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MPPT 100/50 and Orion charging voltage under 14.4

Hello everyone,

I have a 300ah lithium battery bank. I charge it from shore with a Multiplus 2 3000va at 14.4 volts no problem.

But...when I charge from the Orion 30a or a MPPT 100/50, I get current running but the voltage doesn't rise above 13.5v-13.7v, but the batteries do get charged and are topped to 100% SOC. Is this normalno for both to not be able to produce 14.4v? My Orion is showing my alternator pushing out 13.6v-13.7v and around 300w current. My solar panels are two 320w panels in paralell at 42.5v, 450w current on a sunny day.

I'm under the impresson that lithium needs to be charged at 14.4 in order for the chemestry inside to work, will chargin at a lower wattage still push power into the batteries and how safe is it? and should the Orion and MPPT get up to 14.4 in normal operation?

Thanks all!

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Can the cerbo gx monitor DC-DC chargers

I am considering a cerbo gx and touch setup for my vehicle. I can't see anything in the documentation about using it with the Orion dc-dc chargers. Are they compatible? And will the cerbo gx monitor them.

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Car battery charging with Orion 12.12.30

Hi. Let's say we are in a camp area and our vehicle battery is discharged somehow. Can we charge the empty car battery from the life battery with the charger with Orion 12.12.30?

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Victron MPPT 100/20 sleep mode and Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 sleep mode

Hi friends, I would like to know if I can set the Victron MPPT 100/20 either in sleep mode or in minimum power consumption when not using the VAN for a while. I´ve seen in the datasheet that it says 12V: 25 mA, so a sleep mode if exists might help to reduce more the mAs. Same question applies to the Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30. I see < 1 mA for Standby current in the datasheet, but I am not sure if that is the right parameter to look at, looks very low consumption.

Many thanks,

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Victron Orion 12|12-30 converter-charger availability

I don't see the 12 V to 12 V DC-DC 30A charger on the web pages any more. Oversight, or is the product discontinued?

It's still showing up on the product sheet, but you won't know from the web page that 12|12 V is an option. https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Datasheet-Orion-Tr-Smart-DC-DC-chargers-non-isolated-360-400W-EN.pdf

If discontinued, what is recommended device for this application...one of the solar charge controllers??

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Orion Smart 12/12 30A non-iso: basic help for novice



I am very new to this. I've had a renogy lithium leisure battery fitted and the orion charger into my 2015 Peugeot Boxer, however the mesure battery just barely seems to be charging. There is 14+ volts coming to the charger when the engine is on, but the output maxes out at 12v, and the retained power in the battery is barely enough for an evening if very light use (an led light, occasionally the pump for the tap, that's it!), and not enough to run the diesel heater for more than ten minutes. I think I may just have some settings wrong but I've no idea what I'm doing - I've literally only downloaded the app today and done a but if research but got no further. Most obvious thing seems to be switching the setting to charger from power supply - is this right? And are any other settings incorrect? Please help, I'm in France and it's freezing! See pics.

Thank you thank you!


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2 Smart Orion non-isolated 30A 12/12, in parallel, what happens if one alternator fails?


I am planing to set 2 Orions 30A dc/dc in parallel, to be fed with 2 70A Alternators each. I have 2 alternators already in my engine, so I need 2 orions to have an input of 60A, to my new LiFePo big bank.

I have a isolator between orions and alternators. The two Orions are feeding (out) to 800Ah LifePo bank, and there is a AGM 230Ah battery bank (bow battery) in their in (out of the islolator and in of the orions).. That's means both alternators are giving power to the 2 isolator outputs, one will be conected to both Orions, the other, to the crank batery.

So any alternator is giving power to either the crank batery or the bow battery, and with this last, both alternators are giving power to the 2 orions.

I wonder what would happen if one of the alternators could fail, so the scenario could led to have the surviving alternator of 70A, connected to 2 Orions, each one demanding at maximun 30A, plus the crank battery of course. Could this situation led to a breakdown of the remaining alternator, as both orions are demanding almost the 30A , plus crank battery, almost the maximum 70A?

thanks a lot

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Orion Tr Smart Non Isolated 12/24 30a Always in Bulk

Hi there,

A quick question regarding the Orion Tr Smart Non Isolated 12/24 30a.

I recently installed it with a Victron Lithium Battery 160ah. The device seems to be working because it is charging the battery. However, it is always in Bulk, even after driving 2 hours while the battery is at about 13.2V (all cells are at about 3.30V).

My installation is:

  • Fiat Ducato 2010 2.3 JTD 130ch
  • Orion Tr Smart Non Isolated 12/24 30a plugged to a Cyrix-Li Charge.
  • The Cyrix-Li Charger is plugged to a VE.BUS.BMS and goes to the battery.

I, so far, never lack battery and the battery is rarely below 12.8V, which is what I want in the end.

The entry V is about 13.5 to 14.0V and the output V is in general at about 13.5V to 14.0V.

The settings are in the below screenshots.




However, I seem to not be capable of getting a full charge.

I sometimes got the absorption and floating mode only once in a few weeks of use.

I am wondering if the fact that the charger is always in Bulk mode is normal or if there is something off?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Mounting Non isolated Orion-Tr Smart 12|12 - 30

I'd be very grateful for guidance on best position to mount the above unit. I have a Citroen Relay (6m wheelbase) and will also be using a Lynx, a Multi Plus and an MPPT Smart Solar. The installation will be at the rear of the vehicle mounted on the wall above the rear wheel arch.

The manual states to mount it close to the battery but is not clear which one ! Is it the starter battery or the leisure/house battery? Does it make any difference?

If at the rear near to the leisure battery, is it ok to use the common earth on the Lynx bus bar and run the positive feed, via appropriate fusing, from the starter battery the length of the vehicle?

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Orion Non-Isolated, but intstalled behind a battery isolator

This is not yet installed, before cutting existing wires I thought I'd reach out.

My boat has an isolator already installed to prevent bleeding between the 2 start batteries and the House/Leisure when the engine is not running. In this scenario I've assumed I would put the Orion between the Isolator and my house battery (intent is to protect my 70A alternators overheating with the new LiFePO4 battery)

My question is, will this be Ok? I assume the Orion will only power up when the engine is running since the input will not have power due to the isolation. I'm also thinking I can run a switched connection to the input side from the house battery to the input to allow configuration without running the engine. It would be switched off at all other times.

Of course this may not matter if the Orion is also able to draw power off the output side of its connection - I was unable to determine if this is the case with the documentation.

Thanks in advance!

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alternator overload/burnout with Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger

Outboard motor has alternator 12V, max alternator amp / Watt 35 amp / 441 watt, alternator amp at idle speed 20 amp. Is it safe to use Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger 12/24-15 for this outboard, preventing alternator overload/burnout? Or I should prefer Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger 12/24-10?

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Orian-TR Smart Isolated and 12-20 MPPT

With the output of a 200w solar panel connected to the starter (lead acid) battery through a 12-20 MPPT controller which is connected to an Orion, will the solar keep both batteries topped up over extended periods of inactive use?

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Orion-tr smart setup advice, how low can my input voltage go on a Smart alternator?


I have Orion-tr 12/12 30A connected to the starter battery of a 2021 Fiat Ducato. When the Orion is not charging I am getting constant input voltage of 12.6V when the van traveling at a constant 40 mph. When the Orion is charging I’m getting constant input voltage 11.8V when the van traveling at a constant 40 mph.

My question is 11.8v ok/normal for my vans starter battery to be this low and stay this low when the engine is running?

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5 Answers

Can I use the Orion TR Smart to start my engine when startbatery is down?

How do I wire the Orion or have I to use a switch?

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orion 12-12 30 Input switched on and off?

I am installing four Orions 12-12 30 in parallel to charge my 600 Ah LiPo batteries off an alternator in my sailing vessel. Unfortunately the wiring of the motor control panel lets the control panel go on with all alarms, as soon as the altenator sees the starter battery directly. The original installation had the motor battery after a splitting diode. Secondly the regulator of the altenator is set to compensate the voltage drop over a splitting diode, so the voltage is too high for the motor battery if it is connected directly to the altenator.

The work around would be to leave the motor battery over a splitting diode and to install a 265 A microprocessor controlled relay between the altenator and the splitting diode. The Orions would then be after the relay and the input side would be powered up only when the altenator is producing power. When the engine is shut off the input of the Orions would be depowered.

Can one switch the Orion on/off via the input being powred on/off or is that a bad idea?

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