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Demarrage groupe electrogene avec multiplus.


Je souhaite acquérir un groupe électrogène qui démarre automatiquement en fonction des paramètres qui lui seront indiqués avec l'assistant démarrer et arrêter un générateur dans VE Config.

Je cherche à savoir si la connexion du relais sec du Multiplus est compatible avec les boitiers ATS vendu par les différents fabricants de groupe électrogène. (avec la fonction ATS le générateur peut être connecté à l'alimentation principale. En cas de coupure de courant, cette fonction se déclenche automatiquement et démarre le groupe qui prend le relai et l'éteint dès que le courant revient)

Merci par avance pour vos aides.

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Cerbo GX - USB Bluetooth / How can I make sure that Cerbo is using the USB Bluetooth dongle ?

Hello folks,

I have installed some Ruuvi tags to my trailer to work with the Cerbo GX for temp and humidity data collection. It is recommended to use a USB Bluetooth Dongle for better comunication with the Ruuvi tags so I purchased one of the recommended BT dongles (TP-Link 400xx). I have inserted this into one of the USB ports on the Cerbo but I'm not sure whether Cerbo is using this USB dongle or its internal BT. I have dug into the settings but failed to see a menu where I can switch from the internal BT to the external one.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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Appairage BatteryProtect HQ2132JXTXE et Orion Smart HQ2137XNUMZ par Bluetooth


Mon installateur m'a installé BatteryProtect HQ2132JXTXE et Orion Smart HQ2137XNUMZ.

Sous son contrôle, j'ai installé l'appli Victron Connect. Lors de la première utilisation dans son garage mon téléphone Galaxy A20 ne s'est pas appairé par le Bluetooth avec les 2 appareils.

Arrivé chez moi, j'ai reussi à appairé mon téléphone avec les 2 modules et j'ai pu changer les 2 mots de passe et voir les informations.

Depuis, j'ai renouveler l'accès plusieurs fois sans succès...

Merci pour toute information.

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Unable to connect with Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 SM-T285

Victronconnect app unable to establish Bluetooth connection with SmartSolar MPPT or Multiplus inverter/charger, but bluetooth works for audio for example

Connection goes to 20% for a while, then comes back with usual unable to connect error

I followed the procedure to troubleshoot, make sure the device is not paired, cleared cache and data from BT app, location access is checked in app's permission.

It works fine from my other tablet, phone and MacBook pro,

But I bought this second hand tablet because it has a SIM card and not too expensive in case i got it stolen from my van:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 from 2016 model SM-T285

It came with Android 5.1, I then tried to upgrade to 7.1, same problem

I attach the service report from the tablet that works fine (using victronconnect app 5.8) and the log from the samsung tablet with problem ( i tried both 5.8 and 5.73)

edit: i'm unable to attach any file types here, message says "something went wrong, please try again", although i'm using .log extension, also tried .zip

I have uploaded them to my Google drive shared folder:

Good connection log

Bad connection log

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Connexion bluetooth impossible


Je n'arrive plus à me connecter à mon MPPT ou à mon VDM en bluetooth.

Cela marchait correctement il y a 15 jours et hier impossible à rentrer dessus, il me demande un code Pin que je n'ai jamais utiliser, le code Pin par défaut ( 000000) ne marche pas.

Je vois bien les deux équipements depuis mon téléphone mais je suis bloqué .

De mon PC je ne les vois pas pour tester une autre manière.

Si vous avez une idée ?

Merci d'avance

Bonne journée

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No Ruuvi Bluetooth Sensors found

I connected some Ruuvi Tags a while ago. Since today they are missing in Cerbo GX. In Bluetooth Sensors menu no sensor could be found. The sensors works with my smartphone. Any tips for that?

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Bluetooth BR/EDR bluetoothctl


I had already started another post, but I think it is better to start a new one after my new findings.

I have the following problem:

I want to connect my ANT BMS to my Raspberry Pi4 via Bluetooth (Venus OS Large 2.90). The ANT BMS uses Bluetooth BR/EDR.

In Bluetoothctl I only find Bluetooh LE devices (Low Energy).

When I connect a bluetooth dongle, I find the desired BR/EDR device in hciconfig/hcitool.

It seems to me that bluetootctl under Venus OS only uses the onboard bluetooth controller under hci1 and does not allow any others. The dongle can be found under hci0.

This is not really the problem, because the Rpi4 with Raspberry Pi OS finds the BR/EDR device immediately with the onboard BT controller.

My possible solutions are as follows:

Venus OS also allows BR/EDR devices to be found / connected, or it would be possible to use dongles connected via USB in bluetootctl (the dongle is not recognised under bluetoothctl on a Pi2 without integrated controller, but it is recognised under hci).

Can anyone say anything about this?



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No Bluetooth Menu after Upgrade from V2.87 to V2.90

Hello Victron Community,

after Upgrading from V2.87 to 2.90, the Bluetooth Menu is missing. I am using the internernal Cerbo GX Bluetooth device.

Menu shown at V2.87


Menu shown at V2.90


Is there an issue with the internal Bluetooth driver or something other wrong?

How can I get back the Bluetooth divice in Firmware greater than V2.87?

Best regards!

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Victron Blue Smart IP67 12/25 bluetooth


I bought a Victron Blue Smart IP67 12/25. Will be using it to monitor and charge a lead acid battery.

Is it correct that when only the battery is connected (and not 230ac) you can't connect with bluetooth?


basco asked
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Victron Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (1) - How to connect to Bluetooth Interface

hello to all,

I am using the Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (1) to load and recondition car batteries. It works well and I like that it communicates its state on Voltage and Current via Bluetooth.

At this point, using the Android VictronConnect app, I am missing the option to integrate with my building control infrastructure in order. The use case is to trigger notifications if any of the parameters reach a determined value. For example know when the battery is charged or look at the current and voltage curves to determine more detailed what the battery health really is.... etc...

Could someone make the protocol (used on Bluetooth) as well as the Victron BlueSmart APIs available so I can develop a (RasPi based) Monitor, similar to what the VictronConnect does.

Any pointers, help, suggestions are well received.

Kind regards,


homa asked
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SmartSolar 100/50 failing to pair with Victron Connect (iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro)

Please note: I have read all existing threads to do with pairing a SmartSolar but nothing suggested has fixed my issue.


SmartSolar charge controller

MPPT 100/50 - v1.47

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - iOS 15.6.1
  • iPad Air (5th gen) - iPad OS 15.6.1
  • MacBook Pro - macOS Monterey 12.5.1
  • Victron Connect app for iOS/iPad/macOS v5.73

Issue: The device will not pair with my iPhone/iPad/MacBook, this is a new device to me (I've never been able to pair with it).

The device appears in my list in the Victron Connect App when I try and pair it with 000000 it fails

Note: I currently have a Victron Shunt and SmartSolar MPPT 100/15 successfully paired with my Connect App. The new MPPT 100/50 when attached to my PV panels does output current as the shunt shows details (I know this is from the MPPT 100/50 as I've disconnected the PV to MPPT 100/15) but without being able to pair and connect I'm not able to configure it via the connect app for my system.

The troubleshooting list that I have already tried

  1. Reboot Phone
  2. Looked in paired devices on phone - it's not listed as it has never successfully paired so no device pairing to forget
  3. Forget existing devices in the iPhone Bluetooth list and power them down (Shunt and MPPT 100/15), removed the app, shut down the phone and disconnect the battery from the system for 10 mins
  4. Reinstalled app on phone, it listed just the MPPT 100/50 as the only device found (the shunt and MPPT 100/15 still both powered down)
  5. it failed to pair
  6. When I powered up the shunt and the MPPT 100/15 these devices paired without issue
  7. Download connect app on iPad and tried to pair - it failed (the other two devices pair without issue)
  8. Download connect app on MacBook Pro and tried to pair, but it failed (the other two devices pair without issue)
  9. Reset the PIN code using the PUK code on the side - success is reported yet it fails to pair with the default 000000 PIN code (if I try and pair with the wrong PUK I’m told it’s wrong, so I know I’m entering the correct PUK code)

Note: When I enter the default 000000 code (or any 6-digit code) on the device the Bulk, Absorption and Float lights flash but then I’m asked to enter the code again as the paired failed (so the device knows it is receiving a code).

Any help would be appreciated, anything else I could try?

  • The only things I could think of left to do is use a USB-ve direct cable and connect directly using the MacBook but I don't have access to the cable or use an Android device but I don't have access to one of those either.

Is this a known issue with MPPT 100/50 running v1.47 and the latest connect App (v5.73) or do I have a faulty MPPT 100/50? If it's faulty it seems odd that it's only the pairing that fails - it lists in the connect app, it knows the correct PUK code, it takes input from the PV panels and outputs to the battery etc. This sounds like a bug in the connect app unless I'm missing something.



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Repeated Bluetooth reset on smartshunt

I keep getting a repeated disconnect and followed by an error that the shunt is connected to another device. This is a problem with the shunt as when this happens I cannot connect any device to it. I use the smart shunt to talk to an old android cellphone to use as my data monitor it works great but randomly it looses connection and won’t reconnect. Through my own debugging The only solution I’ve found is to crawl into my battery compartment and reboot the shunt by disconnecting it to power cycle it. This is the only answer I’ve found while searching the q&a. This has become quite annoying. Are there any other options?



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cerbo gx bluetooth disappeared

I have two cerbo gx devices on different battery banks, they have been set up almost identical aside for voltages, both are connected to the same wi-fi, both have REC BMS integrated. They were both working fine for some time, then oneday the bluetooth on one of them just stopped working. No blinking blue light. I have searched and can't find where to re-enable it nor does reset work.

I can still access it [the cerbo] via the cerbo inbuilt wifi but can't find where to enable the bluetooth again. The other cerbo does not have this issue.

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Cerbo gx bluetooth doesn’t work

After a new update of the firmware, the in built bluetooth stops working. I checked that is available from the Cerbo Bluetooth configuration (but the Bluetooth led is always off). I want to know if is an software issue and it will be solved soon or if I need to use the warranty to have a new cerbo.


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Smart Shunt Bluetooth range pathetic

I recently bought a smart shunt to add to my system, however the BLE range is pathetic and won't even make 3m. Adding BLuetooth to a device should ensure at least a reasonable range. 1m max is not very useful.

Mike Dorsett asked

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