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ET112 Energy meters - installation of 3 meters

Good day

I need to install 3 x ET112 Grid meters in a single phase installation . Busy with my planning

Meter 1 will be the Grid Meter

Meter 2 Will be the meter measuring the PV Inverters before the input of my Quattro

Meter 3 Will be measuring the PV Inverters on the output of my Quattro.

On the Color control under energy meters I need to assign the roles . On the PV inverters can it be defined which one is before the Quattro and which one is after the Quattro it does not seem to offer me that specific role ?

Some guidance will be greatly appreciated

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"Setup" menu missing for Energy Meter EM24


I have two EM24 energy meters in my setup (CerboGX). Both had the option to assign them a role in the setup menu. However, suddenly in one of the EM24 menus the entry "setup" did disappear (changed it before).

How do I get that back? Is it a kind of known bug?

Best Regards

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Display external battery charging as Genset

I have 3 phase Multiplus II 5000 system with gerbo gx and lynx distributor + lynx shunt. PV is generated from MicroInverters. I have grid meter ET340 and also extra ET340 for solar production.

I want to charge my batterys from my car V2L adapter if needed. To display that correctly as genset I could find only one option. To buy one more energy meter ET112 and add that between car V2L and charger 220v input (this 220 line is totaly seaprated from in house 220v wiring). And configure that as Genset meter. Problem is that most of the time this ET112 does not have any 220v connected to it.

Then charger DC output should be connected to lynx distributor otherwise lynx shunt can not show correct soc value.

I could then also use one phase gas generator to load the battery in emergency.

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Mehrere Energiezähler an cerbo GX - PV Anlage mit Multiplus II und AC seitigem WR

Guten Morgen,

ich steige gerade in die Victron und Solarwelt ein und freue mich schon auf meine Anlage. Grundsätzlich ist der Plan eine PV Anlage mit Multiplus II 5kw + Pylontech Batterie + AC seitigen Wechselrichter(n) (2x 1Phasig oder 1x 3 phasig) aufzubauen.

Als Haupt Energymeter soll der EM24 mit RS485 Schnittstelle über USB angebunden werden.

Zusätzlich würde ich gerne auf dem VRM Portal den AC seitigen WR anzeigen lassen - dafür würde ich den ET340 nehmen.

Wenn möglich hätte ich gerne noch einen ET112 um das Klimasplitgerät (1.Phasig 20A) als AC Last im VRM Dashboard mitloggen zu lassen - ginge das mit der Einbindung und Anzeige und was wird dafür benötigt ?

Der elektrische Teil der Anlage wird von meinem Elektriker erstellt, welcher bereits Victronanlagen aufgebaut hat - nur mein spezieller Wunsch nach mehreren EM hat er so noch nicht umgesetzt.

Ich habe schon einige Websites und Foren durchsucht - gefunden habe ich z.B. den Beitrag Can i use multiple em24 energymeters? in dem "ossi" antwortet das dies gehen würde wenn das RS485 Netzwerk am USB Port aufgebaut werden würde.

In meinem Fall verstehe ich das so:

USB port A: Victron Converter RS485-1: - EM24 ID1 (für Hauptzähler)

USB Port B: Victron Converter RS485-2 : - ET340 ID1 (AC seitiger WR) + (an das gleiche Kabel geklemmt) - ET112 ID2 (AC Last)

Die ID für den ET112 stelle ich einmalig einzeln am Notebook um, und hänge den in Reihe hinter den ET340 so wie hier skizziert:


Ist das korrekt und werden die EM dann auch im Dashboard richtig angezeigt oder habe ich einen Denkfehler ?

Vielen Dank für die Hilfe bereits im Voraus !

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Energy Meter EM330AV5

Hi, can anybody tell me if the EM330AV5 Energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi is compatible to Victron. This is apparently the replacement for EM24AV5.


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Energy Meter ET112 communication link

Like many before I have been challenged by installing an ET112 "grid meter" at mains AC entry point when my whole solar setup is in an outbuilding around 40m away. Hard wired communication back to a Multiplus 2 GX is just way too complicated, and would require laying underground conduit to hide cable runs across a large parking area. I did consider the Zigbee option, however, from my experience of trying to get a decent extended WiFi signal to my outbuilding I am not even sure the Zigbee would guarantee a solid connection (it is effectively a wireless mesh system operating on the same 2.4GHz as WiFi. At that frequency passing through 3x 25cm solid walls over the distance required is probably on the edge of operation?).

My thoughts turned to a RS485 radio link. At this stage I know I am subject to scrutiny and I make no guarantees that this would suit everybody's situation. If I could I would go for a hard-wired link... but I can't. I absolve myself from all liability if anyone decides to copy my project.

I have done some projects with LoRa in the UK so the available 868MHz band is well known to me. I stumbled across a RS485 transceiver board on ebay (....don't you just love it?), made by our friends in a different time zone. So, I purchased 2 of these boards to play around with. They use FSK modulation and make the board in 433/868 MHz versions (check your country rules!!). Ideally they run on 5v and the manufacturers claim a free air (line of sight) range of 500m. They appear to do what they claim.

The next part of the puzzle is the link to the GX device. Victron "recommend" FTDI UART chip based serial communication by implication (....that is what their standard connection cables seem to be based on?). There are 2 other UART chip devices in general circulation the CH340 and the CP2102(SiliconLabs). From what I have found the Victron equipment does not natively communicate with CH340 devices (you need the drivers installed). The CP2102 chip works with a Venus GX I have on a raspberry pi system and also with Multi 2 GX (which effectively has a Venus inside). I have not tested with Cerbo GX but there is no reason to assume it will be different since the software is all Linux based?

The USB to RS485 device I bought was the DSD Tech SH-U10. Which is a dongle that plugs into my raspberry pi. Be aware that this will not fit within the Multiplus 2 removeable protection panel over cable entry. You could just get a USB extender cable so that the dongle is outside or, as I am going to do, buy the DSD Tech SH-U10L which comes as a connection dongle on the end of a USB cable... much neater solution.

The transceiver uses less than 30mA at 5V so at the Victron end mine is powered off the DSD SH-U10. However, I have built small mains powered 5V DC power supplies into my devices so that I can run the radio link off a fused spur at my consumer unit end. In fact I used the opportunity at the grid entry point to install a Mains isolator between electricity board meter and house consumer unit in a small secondary consumer unit (designed for garages/outhouses etc). That also neatly houses the ET112 meter, since there was no space left in the main consumer unit.

So, that's it. I 3D printed some ABS boxes for neatness and to keep it housed safely. Although I only "need" the power supply at one end I have just printed the same box at both ends. I have played around with different cable options and have decided that standard internal BT telephone cable is a good option, it is just 2x twisted-pairs within the same cable. Of course this has not been tested to extreme but it has been soak tested for a week or so and appears to connect flawlessly?



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Energy meter and no inverter no solar data on VRM

I have 2 energy meters Em24 one on grid and one on solar cells and no inverter. I get no solar yield on VRM

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ET112 + Current Transformer - AC Loads reading

It's been a known fact that ESS system with ET112 as grid meter is responding very slowly to high load change and that the same system with CT clip is responding much quicker.

On the other hand ET112 is much more accurate in terms of energy usage calculations.

I thought it will make perfect sense to use both... CT to get fast responds and ET112 to get accurate grid usage readings. So I've wired up my system like on the diagram below:


I've noticed that after connecting CT to Multi I'm getting fast responds to load as expected but, on the VenuxGX diagram my AC Loads has not been calculated correctly (the actual load is about 800W), the meter settings is set to Settings-->ESS-->Grid Metering-->External Meter


Correct diagram, but AC Loads inaccurate

So to get accurate AC Loads readings I had to set Settings-->ESS-->Grid Metering-->Inverter/Charger, and now I'm getting accurate readings on the AC Loads, but the diagram is incorrect:


AC Loads correct, but wrong diagram

Is there a way to use both ET112 and CT clip and set this up to show correct diagram with correct AC Loads readings?

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Feature request: VRM option to calculate energies based on sum of all phases

While my system regulates feed-in based on "sum of all phases" just fine, all energies shown in VRM seem to always be based on the single phase sums. Unfortunately this also makes many other graphs useless like the consumption diagrams.

Currently the only workaround I know would be to purchase and hook up an external EM24 meter.

This issue has been discussed in other threads already but I couldn't find any info if this is going to be implemented.

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ET112 not showing up


So, after tearing my hair out, I decided to run a Cat 5 cable around 60 meters and connected it to the multi through the victron RS485 to USB lead.

I now have the TX/RX flasing on both the ET112 and the RS485 adpter, not continuously but in bursts, pause for a second, then another burst.

However....Still nothing showing up in energy meters!! How can I try and identify whats causing it not to show?

Hi all,

Read as many posts as I can, but nothing has solved my issue.

I'm using a multiplus II GX and an ET112.

Connection between the two via Zigbee.

At first i've been tearing my hair out thinking the Zigbees were not connecting. However, I have plugged the Zigbee USB into my laptop and it connected to the ET112 straight away using the UCS program.

Still won't show up on energy meters.

What else can I check?

Thanks in advance

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EM-111 and 2.90-14

Hello I have version 2.90-14 large installed. I updated from 2.72 large because there was a problem with the louisvdw bms driver that was fixed in the latest versions of the driver. As a meter I have the Carlo Gavazzi EM-111 (if the 111, not the 112), the problem is that sometimes it measures with a changed sign and it is solved with a restart, before that did not happen and I do not know if it will be from this version or from another previous. Is there evidence of incompatibilities with this counter? I have entered the counter configuration with the Carlo Gavazzi software and it does not matter if I put the configuration A or B since Venus changes it even by putting a different access code.

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Carlo Gavazzi EM24 with CTs discontinued? What to use instead?

I am installing a 100A 3 phase ESS system and have spoke to Carlo Gavazzi regarding the supply of an EM24 with CT's

They say this meter has been discontinued but that Victron have been testing the EM530 or the EM330.

Have either of these meters been approved by Victron for use in an ESS system? Are there any other types available?



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Alternative energy meters for ESS

It seems that Carlo Gavazzi may be experiencing some supply or manufacturing problems with the EM24DINAV53DISX

I am installing an ESS on a 3 phase 100A system. There are many other 100A 3 phase meters with modbus capability. Are these supported at all or will I have to try and find discontinued stock of the EM24 at an inflated price?

Could I use this on instead for instance?



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Connecting Multiplus-II with ET112


I have a problem establishing a working connection between the Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V GX an the Carlo Gavazzi ET112.

Basics about our setup: Wie have a PV Inverter feeding into the grid, we want to store overproduced Energie into batteries. So we installed the ET112 directly behind the energy meter from our provider. Then connected the data lines following the instructions from the manual, (10-15m CAT-5 cable, FTDI-USB RS485 Bridge with cable shortend to less than 20cm, etc).

When plugging in the FTDI Bridge, there is a short blinking of RX and TX Leds, but nothing else. To verify that our connection is working, we downloaded the Carlo Gavazzi Software for the meter, which instantly connected to the meter. So i guess the RS485 Bus, FDTI and ET112 are working just fine.

But there is no energy meter shown in the remote console of the Multiplus-II.

We tried multiple Configurations of the meters RS485 interface without success.

To verify that the FTDI ist recognised by the Multiplus-II we logged into the system via SSH an lsusb revealed that the USB/RS485 bridge is at least hooked to the system. A hexdump of /dev/ttyUSB1 did not show anything. No LEDs blinking on the FTDI showing that the Device is trying to transmit data.

In the Carlo Gavazzi Software, the standard RS485 configuration is 9600, parity none, stop 1, modbus id 1. Due to the fact, that a baudrate of 1152000 did not lead to any problems during the use of the Carlo Gavazzi Software, there should not be any issues with the cabeling.

So i hope that someone here might have an idea of what is wrong.

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What are the disadvantages if any of using ESS without a grid meter

Hi all,

I am about to install an ESS system with a multiplus II, I already have solar and was wondering what if any disadvantages there are in not using a grid meter?, the problem I have is the system is in a seperate building from the incoming supply and the metering options are limited, I do not trust wireless methods as they usually suffer drop outs or interference.

I would prefer a CT meter hardwired to the Cerbo but there does not seem to be an option for this (other than discontinued), I am unable to install a new cable to the remote building so the meter would need to utilise ethernet.

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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