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24V / 100AH LiFePo Battery not charging fully with IP67 24Vcharger

I have a 6 month old 24v / 100AH lithium battery that I can't seem to charge fully. I have been through 20 cycles with the Victron IP67 24v charger and the most I can get is around 10 amp hours. Charge mode is always the default Li-ion mode. I should not the first time I charged it took almost the full 100AH after purchase from store. The voltages all look correct but the charger goes into storage mode after about 1-2 hours. At most I get 3-5hrs of use with a draw of around 4-5AH, and then the battery dies. I have even hooked up to portable fridge / freezer, and it also gives out over the same time period. This is the second battery I have had the same issue with. All charger diagnostic looks good but can't get more than 10AH per charge even after leaving on for days.

The battery can take 40AH input ...


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Charge agm start and gel house batterybank with dc to dc ?

Can i use a orion dc to dc to my 150 amp agm start and 240 amp gel house batterybank instead of an argofet insulator? Like in the picture.


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SmartController not able to set Bulk charging voltage

I am setting up a SmartSolar Controller 150/35 to charge my battery pack. Using Victron Connect app (iOS) it does not allow me to set the Bulk Voltage. It does allow me to set the Absorption and Float voltage. That is one problem. Also, when in operation the controller goes into Bulk charging but uses the lower Float voltage setting. Then when it switches to Absorption mode it does use the higher absorption voltage. This appears to me either a Victron Connect problem or a SmartSolar firmware problem. What am I missing ?? I'm new to this site so maybe this has already been discussed. Any help with these issues would be appreciated.

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Problème de charge avec MPPT 75/15

Bonjour à tous,

Mon installation qui comprend un MPPT bluesolar 75/15 + un PV 12v 100w + une batterie LiFePO4 50Ah fonctionnait à merveille jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Lorsque je consulte l'application je constate que la batterie est en mode bulk ( tension de 13,05v ) c'est à dire partiellement déchargée. La tension de mon panneau est de 22v mais il ne débite aucuns courant ( puissance de 0w ) alors qu'il fait grand soleil. Pareil lorsque je tire sur la batterie. J'ai testé avec un autre panneau et le problème est toujours là. J'ai essayé de débrancher l'installation puis de rebrancher mais ça ne change rien... Auriez vous quelques pistes pour m'aider s'il vous plaît ?

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EV Charging Station KfW Förderung

Neither Victron Support nor one of its “Partners” seem to be willing or able to answer a simple question:

“Ist die Victron EV Charging Station förderfähig gemäß KfW441? Falls nicht, kann ich mit einer kurzfristigen Freigabe durch die KfW rechnen?”

Anybody knows?

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Grid feeding Problem

Hi to everybody willing to help me!

I have a Problem:

My setup:
Multiplus II
two Chargecontrollers connectetd VE Direct to a
Cerbo GX
EM24 Meter.

When I switch on the Grid power and the Multiplus starts feeding into the Grid, everything breaks down.
The Energy is flowing in every direction, back and forth from the battery and the MPII is jumping Power up and down. (If I am only drawing power from the grid everything is fine)

Also the LEDs on the chargecontrollers are blinking and it is switchin nonstop between Bulk and float mode.

If I disconnect one chargecontroller from the CerboGx everything is suddenly fine!
(Although the chargecontroller ist still delivering power and it is fed to the grid)

Where should I start looking? Everythink is updated and works great if
A) The grid is connected and the feed grid is disabeld
B) VE Direct cabel is not connected to the larger Chargecontroller.

Thank you!

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Victron EV Charging Station - RFID - Multiple Stations --> Energy Management

I´ve seen the brand new Video presentation of the EV Charging Station on youtube and have two Questions:

What functions does the RFID Interface has? Can the Station just be turned on/off with a RFID chip or can it also be used to monitor the consumption for different users ?

When we have more than one EV Charging Station connected to one CerboGX. How is it managed, that the Stations share the Excess Power ? Is this possible ?

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MPPT 100/20 very low voltage

My MPPT 100/20 suddenly only sees less than 1v on the battery. I’ve checked all connections. The wires into the MPPT when disconnected show a normal 12.2v, but once I connect this up the screws in the MPPT show a voltage of about 0.74V. The fuse is fine, the firmware is up to date. So not sure what to do here. Any ideas?


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2x blue solar MPPT 150/35 for 1 battery

Can i use 2 Blue solar MPPT 150/35 to load 1 battery ?

Or do i have to use a different model for this ?



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Nach Update auf V1.50; Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 Laderegler nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Hallo, wir haben einen Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 an einem 110 Watt Solar Panel und einer 225 Amp/h Batterie installiert.

Vor dem Software Update auf V.1.50 hat das System toll funktioniert.

Bulk und Float alles ok. Siehe bitte Foto.

Nach dem Update auf V1.50 kennt das System nur noch Bulk - Ladung.

In den Tagen vor und nach dem Software Update waren keine Stromverbraucher aktiv. Auch sonst wurde nichts am System verändert.

Wir haben nun seit 3 Tagen Verbraucher hinzugeschaltet. Das System lädt weiterhin nur in Erhaltungsladung - Bulk weiter. Die Sonneneinstrahlung ist in den Tagen vergleichbar.

Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Gibt es ein neues Softwareupdate? Oder kann man auf die alte Software Version zurück wechseln?

Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus für die Informationen.


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Voltage spikes with MPPT near absorbtion. DC to DC also having issues at absorbtion.

In my van I have a 100W solar panel feeding a Victron MPPT 75/15 which feeds a 100A SOK lithium battery. Also wired to the same battery I have a Victron 12/12 30A DC DC isolated charge controller, not grounded to chasis, just wired + and - to my car battery.

I don't seem to ever have problems when the battery is lower and it's in bulk charge. Sometimes when the battery is near or in absorption stage, usually in full sun, and oftentimes right after starting up my engine which kicks on the charge controller I will hear my inverter beep every few seconds over and over and it will say HI, meaning high voltage. This also sometimes happens with the engine off in full sun. The Victron app will log spikes up around 17-18 volts. In the app it will show watts bouncing from the low digits to over 50W along with the beeps. If I turn my MPPT off the voltage spikes stop. This is always in full sun with no clouds.

3 screenshots of the same instance, zooming in




another couple of instances




The other issue I notice is that when my DC DC charger hits absorption the AMPs feeding my battery constantly fluctuate dramatically. This corresponds with my engine revving up and down at idle. If I turn the DC DC charger off the revving stops.

Could it be that I have both a bad MPPT charger and a bad DC to DC charger? the DC DC charger was purchased as being already opened box but the MPPT was new. I'm suspecting maybe it could have something to do with my SOK battery since I'm having issues with both charge controllers, but I'm hoping someone with more expertise could chime in and enlighten me. I have settings for both set to the standard lithium settings. Thanks for reading!

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ajout ESS sur installation avec Ohmpilot et zéro injection

Bonjour à tous,

J'ai une installation de 6kWc qui fonctionne en "Zéro Injection", monophasé. Elle est en réseau "MODBUS RTU" . Elle comporte uniquement des appareils de marque Fronius :

¤ Un GALVO 3.0-1 ( onduleur esclave )

¤ Un PRIMO 3.6-1 ( onduleur maître )

¤ Un Fronius Ohmpilot qui utilise une partie du surplus pour le chauffe-eau

¤ Un compteur intelligent Fronius "63A - 1" en tête du tableau électrique

Il me reste une bonne quantité d’énergie que je voudrais stocker et utiliser en dehors de l'ensoleillement.

Je voudrais y ajouter :

¤ "Multiplus 2" de 3000 VA

¤ 2 batteries 48V de 2.5 kW

Il faudra sûrement ajouter un compteur / ou capteur de courant Victron ?

Comment brancher ces appareils pour rester en "Zéro injection" et pour que les batteries ne servent pas à chauffer l'eau.

Dans l'ordre, les priorités que je voudrais avoir:

1/ Consommation directe

2/ Chauffe eau

3/ Charge des batteries

4/ Hors soleil, utiliser l’énergie des batteries

Je remercie tous ceux qui peuvent m'aider sur ce sujet. Et si possible les utilisateurs de ce type de fonctionnement.

Très cordialement.

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Battery Balancer (BMS012201000) lithium

Hi All

I have just purchased some 12v lithium batteries that have internal battery balancers but they do not connect to each other. There is two 12v batteries in series for a 24v system. In total 4 batteries 200ah each so 24v system with 400ah. As the internal BMS dont talk to each other I have installed a balancer.

System is charged from victrom MPPT solar charger with about 27amps of pannels, set to lithium

Is this a good or bad idea?

I have been getting error higher voltage on lower battery but if remove two batteries it seems to work normally, Do I get a second balancer and parallel it or remove the victron balancer from the system?

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Charging lithium whit alternator


Im looking a way to ad one more altenator to charge a 10x 200AH 24V bank.

My goal is to get at least 120A on 24 V from it, but cant find a curent limiter or dc-dc charger so big that it will do the job.

I dont want puting 20 of orions for that 2 altenators ( 2 engines), so im looking for single device it can do that.

Money is not a problem, just to have some simpliest and solid solution.

Any advice will be good.

P.s. there is 2 banks of agm motor battery for preventing a spikes if bms cut of servis.

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Slow battery charging

I work in a hospital in Mulanje (Malawi). We have recently connected 6 Quattro (6x15kW) with 6 Fronius Symo (6x15kW) AC-coupled. We have 6 battery banks (29 batteries in total). Each bank has a BMV and battery capacity of 500Ah (5x100Ah). 1 bank is different with 400Ah (4x100Ah). It is in Malawi not allowed to feed back to the grid. The system is running pretty good but we are dealing with the next issue.

When there is not enough solarpower to provide the load of the hospital and to charge the batteries the system is not using the grid to charge the batteries. For example we have a powercut and the batteries will be discharged until 8% and the powercut is over it will not start charging the batteries from the grid to the minimum SOC set in the ESS. Also not when i enable the setting 'keep battery charged'. Only when there is enough solarpower it will use the batteries to store the load. what can i do to change this? See pictures for more info. Thanks in advance.



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