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Victon multiplus & Pylon us5000 issue



I have a victron multiplus 48/5000/70-100 running on Pylon US5000 batteires x 2. We have updated firmware and installed the batteries as per the Victron manual making sure to use the ocrrect bus cables etc.

Our issue is the batteries where charging but now the system has gone into fault mode and displaying GX error #48 DVCC fault.

we have a cerbo GX on site and all was running well then with the extra sun the other day its sent the system into melt down mode.

We also have an external generator and second inverter connected to the system.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Evolution ESS


Est-il possible de rajouter une batterie Pylontech type US2000C sur une pile sans être obligé de stopper l'ensemble de l'installation Victron ESS?

De bien entendu la pile des batteries étant elle complétement déconnectée.

Si quelqu'un connait une procédure adéquate je suis preneuse.

Merci pour votre aide.


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Victron Fronius AC wiring diagram

Hi all. I've done some DC coupled systems, but I am new to the AC coupled world. The idea is to put a Fronius ECO on the output of 3 x 15KVa quattro's. The documentation doesn't help to much regarding this matter for newbies. Can someone please help me better understand the AC wiring side of this? Will the literally be connected together on the same AC lines (on a breaker of so)?

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What does "Charger Accept Mode" mean?

Have been plugged into shore power (electricity) at an RV park for 3 days. Unplugged today, drove to the desert, batteries at 100%. Checked batteries around 9:30 pm, down to 80%. Fired up the generator and after an hour or so the batteries read 100% but my wall panel where the inverter info is said "Charger Accept mode". I know what bulk, absorbtion and float are but what the heck is "Charger Accept Mode". What does that mean???

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Vaut-il mieux installer deux panneaux en série ou en parallèle sur un victron 150/35

Bonjour, Mon camping-car est en 12V et ma batterie est une Liontron 200A. Chacun de mes deux panneaux solaires font 230W soit 460W). En fait la question est, dois-je alimenter mon Victron en 12Vx38A=460W (série) ou en 24Vx20A=460W (parallèle)?

Merci pour votre aide

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Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Outputs

I'm hoping that someone knows, definitively, how this Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 output charger (available as 1 and 3 output versions) handles the specific needs of each of the 3 outputs? Are they handled independently? For example each of the connected batteries are depleted to different extents, perhaps #1 only requires maintenance/float whereas #2 requires charging from a 30% state. I wouldn't be so concerned except that the VictronConnect app only shows single charging information (as though this was a single output instead of 3). It's a little difficult to envision a scenario when all 3 outputs should be handled as single..? Unfortunately Victron does NOT address this issue in ANY of their documentation. Also, is each output capable of 30A output (so for example the 3 outputs performs exactly the same as the 1 output version if only 1 output is being used)? Someone mentioned to me that they "thought" that the 3 output version was only capable of 10A per output channel, max, or perhaps 15A per output in the case where only 2 outputs were used.?

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multiplus 5000/24 transfer swich 50 or 100

Good afternoon, I have a technical inquiry buy a Victron Multiplus in 2014 5000/24/120/50 but both in the housing and in the attached serial number of the equipment, it says that it has the transfer switch of 100A internally the chip that carries is the 50 the 2649151.hex. I bought a new quattro 24/8000 and I want to sell the old MultiPlus but it's complicated by that problem, it makes people suspicious. Any explanation? It happens often? Thank you

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Output Amps on IP65 12v/15a in charging mode only .4 Amps

Good day all:- Please advise, when I purchased my Van, it was supplied with the IP65 12v/15 amp Blue smart charger. Also installed is a 12v fridge/freezer and a deep cycle Gel Enertec 674D-RED battery. When this unit is in power supply mode, I only get 0,4 amps out of the unit which is not enough for the 150w fridge to run*(switches on and off) Once I disconnect the 674D-Red Enertec Battery I get upwards of 4.6 amps. In Charging mode, I get .7 amps, but the fridge still does not run. Please advise what could be the problem.

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Storage charge at 70% SOC all of a sudden ?

Recently my system is doing this...
It only "float" charges when surely should be on "bulk" I would assume? And then 15-20min later it switches to "storage" charge despite SOC only being 74%. No changes made to settings which have been working fine for over a year. AGM batteries btw, the only similar issue I had two weeks ago was that one second the system showed SOC as 75% and about 2min later showed 100% !

Any ideas? How to fix, as I am paying tonight for an electric supply specifically to recharge my batteries and its only trickle charging? ☹️



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Recording the power consumption of different devices using the EM24 / Cerbo GX

Hi everybody,

in the near future I will uprade my existing installation with a battery and victron components.
The system will look like this:
Energy-Meter: Victron EM24 (replaces the exisiting Sunny-Home-Manager 2.0)
System-Controller: Victron Cerbo GX
Battery Inverter: Victron Multiplus 2 48/5000
PV-Inverter: SMA Tripower 15000

Now the question:
Is it possible with this Victron-setup to record the power consumption of single devices (e.g. heat-pump)?
At the moment I'm doing this with the Sunny-Home-Manager, which reads the S0-Signal of a standard DIN-Rail-meter using the Smart-Appliance-Enabler running on a Raspberry PI.
All the data is shown in the SMA Sunny-Portal.

I havent't read anything about reading the S0-Signal with an EM24 or the Cerbo GX.
For sure another option would be to install an additional energy-meter (ET340) just for the heat-pump.
But this would be an expensive solution.
Has anybody another idea how to realize that?

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Victron Wiring Example - MultiPlus II with Lithium, Cerbo GX and new Lynx Smart BMS

Victron Energy produces loads of great schematic drawings to help you plan your wiring. This is the first in a series of schematic drawings and it features the new Lynx Smart BMS together with the MultiPlus II with two 120v circuits. You can see there is solar and alternator charging as this is would be a complex install for an RV in the US for example.


Here is a link to the full-sized pdf.

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Victron minimal setup


I have 2 eg4 batteries(48v, lifepower4). I plan on buying a multiplus2 48v. Do I need anything else to configure this setup? Assuming I can install the ve-configure sw on pc and connecti without any other adapters in-between?

Couple of other questions:

- I don't think the eg4 batteries can communicate with multiplus as per other threads. Is there any danger of it being overcharged or drained fully

- I plan to charge the batteries at night and discharge during the day. Assuming this is possible with ve-configure

- anything else I need to be aware of?

thank you

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SOC shows 100% but not exactly


I notice that my batteries never reach float or maximum absorption (unless I plug into shore power) because my SOC is already 100%. For example, if my SOC reads 50% and there’s enough sun, my SOC will get to 100% but my batteries don’t show full absorption. However, if my SOC has the same 50% reading and I plug into shore power, the batteries will eventually go to float after absorption, but when I unplug, they instantly drop to a reading of around half full despite the SOC still reading 100% It will maintain voltage and work fine, but I notice I will lose power and get a low battery warning when the SOC reads 30%-45%. There also is an exclamation point on the settings icon in the top right of my VE.Bus Smart HQ21083Y19T page, but when I go there, there is nothing that indicates an issue. Above are screenshots of that page before I unplug and directly after unplugging from shore power with charger on float and SOC reads 100%. What needs to be done? Thank you kindly and in advance for any ways to rectify this and get things synced up again.

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Battery not Charging

We have wired up a 3phase using 5KVA with a Freedom Won LiTE 20/16 battery. Everything is working perfectly from the measurement to the AC in.

When the AC IN is connected (we have not connected the solar yet) the battery is not charging,

How can I make it charge? Can anyone assist me with this?


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Configure Multiplus without a PC

Is this possible yet? Id rather not buy a Windows PC just to change my Multiplus settings.

The system will have a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50. Is there any other way to accomplish changing setting on the Multiplus without buying a PC? Bluetooth dongle?

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