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Lead Carbon in the box storage

Hi All

Any info on “New, in the box from the factory” storage time for lead carbon batteries” leave them sleeping or get them out and charge them? Boats not going to arrive for about 6-8 months

I have a Quattro I can use to charge them then let them go into storage mode?

charge them individually first or pop them all on the bus?

any top tips greatly appreciated

kind regards all


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What conditions makes my multiplus go from float to storage

I have a multiplus 12/3000/230 connected to a 390Ah AGM bank with a maximum of 0,2C charging current. Some times when the depth of disharge is not to deep, the charger goes to rapid from float to storage. The charging current can be as high as 7A/13,8V float when charger goes over to storage mode. I have read that it should take 24 hours before the charger goes to storage mode. On my charger this happens after a few hours if DOD when the charging started was less than 20%. The result is 95% SOC when the charger goes in storage mode. What conditions should be met to go from float to storage? The multiplus is used as inverter/charger in a sailboat.

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MPPT 100/30 suddenly allows battery to be charged to only around 50 %


i have approximately 6 months old solar system on a camper consisting of these components: Victron mppt 100/30, LIONTRON Lithium LiFePO4 LX Smart 12,8V 100Ah, three solar panels 12V/100W, Converter SINUS Victron Energy Phoenix VE.Direct 800VA 12V, Cyrix-ct 12-24V 120A connection to alternator.

Everything was working perfectly until recently. Suddenly im no longer able to fully charge my battery. I can usually get it to around 50 % and then mppt turns to float. I think it shows absorption point has been reached [14.20V], which should indicate battery is full [unless im mistaken], however that is definitely not the case. If a turn solar panels on/off, it goes back to bulk, but only for a couple of minutes. Adding screenshots of mppt history and battery overview. Im somewhat suspicious its connected to the firmware update a while ago, however im by no means certain as i dont check it that regularly and therefore only noticed the issue with a delay.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Petr K.








Screenshot_20220521-205312_LIONTRON Multi.jpg

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Setting Battery capacity on a victron shut.

I have. Two victron 25.5 v 200ahrs connected in series for a 48v system. What is the battery correct capacity setting. Is it 200ahr or 400amh. How can I set this remotely using vrm portal

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I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 Interrupted over and over again

I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 my battery bank is 4 300ah lifpo4 battery's,

I have set the charge voltage to 14.6v with the custom setting as recommended by the battery manufacturer.

removed the charge time limit as its a large bank.

The charger charged to 1kah and has moved to absorption charge at 14.6v but keeps being interrupted over and over again after charging around 0.5AH.

what is wrong have I set something wrong or could there be a fault with the charger.

Regards Rob

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Need more watts, Orion DC-DC Charger to EcoFlow Delta Max

Have installed a 12/12 30 Victron Orion isolated DC-DC charger connected to a Delta Max. When I plug the Delta into lighter socket from a Toyota Sienna minivan I get about 99watts charge. When I charge via the Orion, I only manage about 10 more watts at about 111watts. That's a far cry from the 360 watts I thought I would be getting. I did notice that sometimes it will go up to about 165watts for a second or two before resetting back to about 100watts again.

I'm hoping changing some settings in the app can help and looking for advice, tips, thoughts and suggestions please.

Thanks for your time!

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Mppt to charge 480v battery bank???

Hello I saw that there are inverters for three-phase current up to 50/100/200 kw. And they accept a battery voltage of 300/400 volts.

However, I have noticed that there are no mppt controllers capable of charging 400 volt battery banks.

I wonder, is it possible to connect many 48v mppts in series to a 480 volt bank?

I also saw that victronenergy does not produce inverters over 5kw it seems to me.

Is it possible to combine several 5 kw inverters in parallel to obtain 30/50/100 kw output?

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BMV702 Solar / Alternator Setup advice

I have a Kisae DMT1230 installed with a solar panel and two 110 Ah batteries wired in parallel. I'm wondering what settings I should be using for the battery monitor to actually monitor by batteries, as currently it shows 100% all the time.

Battery charger settings:

Bulk and absorption - 14.6v

Float - 13.6v

The currently (default) settings for the battery monitor is set to 13.2v (charge voltage) with a tail charge of 4% and detection time of 3 minutes. I understand this is incorrect for my set up as any charge into the batteries will sync the monitor to 100%.

What should I set my charge voltage, tail charge and detection time to? In the manual its says a couple of points below absorption voltage, however my charger uses the same voltage for bulk and absorption .

Cheers in advance

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Lynx smart bms charging behavior



I am using the Lynx Smart BMS for the first time and need some help understanding its behavior. The system is installed in an RV and consists of 2x 48/5000 Quattros configured in split phase, along with 4x 25.6 200ah Smart lithium batteries in a 48v arrangement.

The Lynx BMS has the following settings:

Charged voltage: 56.8v

Tail current: 4%

Charged detection time: 3 minutes

Absorption time: 2 hours

SoC threshold: 70%

When connected to shore power and the batteries full, the BMS will frequently call for bringing the voltage up to the charged voltage of 56.8v. It will remain there for roughly 20 minutes and then return to float voltage. The timing of this appears to be random, but it seems to occur at least twice per day. Would this be considered normal? What triggers this to occur? I haven't been able to find published information regarding the BMS charging strategy.

When this occurs there is a momentary power outage within the coach. VRM data doesn't show any interruption in input or output power. Logging interval is set to 1 minute, so it may not be fast enough to capture this momentary power loss.

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Why is my Victron Easy Solar unit only drawing half of the usual generator power?

For some reason my Easy Solar (with 48V Lithium BYD Box) is only drawing about half of the power it usually does when the generator is running. The battery temp doesn't seem to affect it, whether 14 deg C or 20 deg C.

I tested the generator supply out by switching on my coffee machine while watching the monitor - Generator Watts jumped up from around 800 W to over 2000 W. Then straight back to around 800 W when I switched the load off. In Console I tried adjusting the max charging amps up and down, but the actual charging amps are still well below this setting.

The generator usually cruises along at about 1450 Watts of charge. Why would it have suddenly dropped to 800W ?

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Fluctuating under load

I have a 100/50. I have 4x 180 watt panels. I had them in parallel to minimize possible shading issues. They are on an RV. I wanted to see if now that I am in full sun for a while whether they would perform better in series. What I am finding is under heavy load the voltage jumps up, as it should but the amps won't "lock in". The watts wildly fluctuate from 10-300 watts. It will do this forever. I tested with the electric hot water. This never happened in parallel. Any ideas?

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Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 12-Volt 15 amp 120V, 3 Output Battery Charger NEMA 5-15, Bluetooth

Can this charger be used to charge 2 Lithium Iron Phosphate and 1 Lead acid battery at the same time. I thought I read if you go in to advanced settings it can do it. But all I can find out is that it can only charge batteries with the same composition.

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Centaur 12/40 erratic behaviour

Hey Folks, I need a bit of advice here.

Just bought a boat with said charger installed and seemingly worked fine for the first weeks, or I simply didn't notice. The boat is from 2007 so the charger is likely from 2007 as well.

I have two battery banks the chargers connects to, directly, one house and one engine. The third output is not connected. The engine battery is 75Ah and the house bank is combined 360Ah (3x120Ah)

I would like to run the fridge permanently which pulls around 6A.

When returning from cruising, I can see the charger (using the VIctrom battery monitor) quickly go up to 130W charge, which in return very quickly (minutes) tapers off until around 10-20 minutes later it would stop. Voltage (according to BMV) goes up to around 13.05V maximum battery voltage. Charge diminishes after 10-20 minutes where in the end if would only charge with a few watts if at all.

Once it turns off, the fridge necessarily depletes the battery. The Centaur never switches on again and subsequently my separate battery fail safe triggers and the fridge turns off. Periodically, it seems, the centaur IS trying to charge as upon returning to the boat after 1-2d, the fridge may be powered off, but the contents are not entirely cold. So It seems at some stage it will try to charge but I never been able to see it when returning to the boat.

Once I do return to the boat, the BMV says -5W (consuming) or so - the stand-by draw of a few devices. If I turn off the charger, and turn on again I can bring it back to live for a while. Initially 130W charge, then tapering off and quickly stopping charging entirely. I can repeat this a few times and actually do get the thing to charge when just basically tripping the switch every 10 minutes.

I've opened the device and nothing looks amiss, looks really great. Fans run, device seems not to be overheating but wouldn't know where to look. Nothing blocking the fans etc. I've tried three battery settings, all to the same conclusion. I have LA batteries and the corresponding setting has been made.

Is it possible that there is an issue with the temperature sensor inside the unit? The engine battery is kept at 13.30V (LA setting) and seemingly always hovers around this point which is perfect. I've never seen 13.30V on the house. The symptom I have seems to be compatible with overheating (the manual says that there's an internal temp sensor which when triggers will reduce charge current).

Additionally, I've never seen more than 130W (10.5A) going into the battery despite the engine battery sitting full and really expecting 500W (or at least 400W) charge. This is confirmed by the amperemeter on front of the device which never exceeds 10A (it may for a brief moment when the charger is turned on after returning to the dock which I've never seen - it normally shows < 5A if it does charge at all).

The battery bank is new and seems to charge fine with the alternator. I'm currently sitting on ~ 50Ah consumed (according to BMV) and cannot convince the battery charger to charger the battery fully.

What could be the issue here?

Thanks guys,


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Watts on battery not right

Watch the video that I attach here in order to understand the questions please. It is one hour aprox of remote control recorded, but in fast motion in order to make it 15 seconds.

So, there are a couple of things that seems to be wrong:
Watts on battery are not right. If you do the maths from the Grid, the AC Loads, and the PV Charger, that seems clear to me. What can be the source of the problem??

Battery percentage jumps from 2 different charge percentages various times. The difference between one and the other is about 5/7% battery. That happens no matter if charging, or if discharging.

The batteries are 2.4 kW Dyness b4850 (4 units)

Anyone has any idea?


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