecosystem.

Currently I already own an 3rd party storage system with built-in inverters (Senec Home v3) and a grid-tied Fronius Symo. Energy measurement is done by the Senec system using a meter before grid connection.

I am able to read out every parameter and already started pushing this to the dBus on Venus OS installation.

But now I have no clue on how to plan further development: Should I simply count everything together to "emulate" an inverter in order to let Venus do the maths or should I directly skip this and switch to ESS mode 3?

I would really love to let Venus control my fresh Multiplus/Battery package on its own without writing own decision algorithms...

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Multiplus Passthru

Hi there,

I have a question about Passthru on the Multiplus.

I am on a boat with a Generator (3KW power) and Battery Bank connected by a Multiplus 3000 (230v, 16a) to an AC system including a water maker. I have VenusOS running on a Pi.

When I want to run the water maker, it takes a lot of power from the generator (2000W). This causes issues if my battery bank also needs charging (600W example) as the power draw is too high for the generator to manage. This resultant high draw causes the generator to shutdown.

I have found the only way to get the water maker with an empty battery bank is to connect to the Multiplus to my laptop and disable the charging mode on VE.Direct. This puts the Multiplus into passthru mode and doesn't charge the batteries. I then need to re-enable the charging mode after the watermaker is done.

Is there any way to get around me having to change those settings or use VenusOS to manage this?

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VenusOs 2.90

Hallo erstmal.

Ich suche einen Download link für VenusOS 2.90 beta. Würde es gerne auf den Cerbo installieren, da ab 2.90 large verfügbar ist.

Hoffe es kann mir wer helfen.


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Battery erroneously discharging

I'm hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on this issue. I have 2x 48v batteries that both have overkill solar BMSes installed. I'm currently pulling in 4.3kw of solar and using 1.2kw of ac load. The inverter is the only draw on the system. One of the batteries is charging at about 1.4kw, but the other one is showing a discharge of about 400w.

Do any of you have any idea why this would be?




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EV Charger integration: OpenEVSE


this might be interesting to some of you. I wrote a simple service which polls data from the OpenEVSE (EV Charger, mqtt/json) and puts the data on dbus.


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Increase MFD App/Window on Simrad


Is there no way to increase the size of these info panels on my MFD? I read it’s an HTML5 app running on my Simrad EVO3S. I have to squint to see the data!

SUGGESTION - Maximize Window (a button, like fullscreen on youtube) I mean it’s HTML (width=100%)


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RS 48V 6000VA Smart Solar + MPPT Blue Solar 150/70 + VenusGX


I would like to add a second string of panels and also upgrade the inverter that I use, as I have growing peak ac power needs.

My current setup:

  • Venus GX
  • 13.4 Kw/h of 48V Pylontech lithium batteries
  • Multiplus II 48V 3000VA (I now require something bigger >=5000VA)
  • MPPT Blue Solar 150/70
  • 4.5 Kw of panels (I have plenty space with no shadows for a second string)

I would like to:

  • Buy RS 48V 6000VA Smart Solar
  • Add 8x450W panels in a single string (400V) connected the RS 48V 6000VA
  • Have the Multiplus II just working as a charger from the generator (in charger mode)

My specific questions:

  1. Can the charging work with the RS and the Blue Solar properly coordinating via the Venus GX?
  2. Can the Multiplus II work alongside the RS (in charger mode)?

As an alternative, I've also evaluated to add a second Multiplus II in parallel and add PV's via AC coupling, having the parallel Multiplus II doing the charge but as the RS 48V 6000V is such a good value, I would rather keep it with DC coupling as I have zero experience with AC coupling and I've read some mixed experiences.


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Daten der zweiten Batterie


ich habe gerade ein ESS System aufgebaut. Dieses besteht aus 1x Multiplus 2 5000, 2 Batterieblöcken à 16x 280Ah und einen Raspi mit VenusOs. Die Daten Grid und Inverter bekomme ich über MQTT und ein Pythonscript rein, die vom BMS über

Meine Frage ist, bekomme ich die Einzelwerte, sprich die Voltzahlen der einzelnen Zellen auch irgendwie aus dem System ausgelesen? Für die erste Zelle funktioniert das über Node Red soweit.

Die Parameter für SOC, Gesamtspannung, Temperatur usw. bekomme ich ebenfalls über Node Red aus dem Victron. Nur eben die Einzelspannungen des zweiten Blocks nicht. Gibts da eine Möglichkeit?

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Kann die Bosch bsec Library nicht kompilieren

root@raspberrypi2:/opt/bsec_bme680-homie# ./
Already applied.
/usr/lib/gcc/arm-ve-linux-gnueabi/9.3.0/../../../../arm-ve-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: cannot find -lm
/usr/lib/gcc/arm-ve-linux-gnueabi/9.3.0/../../../../arm-ve-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: cannot find -lrt
/usr/lib/gcc/arm-ve-linux-gnueabi/9.3.0/../../../../arm-ve-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: cannot find -lc
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

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Multiple GX instances over LAN for same inverter?

Is it possible to have multiple GX devices displaying and sharing the same inverter information over Modbus TCP?

I have inverter and Cerbo next to the main eletric panel and those are located in house's technical rooms. In order to monitor the system in other rooms one needs to use mobile device or web browser.

It would make sense to get some rasperrys running VenusOS and hook them over local LAN into living space and provide the same interface on those. Maybe some into TV video inputs, would be nice to see visualization in TV's PIP-screen.

From other questions I understood that it's not possible, but could it be supported in coming releases? What is preventing it?



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Schaltung von Actoren/Verbrauchern je nach Solarüberschuss

Ausgangsituation: ESS mit Cerbo GX, MPPT 250/100, MPII 5000 und ein RaspiPI4

Ist es möglich (node red?) Aktoren je nach Überschuss zu schalten? Den Raspi4 habe ich rumliegen, reicht es ihn im gleichen LAN zu betreiben wie die ESS? Oder muss ich ein Kabel Modbus/VE-Direct/USB oder ähnlich haben?

Als Aktoren dachte ich mir so schaltbare Steckdosen wie von AVM/Fritz.

Gruß, Matthias

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