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Cerbo GX geht ständig kaputt

Nun ist mir schon der 3. Cerbo GX kaputt gegangen. Ich habe die Cerbos und meine Batterie über den lynx Distributor angeschlossen. Nach dem Einschalten der Batterie (51,1 Volt) ist im Cerbo ein Klacken zu hören. Weiter passiert nichts, das Kontrolllämpchen leuchtet nicht. Weder mein Händler, noch ich haben ein Idee, was die Ursache für den Defekt sein könnte. Bevor diese nicht gefunden ist, werde ich keinen weiteren Cerbo mehr anschließen. Hat evtl. jemand eine Idee, was die Ursache sein könnte?

Beste Grüße

germanus asked
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VE.Direct to Cerbo GX, do I still setup VE.Smart Network over Bluetooth?

Smartsolar MPPT, Smartshunt with temp sensor, both connected VE.Direct cables to Cerbo GX. I think I read somewhere in all the documentation I've read to not setup VE.Smart Network over Bluetooth. Is this correct?

Future will include Multi and another Smartsolar. Batteries are AGM. This is RV/Caravan install.

Jeff Jensen asked
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Connect Lynx distributor directly to Cerbo

Considering buying a lynx distributor, but puzzled by the fact that it needs an expensive lynx shunt (i already have a smart shunt).

So are there any plans to support cerbo <=> lynx distro communication?

Do the ve.can bus provide 5V?

aegir asked
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Cerbo GX wifi issues

Hi all,

so the cerbo GX and Wi-Fi connectivity including connection to a mobile hotspot.

i have been reading for a while about some Wi-Fi issues, so thought i would pop in my experience.

most cerbos i have fitted, do not want to connect to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. however I have found, that if I roll back the firmware to V2.56 I do not experience any connectivity issues.

this seems to be working for me and the last 5 cerbos fitted connect without any issue.

stevemarston asked
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Cerbo GX - Capacités limites des relais



Si on utilise les relais du Cerbo avec ce type de montage, quels sont les limites techniques en tension et en ampérage des relais ?

Merci d'avance,


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Cerbo GX Celsius to Fahrenheit Issues

I know that it is ridiculous that we still use Fahrenheit in the US and the rest of the world uses Celsius. That said, there seems to be at least some provision from Victron that allows this to be switched and I would like to figure out how to do it. I have switched it everywhere that I think I can but still have mixed results. The VRM (mostly) works in displaying F over C but even then, there are bugs it seems. You'll notice that my sensor "Inside Temperature" is in F so that's good:


However, if I got to the advanced tab, sometimes it's in F and sometimes it's in C. Note that the Shunt Temperature Sensor is in F but the Battery Summary is really in C and just appends the F after the Celsius value. What's even stranger, if I wait 10 or 15 minutes, the Fahrenheit value will magically appear in the Battery Summary. Go back to the Dashboard and then back to Advanced and it shows the Celsius value again and you have to wait for 10 minutes for it to change:


Finally, I can't for the life of me get the console to show it correctly ever. This is the most bothersome for sure. Since most of the time I won't have internet access, I installed the rather pricey GX Touch 50 to display what is going on at a glance. I was planning on adding sensors for my fridge and freezer after adding the Victron Energy Temperature Sensor for GX Devices for ambient inside temperature as well. However, I simply can't get Fahrenheit to display on either the remote console from VRM or the actual GX Touch 50 so I'm holding off on that for now. Intuitively, I would think that you would select the temperature sensor from the device list and change it in the setup as shown but there is no provision for that.


There is a provision in the app shown here (this is an older screen shot, I am running the v5.41 and still having the same issue):


I've searched this forum, the Facebook forum, called tech support at a US dealer and I simply can't figure out how to get F displayed on the Touch GX. Is this simply not a feature for the Touch GX? Is Fahrenheit only available in the VRM? At a minimum, I think there is a bug in the VRM as shown above with the Celsius value stamped with an F after it in the Battery Summary. I've been really satisfied with all of my Victron components otherwise. I have to imagine that there is a way to show Fahrenheit on the Touch GX though. I can't be the only person on the planet with this issue so my guess is that it's me! If anyone can provide step by step here, that would be amazing! Thank you!

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Monitoring individual consumers with Cerbo GX

Hi community :)

Today I came across the SCQ25 QUADRO DIGITAL SHUNT MODULE from SIMARINE (https://simarine.net/product/scq25-quadro-digital-shunt-module/) This module can monitor up to 4 different consumers like AC, fridge, etc. to monitor their individual loads on the system. So, I was wondering - is there is any solution from or that works with the Victron Cerbo GX?

Could find any topic in the forum so decided to ask right away :)

tschoeki asked
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Autotransformer imbalance of amps between L1 and L2 post new Cerbo install

I have two stacked 8kw Quattros feeding a 100A autotransformer which then feeds my panel. My system is monitored with a Cerbo GX. My Cerbo GX failed and I needed to replace it. After the replacement I noticed a difference in output in the AT between L1 and L2. I'm noticing a 10 amp difference between legs. This was not the case before the failure.

Is the difference between legs normal and it is just how my panel is balanced or is there a configuration issue that was missed on the Cerbo replacement - there seems to be no ability to control the AT from the Cerbo. Does the AT balance L1 and L2 evenly or is 10 amps difference permissible?

The issue persists through the Quattros as well - if I limit the grid current to 40 amps the Quattros will pull 46A on one leg and 37A on the other. It all feels related.

paul-berberian asked
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MPPT RS 450/200 Tracker shutdown VE.Direct


Is it normal if i connect the VE.Direct Cable to the Cerbo GX Unit that Tracker 3 and 4 out of function, just tracker 1 is working.



And the following is without VE.Direct connection. Why its work before i connect the VE.Direct cable to the CerboGX?


My System:



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Cycling with Battery Life


Over the last couple days there were more clouds than sun in the sky. This made the battery in my system moving the active SOC to 75% (10% is minimum for grid failure). Thats expected due to battery life being active (+ESS).

My qustion would be, if there is a possblity to reset the active SOC to minimum SOC somehow. I just want the battery to cycle for once, then starting its climb up again if needed. Is that possible or just a weird wish?

Best Regards

sesshoumaru asked
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Combining CCGX and Cerbo GX


anybody knows if it possible to have a Cerbo GX and a CCGX in one installation?

alfred0905 asked
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REC BMS + Cerbo GX + Touch 50 [Touch 50 display is on but touch not working]

I've got the HDMI and USB cables from the Touch 50 plugged into the Cerbo GX and the touchscreen won't respond.

My REC BMS is also plugged into the Cerbo GX and there is the text "REC BMS" overwriting the text of the top left corner on the display.

Is there a setting I need to adjust to get these two to harmonize?



thirdeyesamuel asked
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Feature Request - GX Touch Dark Mode

Hi Victron Team

Is there any plan to provide a Dark Mode of this screen in future releases ?


Kind regards


miya asked
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CerboGX Not uploading to VRM

I have a CerboGX in my RV with a 4GB SD card in it. The RV frequently goes several weeks at a time with no internet connectivity when it's in storage, then gets connectivity back when I bring it home to load or when I'm out traveling and it's connected to my hotspot. Previous times it has had no issue uploading all the backlogged data to VRM, but after its last period of no connectivity it's no longer uploading. The system has been continually connected to a very fast internet connection for more than 24 hours.

The VRM page in settings shows "Last Contact ---", "Connection Error No Error", "Free Disk Space 3632.25M bytes", "Stored Records 72.35k records", and "Oldest Record Age 22d 19h".

The number of stored records is slowly counting up. If I log into VRM it has no historical records until I go back to 22+ days ago (matching the console), and the temperature sensors on the VRM dashboard show "Last updated 23 days ago", but if I leave the dashboard up for a few seconds it goes into realtime mode and updates with live data.

I have tried restarting the Cerbo several times.

If I ssh into the Cerbo and cat /var/log/vrmlogger/current I see the following error:

@400000006339b75100acff1c MainThread-http_endpoint: Reading from {0} resulted in an error. Doing nothing.

Any suggestions?

Jeremy Albrecht asked
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VRM Online Portal #153 Connection Error

Been offline for 12 days. None of the other articles describe how to fix the issue. An answer that describes how to fix this issue would be helpful, and appreciated.


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