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Download GPS data with timestamps (and speeds) via VRM API?

When downloading historical GPS data using the API, I get a KML file (not JSON like the rest) containing only the coordinates. No timestamps nor speeds. Is it possible to get the full GPS data somehow? If not, please consider this a feature request :)

grasvezel asked

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GPS funktioniert plötzlich nicht mehr?

Guten Morgen

Ich habe vor 2 Wochen auf meinem Dach eine GPS Empfänger angebaut. Diesen per USB in den cerbo angeschlossen. Es hat alles funktioniert, im Untermenü wurde er mir direkt angezeigt. Nun seit gestern aktualisiert sich der Standort nicht, und unter dem Reiter GPS kann ich nur noch das location Format und die Geschwindigkeit einstellen. Alles andere über das Gerät ist weg.

Woran kann das liegen? Oder hat er nur 1 Woche gehalten und ist nun defekt.

razer05 asked
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Can I receive GPS location over the LoraWan dongle?

At this moment I use a Victron LoraWan dongle to receive information from the BMV battery monitor to the VRM portal. Now I also want the location of my boat is that possible with the same LoraWan dongle?

sijtze-de-boer asked
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Extract velocity from VRM gps track data?

I have extracted the .kml file from VRM and import that into Google Earth but I can't find a way to show velocity. Velocity is reported on VRM's Advanced page but it does not appear to be included in the .kml file. It looks like the file contains a string of latitude and longitude values for each sample.

Any ideas how to get velocity and where to display it?

Kevin Windrem asked

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Feature Request: Ability to turn NMEA 2000 GPS off

Just like the title says, would love to see the ability via a toggle switch in the GPS sub-menu to turn off/block the NMEA 2000 GPS PGNs.

I would like to turn the GPS off while still retaining the ability to output on the N2k network.

ofernander asked
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Victron Compatible Thermometer and GPS

We live in a Sprinter van. Does anyone know of Victron compatible external thermometer and GPS antenna that can be added to our Victron system? I would prefer something that was Bluetooth.

Tom asked
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GPS Data via NMEA2000-VE.Can


I have a Cerbo GX and I'm not much of an expert.

I have connected a GPS antenna via USB.

The coordinates are also displayed.

I am now wondering:


Is it possible to provide the GPS data via the NMEA2000 bus (via VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable) for plotter, radio etc.?

If so, are there any instructions on what to do?


On the other hand, is it possible to provide the GPS data from another device via NMEA2000 to VE.Can on the Gerbo GX?

If so, are there any instructions on what to do?

Many thanks in advance for the help.



jjm asked
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USB GPS detected but not working on Venus


I'm running Venus firmware V2.6 and today I plugged in a USB GNSS Receiver (Navilock NL-602U u-blox 6).

The OS has recognized the GPS but still after 2 hours still no GPS fix.


So does anyone has suggestion on how to fix.

philippe asked
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Cerbo - How to remove manual Time Zone setting after GPS Addition?

Hello, I just added a GPS to my Cerbo and see in VRM it will use the GPS to update the time zone automatically if its not set manually. How do i remove the manual setting that was configured prior to the GPS?


Thank you,

danhig asked
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rPi Venus OS Anzeige Standort auf Übersicht / show location on home screen

english below

Hallo, ich nutze Venus OS auf einem Raspberry Pi 3b+. Ich habe einen GPS Emfänger angeschlossen und sehe auch im VRM Portal den aktuellen Standort und ein paar Wetterdaten dazu. Ist es möglich (und wenn ja wie?) diese Ansicht auch auf der Übersicht auf dem Touchscreen anzeigen zu lassen?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

Hi there, I'm using Venus OS on a Raspberry Pi 3b+. I've connected a GPS receiver to it and can see my location and some weather data over the VRM portal. Is there a way (and if yes, how is it done?) to display this data also locally on the home screen of my touch screen?

Thanks in advance!

2fast4u asked
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I only seem to be able to find my GPS information in Remote Console from VRM

I thought I read there was a widget I could add to the dashboard or devices like a temp probe can. Not finding it. If I RC into the Cerbo I can see the GPS statistics. From VRM is only the small map all that can be seen? -Bill

bigbillsd asked
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How to remove location from VRM

Temporally I connected a USB GPS to my CCGX.
But now it is not connected anymore, it's location still stays in the VRM portal.

Not so logic, on a boat ;-)

harold asked
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GPS Sample Rate

I have a 4GModemGPS fitted with an external antenna connected to a Cerbo GX. When downloading my GPS track history KML file through VRM, Google Maps shows only some partial blue tracks. Do I need to increase the sample rate and if so, how do I do this?

ataboy asked
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Set location (lat/long) using third party device?


In my trailer I have a WiFi access point with a couple of SIMs in it (one for roaming and one for home) which also has GPS. I currently feed the GPS into a homebrew system I run, but it would be quite nice if I could add it to the VRM portal as well. The API looks like it's read-only and there doesn't seem to be a way of injecting the data any other way.

I really don't want to have to buy a Victron LTE gateway and two more SIMs just to get the data in, so any other way would be very helpful (and considerably cheaper).

So, can I get lat/long information into VRM?

Cheers. Nicholas.

niccyba asked
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Raymarine GPS to Cerbo GX

How do I connect a Raymarine RS-130 GPS (Seatalk - STng) to the Cerbo GX. Another threat indicated it is possible, but not sure what adaptor is needed and which connection port in the GX. I have an older Raymarine C series, so can't use the MFD sync.

tilapia asked
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