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MPPT's and Cerbo GX Connectivity

I have six (6) Victron MPPT Solar Controllers. I want to connect all six to the Cerbo GX but there are a limited number of ports. Is it possible to connect all of the controllers via the VE.Can Bus or with the VE.Bus serially?

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Cerbo GX 2.85 Web login bug

Just updated my Cerbo GX firmware to 2.85 to (in the hope to see any difference re this MQTT issue) and now the web login fails due to this JavaScript error "genSaltSync is not defined" in bCrypt.js at line 612:


I did disable WiFi access point and Bluetooth, so VictronConnect app is useless (even though it does see the GX on the local network connected by cable). VRM portal has never been configured, and I think I have disabled it in the Settings as well (at least, trying to add the Portal ID to VRM does not work).

What now? Factory reset? Downgrade from USB/memory card?

Thankfully I can use the Venus HTML5 App to see and control what I actually need to control (inverter on/off and charging current), but heck, how to update the GX when they fix the bug?

The JS code can be patched in-place via the dev console. But I haven't yet been able to figure out what the missing `genSaltSync` function should look like. Does anyone know now to approch the developer who coded the file? If I could hack/fix the JS in-place I would just log in and remove the password, and then wait for a proper update/fix. Much better than a factory reset.

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ESS system allowed EnFluRi sensor - connection to Belgium grid (Synergrid)

I’m in the planning phase of a new installation and have a question about local regulations (Belgium) regarding allowed EnFluRi-sensors for the ESS system.

The system I’m planning would be a 3-phase ESS system with 3 x Multiplus-II 3000VA (3-phase setup) and a cerbo GX as the control unit.

It would be parallel connected to the grid (AC-in), so an external current or energy measurement is needed for the ESS functionality.

According to the following article (a Victron distributor):


And according to the homologation list C10/26 (http://www.synergrid.be/download.cfm?fileId=C10_26_list_of_PGU_compliant_with_C10_11_ed2_1_12_2019.xlsx)

It would seem an external energy meter, like an EM24, would not be allowed as the enfluri sensor, and only the “Current Transformer for Multiplus II” can be used.

I have the following questions, that I can’t get verified in the manuals I’ve found:

- Is it as simple as connecting the current transformer on each phase to the MP on that phase? Does this work correct in a 3 phase setup?

- If the settings on the GX are set to “no external energy meter”, does it look at the current measurements on the MP on each phase?

- Does the phase compensation behavior work in the same way as if an external energy meter would be installed?

And the final question (but only answerable by those knowledgable about Synergrid guidelines and certificates, or Victron staff):

- Is the article above correct in stating an EM24 cannot be used as EnFluRi sensor in a 3 phase victron Multiplus setup, connected to the Belgium grid?
(I find it odd as in the C10/26 list, the EM24 is allowed for another inverter but it could have something to do with certificates applying for a certain configuration, and not for the separate parts).

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Multiplus 2 new instalation some help.


I need some advice about the system that I am doing. I have:

1 Multiplus 2 48/5000 - ESS

1 cerbo gx at ac in with 12v transformer before bypass point

1 fronius primo 5.0 at mp ac out

1 aftermarket 7” display

1 hager sft440 for bypass

1 10kw battery (waiting for delivery for about 90 days)

Despite not having batteries I started to assemble what I could because I want to do all the firmware updates and cable management ready while I am waiting for batteries.

The doubts are:

As you could see in the picture I could install and update all the firmware, and the system is working with no problems after those upgrades, can I still have this running without batteries while I am waiting or it is better to bypass the mp for now.

About the cerbo gx, I live in a stable grid power area, can I connect the cerbo gx with from ac with a simple 20000mah powerbank with a step up converter that outputs 0,8a at 12v. By the multimeter value yes but anyone tried it?






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Wie ist die WLAN-Reichweite der Cerbox GX?

Moin zusammen,

ich habe den Multiplus-II 48 in einem Nebengebäude ca. 20 Meter vom Access-Point entfernt. Schafft das die Cerbox GX? Gibt es ein Zusatzmodul für stärkere WLAN-Leistung? Kann die Reichweite evtl. ersatzweise mit einem Notebook im Installationsraum getestet werden?

Viele Grüße und danke schon mal vorab!


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Can CerboGX gen start/stop relay work with SolidSwitch104?

On a boat, can I wire the gen start/stop relay on the CerboGX to a SolidSwitch104, which will be connected to the ignition wire on my Balmar voltage regulator?

The way I understand it, this is possible by connecting a 12v source to COM and then run a wire from NO to the SolidSwitch. And so I program the gen start/stop relay to go on at 30 SOC% and off at 75 SOC%, for example, should close the circuit, activating the SolidSwitch (and therefore closing the circuit on the ignition wire). When SOC% reaches the set value, the relay returns to NO state (opens again) and this de-activates the SolidSwitch (thus, stopping the alternator).

Is this right?

Thanks in advance!

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ripple control receiver on Multiplus II or Cerbo GX


Is there a way to connect a radio ripple control device to the Cerbo GX in order to achieve dynamic feedback into the grid in accordance with German law?

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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

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cerbo gx splash of water

Our water maker inlet hose, did come out of the filter splashing with water the Cerbo GX . All connections where wet, but inside was not water. It is an unfortunate episode, now the Cerbo GX is dead, There is something one can do to recover it?

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Is anyone working on "AC Input 1" not displaying any power info from Multiplus-ii?

I have a new MH installation of a Multiplus-ii 2x 120 and cerbo gx and a touch 50.

It has been working fine and started buttoning everything up an decided to do a little load testing around 2kw with a 15A shorepower limit.

Now AC Input 1 and AC output 1 not displaying any power usage on touch 50 or vrm, even though everything seems to be working ok. Cerbo GX on firmware v2.80 and multiplus v4.90 to get rid of pll hum issue.

Hooked up MK3 and AC output shows power usage but AC Input 1 shows nothing.

Problem very similar to this link: Https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/89979/multiplus-ii-ac-input-suddenly-0-watt-on-gx-touch.html

Anyway, have done a lot of searching and issues like this seem to be a common problem, but can't seem to find a solution. I'm thinking maybe it's a hardware issue with the input current sensor.

Any help would be appreciated! Btw, it's not the data cable, hooking up the MK3 proved that.


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What happens to data if a Cerbo GX is powered on once a day for an hour?

I have just added a Cerbo GX to my system that is used to power an IP camera in a solar set-up. I have a SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 charge controller, a 65 W panel and a 100 Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery (non-Victron). The load output on the charge controller powers a Teltonika RUT240 modem/router 24/7 and a Shelly Plus 1 smart switch which powers up the POE switch for the IP camera according to a schedule. The Cerbo GX is currently powered directly from the load output of the charge controller; it is giving useful information and I want it to be able to inform me if I can run the camera for longer in a day depending on the state of the battery. It is consuming about 3W as expected. Days are very short in the southern hemisphere just now and I am considering putting the Cerbo GX behind the switch or its own new one and running it for say an hour a day. Does anyone know what type of information it can pull from the charge controller and give to me during that hour, and what data will be available via the VRM portal when the Cerbo is powered down? Will I get a summary from the time it was previously powered up, or will data be lost while the Cerbo is powered off? The site is remote and people can get there for on-site modifications only once a month. Thank you.

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Falsche L1 Anzeige bei Netzbezug/AC Lasten auf Cerbo GX Console

Ich habe 3 Multiplus 2, 5kW, 48V, im Dreiphasenbetrieb, keinen externen Smartmeter, Strommessung erfolgt rein über die Multiplus. AC Ausgang nur auf "AC out 1" verkabelt, "AC in" auch korrekt angeschlossen.

Dann weiters 8 Pylontech US2000, 3 MPPT 450/100, Cerbo GX, ESS ist aktiviert, Netzeinspeisung bei DC Überschuß.

In der Cerbo GX Console zeigt mir der Netzbezug auf L1 ständig 0W an, dauerhaft. L2 und L3 schwanken, mal geht was raus, mal kommt was rein.

Dafür springt der L1 Wert bei "AC Lasten" auf Werte, die sicher nicht stimmen können, häufig >2000W.

Betreibe ich die Anlage im reinen Inselbetrieb, schalte also den externen Netzbezug weg, dann stimmen die Werte auf L1 bei "AC Lasten" wieder.

Irgendwie kommt bei mir die Vermutung auf, der L1 Wert von "AC Lasten" müßte bei "Netzbezug" stehen, mit anderem Vorzeichen.

Was könnte hier falsch sein?
Die Verkabelung wurde schon geprüft, "AC in" und "AC out 1" sind richtig angeschlossen.

Firmware ist die aktuellste auf allen Geräten mit heutigem Stand.

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GX50 power cycling on/off from Cerbo.

My GX 50 is powering off/on without any reason. The Cerbo is connected to the permanent load bus, I have swapped the Victron power cable for an upgraded fused cable, no joy I am now suspecting the USB from the Cerbo itself, anyone had similar issues?

The unit is cycling on

/off 10-20 times during the 24 hour period. Perhaps even more. Cant be good for anything especially solar monitoring.

Lost for ideas.

all the best


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Cant connect to my cerbo through VRM portal due to installer registering first

I Cant connect to my cerbo through VRM portal due to installer registering first. He is no longer available. How can i get it removed so i can access it.

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Multiplus 48/500 still charging when CCL from BMS is zero

Hi, I'm testing a BMS. The BMS comunicate correctly with the CerboGX I installed, I checked all the datas that the CerboGX reads from BMS and they are fine, included the CVL,CCL,DCL parameters. I put the "Keep Battery Charged" mode in the ESS and it works fine, the current profile follow the dynamic CCL. At the end of charge the CCL variate between 0A and 0,7A while the battery is performing balancing and the charge current follow that CCL limit well. Then there is a moment that CCL go to 0,6A (more less) and the current charge go to the same value and than "detatch" itself from CCL value charging the battery with that current constantly. The CCL go to zero but the Multi continues to charge with 0,6A (more less), and the battery go in overvoltage and disconnect itself for protection. Any thougth in what's happening and what's the possible error? Thank you

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