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Funcionamiento Red-carga(no carga de baterías)

Es posible programar los inversores para hacer simplemente de puente y que la red eléctrica se ocupe del consumo sin que se desvíe un porcentaje a la carga de baterías.Las baterías se empezarían a cargar cuándo el sol salga, es decir dar prioridad al consumo desde la red cuándo las baterías estén por debajo del nivel previsto.

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Node Red Implementation

Hi, I am new to node red and would like to get going. Need some basic info concerning setting up:

1) How do I actually activate Node Red, is this only done via the LARGE GX firmware? When visiting the node red website there is no mention of Victron, but only to run on local PC, Raspberry Pi, etc. Any development softwre to be downloaded?

2) Is there any develop package to be downloaded that actually creates the flows to be uploaded to the GX device?

3) Can flows be created and later uploaded to GX? What development platform is required for this?

Thanks for your answeres


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Node-Red - node specification file for new measuraments from DBUS

Hi All,

reading Github page for Node-Red:

It's possible to define new measurament for each Victron nodes available in Node-Red.

As described in Git, It is possible to have the 2 configuration files CSV:

- dataAttributes.csv

- dataAttributeEnums.csv

We want to insert new measuraments in Battery Monitor Node:

- Max Cell Voltage

- Min Cell Voltage

Thank you!

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Min and MaxCellVoltage not available in Node Red

Hi all, I have a Cerbo GX with the large image installed and running Node Red. It is connected to a lithium battery with a JBD BMS, which is interfaced using the driver here:

Everything seems to be working fine, except I was really hoping to get access to the min/max cell voltages within Node Red. I can see this data on VRM, and using dbus-monitor while logged into the cerbo I can see that /System/MinCellVoltage and /System/MaxCellVoltage are being updated regularly. Looking through the node-red-contrib-victron repo it seems that this data should be available under the battery monitor node, but it is not showing up in the drop down. Nor is it in the System node.

Is this simply a case of the Large image containing an older version of the node red nodes, or is there something else going on here?


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Schaltung von Actoren/Verbrauchern je nach Solarüberschuss

Ausgangsituation: ESS mit Cerbo GX, MPPT 250/100, MPII 5000 und ein RaspiPI4

Ist es möglich (node red?) Aktoren je nach Überschuss zu schalten? Den Raspi4 habe ich rumliegen, reicht es ihn im gleichen LAN zu betreiben wie die ESS? Oder muss ich ein Kabel Modbus/VE-Direct/USB oder ähnlich haben?

Als Aktoren dachte ich mir so schaltbare Steckdosen wie von AVM/Fritz.

Gruß, Matthias

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Large OS Node-Red password

Hi Everybody,

want to set a password for Node-Red but I don't know how or where respectively. I understood that I have to modify settings in the settings.js but I cant find it.

Please can somone give me a hont hot to set up a password if it is possible at all?

Thanks in advance

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BUG - Node red contrib-victron Disconnection issue


I have been using the node red (node-red-contrib-victron) package in node red using the large image v5. I am noticing that after a few days the BMV node will disconnect and won't auto connect again. On the node red screen (port 1880) the Battery monitor widget shows disconnected, however all my MQTT connections are fine. Once this happens and I go into the Battery monitor node, it now shows two instances of the BMV. One is the disconnected BMV and the other shows the BMV that it thinks is new. If I then select the new instance and change the measurement back to what it should be then everything is fine. I'm assuming that this is a bug and possibly needs rectification. In the mean time my workaround is to use the exec command with dbus-spy, convert values to CSV format and then save into variables. By doing this I can force the dashboard to load these values on startup and then subscribe to MQTT topics to refresh the data as it changes.

Just wondering if anyone else faced this issue?



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node red and ESS inverter limits

I have been fiddling with logic to adjust the ESS inverter limit.

The setting in the node allows a value of 0 to any value you like, but there does not seem to be a way to pass a value to disable the limit.

If inverter limits are disabled, the value read back from the node is by default 0 which means no inverting.

Any ideas how this parameter can actually be disabled instead of being left on and configured with a high value?

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Change AC input 1 from Grid to Generator using Node Red

Good morning

I need to be able to set the AC 1 Input value of a Multiplus 48/5000 in a VE.bus system using Node Red. The parameter is manually adjustable using the GX touch screen or Remote Console (Settings>system setup>AC input1). However, I cannot find any option to set this parameter via any of the preloaded Victron Energy Nodes or via any of the MODBUS TCP registers. The value can be READ using Modbus from com.victronenergy.system Unit-ID 100 address 826. However this register is NOT WRITABLE.


Does anyone have a suggestion to be able change this value as part of a Node Red flow?

I have written a Node Red flow to automatically change the ESS mode from Optimised to Keep batteries charged when the user manually starts his Diesel genset and manually switches the change-over switch. The end user starts this large 3 phase genset occasionally to run 3 phase irrigation pumps. Since the generator has surplus capacity, the user wants it to immediately be recharging the batteries when it runs.

The generators AC output drives a dry contact as an input signal on D1 of the Cerbo GX which is set to Generator.

When the state of D1 changes it triggers the Flow.

The problem I am having is that unless I change the value of Settings>system setup>AC input1 from Grid to Generator the Display on the Touch GX still shows the input as Grid with a zero Value


It is only once I change the value for AC input 1 to 'Generator' via the Touch GX that I am able to see the correct information



Why not then just leave the value set to 'Generator' all the time? The changing of the Value of AC input 1 from Grid to Generator seems to be more than just a display change. It changes the behaviour of the ESS system. If the only thing I then change is to set AC input 1 to 'Generator' while the system is still connected to the Grid and running ESS Optimised, the system changes its behaviour to power all loads directly from the Input source. The ESS status remains on "optimised" and the battery doesn't discharge or charge from AC Input source.

Sorry for the long explanation when all I want to actually know is how to change a single register. I trust it gives the necessary context.

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Switch Multiplus with Venus GX and NodeRed


I have a switch connected to the I/O of my venus, now i would like to switch the multiplus 24/5000 on and off.

the I/O signal is working, it sends 3 or 4 to the multi. Sounds alright so far. But the strange thing is the multi is swiching on for maybe 3 sec and turns off. Same thing if i repeat pushing the switch.

thanks to help

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Switch Multiplus with Venus GX and NodeRed


I have a switch connected to the I/O of my venus, now i would like to switch the multiplus 24/5000 on and off.

the I/O signal is working, it sends 3 or 4 to the multi. Sounds alright so far. But the strange thing is the multi is swiching on for maybe 3 sec and turns off. Same thing if i repeat pushing the switch.

thanks for help

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Controlling an openEVSE electric vehicle charger using Node-Red and MQTT

This is not so much a question but more of offering what I have created to others in the community. I have been using the Node-Red add-on in Venus OS v2.70~5-large-18 to control my openEVSE car charger via MQTT. It maximises the available power from the PV array to charge the car. When there isn't enough power it will use what is stored in my BYD batteries and when they're depleted it uses the mains. It is now stable enough that I have placed the json file and a brief explanation on GitHub (

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in JavaScript or Node-Red so I am sure there are more effective ways of coding what I have created. But it works and I am now charging my car from the sun.

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Venus Node-RED - Example flow: Temperature controlled relay

Does anyone have a good example of flows for maintaining lithium battery temperature via GX relays?

I have one that I slapped together but it's pretty basic and I don't really have a very good grasp on node-red yet.

Seeing as how this is one of the most common reasons for someone to want node-red, I'm pretty surprised that I can't find this already out there! The flows/dashboard from section 6.2 of the following link are very similar to what I am trying to do....but I can't see the rest of the flow and I'm lost.

I would also like to throw in some other variables such as warming the batteries to a higher temperature when the PV & battery voltage is above a certain threshold, and disabling warming when the battery voltage is too low.

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Grid Meter nicht angeschlossen (meldet sich ab) - Auto Neustart möglich? NodeRed?


Bei meinem Multi 2 5000GX melden sich ab und an der Grid-Meter EM24 und ET112 ab.
Da dadurch keine Informationen zum Stromverbrauch kommen, regelt der Fronius ab und die Batterie wird nicht geladen.
Ist es irgendwie einen Automatischen Neustart anzustoßen? Vielleicht über NodeRed.

Beide Geräte sind mit einem USB Y Kabel am GX angeschlossen.

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