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Mehrere Cerbo GX oder Energiezahler-Daten sharen?

Hallo Zusammen

Ich bin gerade dabei, mein ESS-System zu erweitern und komme mit einem Problem nicht weiter.

Kurz zur Installation:

- Multiple PV-Anlage mit Hoymiles-Micro-Wechselrichter, speissen direkt 230V ein.
- Victron Cerbo GX
- Energiezähler am Hausübergabepunkt mittels EM24 angeschlossen per RS485 an Cerbo GX
- PV-Energiezähler EM24 per Modbus over TCP am Cerbos
- Multiplus
- LiFePO4-Speicherbank

- PV-Anlage mit 2 Victron 150/35 Solarwechselrichtern.
- Victron Cerbo GX
- Multiplus
- LiFePO4-Speicherbank

Nun soll das Wohnmobil, wenn es nicht unterwegs ist, ebenfalls Strom in unser Haus einspeisen.

Problem ist, dass der Energiezahler am HUP per RS485 am Haus-Cerbo hängt und die Energiedaten somit dem Cerbo im Wohnmobil nicht zur Verfügung stehen.

Einen Wechel des Energeizählers möchte ich nicht machen, da der verwendete einer mit Stromzangen ist und ein Ethernet-Zähler nur als Direktzähler zu bekommen ist.

Deswegen nun meine Fragen:

- Kann man die Energiedaten des HUP-Zählers dem Wohnmobil-Zähler zur Verfügung stellen?
- Wenn ja, wie?

- Oder kann man die zwei Cerbos in einer Installation zusammenfügen und bekommt somit die Energiedaten des HUP-Zählers?

- Oder gibt es noch einen weiteren Ansatz, ausser Zählertausch oder weiteren Zähler.

Danke schonmals



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Cerbo GX - tank sensor 0-180 Ohm issue

I have just installed Touch 50 and Cerbo GX and a few other Victron products. But I can't understand why Victron have limited the tank level sensor inputs to 0-180 Ohm (Europe) or 240-30 Ohm (US). This is all wrong since newer tank sensors in Europe actually have 0-190 Ohm and like explained by Wema:



What's the difference between the European and American resistance specifications?

  • European spec. products work on a variable resistance from 0 ohms at empty to 190 ohms at full.
  • American spec. products work on a variable resistance form 240 ohms at empty to 30 ohms at full.

Wema, KUS and many other manufacturers are today distributing only 0-190 Ohm sensors across the European markets so this makes the Cerbo GX unable to accurately display the tank level in newer installations / boats.

Could this be added to the Cerbo GX in an upcoming firmware release ?


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Cerbo tank ohms issue

I have added the cerbo gx and have waited for the custom setting to be added for the ohms setting for tank senders but my senders are outside the custom limits, mine are 10-300 ohms.

Can the limits be increased??

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Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,

J'ai du pousser une de nos BYD LVL 15.4 dans ses retranchements et je suis un peu étonné...

BYD indique que l'End of discharge voltage(V) de la batterie est de 40 V.

Or en consultant mes données, je vois que j'ai un SOC à 1 % avec une tension de batterie à 50.78 V, donc bien loin de l'EODV et de ses 40 V.

La batterie a donc continué à fonctionner pendant plus d'1h30 (je n'ai pas poursuivi le test au-delà) avec un SOC qui restait à 1 % avec une tension comprise entre 50.88 V et 50.78 V.

La question est donc, pourquoi le GX indique un SOC de 1 % (si longtemps alors que la baisse est constante en 99 et 1 %) avec une tension à 50.78 V, là ou l'EODV est à 40 V ?

Merci !


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Cerbo GX wifi issues

Hi all,

so the cerbo GX and Wi-Fi connectivity including connection to a mobile hotspot.

i have been reading for a while about some Wi-Fi issues, so thought i would pop in my experience.

most cerbos i have fitted, do not want to connect to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. however I have found, that if I roll back the firmware to V2.56 I do not experience any connectivity issues.

this seems to be working for me and the last 5 cerbos fitted connect without any issue.

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MPPT Charging Voltages in Networked Mode Set with bluetooth or remotely?

I have 4 MPPTs, 3 Multiplus 2 a BMV 712 and a Cerbo gx, all networked.

In order to change the battery charging voltages, is there a centralized was of doing that where the values are set in one location and those values are propagated to all the devices?

So far, I have been using the VRM Configurator to set the voltages on each of the Multiplusses and the bluetooth to set them on each of the MPPTs

Salim Naufal asked
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1 Answer

Phoenix Smart IP43 relay be controlled from Cerbo GX?

I currently have a Cerbo GX setup in my network. I am looking to install one of the new Phoenix Smart IP43 and see that it has a programmable relay. I would like to control the Phoenix programmable relay from the Cerbo. Checking to see first if the support is there for:

Q1: Does VE. Direct even support the ability to program the Phoenix relay?

Q2: If yes to Q1. Does the Venus OS for Cerbo support the ability to control the Phoenix relay remotely (on/off)?

Q3: If yes to Q2: Does the Node-Red plugin for Venus support the capability in Q2?

murphy-r asked
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3 Answers

Battery charging with 4- MPPT

I'm in the process of designing my RV 12V system. I will have:

  • 4 - 440W solar panels (Panels are on slides, 2 on top 100% exposure, 2 bottom only producing when deployed)
  • 4 - Smart Solar MPPT 100/30
  • CerboGX/Touch 50
  • 8-10 100Ah Lithium batteries. The plan is to connect each battery to 2 or 3 - Lynx PowerIN or possibly 5 - pairs in parallel if 10 are used.
  • 500A Smart Shunt.

What is the best way to monitor/control charging? Replace the Smart Shunt with a BMV-712 and 2 temperature sensors on 2 batteries or use one Smart Battery Sense?

Glen Carter asked
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2 Answers

Can I use HDMI splitters, extension cables, joiners, converters or extenders with the Cerbo GX?

Hello Community,

A very common question, perhaps the first question I hear,

Is it possible to extend, split, convert, double, use multiple GX Touch 50's or do anything fancy with the HDMI output of the Cerbo GX?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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8 Answers

Connecting BYD LVL BMU onto a CERBO GX

Hi everyone,

We are installing our first CERBO GX and wonder if the BMU of the BYD LVL 15.4 battery should be connected to one of the left ports on the CERBO? With the RS450 connected to a middle port and the Multiplus2 to a right port. Does this make sense?



hongsolar asked
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1 Answer

Vehicle setup with comms

Is there a simple way to get information from the following components in a vehicle installation which is then easy to visualize?

- Starter battery with house battery

- MPPT for solar charging

- AC charger (is Phoenix Smart better then BlueSmart)

- Orion DC-DC for charging from starter

- ONLY DC loads - no inverter

So how do we go about assisting the client in understanding where and how their charging is coming from and what their loads are?

The Cerbo makes sense, but both Phoenix Smart and Orion don't have comms to the Cerbo

Would a Smart Shunt positioned a) between batteries and b) on the house battery help? But then can they both relay info the Cerbo screen?

While the Cerbo works well with larger systems with inverters and generators / grid, is there something similar for smaller vehicle installations?

Stuart Bell asked

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Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 with Cerbo GX

I have a Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 and have connected it via VE.Direct to the Cerbo GX. How can i get the screen to say i have AC connected as currently it says nothing. It does show up in the Settings that its connected. I have the Battery monitor/shunt installed and it does show amps going in through the shunt part but would be good if it shows on the screen as AC input.

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6 Answers

EM24 as Energymeter for two Mikroinverter

Hi, I have two balkony power stations (two microinvertes with two panels connected to each microinverter).
I am planning a bigger pv system and for now I would like to track my power consumbtion.
So now I would like to start with two EM24.
One for tracking the powerconsumption of the whole house and a second one to measure the power delivert by my balcony power stations.

Both should be connected to CERBO GX with a RS485 to USB interface cable each.

The connection of the main EM24 is clear to me.

According the EM24 for measuring the power delivery of my balkony power station:
Can I use that EM24 as a 3 pahse system and connect one microinverte to L1 and the other microinverter to L2 for example?
Or can I use the EM24 for that case only as a one phase system with a bridge connected from clamp 1 to 4.

Here a shematic of my thoughts. Dose that work?


It would be very nice, if you can bring some light to my mind in that topic.

Thanks, Marco

marob asked

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Multiplus II mit VE Configure configuriert dan mit Cerbo verb. kommt Alarm

Ich trete glaube ich in jedes Fetnäpfchen.

Mutliplus II über VE Configure configuriert dann mit dem Cerbo GX verbunden

kommt Alarm.

Was kann ich falsch gemacht haben

Dann gleich das 2. mein Multiplus wird einfach nicht mit im VRM Portal angezeigt was mache ich da falsch.


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