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Fronius / Multiplus II ESS - Network Issues?

I am about to install a grid tied Fronius AC PV inverter to a Victron Multiplus 2 ESS system with Pylontech batteries.

The original plan was to use one Energy meter ET112 and a network connection to the Fronius. My supplier has said there can be issues with a system set up this way. See explaination below:

For the Fronius to appear on the Cerbo, they need to be on the same LAN subnet and that requires the local LAN router to be operating even if there is a power failure. SOmetimes the networking causes them to stop talking and it needs reinitialising. And all manner of networking issues. An energy meter with a direct cable is always more reliable.

Would I therefore be better using 2 energy meters ET112’s and forgetting about the network connection. This would also mean I could order the non WLAN Fronius, which is a bit cheaper?

Any thoughts or experiences appreciated.

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Power value on Grid for L1 different to L1 on AC Loads

In this setup we have 1 x Quattro 8kVA on L1 and an Carlo Gavazzi EM24 meter installed at the three-phase grid point of connection. Grid Setpoint is 200W.

The L1 power (W) value shown on the 'Grid' is always wrong. The L1 power value shown under 'AC Loads' is correct. Can anyway explain how to fix this?

The screen shot from VRM below was taken at 22:30 local time, so there is no PV input, and the battery is at its SOC discharge limitation.

The W value does not even compute by Ohms law.

Happy to provide more info on settings if needed.

We plan to install a Fronus Symo inverter soon for this client.


Thanks, Tim

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Problems with the energy level BMV 702

Hello, I have the problem that my BMV 702 measures everything, but the energy level is not correct. I never come under 90% even if the voltage drops to 46V. What am I doing wrong? Or is the device defective. Unfortunately, I bought the device from the shop “”, I can only warn against buying it from this shop. After the purchase, this shop does not respond to anything. He just doesn't reply. I have switched 4 batteries in series so that 48V with 12 AGM batteries a total of 114 Ah. I sync the display at 100% Does anyone here have an idea

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MultiPlus-II GX Zigbee Meter

Can the MultiPlus-II GX range accept meter input via Zigbee, like the other GX devices can?

If so, is about 15m range and 3 walls going to be an obstacle for the wireless comms?

I’m trying to figure out what to buy to get the setup I need. The MultiPlus-II will be in my shed next to the Smartsolar charge controller, PV panels, and batteries. The meter is in the middle of the house and I can’t easily run a new cable from it, so I want a wireless-capable meter. I’m guessing the ET-112 will be the best choice here. The CT clamp must be connected directly to the MultiPlus if used, so that’s not an option. Or can a standalone GX device accept input from a CT clamp?

I already have an Aeotec ZWave CT clamp meter feeding data into Home Assistant, but I don’t think I could use that unless I run the Venus OS on raspberry pi and do something bespoke - would prefer not to go that route.

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Data Showing incorrectly - 3 Phase Grid, 3 Phase PV (Enphase), 1 Phase ESS (MultiPlus-II)

We are using two ET340 Meters, one for the incoming Grid and one for the PV.

The calculations of AC Loads and Critical Loads are very obviously wrong.

Basic Drawing:


Tests Done:

With no PV


With just L1 Enphase inverters on:


With all 3 phases on:


If we change the Meter programming to AC Input (intentionally wrong but just testing):



Incorrect load showing on critical (as expected because the PV is physically on the AC output.)

It seems that the loads are being calculated wrong. L2 and L3 are showing critical load when there is no MultiPlus on there phases and the total calculated plus the grid export is higher than the Production by nearly double.

Try turning “Inverter AC output in use” which removed the Critical load calculation and the AC Load calculation still reads wrong values.



Anything else we can try?

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Energy meter AC loads - PV = grid


I have two energy meters ET112's. Grid, PV array and loads both on AC in.

If the meter on loads is set to grid meter (wrong for mysetup) the ac loads is calculated as follow grid + PV = AC loads.

However it doesn't work if energy meter is set to AC loads ie AC loads - PV doesn't equal grid in VRM.

Is there a way to do this?



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ET112 Meter

Hello, can the ET112 be used in an fully offgrid setup to monitor the load consumption to a individual circuit..? I have a Multiplus II 48/10000 and would like to monitor the usage to my future house.


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Smartshunt to monitor solar panels

Ok crazy question. Can I use the smartshunt in dc energy mode in-line with my solar input to measure my solar on the high voltage string? 250vdc? I see that it seems to have an option that leads me to think that this may be an intended feature, but what are the limits of the shunt? I mean clearly it can handle the 64vdc batteries I have, but what is the MAX VOLTAGE it can handle on its VBATT+ input? I can’t seems find this info anywhere.

The reason I want to do this is so that that I can relay the info from my solar array into the Vrm as solar power in. I run two all in one units so I can’t put the smartshunt in-line with the output as it is internal.

Ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Zigbee-usb setup failure


We've used the zigbee-usb to zigbee-rs485 to link the Et112 energy meter to a ccgx before. First time straight out of box followed the victron manual (ie just plug it in!!) and it worked.

Second one didn't so brought another set, worked

Brought another set didn't work but that was doe to the 2nd matched with old.

had another 2nd sent out, worked in the workshop, got to site and it didn't work

brought another set tried in workshop and doesn't work!

we've now accumulated 5 zigbee-rs485 and 2 zigbee-usb and have a system that's not working!

Brexit means I can't get another pair so somehow need to get a set working. Phoning suppliers and victron sales hasn't helped as no one appears to know anything about how the zigbee's work they just do!!

Obviously not all the time as there are other posts but no conclusions!

the symptom is the zigbee-usb plugged into the ccgz has solid active light only. Zigbee-rs485 has rapid flashing active led only.

random pushing of reset and function buttons on the zigbee-usb will put both lights out (pushing reset goes back to initial state of solid active light)

Pushing buttons on the zigbee-rs485 will change the flashing LED pattern but once pushed it doesn't seem to go back to the initial rapid flashing active LED only.

Does anyone know anything about these devices and what to do if they don't work straight out of the box??

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Ct clamp over ip ethernet.

Anyone know of a analog to TCP/IP transmitter/receiver?

Ct clamps are £15

Em24 £200+

So anyone know of a solution of sending ct signal over ip and then back so I can send it over ethernet. With parts less then £185....



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Added a Meter for AC Coupled PV and broke the dashboard

The Setup:

Multiplus II 10KVA, Loads and AC coupled PV on AC IN 1 and I have the optional CT for MP II on the Grid perimeter

Initially the dashboard was slightly wrong and the PV production was cancelled out by the AC Load, I understand the MP II has no way to show this so the Dashboard was correct based on what the MP II could see. I decided to add a Meter to the PV to be able to see the PV Production.

I added a EM24 (ethernet) on the PV Inverter up in the loft. Since installing I am now experiencing

As quoted in 1.2 of ESS Guide

"In particular, without a grid meter:

  • When renewable energy is being provided on the input side, the grid value will be wrong (too low/negative); and
  • The AC Load value shown will be too low (and will show zero where there is a surplus of renewable energy)."

I thought the built in MP II CT (option) and Energy Meter where equivalent however I’m now thinking this is not the case. Can someone confirm this or have I missed a setting somewhere?

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GX different values grid vs AC loads


My setup actually looks very simple and is just for updates and tests:

1xMultiplus2 5k:

  • AC-IN1 = grid
  • no AC-OUT1/2 connected
  • switch: charger only

PV charger = no PV array connected

no battery connected, PV charger is powered by Multiplus2

to measure grid loads a smartmeter is connected via modbus-tcp.

the problem is, there's a difference between grid L1 and ac-loads L1, but ther shouldn't
L1 ac-loads shows always min. >10W more consumption than the power meter/grid. L2 and L3 show's correct values.


Does someone know the cause of that? the value looks to me calculated, but why and where?


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Intergration Of Victron Cerbo and Solaredge Meter

Intergration Of Victron Cerbo and Solaredge Meter

SE meter operates on RS485

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Carlo Gavazzi EM24 with CTs discontinued? What to use instead?

I am installing a 100A 3 phase ESS system and have spoke to Carlo Gavazzi regarding the supply of an EM24 with CT's

They say this meter has been discontinued but that Victron have been testing the EM530 or the EM330.

Have either of these meters been approved by Victron for use in an ESS system? Are there any other types available?



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Multiple energy meters in ESS

I am designing a 3 phase ESS system with multiple existing renewable inputs. There are 4 existing PV inverters. I plan to connect them all on the AC in of the multiplus so no frequency shifting required. Can i use an ET112 and RJ45 to USb interface on each of these inverters and add them to the CerboGX via a USB multiplier? Will they then display on the screen as normal?

Thanks in advance

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