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Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can connected to the Cerbo in ESS?


I am planning an ESS system with a Cerbo.

Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can ?

For example, one MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) and several MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct) connected to the Cerbo?

Thanks in advance!

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Smartsolar MPPT 150/85 VE.Can rev2

Guten Abend,

über mein Cerbo GX wird der tägliche Verlauf nur für heute und gestern angezeigt. In der App direkt mit dem MPPT verbunden sind alle Tage seit Inbetriebnahme vorhanden. Firmware v3.10


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Cannot connect to VRM Portal

Hello, About one day ago my Cerbo GX stopped communicating with the VRM Portal. I have reset the system, verified it is connected to the wifi hotspot, and it still does not connect. All else seems to be functioning nominally. I have included some screenshots of what I am seeing. Any ideas on how I should proceed to get things back online will be much appreciated.






All the communications errors listed below up until the most recent on 6.30.22 - were from driving through areas without cellular coverage. The error on 6.30 at 5:46 was the start of this problem but the RV was parked in my driveway and I was asleep when this error occurred so I have zero ideas on what has caused it.


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monitoring a 2nd multi

I have one battery bank with a multi serving the house loads

I want to connect a 2nd multi to the same battery bank and ac in serving only the induction oven

They will both be individual, so no parallel, can I view the 2nd multi on the Gerbo?

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On the calculation of the power values


My Victron system uses two power meters and has a fronius PV with AC-1-out coupled.

The first power meter is on the handover point to the grid, hence its configured as role gridmeter. Needless to say that the fronius is configurd as inverter. Now comes the tricky part. Before the Victron System came I had an AC-coupled Varta Element 6 battery. This battery I still have. I wired it like the Fronius - so its coupled to AC-1-out but with the second power meter which has the role "AC Loads".

I know this is already a bit odd. Yet I have four questions, which I hope somebody can enlighten me.

How does the Cerbo calculate the values I see on the remote console? The values for PV and grid seem to be valid, but AC loads is always always 0 .. 200 and "Critical Loads" seems to be all what is pulled from AC-out (of the inverter).

Can the Cerbo distinguish between loads on AC1-out and loads on AC2-out? I ask because "Critical Loads" seem to be both for. Regardless if I draw power from AC1/2-out, all seems to end under "Critical Loads".

Obvious question: I know the Varta Element 6 is odd man out, especially AC-out coupled, but is "AC Loads" a good role for this? Or should I go for somthing else?

I tried setting the Varta Battery Meter to role "PV Inverter", yes, it added to the Fronius, but I still had "AC Loads" in the diagram. What actually is the meaning of "AC Loads", compared to "Critical Loads"?

Odd questions, for an odd system...

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Dual MPPT connected to Cerbo GX via VE.Can results in almost zero output from second MPPT

My system consists of a Multiplus II, two MPPT 250/100, SmartShunt 500A and a Cerbo GX. The MPII is connected to Cerbo via VE.Bus. The SmartShunt is connected to Cerbo via VE.Direct. The two MPPT are daisy chained to the Cerbo via VE.Can with terminators at each end.

My problem is that when the two MPPT are connected to the Cerbo, only one of them produces normal output and the other one is near-zero output. As soon as I disconnect the VE.Can, both MPPT produce normally as confirmed via VictronConnect. Plug VE.Can back in and it goes back to near-zero. This happens whether VE.Smart networking is configured or removed.

I have tried every possible combination of wiring and configuration and the end result is always the same. Is this a bug in the software or am I missing some fundamental configuration problem? If I switch to using VE.Direct connections to the Cerbo will I still have the same problem?

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Grid feeding Problem

Hi to everybody willing to help me!

I have a Problem:

My setup:
Multiplus II
two Chargecontrollers connectetd VE Direct to a
Cerbo GX
EM24 Meter.

When I switch on the Grid power and the Multiplus starts feeding into the Grid, everything breaks down.
The Energy is flowing in every direction, back and forth from the battery and the MPII is jumping Power up and down. (If I am only drawing power from the grid everything is fine)

Also the LEDs on the chargecontrollers are blinking and it is switchin nonstop between Bulk and float mode.

If I disconnect one chargecontroller from the CerboGx everything is suddenly fine!
(Although the chargecontroller ist still delivering power and it is fed to the grid)

Where should I start looking? Everythink is updated and works great if
A) The grid is connected and the feed grid is disabeld
B) VE Direct cabel is not connected to the larger Chargecontroller.

Thank you!

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SOC abhängiges Relais

Hallo zusammen,

ist es möglich im Cerbo GX einen der Relaisausgänge abhängig vom SOC der Batterie ein und aus zu schalten?

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Cerbo GX and multiple battery banks

My sailboat has two battery banks. One is for my engine (it is an electric boat, so this would be a 48V 440A bank) and the other is for the house (12V 800A bank). Both have separate charge sources. Would one Cerbo GX handle this, or would each bank require a separate Cerbo GX? Also, would I require two GX Touch 50's?

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Cerbo GX ESS Mode 2 Intermittent Code 2 "Connection Error"

I have a Multiplus-II, SmartSolar MPPT, with a Cerbo GX for the brains. I've written an ESS mode 2 control program that runs on a dedicated Raspberry Pi. The program queries the Cerbo on a one-minute cycle using Modbus TCP, sleeping between queries, and gets an intermittent code 2 (Connection Error) communicating with the Cerbo several times over the course of a 24-hour day.

The error has shown up at all times of day and generally lasts for 10 minutes or less. I know the Raspberry Pi is still online because that's how I access it during the error. I know the Cerbo is still online because I can see it on the router. I suspect the Cerbo is not locked up or rebooting because it still feeds data to the VRM portal while the code 2 is going on. My program has code to retry querying the Cerbo up to four times over the course of 12.5 minutes -- all the retry loop does is reissue the "read register" request, it doesn't close or open the connection.

Any ideas? All firmware is current as of this date.

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Kohler 7.5 Quattro Cerbo GX With Load Sensing Gen Start

My genset is controlled "start/stop" by sensing the presence or absence of a load on the line. It also has a two wire start/stop. The two wire will not stop the genset if there's a load present. My question is, will the Quattro AC IN-1 contactor open and close as necessary for my genset when programmed with the gen start/stop features in the Quattro or Cerbo GX or do I need to add a external contactor?

Thank you

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Cerbo GX shows wrong Quattro input for Input Current Limit

We have installed two independant Quattros connected to a CerboGX. One through VE Bus and the other through MK3 to USB adapter.

Both Quattro units have Shore power on AC Input 2. One has a generator connected to AC input 1. AC input 1 (generator) is set to 40 amps and "Controlled by remote" is disabled. AC input 2 (Shore power) is set to 32 amps and "Controlled by Remote" is enabled.

On VRM on remote console I can see "Input Current Limit" is 40 Amp. It cannot be adjustable. I cannot see the 32 amp input current parameter.

On the Garmin MFD I can see Input Current Limit is 32 amps. Not yet sure if it can be adjusted but will know tomorrow afternoon. I hope so.

It appears the CerboGX is displaying the wrong input. It appears to be displaying the input disabled from adjustment rather than the input which is enabled for adjutment.

Has anyone else seen this? Cerbo Firmware V2.75. Is this a software anomoly or have I somehow misunderstood how this works.



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ESS system allowed EnFluRi sensor - connection to Belgium grid (Synergrid)

I’m in the planning phase of a new installation and have a question about local regulations (Belgium) regarding allowed EnFluRi-sensors for the ESS system.

The system I’m planning would be a 3-phase ESS system with 3 x Multiplus-II 3000VA (3-phase setup) and a cerbo GX as the control unit.

It would be parallel connected to the grid (AC-in), so an external current or energy measurement is needed for the ESS functionality.

According to the following article (a Victron distributor):


And according to the homologation list C10/26 (http://www.synergrid.be/download.cfm?fileId=C10_26_list_of_PGU_compliant_with_C10_11_ed2_1_12_2019.xlsx)

It would seem an external energy meter, like an EM24, would not be allowed as the enfluri sensor, and only the “Current Transformer for Multiplus II” can be used.

I have the following questions, that I can’t get verified in the manuals I’ve found:

- Is it as simple as connecting the current transformer on each phase to the MP on that phase? Does this work correct in a 3 phase setup?

- If the settings on the GX are set to “no external energy meter”, does it look at the current measurements on the MP on each phase?

- Does the phase compensation behavior work in the same way as if an external energy meter would be installed?

And the final question (but only answerable by those knowledgable about Synergrid guidelines and certificates, or Victron staff):

- Is the article above correct in stating an EM24 cannot be used as EnFluRi sensor in a 3 phase victron Multiplus setup, connected to the Belgium grid?
(I find it odd as in the C10/26 list, the EM24 is allowed for another inverter but it could have something to do with certificates applying for a certain configuration, and not for the separate parts).

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Color control GX as a monitor only?

I already have the color control GX from the original RV install a year ago. I would like to use the Cerbo GX in the new install to combine all the Victron devices and only run one connection to the Color Control inside as the display. I know it is redundant to have both. But I do not want to have to cut a new hole for a new screen install. Thank you!

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Victron Cerbo GX black screen (sometimes flash for 1/2 sec).

My system is running very well but for two weeks my Cerbo CG screen is black and it's not showing the system set up or performance. When I log in via my iPhone (Bluetooth) it shows "offline". How can I get this to work again or reboot. Thanks

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