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Multi not charging battery but panels do

Hello All,

I have a client with a Multi II 5kva, and SolarMD battery. System worked 100% but now the Multi will not charge battery but the solar panels charge the battery no problem. Discharge from battery no problem!!

Any idea why this could happen


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Fluctuating under load

I have a 100/50. I have 4x 180 watt panels. I had them in parallel to minimize possible shading issues. They are on an RV. I wanted to see if now that I am in full sun for a while whether they would perform better in series. What I am finding is under heavy load the voltage jumps up, as it should but the amps won't "lock in". The watts wildly fluctuate from 10-300 watts. It will do this forever. I tested with the electric hot water. This never happened in parallel. Any ideas?

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3-Phasen-Multiplus-System mit einer Phase am AC-In betreiben

Wir haben auf einem Boot erfolgreich mit 3 Multiplus Compact 24/2000-50 und unserer Batteriebank ein 3-Phasen-System erstellt. Ohne Landstrom haben wir Drehstrom, mit dem wir unsere 400V-Pumpen betreiben können. Wenn wir 400V Landstrom haben, können wir unser 3-phasiges Bordnetz mit Landstrom versorgen und unsere Batterien laden.

Wenn die Phasenverschiebung falsch ist oder wenn wir nur eine Phase im Hafen haben, können wir nicht unsere Batterien laden, sondern die MPcompact arbeiten nur als Inverter, als wenn gar kein Landstrom verfügbar wäre.

Kann man, wenn wir nur einphasigen Landstrom haben, mit den Victron-Geräten ein 3-phasiges Bordnetz herstellen und gleichzeitig die Batterien laden?

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Setting 'Charged Voltage' on the smart shunt

Should the 'charged voltage' as set up on the Smart Shunt be the same value as the float voltage of the system?

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Multiplus new CT brought and added however still not charging batterys

Hi I have a multiplus 5000va ive had this system installed by an electrical contractor for the past 6 years. Until recently I had no problems. its the old Carlo Gavazzi meter with the three terminals on the bottom for monitoring via the mbus usb cable. What happens is it constantly dropped pv inverter from the ccgx. So I tried everything which failed, brought a new CT sensor wired it in today and the pv is back. however it still does not appear to be charging my batteries from the sun.

I will test this further tomorrow but any ideas what's happening?

Dale asked

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Lifepo4 and AGM with Bluesmart 30/12


I have two Victron Super Cycle AGM 100Ah batteries in my boat and to Charge them I use Victron Bluesmart IP22 Charger. Can I replace one of the batteries with LiFePo4 battery and use the Lithium setting in the charger? Will it ruin the AGM battery? I have the setup as stationary in my boat so that I only have to plug in the powe cord when I arrive home.

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Victron EV Charging Station - RFID - Multiple Stations --> Energy Management

I´ve seen the brand new Video presentation of the EV Charging Station on youtube and have two Questions:

What functions does the RFID Interface has? Can the Station just be turned on/off with a RFID chip or can it also be used to monitor the consumption for different users ?

When we have more than one EV Charging Station connected to one CerboGX. How is it managed, that the Stations share the Excess Power ? Is this possible ?

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Syncing Multiplus and Shunt SOC

My Victron shunt and Multiplus are showing 2 different SOC readings. The shunt is showing 100% but the 24/3000/70 is showing anywhere from 70-80% SOC. I have programmed the shunt to know that the battery bank has 412aH @ 24v nominal.

How do I know which reading is accurate, or if either of them even are correct at all?

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LifePo4 Damage

New system I just am installing in van. Multiplus 3000 inverter/charger, two Lifepo4 12v batteries connected in series. Plugged into outlet with reverse polarity. Charger seems ok, but batteries go dead. when D/C load applied with charger off. The first battery, connected to positive side of circuit drops voltage to 7 v. Second battery connected in series on negative side of circuit has 14.3 v. Did I kill a battery or can it's BMS be reset?

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L1 : Low battery

Anyone knows haw to fix this ? and multiplus gx status : system off


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Charging - Bulk, Absorption and Float

Hi All

Can someone help validate / correct my understanding on the above.

I am trying to understand in simple terms what is happening in these states of charge. I have read Energy Unlimited - and other documents - I think I've got my head around it - but fear I haven't understood it correctly. Be gentle with me if I am being stupid :-).

Bulk -

The charger throws amps in to the battery - as many as it can (while being limited by any specific limits set in the charger). As loads of amps pile in to the battery - the battery voltage rises. When the battery voltage reaches the specified absorption V - bulk stops - and absorption starts. This phase will simply go on as long as it takes - to get to the battery V to the set absorption V. This could take 1 minute, 1 hours, 3 hours....

Absorption -

The charger continues to throw amps at the battery - but in this phase it doesn't allow the voltage to go above the specified absorption V. So, as time goes on, in this phase, the number of Amps drop off, as the battery gets fuller, the charger requires less amps to maintain the battery at the specified V. Eventually the number of Amps being thrown at the battery drops to almost nothing - to hold the battery at the specified absorption V. At this stage, or, when hitting the time limit set for absorption, the charge stops absorption and switches to float. This phase will go on for as long as it takes, or, for a specified time if time limited in settings of any given charger.

Float -

The charger now just holds the battery at a lower specified voltage - trickling the lowest number of Amps in to the battery that it can- to maintain the float Voltage.

Feedback please - am I way off the mark ?



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Marine Lithium Battery Charging, Controlling and Monitoring

Marine setup. 4x Renogy 12v/200amp (100amp Max continuous charge) LiFePO4 batteries w/internal BMS & Bluetooth. Sources of Charge: (a) 2x Volvo Diesel engines with standard Alternators (guess 65amp each) - internal regulators configured for typical LED 12v charge profiles, (b) Multiplus II 12/3000/120 (30 amp Shore Power), and (c) Victron Blue Solar MPPT 100/30. Question #1. Recommendations for methods to manage/control Charge Profile for current produced by engine Alternators to manage Lithium batteries instead of LED batteries. I suspect this would be via the use of Orion DC-DC 30amp Charge Controllers - would you recommend (A) one for each engine or 2x stacked per engine, and (B) would these be then common connected to a bus bar or directly to battery bank or via a Victron Lynx product (I want to be able to manage and see in real time the performance of DC chargers and control situations where Solar and Shore power and Engine Power is all coming in at once via the Victron Connect App. Question #2 How do I configure the 4x Battery Bank to be able to see each individual batteries performance via the Victron Connect App? I currently have a Victron Venus GX & one Victron BMV700 with temp sensor and smart shunt - should I buy additional smart shunts + battery protectors, or, Lynx Smart Shunt, or will any of the Victron external BMS systems work?

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Lynx smart bms charging behavior



I am using the Lynx Smart BMS for the first time and need some help understanding its behavior. The system is installed in an RV and consists of 2x 48/5000 Quattros configured in split phase, along with 4x 25.6 200ah Smart lithium batteries in a 48v arrangement.

The Lynx BMS has the following settings:

Charged voltage: 56.8v

Tail current: 4%

Charged detection time: 3 minutes

Absorption time: 2 hours

SoC threshold: 70%

When connected to shore power and the batteries full, the BMS will frequently call for bringing the voltage up to the charged voltage of 56.8v. It will remain there for roughly 20 minutes and then return to float voltage. The timing of this appears to be random, but it seems to occur at least twice per day. Would this be considered normal? What triggers this to occur? I haven't been able to find published information regarding the BMS charging strategy.

When this occurs there is a momentary power outage within the coach. VRM data doesn't show any interruption in input or output power. Logging interval is set to 1 minute, so it may not be fast enough to capture this momentary power loss.

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Lead Carbon in the box storage

Hi All

Any info on “New, in the box from the factory” storage time for lead carbon batteries” leave them sleeping or get them out and charge them? Boats not going to arrive for about 6-8 months

I have a Quattro I can use to charge them then let them go into storage mode?

charge them individually first or pop them all on the bus?

any top tips greatly appreciated

kind regards all


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