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Battery switch gets too hot: would Victron Switch ON/OFF 275A improve things?

Hello community!

Is anyone using the Victron Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A?
I have used similar looking switches, with similar specs, and my experience is that these get very hot at 48V and 150A (for ambient temp around 20ºC it goes to 110-120ºC). Is that also the case with the original Victron switch? Or can one speak of a better quality? (Switch contact with lower Resistance...)

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BMZ ESS-X: change of "State of health" after CCGX firmware update 3.00

here is running a four years old ESS with three Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 and a BMZ ESS-X battery controlled by a CCGX via CAN.
The "State of health" of the battery was displayed by the CCGX as 94 % during the last months.

Today I made a firmware update of the CCGX device from 2.94 to the recommended 3.00 (with no further change of settings). After update/reconnect the CCGX now shows an "State of health" 87 % for the battery. 7 % less in 2 minutes.

Why this jump? Any reason to worry?
Did you change the calculation routine in the new firmware?

The battery is located in the basement, actual temperature: 20°C, no problems, alarms, messages. Is it recommended to adjust any parameter because of battery aging (CVL=61,5 V, CCL=0 A, DCL=300 A, Min. SOC, voltage etc.)?

Best regards

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Many Victron units but which Temperature input should I use

Hi, I have a Lynx Distribution system with Lynx Shunt that has a Battery temp sensor input a MP-II also with a Battery Temp Sensor input, Smart Solar MPPT and a Cerbo GX. I am connecting the Lynx, Smart Solar and GX together with VE Can and the MultiPlus to the Cerbo GX with VE Bus, The Cerbo obviously has its 4 temp inputs.

So the question is do I have to connect up multiple Battery Temp sensors as I have 3 sent with the differing devices or can I just connect one? And if so which one do I connect up?

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Smart Shunt & Battery voltage under load

Hi all,

Busy learning as I go here in load shedding South Africa so any help would be much apricate:)

I will try keep things as simple as possible so here goes:

I have a Gel battery with a 200 ah capacity hooked up to a 1600w pure sine wave inverter. I bought a 500a smart shunt in order to regulate my usage and monitor the vaults.

The question I have regards the voltage reading of the battery dipping substantiality when I apply a load of around 300w. Fully charged I have the battery reading around 13.61v without a power draw exceeding 20w. When the load increases to around 250w the battery takes 30 or so minutes to drop below 12.1 (at which point I cut the load to ensure I don't drain it past dod) just to have the battery jump back up to a range of 12.5v without a load and no charge applied

Am I doing my battery harm by dropping the vaults so low under load?

What is the lowest voltage I should allow under full load?

The vaults have never dropped below 12.3v while no load is being applied? Would it be safe for me to keep using the system under load if I know when i cut the load it returns to thee "safe" operation vaults of the gel battery?

Any help would be appreciated,

Kind regards,


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Does OPzV EOL?

In the past, the OPzV (2V cell) was part of the AGM/GEL datasheet.

I just observed it is not there anymore.

Does Victron just decide to give up on this battery chemistry?


PS: I am just curious. This is not a blame.

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2x Multiplus-II each on a different phase connected to the same battery

Is it possible to have 2x a Multiplus-II 3000 in the same ESS, each drawing their power from the same battery and have them each on a different phase? Reason for this would be to be able to stay below the 16A rating of the fuses for each phase.

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Unwanted switch over when there's sudden high load demand

As you can see in the image below, when there is a sudden high load demand, the ESS system switches over and supplies the loads from the AC grid, not from the battery which at that time is sufficiently charged. At that time, a small voltage drop occurs on the battery side. Could it be due to a voltage drop on the battery cables, which are 12-13 meters long and 70mm?

The VE.Bus System is Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100.

The Solar charger is SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/200.


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Location of battery // not "directly" above Multiplus 2 ?


the Multiplus 2 manual states "Never position the appliance directly above the batteries.", however that is exactly what can be seen in many installation pictures, including the ones Victron is showing in their advertisements / videos.


* What is the reason why batteries shall not be placed below the Multiplus 2?

* What is the definition of "directly"?

* Would, e.g., having a bank of 4 Pylontechs in a steel cabinet placed in a distance of 10..15cm from the front of a Multiplus (which means the Multiplus would be 15cm behind and 10cm above the battery cabinet) be an issue?

Thanks for any feedback!

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Can i charge Gel Battery with Pallas-TG 12/50

I have a Pallas-TG 12/50 charger and want to run gel batteries. Is this possible? If so, the charger recognizes this itself and then charges with correct characteristic curve or do I have to set something manually?

Many greetings

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diagonal battery wiring


Hi, I have four pylontech US5000C batteries wired to my lynx distributor using a diagonal pattern as shown in wiring unlimited. But, I thought it might be a good idea to double up the cables to limit the current. They are the standard 25mm pylontech cables. Should I use a 'double diagonal' pattern as shown in the image?

Thanks, Steve

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Dyness Battery losing track of SOC over time

We have a Dyness battery that has been installed for a few months now. We have noticed that over time it will lose track of what the actual SOC% of the battery is. It will only realise it is too low once the voltage drops below the BMS safety minimum and then shuts down completely until power restores from gird to start the battery up.

Is this a problem with the firmware version or something else?

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Slow Switchover when grid fails.

A recent customer installation, a 10kVA Quattro with 2 x SmartSolar 250/100, 30 x 275W poly modules and 19.2kWh Lithium batteries, running on ESS - the first grid failure resulted in their TV, satellite decoder and computers shutting down and having to reboot. The switchover should happen within 20 milliseconds but it took more like 250 milliseconds, lights dipping visible to the human eye. Any suggestions?

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Battery life expectancy - Easysolar system

I have what I thought was a straight forward Victron Easysolar 2GX system. I have connected to it eight XL31S 130Ah Hankook calcium based batteries configured as 4 parallel strings of two batteries in series.

I was under the impression that I would have a resultant power bank of 24v at 520Ah?

Perhaps I'm wrong in my theory, since without any mains power connected, they only last around 6hrs while discharged to 50 % (24.2v). The discharge current averages at around 15amps (between 10 and 18amps nominal). This is following a full cycle recharge until the batteries reach the float stage for several hours.

Where have I gone wrong with my calculations as I estimated they should last more like 20hrs down to a 50% discharge – and not a maximum of 6hrs as I am getting? I don't understand why its such a short time.

All 8 batteries are brand new in the last month.

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How to show battery charge percentage from Orion dc-to-dc and SmartShunt?

So I have in my system:

1. Lifepo4 battery

2. SMARTShunt

3. MultiPlis 12/3000

4. Non-Isolated Orion Dc-to-Dc charger

5. Cerbo GX

In VictronConnect App I can see how battery percentage is going down when I'm using some devices, but I do not see how battery percentage grows when Dc-to-Dc in charging the battery.

Should I somehow specifically connect Orion or SmartShunt or should I setup this somehow in VRM portal. I did not found any options. Only thing I saw was BatteryMonitor where I could choose MultiPlis or SmartShunt or Automatic detection.

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Grounding the Neutral of the Battery

We have a 3-phase ESS 5KVA multiplus-ll inverter installed it's using a Freedom Won 53V Battery.

The connection is battery to Bus-Bars. Bus-Bar to circuit breakers to inverters

My question is, must the neutral of the battery be grounded also?

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