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Enable UPS Function with ESS

I have an MP2 installed with solar, battery and mains/grid connection.

When the mains fails my computer turns off? (Lights etc seem to stay on, I don't even notice a flicker, but my computer restarts.

This shouldn't happen.

However, when I open Ve Configure, I see the UPS function is no longer there under grid? I assume this is because I have ESS mode enabled?



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Quattro 24/5000 UPS not functioning from Grid to inverter

Hello all,

I am new to the forum but not new to inverter equipment. I have recently replaced my older inverter on my boat with a Quatto 24/5000 with GX unit, MK3 and 2 x 100/30 solar chargers connected to 6X 200 W panels.

The difficulty I am having is the unit has a delay when switching from shore power to inverter. I loose the clock on my microwave and if I have any loads on they stop until the inverter picks them up. I have enabled UPS function as per below. am I missing something?

Up date.... it only happens during loads like the water maker or when the microwave is on. When there is very little load like PC it works fine.

Thanks Steve


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UPS functionality (split phase system)

Hi, I'm about to purchase a Sol-Ark 12k (4800w per leg) because of the all-in-one easy setup and Im certain it will resolved my situation. A friend stop me and suggested Victron because the Sol-Ark includes many features that I wont be using and will be paying extra for them.

I'm looking to have UPS functionality when the grid goes down for at least 24 hrs. I will use Homegrid 19.2 kWh stackable batteries that will be charged with the grid. Its for an apartment. No solar panels. I need 48v system for 120/240 with split phase power. Grid passthru is a must. Just one inverter. Im avoiding installing inverters in parallel because of a higher idle consumption and no solar power to compensate. The Sol-ark consumes 60w in idle. If any member could help will be greatly appreciated!

the loads in an outage:

  • refrigerator (inverter), led lights, wifi router, smart tv 55", cellphone and laptop charging and a mini split inverter a/c 18k btu (220v). The ac will be running for 5 hours or less.

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Quatro 15 kW UPS system - Ii it approved for AS 4777.2

Hi Guys

I'm reading that the Victron inverters are not approved under AS4777.2 for grid connection (ESS).

Dose this apply if its just setting up a 15 kW Quatro as a UPS system and not wanting to export energy to the grid ?

Can i still get STCs if i connect a fronius inverter on the output side of the Quatro, as its approved and would help charge the batteries in off grid mode.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Building a UPS

I am building a double conversion UPS using a 120V to 12 volt power supply to the solar panel input in a Victron SmartSolar MPPT to a 12V to 120V inverter, and a LiFePO4 12 volt 100AH battery. This will supply power to 3 computers. Any thoughts? I see that @markus looked at this before. Any others? My three computers use about 300 watts and my inverter can go to 2000 watts.

Thank you.

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MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 with LiFePO4 and DalyBMS not doing correct absorption cycles

I have a Multiplus with 16 cells of LiFePO4 batteries (48V setup), hooked up to a Daly SmartBMS.


Currently it is setup as a UPS. Following settings are used:


And on the panel ESS mode is active with following settings:


Scheduled charging is on at 24/7.

I have not put it on 'keep batteries charged' because that gives very strange errors, hence it is on 'Optimized' with minimum SOC 100%.


Now I see the following when the system gets to 100% SOC, when it does the trickle charging as set above, however it exceeds the 55V and runs to 56V (goes above the absorption voltage?) and that is the moment the Daly BMS over voltage protection disconnects the battery which results in a short blackout until the entire system restarts:


In detail:


Anyone any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!

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Generator to battery

Hi all

we have a setup where batteries are the main supply and then a generator is supplied once we reach a state of charge of 30%. we are using quattro 48/15000/200.

we seem to be having issues where when the system switches back to the batteries we have a blip in power causing interruptions to kit. is there a way to alter the any settings to stop this interuption.

we have already tried the UPS function to no avail.

kind regards

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Quattro 10kVA UPS

I have installed a Quattro 10kVA inverter at a residence where their televisions are rebooting when the grid fails and when the grid reconnects to the inverter. I have enabled UPS functionality, but it does not seem to be fast enough for the televisions to stay on. There are Hisense and Samsung televisions on site. Are there any other options to improve the changeover time and try and keep the televisions on?

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How does a Quattro decide whether the auxiliary output should be disabled?

Hi there!

Apologies beforehand if this question has been answered before but I couldn't find anything particular.

Our system is sporadically disconnecting our auxiliary AC-out-2 output and we can't really figure out why.

As I understood the AC-out-2 line will only be disconnected should the system be running on battery only (ie, when the grid is found to be unavailable).

However, as far as we can see the system is still sporadically dropping the auxiliary load even though the grid seems to be in tact. In fact, the Quattros are even charging the battery from grid with no apparent problems.

Are there any other reasons why the Quattros would be dropping the auxiliary load apart from grid input issues?

As reference, our system is comprised of:

  • Gateway - Color Control GX
  • VE.Bus - 3x Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100
  • Battery monitor - Generic Can-bus BMS battery (Freedomwon 40/28)
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • Solar charger - SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2

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MultiPlus 12/2000/50-50 120v Overload when connecting AC Out

HI, I installed my MultiPlus AC-in and AC-out installation instructions found on page 7 of the manual. Specifically, it states to connect AC out "From left to right: "L" (neutral), "PE" (ground) and "N" (phase). This is the opposite of the AC-in where "N" corresponds to neutral and "L" corresponsds to (phase).

My first question is, does the sequence above for AC out makes sense? Are the instructions inverting phase and neutral polarities?

Secondly, when I connect the AC-Out to load (< 100 watts, currently), I obtain an overload warning immediately, and the MultiPlus makes also a "rattling noise". So I disconnect the load rapidly. A fan also turns on momentarily.

Any suggestions to correct this issue? The battery (12 V, 206AH, 1200 Watts continuous up to 2400

Watts x 3 seconds) and AC-in seems to be working just fine. The battery changes without a glitch.

I would appreciate any help.

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Multiplus II missing UPS feature?!

I've purchased a MultiPlus II GX because I've read about the UPS feature everywhere and it sounded like the ideal part for my application.

I've the standard setup with AC coupled PV and critical loads on the AC OUT 1 side, no dedicated meter on the input, Pylontech battery. The critical loads right now only draw about 4W in case that matters.


Out of the box, I can activate "UPS Feature" in the VEConfigure. Once mains is lost, critical loads are supplied from battery and even solar charging works. So far so good.

Problem 1: As soon as I enter a grid code (e.g. for Germany), the UPS feature disappears as a checkbox.

Question: Does that mean that the UPS feature only works when operating in non-compliant mode? If so, why is nobody talking about this anywhere? Why does the documentation seem to be completely silent about this? I understand that grid code is only needed for feeding back but the ESS assistant requires to set a grid code.

Problem 2: As soon as I activate the ESS assistant (with grid code set to "other non-compliant" and "UPS feature" checked), it simply does not perform any UPS function. It seems ESS deactivates UPS.

This seems to contradict what I've read in many postings but simply, things do not seem to work as described. What's going on? See last answer!

How can I set up a MultiPlus II with ESS and UPS feature for critical loads?

It feels like I've followed all the steps but it simply does not work.

Problem 3: How do I activate ESS mode 2 or 3?

Problem 4: I can read lots of values via Modbus TCP. When I try to write register 22 (active input current limit), the write is acknowledged with SUCCESS but the value simply discarded and it jumps back to the 25A set via the VEConfigure. Why?

Problem 5: Via VEConfigure, I can enable/disable the charger. How can this be done via Modbus/TCP or any other network?

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Easysolar 24v UPS for Kabola Boiler @240V

Easy Solar 3000 24v.

New to this...

I'm running a Kabola Diesel heater that needs an uninterrupted 240v supply. (its essentially for the circulating pump.) I'd like to dedicate one of the AC breaker circuits on the easysolar to running this and one other circulating pump.

Is one of the 4 AC outputs specifically a UPS? Or is this a mode I need to set up? or are they all UPS's and this is a redundant question?

Cant find anything on the Data sheet or in the manual referring to it.. But kind of need to know quickly as the heater is being installed at the moment.

Many Thanks

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UPS functionality good enough for IT equipment? - does ESS mode influence UPS quality?

Two (possibly simple) questions:

Is the UPS functionality good / quick enough for using a Victron system (3x Quattro 8k) as an uninterruptible power supply for IT equipment?

Does using ESS have effect on this UPS function? (good or bad)

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Quattro's UPS function dose not work, we have often Power cut because of this.

Hi everybody

we have often power cut when Quattro switchs from battery to generator. It takes about 3 to 5 min till the Power current comes back. it happens 2 or 3 times a week.

we have had since the first configuratin , per VE configure software, the UPS function in submenu Grid enabled. but it does not work properly.

we have a 3-phase system with Quattro 24v/5000VA/120.

Could anybody help us please to solve this issue?

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Is this a good 48DC UPS setup?

Hey I'm looking for a system that keeps the batteries topped off but does not constantly charge them. Does anyone see a problem with this setup? I know its an mppt made for solar, I run mppt from power supplies and no problems. Also i plan to use the mppt load output to turn off the Orion for LVD.


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