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Multiplus Compact charging not at 80amps?

Hey all,

I've had the multiplus compact for a year or so now. It is onboard a sailboat which is used daily as an inverter and is disconnected from shore power 99% of the time. Last winter we were able to charge @ 80amps. Summer came around and we don't need to run our generator or plug into the dock as solar covers 100% of our needs. Well winter is here, we need to run our generator every couple days to charge the batteries.

Since Nov 3rd when we first needed to fire up the generator, i have started to notice the charger is only putting out around 60-70amps. I thought this was weird intially, thinking maybe i mis-read the voltage and we actually weren't as low as i thought we were. Well since that point, we've ran the generator 5 times, plugged into a dock once, and am currently running the generator as we were around 11.8v(60-70% discharge for our firefly battery bank). Well i assumed due to drawing the bank down this low, I would have assumed to see roughly 80 amps coming in via the generator(2200 watt generator). Alas we only are seeing around 68amps at the high end of things.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to why this would be? I have the inverter set to 30amps(generally set it to 18.5amps but figured lets rule this possibility out).

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Feature Request: A NEVER, EVER CHARGE FROM THE GRID flag, please.


I have a single-phase MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50 which is AC-coupled to a 2kW Fronius MPPT.

After a cloudy day, the charger will kick in at sunset to top-up batteries from the grid. Or a cloud will come over during Absorption and charger will start importing power to continue Absorption during the day. [More than the 1A I have set as AC current input limit - why?]

I NEVER want my batteries charged from the grid - far too inefficient!

I looked at the Charge Control Assistant but it doesn't seem to be the solution.

Please can we have a flag to disable charging from the grid under any circumstances?



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Did the MPPT destroy my batteries because of faulty BMV?

When I came back to my boat after being away for 6 months, the voltage on my lead batteries was about 3V. I could not understand what had caused this, as everything except the BMV and the MPPT with solar panels was disconnected.

I bought new batteries, and then I saw that the BMV displayed 0,2-0,3V lower voltage than the MPPT. The BMV was tested by my dealer with same result, and has now been sent to Victron.

I had set the MPPT to use the voltage from the BMV, as adviced in the manual. I guess this means that the MPPT constantly thought that the batteries was not fully charged, and probably have overcharged them.

Does this seems like a plausible cause for the death of my batteries?

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Battery not Charging

We have wired up a 3phase using 5KVA with a Freedom Won LiTE 20/16 battery. Everything is working perfectly from the measurement to the AC in.

When the AC IN is connected (we have not connected the solar yet) the battery is not charging,

How can I make it charge? Can anyone assist me with this?


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BP100 does not disconnect even when disabled by remote

I am trying to use a BP100 to disconnect a DC/DC charger from the main battery system.

When the DC/DC charger first starts up, it has a large inrush current that trips the Pylontech battery. I want to use the BP100 to leave the DC/DC charger disconnected until the DC/DC charger has booted up and has begun to output 50V. Once the DC/DC is putting out 50V it does not trip the Pylontech.

What is happening is that, even with the remote jumper removed, the BP100 is still connected and the Pylontech trips out. Victron connect says the BP100 is "disabled by remote", but there is still a connection.

It also seems to be taking the voltage reading from the output instead of the input.

I have tried this in normal, relay and lithium modes.

The DC/DC is connected to the IN and the Pylontech is connected to the OUT

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TR Charge post on Multiplus Compact

I understand that this spade connector is for charging the starter battery.

To what settings is the output set to, and is it configurable?

I have a AGM battery connected to the device. My starter battery is an lead acid type. Is it ok to use the setup like this?

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24v Battery Bank in Float Before Bulk Charge Volts Reached

I have a 24v bank of fla's comprised of twelve 6v 235ah making a bank of 705ah. They are Rolls so I have set the charge voltage to 30 and float to 27 which is recommended. I've been charging this week to get a full deep charge accomplished in this new bank as it's been about a month now and we haven't done a full float on it. So, lots of charging. Right now though, the system shows that the volts is under the 30v that the charge is set to, but above the 27v that float charges at.

QUESTION: Did I wrongly assume that it would do a bulk/absorb charge to reach 30v, then switch to float to finish for an hour? Not sure why I'm seeing what I'm seeing. Is something wrong here or is something right here:


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Low sunlight, External charger?

Hi, first post. Have been short on sun light the last few days.

Looked for the answer on here few times but so many threads it’s hard.

Have three agm 150ah batteries, 290w with 75v peak pv and a 100/20 mppt.

Q: Is there a specific was to run a regular 120v battery charger while mppt charge controller is hooked up or is it just good to go?

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Voltage Drop

I have installed the following equipment in my motorhome:

200AH Chins LiFeP04 @ 12V

MultiPlus Compact 12-2000-80/120


SmartSolar MPPT 100-50

525W solar panels

Orion TR 12-12-30 DC-DC charger between chassis battery/alternator and coach batteries.

System is performing well. I have one question/ observation though….

The Orion DC-DC is located at the front of the rig, about a 25ft. run to the coach batteries. I’m seeing an approx .6-.7 volt drop across the #4awg battery cables (already there when I bought it) when charging @ 25-30A. I have the absorption voltage on all 3 chargers set to 14.2V. So, the Orion is hitting the absorb voltage and dropping into float when the batteries are actually only at 13.5-6.

Is this an issue? Should I raise the absorb voltage on this charger to compensate for the IR drop ? The other chargers don’t have this issue as they are connected via 2/0 cables & short runs to the batteries.

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Victron Multiplus II AC charge control
Hi all,

I would like to use a multiplus 2 as a charger (without PV). I would like to charge the battery from the grid (AC-in). When the battery is full, it should supply all connected AC loads up to a SoC e.g. 20 percent. The battery should then be charged again via AC-in.

Can I achieve this with ESS or do I need additional logic (e.g. Node-Red or similar)?

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1 Answer

Multiplus ll not limiting AC current draw

I have a system with one MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48, a Cerbo GX, and Lithium battery bank with REC BMS. System was configured to limit current draw from AC at 10A 230V. This was working as expected for a long time. Suddenly one day the AC breaker tripped. After resetting the breaker i noticed that the multiplus it charging 3000W to the battery. I have tried several setting adjustments, but to no wain. Even whith Multiplus configured to 9.5A and running completly standalone it is charging the battery with 3000W.
Inverting from battery is not showing any issues.
Any suggjestions to what can cause this?

Firmware is updated to ver 500

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Octopus Agile API Support by Victron For Controlling Charging Off Peak Times

Thank you so much for the very informative webinar on 23/11/22.

Octopus Energy in the UK is disrupting the energy industry for good and their Kraken platform is in many countries bought by suppliers and growing.

Will Victron please look at integration with Octopus Kraken API to allow us to auto set charging times when energy prices are low and export when high?

“Works with Octopus” is a standard attained by many ESS systems and it would be great if Victron would look at putting this on their roadmap.

NodeRed and some technical challenges aren’t for all of us and I believe it would help in adoption of Victron into many domestic installations where people just aren’t getting the quality and support from certain other brands.

Standards to help home storage and EV take-up are so very crucial to environmental gains and the rapid change needed to combat climate change.

Many thanks for your great work. New Solar ESS Victron User in the UK, Installed by Callidus, another great cutting edge supplier and supporter of Victron.

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Multiplus poor charging


I have charging problem with my Multiplus 12/3000/120.

I´m charging with generator onan emerald 4000, batterys are opzs 1000Ah.

Used to charge full 120A no problem, but i did test smaller generator when i was in site, Honda ex650.

Lowered multiplus charging to 2Amps when using Honda, but honda did not worked well on charging, so i set everything back to where it was 120Amps charging and so...

Multiplus charged like it should, 120A. after couple weeks it started charging only 2Amps?

I´m at remote distance 130km, and i can/must disconnect multiplus with gsm relay to save battery power. i can run everything remote, multi, generator, cameras etc...

Tryed set up multi to charge batterys at full with vrm portal, but no success, only 2amps (bulk) vic.jpgvic3.jpgInverter side is working, multi is passing power from generator to consumption. Parameters are transferred to multi via vrm portal, and it seems good.

Any ideas?im going to site next week and see if parameters will change localy.

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Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150-85 and MultiplusCompact 3000 /12V 120A

I have 12V traction batterie bank consisting of 6 ETERNITY 8PzS-ET 1000-LM 2V batteries in series.

For my 12V battery bank ETERNITY informs the following values: the absorption voltage is 14,7V, the floating voltage is 13,5V and the equalization voltage is 15,3V. Have I understood right that with "Victron Connect app " with PC I can put these right values into MultiplusCompact inverter charger and SmartSolar MPPT 150-85 charging controller?

If I will execute the equalization in one day with MultiplusCompact, shall I only put the item "use equalization" ON in the APP?

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2 Answers

Charging and using when moving between 60 & 50 Hz areas.

My set up is a 60hz system running Quattro's. However when I need to charge in a 50hz area I use 2 Skyllas. This works OK, at a reduced output, but when using The Skyllas I cannot access any AC, eg cooking, kettle etc, as the quattro's shut the Skyllas down.

Is there any work around. I have only just discovered this problem. It had not been mentioned in the installation.

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