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Blue Smart IP67 and AGM batteries

I recently purchased IP67 13A for a small sailboat with A 12V AGM battery. I completed the installation and do not see a setting in the app which denoted AGM. Does the charger “know” that it is AGM? Or did I purchased the wrong charger. The green lite is steady and the yellow lite is flashing in absorption mode Connected to 30amp shore power. I did not stay long enough to see it go into float mode. I‘ve heard AGM’s are very particular about charge rates. Is there some setting I need to adjust on the app that I’m not seeing?

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Multiplus Compact 24/2000 Trojan T125


We have a Multiplus Compact with a house bank of 8 Trojan T125's in a 24V series/parallel configuration.

How to configure the Equalisation Voltage?

With VEconfig we are able to set the Absorption and Float voltage, the Equalisation voltage is a fixed voltage 2V above Absorption (according to the Multiplus manual).

According the Trojan recommendations this is not OK for the T125.

If we set Absorption to 29.4 the Equalisation will be 31.4 instead of the recommended 32,4V

And Trojan recommends a 2-4 hour equalisation.



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Alternator charging lithium

Sorry if this is already covered somewhere but I can’t seem to find a simple answer. Maybe there isn’t one?

I have a hitachi 80A alternator and want to charge my bank of 400A Victron lithium batteries. (I also have 4 x 175w solar panels running through 4 independent smart solar MPPT).

Is there a regulator I can add to the alternator or what is the best way to set this up?

I also have a Fischer Panda AGT4000 12v generator which I would like to add in to the mix.

(Starter battery is a standard lead acid battery)

any help really appreciated

many thanks


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Low battery warning


so I have everything wired to this system, with the dc/dc hookup, mppt solar, 3000 multi plus. And 300ah of lithium battery. when I disconnect my batteries I’m still getting 12 throughout my system, yes the break in the line is to the batteries. Also the victron multi plus keeps showing low voltage. Even when we are in the sun with the solar system charging. What am I doing wrong and how can this be fixed?

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Will the trickle charge disable when main charge is disabled?

I plan to control my multiplus 12/3000 charging via a BMV 712. So charging of my Lithium stops when reaching wanted voltage. Will this chat down the trickle charging to? I cannot find any information on this.

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 1 vs 3

How does the 3 output behave with only one battery connected? Is the total charge output divided among the three outputs regardless? For example if only one battery is connected to the 3 output model would it get a 30 amp charge or a 10 amp charge. If the output is divided can all three outputs be hooked up to one battery?

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Sterling 60a battery to battery charger settings for Victron Lithium Smart.

I have 3x 200ah lithium smart batteries in parallel and plan to charge with the BB1260

I think it should be setup on "Custom mode"

I need to know:

Boost / bulk / absorption (V)

conditioning (V)

Float (V)

Absorption time factor (0-18)

Absorption minimum (0-960 minutes)

Absorption maximum (0-960 minutes)

I assume:

boost / bulk would be 14.4

absorption / conditioning 4.2

Float 13.5

Absorption time factor 1 (just a guess because this will be overwritten by the min / max)

Absorption time 2hr / 2hr for both

I would like some feedback ! thanks

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MPPT 150/70 stops charging

I have an MPPT 150/70, I have had the system running for 6 months, no problem. Its a 48V system, with a LiFeP04 battery and Aims inverter. The frequently I have noticed that it starts to charge in the morning as usual, but will cut out to zero amps of charging current after a couple hours when the battery is partway charged. The system is pulling around 10A from the battery and noting from the MPPT. If I turn on my well...a large load, the charge controller will shoot up to full power, usually around 45A charge current. (Smaller loads will not trigger it to start charging again, not even my 20A furnace). When I turn off the well, it will either go back to zero right away or after a short time. Sometimes it will just keep charging after cycling the well on and off.

I am frustrated trying to determine why the charger would shut off like this. I did take a look at the battery, it is made up of two 24V batteries in series. They are balanced. I also tried hooking up a 24v battery charger to them (while hooked up in parallel and they charge just fine using the external charger.

The charge controller and battery are in my basement, located next to each other and its about 50F-60F in the room.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, or what I might do to troubleshoot some more?

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EasySolar-II-GX not charging

Hi to all,

I have an EasySolar-II-GX 48/3000 system that went live yesterday and won't charge the battery bank. There is sufficient PV voltage. System parameters are:

- PowerPlus Energy (Aust) Lipo battery bank installed, user defined battery settings as per spec.

- Off grid system & no generator. A.C charge capability disabled.

- Multiplus firmware V471

- MPPT firmware V1.46

- GX device firmware V2.53

It appears the MPPT controller is stuck in OFF state as the remote input to it is held LOW by the GX device. Remote input voltage level checked with multimeter at 0 volts.

If I remove the remote control link wire from GX to MPPT and bridge MPPT remote input (H to L) as per manual then the MPPT operates as expected and charges batteries.

My question is, under what circumstances does the GX device inhibit the MPPT charge operation?

I have updated all firmwares and may have inadvertently upset one of the settings somewhere so an incorrect setting may be the cause.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards, Andrew.



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Victron MPPT 100/20 for charging LiFePO4 batteries

Hi all, so I looked at the specs for this controller but cant see where there is a specific charge profile for any type of battery?

I am currently using this controller to charge an AGM but I am wanting to move to a LiFePO4 soon & want to know if the charge profile will suit the lithium 100% or will it not meet the needs of the lithium 100%??

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MultiPlus-II not going into float when Pylontech batteries are charged

Hey guys,

So I am trying to workout why my Multi stays in absorption mode (when batteries are 100% SoC), sits at roughly 28V constantly and never goes into float mode. I would like the batteries to sit at a lower voltage over long periods, around the 26.5V-27V to prolong the life of the batteries, even if I lose a few percent.

I have DVCC turned on in my Cerbo.


-2 x Pylontech UP2500 batteries - Nominal Voltage: 25.6V

-Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 (Not yet operating as no PV array hooked up yet)


-Cerbo GX

This is going to be an off-grid system but until I install my PV array I just have mains plugged in at all times.

Current Multi configuration:

-Absorption Voltage: 27.8V - As per the Voctron/Pylontech setup guide for 8S LiFePo4.

-Float Voltage: 27V

-Absorption time: 1 Hr

-Lithium mode on.

-Fixed charge curve.

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Multiplus II not charging

Hello all,

My Multiplus-II/Cerbo/Batrium ESS-setup is not charging anymore and I'm looking for reasons why that happens but have a hard time finding the root-cause. The GX says it is on Scheduled Charging / bulk (setup by me) but there is no current going into the batteries. The Batrium's charging state is ON, therefor I see no reason for the Multiplus not to start charging. If I set ESS to 'keep batteries charged' the Multiplus goes into Passthru.

My main question is: where to look for the cause?

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Controlling the charge power of a MPPT250/100

Hi all,

Looking for many years at these nice blue boxes of Victron and finally having a good reason to buy one or two: two 4,3V European batteries 48V 16S2P LifePO4 batteries from a luxury yacht.

Since I have wired each of my solar panels seperately I am able to make a nice 3x4 configuration that can be connected to the MPPT250/100 that will charge the 48V 8,6kWh battery. BMS will probably be a Batrium.

A Multiplus 2 (FX) will run on mains power and fall back on batteries when the mains are disconnected.

Normally, the Multiplus charges the batteries at will when there is power availabe from the grid.

I, however, want to control the charge of the batteries in order to have a full charge at the end of the day. The stress on the fully charged cells will be for a shorter time before I disconnect the mains to drain the battery till 40%, where the mains is connected back again in the morning.

In this way I can harvest all my solar energy into the batteries and use the solar energy for our household too.

Is there a way to tell the MPPT250/100 or Multiplus at what speed the batteries can be charged?

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150/35 MPPT 10 khz noise

Hello guys,

I have installed a 150/35 MPPT Smart Solar charger in my van and it is driving me crazy with the noise it produces. Once I disconnect the solar panels, the noise is gone.


Is this normal, something I have to live with or is there anything that can be done?

Thank you

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Inverted current values in Multiplus-II

Dear friends,

I am seeing some strange values while charging from grenerator in an offgrid cabin.

System setup:

- 16 Winston Lifepo 300 Ah cells connected in series@48V
- Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50
- CerboGX (fw. v. 2.73)
- Smart Solar MPPT 250/85
Generator: Honda EU70is

The Multi was installed prevously this year, but were after a while replaced by the dealer with a new unit due to malfunction (constant humming/buzzing sound, even with no load).

Upon installing the replacement, I allso installed a surge protection between the genset and the Multi. The AC-Out L1 leads to a breaker box with overload protection and 4 RDCs. They are all connected to ground. The genset is alsoo tied to ground with another ground ple connected to the chassie.

I am not sur exactely in the installation the fault appeard, but while charging from the genset, the Multiplus AC-In L1 shows negative current (A) and watt (slightly). The AC-Out L1 shows high negative values (-4100W / -18.1A).

However, the BMS menue on the Cerbo shows that the batteries are charging at full power.

On the Pages display the Generator icon shows a slight negative value (around 100W), that the Muti is in bulk mode and that current is flowing into the battery bank. See the attached screen shots.

Can anyone help med make sence of this or sugest where to start the troubleshooting? Preferabliy, suggest a solution?




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Wiring Options for Blue Smart Charger 12|

Hi All.

I recently purchased the Blue Smart Charger 12 | 7 and I'm wondering if it is suitable for my use (I suppose i should have asked this before buying it). I have a 26' sail boat with a single 12V AGM battery, and currently only a DC system. All loads are very light, under 2amp draw.

I'm wondering if this charger is suitable to be installed for charging on an ongoing basis when hooked up to shore power? and also the charger comes with a 3 prong AC plug for input, can this plug be stripped and wired into an AC panel as i've planned in my wiring diagram?

Appreciate anyone's input. Thank you


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Pylontech UP2500 100% charged but staying in absorbtion

Hey guys,

I have recently installed 2x Pylontech UP2500 batteries, Multi-Plus-II, Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 & Cerbo GX.

I am currently in the process of cell balancing the batteries. I am charging them through the Multi at the moment due to PV array not installed yet. I am balancing them individually.

I have set the current to 1A and have slowly been increasing the voltage up from 27.5v which has worked to get the battery to 100% charged. I should note that I have been changing the charge settings using Victron Connect with DVCC turned off on my Cerbo GX. The reason I am doing it like this is because that is the only way I can control the voltage due to my DVCC settings not having the "Maximum charge voltage" control option (Firmware is up to date). And to my understanding, If I turn DVCC on, the voltage adjustments I make in Victron Connect will have no effect and be overridden by the Pylontech BMS.

Anyway, once the battery had hit 100% charged, it stayed in absorption for another 20 minutes or so before giving me the high voltage alarm. Shouldn't the Multi have gone into float mode well before this?

Sorry for the ramble on but I have 3 main questions:

1. Shouldn't the Multi-Plus go into Float mode before the SoC reaches 100%? Or at least once it hits 100%?

2. It's my understanding that the best way to balance LiFePo4 batteries is to get them fully charged and them keep them fully charged for a little while to help balance them, then the high voltage alarms should go away in future charges. Is this right? If so how long are you supposed to leave them fully charged?

3. My first battery is 100% SoC. Can I call this battery charged for the sake of this exercise or should I be leaving it hooked up to the Multi and lowering that voltage again until it goes into float mode?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Best option to charge EV car off grid in 2022 - OCPP, ModBus or just plain SOC+relay

Dear all,

This will be my first post on this community - reason for reaching out is that I really feel stuck and pretty lonely in this adventure. I've been disconnected from the grid for about 5 years - the setup has evolved, but today is based on Victron charger, additional Fronius inverter due to expansion of solar panels, 16 KWh lithium batteries and a bit over 10 KWp of solar panels installed. I live in Spain so most of the days there is no issue of sun.

My most recent expansion of solar panels was to prepare the arrival of my new hybrid car (which has a 24KWh battery) - but when I asked about installing a wallbox ... all my plans felt apart. The car charger installer told me there was no system on the market for off grid situations, and my Victron reseller told me they have no experience with EV charging

The problems with standard solutions

1) Most EV car charging have a "solar kit" which basically is a device you connect between the inverter and the house, which will continuously instruct the car charger to "suck as much amps as possible" from the solar panels (continuously configure car charger amp level to estimate max PV output minus house consumption). For usual inverter based implementations connected to the grid, no problem, for systems with a charger and batteries - it's a recipe for emptying (and over time killing) batteries as the charger will likely provide the max power possible (e.g. if you have a 10KW charger, the system will provide those 10KW from the batteries even if not available from solar)

-> traditional EV charging solar kits cannot be used

2) When the house lithium batteries are full, Victron will throttle the PV output to the house consumption - so to dynamically program the car charger to maximize PV energy consumption, batteries have to not be completely filled

-> traditional Victron charger behaviour will stop EV charging if coupled with an EV solar kit

3) The solution that will be recommended by most electricians is to install a programmable relay that will only provide electricity to the EV charger if the SOC > value x. The EV car charger vendor is telling me that cutting electricity going to the EV charger will regularly force a hard reset and is a bad idea - as an EV charger is not just a plug.

-> unless if proven otherwise programmable relays based on SOC state is not an option

Looking at this community, this is not the first time someone is looking into this.

I've been looking into this problem and I'm actively working on a solution

- I've got Python scripts getting all required data from the Victron GX over modbus (SOC, PV prod, consumption) - and my EV car charger vendor tells me that adding a Phoenix Contact EM-CP-PP-ETH car charge controller SHOULD work (Python -> Modbus -> Phoenix Contact -> RS485 -> Car charger to set the # amps)

- I've got HomeAssistant pulling the same data again over modbus (much cleaner and scalable approach) - would still need the Phoenix Contact likely.

- I have installed an OCPP server on HomeAssistant (if you are new to OCPP, check:, that IN THEORY should allow me to program dynamically the amount of amps without modbus on OCPP 1.6 smart charger (often smart = programmable in EV charging) ... but again no one able to confirm if this is working.

I am still trying to find the right ev car charger (e.g. wallbox) to start it all, but am wondering

A) Is there a better / less custom way of maximizing green car charging when off grid ? Or did I get any of the 3 problems above wrong ?

B) Has anyone got OCPP to work with a car charger for dynamically SETTING the # amps ?

C) Can someone recommend any programmable car charger that has natively proper ModBus register documentation (or OCPP documentation coming with it even better)

I'll gladly share all working python scripts or working HomeAssistant configurations once I got it working live.

Thanks in advance for any pointer!


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AC-OUT-1 hat ständigen Verbraucher, AC-Lasten Permanent


Wenngleich KEIN Kabel am AC-OUT-1 Ausgang angeschlossen ist, wird dennoch im VRM als auch auf der Remote-Console ständig ein Verbraucher mit 15Watt aufgeführt,siehe Anlagen.Bisher konnte dieser"Verbraucher noch nicht durch ggf.entsprechendes Umprogammieren sowohl via Victron-Connect als auch über die Remote-Console entfernt werden.

Wie bzw.wo lässt sich die entsprechende Einstellung vornehmen?





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System will not solar charge

My Victron system is not charging. When i turn to inverting it works fine. When i turn it off it turns off. When i put it on charge only nothing happens. It charges on shore power but not on solar. (it use to charge on solar). please help?

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Victron Replacement for a Ring RSCDC30 Battery Charger


I have a campervan currently which has a Ring RSCDC30 battery charger installed. Unfortunately the unit failed last week and I'm looking for a replacement. I was disappointed that the unit failed shortly after its one year warranty expired. As a result, I'm looking to replace it with Victron components.

At present my circuit is as follows: Van battery w/ smart alternator connected to the input of the Ring unit. Similarly, I have a 150W solar panel connected to the solar input of the Ring unit also. The output of the Ring unit is connected to 2x 115Ah 12V batteries connected in parallel and from the batteries I have outputs to a 12V fuse panel and Victron Phoenix 12/375 inverter.

Can someone advise what would be my best options to replicate the above set up using a Victron battery charger & MPPT solar controller? Thanks.

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Why is my Multiplus inverting but not charging?

I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120. It works well as an inverter but when I plug it into 15A shore power, it does not charge my two 206Ah LiFePO4 batteries. I also have an Orion DC-DC charger and a SmartSolar MPPT and I have been using them successfully to charge my batteries but when I try to use the charging function of the Multiplus, the "Mains On" light flashes to tell me that "the AC output current is equal to the preset maximum input current."

I have tried setting my maximum input current to different values but that does not change the situation.

Can anyone give me insight?

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MultiPlus 12/500/20 can charging small battery?

Can MultiPlus 12/500/20 charging small battery? From spec. I understood that charging current is 20A. I would like charge 85 hA and smaller battery? What will be smallest recommended battery for this 20A charger?

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Orion TR Smart - No Output/Not Charging

I have been fighting with this Orion TR Smart for a while now (basically since i purchased it) as it has never kept the auxiliary battery charged since it was purchased and finally pulled it all out to check what's going on.

What I have found is that no matter what the app says (Bulk Charge, Float Charge or even if in Power Supply Mode), it never outputs more than around 1.7-2.1v. LED's are normal and correspond to charge modes.

  • Checked input voltage at Cable - 14.14v
  • Checked input voltage at Orion - 14.14v
  • Checked output without Battery plugged in (Charger Mode) : 1.7-2.1v
  • Checked output with Battery Plugged in (Charger Mode) : 12.1V (battery voltage, not charging)
  • Checked output without Battery plugged in (Power Supply Mode) : 1.7-2.1v
  • Checked output with Battery Plugged in (Power Supply Mode) : 12.1V (battery voltage, not charging)
  • Vehicle running for 20+ minutes. Still 0 output
  • Tried various battery/shutdown settings - same result

Anyone got any suggestions?






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Can you change the battery type in Multiplus II without MK3-USB Interface?

I have just installed my Multi with 2 x Pylontech batteries with a Cerbo GX. I am aware the default battery setting is not set to Lithium. Is there a way I can change this parameter through Cerbo GX without needing the USB interface? Or is it possible that the parameter changes on it's own given that the Cerbo thats connecting everything is reading all the info from the Pylontechs (battery info is all showing up on the Touch 50 display)?

I will order the MK3-USB interface but it looks like it's going to take a week at least to get to me and that means I am unable to charge/use my batteries for that long due to the charge profile being wrong and I don't want to damage the batteries, which means I have limited power..

(PS I don't have access to the internet where I am at the moment either)

Thanks in advance.

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Protocol for charging/equalizing parallel battery bank with Multiplus II

Hello everyone. We have a MultiPlus II with a bank of 4x48V Lithium Iron batteries in parallel (with internal BMS and no communication with the batteries). The batteries are currently at different voltages and we need to get them all up to the same voltage (say, 52.5V) so we can use them. The multiplus has been configured with the correct charge parameters for the batteries. Each battery has its own breaker.

What is the best way to get them charged up using the multiplus?

I was thinking we would switch on just battery #1 (with the breakers off for the other three batteries), let the MultiPlus charge it up, then simply turn OFF battery #1 and switch ON battery #2, let battery #2 charge up, etc and keep doing this for all 4 batteries.

Are there any problems with this? What would you do?

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Addding Victron LifePO4 battery & Smart BMS 12/200 to existing charger/inverter system?

Hello! Looking for some help iwth a marine setup. I am swapping out my old AGM house batteries for a new Victron lithium battery with a Smart BMS 12/200 (since I have a starter battery and alternator). I want to keep my Magnasine Inverter/Charger and have upgraded to the new ME-ARC remote which has a lithium option.


  1. I was told I need a Cyrix Li-Charge to tell the BMS when to stop charging? Is that the case?
  2. Will the ME-ARC be able to tell the charger when to shut off appropriately?
  3. Am I missing anything?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Smart solar 100/30 + 330wp or 545wp


I am building a van with a 12V system and I already have a smart solar mppt 100/30 built in.

I can get it from a friend for good money*pozor-doprava*/

1x 330wp polycrystal 2x1m

Max. no-load voltage Voc = 45.71V

Max. short-circuit current Isc = 9.01A

Max. voltage at load 330W: Vmp = 38.45V

Max. Current at 330W: Imp = 8.59A

Then others told me to put it on the roof as much as possible. So I'm thinking maybe this one would get in there:

1x 545 wp monocrystal 2,3x 1x15m

Max. no-load voltage Voc = 49.4V

Max. short-circuit current Isc = 13.9A

Max. voltage at load 545W: Vmp = 41.2V

Max. Current at 545W: Imp = 13.2 A

they say they will never go full power on the flat roof of a car.

the question is? Is it necessary to go to such a panel at all? would it stand it 100/30?

does it make sense or just 330wp is enough?

may a better choice be two smaller ones?

sorry for my english. Jiri

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24V charger with 3 isolated output to charge 48V battery bank


Recent fan and total newbie.

I am thinking of a 48V back up system with grid charging for my home power few lights and security system.

When it comes to chargers I found few Victron chargers with 24V ,three isolated outputs. Is it possible to combine the isolated output in series to make a 48V charger? I am looking at

PHOENIX smart IP43


To be future proof I will need Li Battery charge option hence cant use Skylla TG only option with 48V.

Thank you.

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Charge agm start and gel house batterybank with dc to dc ?

Can i use a orion dc to dc to my 150 amp agm start and 240 amp gel house batterybank instead of an argofet insulator? Like in the picture.


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