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Victron Orion 12/12 30 Charger Connection to 2 x Lithium Batteries in Parallel [A or B]?

Hey Guys,

Question Part.1 - I have two solar king 100ah lithiums in parallel - I have recently bought an Orion 12/12/30amp DC-DC charger and was wondering if there is a best practice when it comes to making the output connections; essentially, a or b? Assuming the wiring was exactly the same lengths in each case.

Question Part.2 - Following on from that, would your advice change if there was an Victron 100/50 MPPT connected to the bottom bus bars as well?



Many thanks in advance, Peter

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Charge curve

Hey guys,

I have a Seplos BMS directly connected to the multiplus II GX 48/3000; so it can retrieve data directly from the BMS; I thought that was worth mentioning before asking stuff.

I have a 58v lifepo4 battery but it continues to charge until it reaches the point of 'total voltage overvoltage protection' which is 57.6 volt; In this case the BMS decides to shutdown the charging as it should and allow only discharge.

I was expecting it to continue to charge it with 56.8v and then keep it at 54v (100%)

When looking at the settings, I have this setup.


Am I getting something wrong here? because I wasn't expecting it to force it to continue until the BMS gives an cut-off message.

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Victron BMV 700 SOC inaccurate since I switched to a new battery. Help!

I previously had a 200 Ah AGM battery in my van with a Renogy solar controller and BMV 700. The SOC always seemed to give fairly stable & accurate readings. I recently installed a 200 Ah lithium battery and replaced my solar controller with a new Renogy MPPT with 50A DC-DC charger. All other connections remain the same. I updated my BMV settings to reflect recommendations for lithium batteries, but now it gives very inconsistent readings.

A few examples:

- The voltage is often above the charged voltage for many hours and the SOC does not increase. Right now I've had 13.5V for over 4 hours but no update to SOC.

- The SOC no longer shows incremental increases. It only goes down, then jumps back to 100%. With my AGM battery it would show incremental increases when my solar was charging or the battery was charging off the starter battery

- The SOC doesn't seem to reflect reality either. Just the other night, it read 60% battery, but then my inverter's low voltage alarm rang and I had to unplug everything.

Here are the settings I have:

- Battery capacity: 200Ah

- Charged voltage: 13.2V (as recommended by Renogy w/ the MPPT I have)

- Tail current: 4%

- Charged detection time: 03

- Peukert Exponent: 1.05

- Charge efficiency factor: 97% (as recommended by Renogy w/ the MPPT I have)

- Current threshold: 0.10

Can anyone recommend a settings change to help me get more accurate readings?

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Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30A non isolated suddenly charging low

Hi Everyone,

Until recently, I was charing while driving roughly between 18A and 27A, therefore quite ok. I know it's not 30A, but apparently nothing alarming from what I read here and there.

I had one night of very cold weather - -20°C - in Norway and in the morrning, the battery dropped to 4° (therefore could not be charged at that temperature) and a warning that one cell dropped below the recommended voltage or something like that.

I obviously immediately turned on the engine to charge the battery, which temperature increased to 5° and therefore could be charged.

The battery charged well up to 100% that day and even was rebalanced, therefore I did not worry. However, since then, the battery is only charging between 5A and 10A which is really low and worries me a little. It seems that the Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30A does not draw sufficient current. I am not so sure why would that be, and why would it change from a week ago since I did not touch anything.

Would anyone have faced the same issue, or would know what might have happened here and what should I do?

I have the following items installed in my RV:

  • Victron Smart Battery LifPo4 160Ah
  • Victron Orion TR Smart 12/12 30A non isolated
  • Victron BMV 712
  • Victron Battery Protect 65A
  • Victron Cyrix-Li Charger
  • Converter 600W Gianel (other than Victron)

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Fronius Primo cooking micro-grid batteries

We have a Fronius Primo 8.2 fed by approx 5kw of solar, coupled to a microgrid consisting of a 5kva Multiplus II, 1.3kw solar panels and eight 135Ah 12v AGM batteries. The Primo is set to MG50 and the Multiplus has been configured as a microgrid. We used this set up to successfully charge our EV for the first time two days ago. Everything worked, with the Primo generating 4-4.5kw most of the time, and the smaller solar system that feeds the battery bank via an MPPT picking up the slack to supply most of what the charger needed. The car wound down charging gradually, and presumably as whatever slight deficit there was in the battery bank was topped up, the Primo gracefully throttled itself, with the lights on the Multiplus changing from bulk, to absorption, to float, and the display on the Primo showing 0w in the absence of all loads. What more could we want? The following day we wanted to use our set up to run a 1.5kw transfer pump for an extended period. When we switched the Primo on the batteries were already full, but the Primo began hammering them with around 1800w, and the Multiplus showed bulk charging. The batteries began making a bubbling, sizzling sound – not good at all! Why didn’t the Multiplus tell the Primo via frequency shifting that it didn’t need to be pumping juice into the batteries? We had made two small changes via VEconfigure after our successful EV charging session, but can’t see how they relate to this sudden departure from proper functioning. 1. We raised the battery voltage at which the Multiplus shuts down and re-starts after a shutdown, to offer the batteries better protection. 2. The battery type was unspecified, so we changed that to AGM/Gel. After the Primo decided to boil the batteries we made one further change, altering the rate at which the Primo can charge the batteries from 70amps down to 10amps. This made no difference to its desire to overcharge the batteries, but at least the reading it gave was a bit lower, at around 800w. We weren’t able to use the Primo for the pump today, and had to rely on the smaller solar system attached to the Multiplus instead. We are stumped. Can anyone please shed some light?

One further question, if I may: Is there any other reason for the 1.0 rule than to protect against voltage spikes in the event a load that has been consuming the PV yield is suddenly removed and the Multiplus is not rated to accept that yield? If such sudden events could be managed to give the Multiplus time to respond, would it be viable to have, say, an 8kw solar array behind the Primo?

All help much appreciated.

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Generator Charging Issue

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help with an EasySolar 48/5000 issue when charging Pylontech (us3000 x4) batteries with a Yamaha EF7200 generator. For some reason the Easysolar will only pull 2800 watts from the geni even though the Input current limit is set at 20A. Furthermore, if I draw load in the house the generator will ramp up to service it. This leads me to believe that the problem lies in the easysolar to battery charging settings. Charge Current Limit (CCL) in Battery Parameters setting is at 148A. This has got me completely stumped…. Any ideas/help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Where to purchase a V-Sense Cable?

I have done a pretty thorough internet search and have not been able to find a vendor that sells the V-Sense cable which, for some reason, Victron does not include with new multiplus purchases (T-Sense IS included, surprisingly). Any ideas? Is it possible to "roll your own"?


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Smart IP65 skipping Bulk, straight to Absorption

I recently purchased a Blue Smart IP65 Charger to charge my 2 100ah lithium iron phosphate batteries. The first few charge cycles worked fine but now even if the batteries are depleted, it skips the bulk charge stage and goes straight to absorption with a 1 amp charge. No matter what I do, resetting the history, resetting the whole thing to factory defaults, it behaves the same. I have tried using the default lithium ion settings, custom settings, the normal settings, the high settings, always the same result. I tried connecting the charger directly to the batteries instead of my bus bar and the result is the same. 1 amp max charging in absorption stage at whatever the current battery voltage is e.g. 13.5, 13.2 etc. My BMV-712 verifies that it's only 1 amp as well.

I've tried searching these forums and there are other similar threads but never a resolution. Is this a defective unit? I am reaching out here hoping there is a solution before I return the charger for a refund. Was hoping to stick with Victron for compatibility with my other components but 1 amp isn't going to work for me.

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Multiplus-II not schedule charging with ESS

I have set a scheduled charge time from 00:30 for 4 hours (cheap rate from grid), but the charger doesnt relaibly start
I have the ESS assistant, latest FW on all devices with Multiplus-II 24/3000 on FW v502

I also have my electric car set to charge during this 4 hour window, i do not want the Inverter of the Multiplus-II to be on during this time period, i can pull all the power from the grid at this time and fully charge the battery

Looking at VRM, i can see the car starts charging at 0030, but as you can see the Multiplus-II doesnt, then around 02:47 the Multiplus-II does start to charge




As you can see, for some reason the Inverter pulls 115amps from the battery for 20 minutes around 00:42, why?, i had also set the max inverter output to 250W, so why is the inverter pulling 110amps?



Any advice would be greatly appreciated, ive spent hours trying varouns things, i can never get this to work as i ecpedted.

As a test i setup a second scheduled charge time, once again this started but the battery didnt not start charing, while still in this charge period, i changed "Minimum SoC (unless grid lost)" to 90% and chraging immediatly started, why?



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BlueSmart Charger does not show any current in Absorption mode

Just tried to connect various batteries (from 7Ah to 60Ah) to charge with new BlueSmart 12/7 charger and the process is always the same:

1) when battery is connected, it is tested and mode is determined. I think it's OK.

2) although remaining power in batteries differs - no one (from 6) stayed in "Bulk" mode more like for a second. I think it should last longer for empty batteries.

3) when "Absorption" mode is on, current and voltage on Android App is displayed. While voltage showed some meaningful numbers, current was always showing zeroes. I think it should not be 0.00A in any condition.

4) after some time Float mode is on, then voltage and current showed meaningful numbers (i.e. 13V, 0.5A) but no zeroes. It shoul be OK.

5) if 60Ah battery is 10V before charging or 10Ah 12,5V - the charging till "Float" mode longs no longer than 2 hours. I think charging time should be longer thant 2h for empty 60Ah battery.

I'm not sure that my charger is OK. What do you think? Will appreciate any comments.

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IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger with AGM battery bank

I have the IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger and would like to use it to charge a bank of two Optima D27 AGM batteries 66Ah each. (Wired in parallel)

Is it ok to use the single IP65 to charge both batteries by connecting it to positive of one battery and negative of the other.

Thank you

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ESS charging


Hi I have an ESS system in operation as above, my issue is why am I exporting over 1kw and only charging at 64w?

I have the 48v multiplus with 200ah of Gel batteries.

It is set to optimised with battery life and self consumption.

Thanks in advance


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Using a Multiplus to charge a battery

I have a 24V 2000 Multiplus (120V version and not the Compact) with two 12V100Ah LifePO4 batteries in series. I have an AGM battery that I use elsewhere that requires charging at 14.7 volt. I was wondering if could charge my 12 V AGM battery with the Multiplus in Charge only mode? This would require me to temporarily disconnect my two 12V LifePO4 batteries connected in series. Is this possible?

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Scheduled charging on Cerbo GX

Hi all (again LOL)

I have another dilemma, so residing in South Africa we have 4-10 hours load shedding per day depending on the grid availability. We have 3x Quattro 48/15000 inverter chargers for a 3 phase system, 4x 200 Amp freedom won batteries, 3x 450/200 Mppts and 70x 540W solar panels. We are using on average about 10-15 Kwh during the day and feeding the balance of the rather constant 30Kw into the grid. Now when load shedding is active the solar only makes what we need 10-15Kw so during these hours we loose more than half the solar capacity.

When we have load shedding during the night the batteries drop to around 60-40% DOD, now I only want to charge the batteries during the day when load shedding is active IE no mains power so that we can harness some of the the solar lost when there is no feedback into the grid and then keep them on float charge until load shedding is active at night.

I don't think the system was designed to work like this but maybe there is a way. I have tried scheduled charging in ESS with Minimum SOC at 99% but at night when power comes on the batteries start charging automatically from grid. I have even tried setting charge current limit to 0A but when mains is on and solar panels start making power the batteries charge.



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voltage spike during absorption on multiplus 3000 12v with LiFePo internal BMS

Hey folks, I have a similar set up to the post here.

The main difference: I have is a single large 360amp/h battery from expion also internal BMS.

Using the latest Multiplus firmware applied via the android app.

I'm seeing similar behavior where the multiplus will bulk (90amp limit) to 14.2 (my setting) and start absorption. tested with discharge to 95% so I'm not watching the output all day.

The voltage will then creep up to 14.3-14.4 (multiplus perspective) which is above my set desired set voltage (confirmed with multimeter). Near the highest sustained voltage I see a similar amp spike as the related post followed by a voltage spike (~16.1v) for less than a second. (See attached video of the system return to pre spike voltage). Note the V drop from the multi plus to the battery is 0.08-0.09v.

The manufacturer has confirmed the BMS will cell balance at top of the charge and has recommended 14.2 - 14.4 for 1 hour in absorption and doesn't believe I should be seeing this behavior.

  • They suggested removed all temperature cables. Temperature is provided by the lynx shunt, and lithium profile is selected for no temperature comp on the multiplus. Can this be the issue anyway? I would rather not remove the temperature sensors.
  • Would lowering the voltage further have a benefit e.g. 14.1 vs 14.2? as it seems the multiplus allows voltage to exceed the settings.
  • Out there idea: any issues fitting an Alternator protection device in series to prevent these voltage spikes if the BMS is exhibiting normal behavior?

Next steps I'm considering

  • Call the battery manufacter again and confirm cell balance behavior
  • Repeat testing without multiplus and let mppt do the charging to see if the issue is isolated to the multiplus. Note: during the above discription the solar panels were off.
  • Lower voltage to 14.1 if acceptable
  • Other...??? Any other ideas from the community to test?

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