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GX 50 Touch Rebooting progress?

@mvader (Victron Energy) in the post for the link below you advised that the issue with my touch 50 rebooting was being looked into……then you closed the thread!

Can you please advise if this is being looking into as it’s still doing it.

Thanks for any reply

chris-john asked

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Using the Multiplus II to enable / disable another inverter on ACout1?

As anyone successfully installed a ESS system with the Multiplus 2 installed with PV on AC-out1 (Grid tied) but also another inverter/charger on AC-out1? The reason for asking is I've been offered a a large quantity of 12v batteries and a 24v inverter/charger of which I was thinking I could use on the AC-out1 to charge and discharge under the demand of the Multiplus (charge when export to grid>3kW or charge on off-peak electric, discharge if demand greater than 4kW) Pro's and con's to this idea? In short, its going to be a test rig for a few ideas bit I dont want to trash my Multiplus, but I think ideally it would need to be under the control of the mUltiplus.

Existing setup - Multiplus II GX 48v 5kVa with 20kWh of batteries

Proposed addition - 24v 3kva inverter charger with 2S2P 12v proving a total of 400ah

Jason - UK asked

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GX Touch screen lock

For the GX Touch screen is it possible to completely lock the screen only allowing data to be displayed. We need to stop the end user from making changes to the settings locally from the screen. I know we can set the access level to "User" in the Cerbo GX which will restrict what can be changed and we can password protect the VRM but is a complete screen lock possible?

imv asked

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Unable to buy GX LTE 4G

Do these actually exist?!

Nowhere in the UK seems to actually have them in stock and apparently 8 weeks wait time From Victron?

What is going on?

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VRM Portal, Anzeige Netzbezug, Einspeisung ... stimmen überhaupt nicht


Die im VRM Portal angezeigten Daten zum Netzbezug / Einspeisung stimmen nicht wirklich.

Ein Vergleich mit den Werten des Zählers (Netzbetreiber) sowie die meines SmartMeters vor dem Eingang (AC-IN) ergeben erhebliche Abweichungen.

Hier die korrekten Daten (abgeglichen mit dem Zähler des Netzbetreibers):


Das sagt das Portal dazu:


Ansicht ist das schon vergleichbar ... aber das Portal oder das GX rechnet eben falsch.

Im Grundsatz ist es so, das über eine Zeiteinheit die Last gemessen wird, dieser dann als Verbrauch gespeichert. In einem 3 phasigem System (L1,L2,L3) wird das genau so gemacht .... nur dann eben die Phasen summiert...

und jetzt kommt der Fehler den das GX (oder das Portal macht):

Summieren ist Schwachsinn (zumindest in Deutschland). Denn die Zähler nach dem Ferraris Prinzip summieren nicht sie Saldieren !!!

Bedeutet z.Bsp:

über eine Zeiteinheit von 10s liegen folgende Werte an:
L1: 1000W
L2: -600W
L3: -600W

GX oder VRM:
Export: 1200W
Import: 1000W
also flux auf den Importzähler 2,8 Wh dazu und auf den Exportzähler 3,3 Wh dazu ...
... leider falsch, denn das ist das Prinzip des Summieren's

Die Zähler in Deutschland Saldieren aber !
somit wird real gerechnet:
1000W + -600W + -600W = -200W
also auf den Importzähler 0Wh dazu und der Exportzähler bekommt 0,6Wh dazu ...

Bitte eine entsprechende Einstellmöglichkeit dafür schaffen, Summierend oder Saldierend !

Ist nur ein Schönheitsfehler, aber wäre super wenn die Anzeigen mit dem Meter des Netzbetreibers übereinstimmen ....

Achtung mein System verwendet kein externes SmartMeter, es ist 3Phasig mit 3x Multipus II (48/3000). Das Netz hängt am Eingang (AC-IN) und alles andere am Ausgang (AC-OUT1), zwischen Zähler des Netzbetreibers und dem Eingang (AC-IN) Multipus gibt es KEINE Verbraucher !

Wer ist dafür ansprechbar, diese Rechenformel einzubauen ?

yvl asked
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Dump Load; SOC; LFP; 7/2022 gear

I've been lurking on the blog and looking at videos and PDFs. Figure it's time to send up a flag.

Where do i find any or all info specific to dumping safely and correctly using SOC and Li for multiple Quattros, Cerbo GX, MPPT RS 450/100, etc? Preferably detailed info.

As for me:
Im a 14 yr off-gridder using a Pb BESS looking at switching to LFP and Victron gear. Even an AC/DC couple system with Fronious if it made sense in the end. Again... no grid for miles.

Ie p 15 thru 18 of:

Looking for succinct material... (or at least what to read and watch) in regards to using the latest victron gear, LFP, and best (safest way) to dump into large water tanks to pre-heat infloor mix. I never used a dump before as unfortunately I've always been underpowered. Thats all going to change.

Again, where do i find any or all of that info specific to dumping safely and correctly using SOC and Li for multiple Quattros, Cerbo GX, MPPT RS 450/100, etc?

I'm using USA 240v Split phase.

Basically, in my humble opinion, a small commercial install in regards to power usage due to amount of PV for pre-heat.

I don't want to destroy the delicate LFP with hysteresis... and or goof up something that i could have avoided by simply learning first from others as "the book" and real world don't always jive.

I want to be an educated consumer, not an installer's nightmare pita.... or the guy relying on the salesman "expert" on every turn.

Respectfully.... and Thanks in advance,

f9cme asked
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Other Touch screens not working on Cerbo GX

I have a Cerbo GX that I want to connect to a large touchscreen monitor. Research in this community suggests a generic monitor is possible in RPI, but can’t find info for the Cerbo GX. The monitor displays the GX data and menu, but the touch part does not work. Does anyone have way to recalibrate the new screen for use in the Cerbo?

tilapia asked
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My GX 50 touch screen is dead after 2 weeks.

All of a sudden, i went to touch my display and no output. I unplugged & replugged the usb into a different one reseated the HDMI, rebooted the Cerbo GX. Nothing no output.

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Cerbo GX failure X2

I recently completed my RV system. Every thing worked fine but about 2 weeks after start up my Cerbo GX failed, No lights were on and the GX no longer showed up in the list of components using the App on my phone. I have the power cord attached directly to one of the battle born batteries. I checked the fuse and it's good. I checked the power at the black connector and there is 12 Volts going into the unit. My supplier replaced it with a new unit and all was good after hooking the new unit up, but hat lasted less than 24 hours and the new unit was dead. I have been at a loss as to what is wrong.

I do have a smart shunt in the system and in a previous question Seb71 commented that nothing should be connected to the battery Negative if you are using a Smart shunt. Could my failures be due to directly attaching to the battery?

If this is the case where should I attach the negative for the GX, and have I burned up two units at this point?

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.

Jeffrey A Walker asked
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Cerbo GX Update Version history? Which changes come with new update version?

Hello everyone,

I found the releases to update my Cerbo GX here:

But are there any further informations available which changes have been done from version to version?
Or how can I find out what´s the difference between version 2.87 and lets say version 2.83, for example?

Thanks for any hint!!


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How can I manually activate the Cerbo GX relate using the Touch 50 GX


how can I add a button to activate/deactivate the relay implemented in the Cerbo GX on the screen of the Touch GX without using see submenu?

Is there any possibility?


kind regards


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Which GX device?

Hi folks,

It seems I need a second GX, long story but it is the right way to go.

I have a CCGX in an Easy Solar Package, the older type, and its fine.
I have added a second 'seperate' setup and had connected it to the CCGX via a MK-3 - Which mostly works but has a single issue which makes it a poor plan all things considdered.

So... New GX it is the question is which way to go?
I dont need a display so the choice is Cerbo, Venus or Raspberry PI I guess.

Can anyone give me a recomendation?
It looks like the Cerbo is more flexible, not that I need it to be and about th same price as the Venus, why? What am I missing.

By the time I find an overpriced PI, dam supply chain issues, and buy an SSD, case, psu and cables it will probably only save cerca £100 but require a load of messing about.

I am leaning towards The Cerbo but a sanity check would be good and I could do with understanding what I should be considdering to make the choice.

Right now I dont even know what I dont know.



Alistair Warburton asked
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Increased Data usage with V2.60 and/or VRM

I am using a color control GX on my boats system, it is connected to a 4G Wifi router, Since this week I notice quit high consumption of data, which could only be used by the GX! (4.5GB in 5 days!)

Could it be the new version 2.60 is using more data?

And/ or will the new VRM protal use more?


harold asked
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GSM - SIM imei

Hello everyone,

I had to change the sim card I used for my GX LTE device and now I can't seem to change the IMEI number which means no way of reading the sim card...
Any advice?
I thought about resetting the GX LTE device but I have no clue on how to do it...

System is connected to a Cerbo.

Many thanks,


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