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No load output after unsure update

Hi all, my last update yesterday failed.

on retrial it updated successfully, then it wanted to do another.

Now I have no load output, everything else seems ok, except I don't see a blue light on bulk charge mode.

I've reset battery default, dissconected mppt by fuse and solar input, rebooted phone.

Help please.

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Simrad Evo3S SW Update 20.2 working with Victron App ?

Hello community,

I have a brand-new Victron MultiPlus installation on my boat including a Venus GX to display the charger/inverter data on the Simrad Evo3S MFD. A new SW version (20.2.0) for the MFD became available and should be installed. Will the Victron App still be available and running or is a re-installation necessary? No one from Simrad can answer this question, because it is a third-party SW.

Thanks for you help.

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Nach Update auf V1.50; Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 Laderegler nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Hallo, wir haben einen Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 an einem 110 Watt Solar Panel und einer 225 Amp/h Batterie installiert.

Vor dem Software Update auf V.1.50 hat das System toll funktioniert.

Bulk und Float alles ok. Siehe bitte Foto.

Nach dem Update auf V1.50 kennt das System nur noch Bulk - Ladung.

In den Tagen vor und nach dem Software Update waren keine Stromverbraucher aktiv. Auch sonst wurde nichts am System verändert.

Wir haben nun seit 3 Tagen Verbraucher hinzugeschaltet. Das System lädt weiterhin nur in Erhaltungsladung - Bulk weiter. Die Sonneneinstrahlung ist in den Tagen vergleichbar.

Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Gibt es ein neues Softwareupdate? Oder kann man auf die alte Software Version zurück wechseln?

Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus für die Informationen.


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MPPTs switching off after update

Since update (v1.53) a couple of days ago both my MPPTs switch off briefly at about 6pm and again at about 6am. This morning though my front One turned on and off about 6 times in quick succession. I’ve checked all the connections and they are good. I’ve also checked all the settings and they are still as I had set them. Anyone else having issues after updating?

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Can't Connect with devices with Latest version of VictronConnect App

I can't connect to Bluetooth on any of my devices after latest app upgrade - Apple IOS, anyone else having this issue?

I've reinstalled the app, restarted bluetooth, tried connecting directly with Bluetooth on IOS, still no luck, not working with any of my 3 devices, so very unlikely to be an issue with the units.

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VRM Remote Update listing does not use custom names for MPPTs

I have two banks of panels, one on the east of my roof and one on the west. Each bank is on a separate 150/35.

So, there is a East and a West MPPT:


But when I go to Remote Update in VRM, the custom names are not displayed:


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Smartsolar MPPT 150/85 firmware 1.50 problem

Hi. Today I updated my MPPT to the first 1.50 and the charging went crazy. I looked at someone on Venus. stuck in the bulk system and has exceeded possible charging values. Immediate remote switching, destruction of the wind generator controller. I tried to get back on the charged batteries, but without success. If so, I can't let it work. must remain off. I'm off the net and I need users! I read a few cases before 1.50, but I didn't find anything.

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 LED‘s flashing while charging after update

After the updates today the corresponding LED flashing in every stage. Charging seems to work normal - just the flashing is new. Connected via VE.smart to a BMV-7 &BT.

Thank for helping



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V2.33 File for Colour Control

Does anyone have a copy of the V2.33 file for Colour control?

mick-finch asked
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Load output inrush current HW fix availability for Bluesolar 75/15

Hello @mvader (Victron Energy),

I'm wondering whether your HW fix for the issue "smartsolar 100/20 load switches off in float mode" and other loads is already available today in the BlueSolar 75/15 series design?

Documented by "mvader" in

>> "smartsolar 100/20 load switches off in float mode" on

Mar 02 um 9:39 PM:

Here are the serial numbers per when the (hardware) change was implemented:

  • SCC075010060R SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 Retail HQ1935
  • SCC075015060R SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Retail HQ1935
  • SCC110015060R SmartSolar MPPT 100/15 Retail HQ1947
  • SCC110020060R SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Retail HQ1911

The 100/20 that we currently ship from our warehouses has the improvement. As do the 75/10 and the 75/15. The 100/15 is still shipping with hardware from prior to this improvement, due to stock levels of older production batches.


Has my two week earlier bought (from Offgridtec) BlueSolar 75/15 (+ BT dongle) with serial nummer (pls. see below) also fixed this BD35 compressor inrush current issue yet (that I highly rely on) or do I need to replace this device with which SmartSolar charger instead or when will it be available?

Many thanks in advance for your help and BR!


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How to update BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 firmware v1.07 to the latest version

VictronConnect app will not see a device because the current firmware is very old (version 1.07) I see the minimum version needs to be 1.09 but I cant find any way to update to 1.09 or later
The serial port sends every second the following data:
manf Victron Energy
prod MPPT 12..24V/15A
ser# HQ12477WV5J
ver# 1.07
Checksum H

Any idea of how to update this device over a serial port?

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Update failure MPPT 75\15 error code D10

I seem to have just purchased a Bluetooth dongle and plugged it into MPPT 75/15 installed android app and completed the dongle update but it now needs to update the MPPT but fails with a D10 error closing com port. System unusable, bl/or LEDs flashing. Has anyone any advice?

rodgreen asked

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Multiplus compact Firmware Update Problem - failed at 9%

The Firmware update on my Multiplus compact 12/1600/70 via VEFlash and MK3 USB Interface from Version 1906132 to 1906159 started fine. Following the described procedure I could connect and start the update without problems.

The "Busy Programming Firmware" window appeared and the counter run from 1% to 9%, when the update stopped suddenly. Now the Multiplus doesn't do anything except flashing the green charger LED fast.

I can't connect again or do anything else with the unit, so I hope for a suggestion for a solution here.

Thanks a lot for your help.

ralf11 asked
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update multiplus ve.bus bms save configuration first

Hello! I have a multiplus with ve.bus bms and 3 90Ah victron batteries on the bms. I would like to upgrade the multiplus firmware. If I start victron Connect it asks me to disconnect all accessories from the mulitplus before connection to save the config before i upgrade. But when I disconnect the ve.bus rj45 cable to the controller and ve.bus i can no longer turn on my multiplus to connect to it? hints?

Bill Wester asked
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Changing the charge profile of older victron multiplus compact.


I have an older victron multiplus compact the board number is 1806132 hex. I'm trying to update or change the charge profile to accommodate lithium batteries. today i tried to connect the cable going in to the phoenix control panel to a MK3 to USB and then to my computer and the configure software. this was not working and did not direct the inverter/charger.

Does anyone have any idea on how to make this work or if it is even possible?


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Hi there I have a Fiat Ducato camper looking to install lifepo4d

Hi there I have a Fiat Ducato camper looking to install lifepo4 what else do I need to add to add to get the best out of a 100Ahr battery been looking at the BMS with Bluetooth

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Strange values with the new Venus OS v2.40

Managing a facility with a charger MPPT blue solar, a color control GX and a BYD B-Box Pro battery, an issue has occurred with the firmware update. Namely, on 11th December the firmware of the GX was updated from v2.33 to new release v2.40. From that update, the graphic in the VRM portal showed strange peaks. Due to this fact, downloable data from VRM was examined and it was found that there are unexpected stored samples. In other words, the sample time configured for the data storage through VRM is 1 minute, however, within one minute there are various samples, indeed, some of them are empty. This issue was not observed in data previous to the firmware update.
Apart from that, in the GX screen sometimes it can be observed that information referred to the BYD battery (in the Devices list) is "No connected", which disappears rapidly.
On the view of these issues, the firmware was downgraded to the previous versión (2.33) and such issues were solved.
Has anyone experienced the same or similar problems related to the firmware update?
Thanks you in advance,

julian-s asked
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Unable to update MPPT 75/15

While trying to access the status of my controller, the stats page I wanted was immediately overlaid with another screen saying I need to update to continue using the app. At the bottom of that page is a button marked UPDATE which does not initiate any update or anything else.

The back arrow also does nothing and the app itself is apparently now frozen. I am unable to proceed after several further attempts and scouring the online trouble shooting guide + this forum.

What are my next steps?

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firmware to Quattro version

Hallo Community i have a Quattro 24/5000/120-2x100 . I have been trying to find the correct firmware update. my current firmware is 2648150. Can I use 264843 for my model? I'm not 100% sure here.

Kasper asked
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Conflicting info - Does Victronconnect firmware update reset all settings on a MultiPlus or Quattro?

I have reviewed documentation and the forums and can't find definitive advice about whether a Quattro firmware update resets settings or not. The Victronconnect documentation says not. Forum posts seem to indicate settings will be reset.

I would like to backup settings anyway, can't find any way to do it. I run a Mac with Catalina o/s and have VictronConnect loaded connected to the Quattro with a mk3 usb adapter. Because the firmware on the Quattro is several versions behind, VictronConnect won't let me do anything other than view status until I update the firmware.

Is there some way to save settings that I'm missing? Would a firmware update reset settings on the Quattro? Seems the old windows-based tools might have done that, but I don't have Windows available and wine won't run them on the Mac due to Catalina not accepting 32-bit apps any more.

Thanks for your help.

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VictronConnect mandatory update

hi all

Currently, we are preparing an installation of a number of cabinets for deployment at remote mine sites, each containing a SmartSolar MPPT 75/15s. For remote access to the device, we are utilizing the VE.Direct port, to connect via a Serial to Ethernet bridge to the MS Windows VictronConnect application.

The issue that we have discovered is that during firmware update, the load output of the device switches off at about the 4% mark. The SmartSolar’s load output controls power to all of the down-stream network connectivity hardware, including the Serial-to-Ethernet converter, network switch and Ubuiti WiFi radio. This causes the update to be interrupted, with no possibility of it starting again without physical intervention at the Cabinet. The latter will not be possible as the mine site will eventually be inaccessible.

Any ideas are welcome. Alternative VE direct software, how to block VictronConnnect from checking latest firmware downloads, etc would be appreciated.


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How can I log BMV data and be aible to read it in future versions of Victron Connect

Dear Victron and Victron users,

I'm using the Victron Connect App with a Victron Bluetooth dongle to log settings and history of different BMV-700 monitors, but with the new software version (5.8) I'm not able to open files that where saved with an older software version (5.7). Why is the software and the saved data not backwards compatible? how can I open 5.7 data into 5.8 software?

paul-van-der-meulen asked
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Updating firmware on MPPT 100/20

I've seen people reference they updated their firmware to v1.42. I've checked the firmware of my Smart Controller and it's currently at v1.39.

Where can I download the firmware files to update my controller? Thanks.

Trevin Corkery asked
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1 Answer

1 Answer

connection problem Config 3

I have a Multiplus 24v 3000va 70amp running 1812146.Hex firmware and need to copy the current settings to file and cannot connect since updating.

When I try to connect I get the following :-

Finds Target

Retrieves supported functions

Reading Block 1

Error during communication

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MPPT 75/15 Problem after update


I have newly installed solar panes (4xSP 104 Solbian) 2x MPPT 75/15.

In history view I see that they have been producing some power and charging batteries. I’ve only connected to controlers on the second day. At the time of first connection with the app update of firemware was mandatory. Since then panes are not charging the batteries.

Thank you for your help.


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GX GSM not logging data into VRM Portal

We recently installed a GX GSM into our Colour Control. We followed the instructions and it is fully connected to the Colour Control with an Optus sim card the the APN 'yesinternet'. The '3G' symbol along with two bars of service is showing in the top right hand corner of the Colour Control.

If it is fully connected, why is the VRM portal not running the updates? I have it set to run updates every 15 minutes.

I deleted the installation from our portal and tried to add it back in. To add it back in, I had to have an internet connection to the Colour Control for it to detect the VRM portal ID. I turned on my personal hot-spot from my phone and plugged a WiFi USB adapter into the Colour Control. It connected straight away and I then re-registered the installation into our VRM portal. It updated and logged data for the past three days straight away. I then reconnected the Colour Control to the GSM and waited 15 minutes for the portal to update and re-log the data. The portal hasn't run the update and I am now getting 'last update 30 minutes ago'.

Why isn't the GSM logging data if it is fully connected? What are we doing wrong that is causing this?

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Can I update the ve configure 3 manually?

Hi, I want to connect to a Quattro with a victron mk3 cable and it used to work from my laptop, but doesnt anymore.

I installed the ve config suite on my home pc and connected to the quattro but the ve configure updated first.

My laptop does not want to update automatically so my question is how do I manually update ve config.

I have uninstalled and re-installed ve config.

If I go to options - check for updates I get a message: connot read information from updates.victronenergy.com. Its got something to do with the firewall and domain policy...

@Guy Stewart

@mvader (Victron Energy Staff)

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff)

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Update for Easysolar -march 2019

Hallo !

I am trying to understand mye Easysolar 3 kVA (24 /3000), and hope that I have managed to update all firmware as of march 2019.

Do I need to update firmware more than one place on my Easysolar. I have updated firmware under: Settings -- Firmware (on CCGX menu).

Do I need to update the MPPT and the Multiplus induvidually in any way or is my system now as updated as can be as of now?

Here are screenshots:


MULTIPLUS -is version 413 the most recent version?:


MPPT -is v1.37 the most recent version?:


Thank you.


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