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BMS+ CCGX+ Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger the DVCC won’t work?


I have a system that consists of REC BMS + CCGX and Phoenix smart charger IP43. The BMS and Charger is connected to CCGX through CAN and VE.Direct. I have activated DVCC and defined the limit (CVL, CCL, DCL). When I then want to charge the batteries, the Charger will not follow the limit set in DVCC. CCGX ends up giving Alarms (high voltage, high current, etc.).

Is Phoenix Smart charger compatible with DVCC??

IS there any settings I have not activated? Is there any settings I have overlooked?

How does Phoenix Charger charge the batteries when DVCC is activated?


Phoenix smart Charger 12 | 30 (1 + 1) fv v3.31

CCGX fv v2.87

REC BMS v2.6


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VN- Direct to USB Interface Kabel Verlängerung

Guten Tag.

Ich musste mein Victron CERBO versetzen und nun ist mein VN-Direct to USB Interface Kabel zum meine Victron Phoenix Smart 48V/ 3000W zu kurz. Es fehlen ca. 6m, Kann man das Kabel mit einer sogenannten aktiv USB Verlängerungen verlängern?
Oder gibt es da andere Alternativen.

Dann im Voraus für eine Antwort.


Thomas Backes

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VE.Direct not working on SmartSolar 150/70 MPPT

SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 Tr

This one is not communicating with GX on the VE.Direct.

Bluetooth is working, and the charger is operating as expected.

I checked in Bluetooth and cannot see an obvious option to turn VE.Direct on/off ????

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5 Answers

Second VE.Direct Port on Multiplus II GX?

I would like to connect two MPPTs to a Multiplus II GX. Unfortunately there is only one VE.Direct and no VE.Can port on it.
However there is an additional JST-PH connector on the GX PCB with a label "VE.Direct" (please see the photos).
Can I connect an MPPT directly to this additional port?

Thanks for your answer!



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1 Answer cable through bulkhead suggestion

Hi, I need to pass a VE.Direct cable from the battery box through a waterproof gland to the Cerbo GX. I want to make as small of a hole as possible but the cables have a wide adapter on both ends. It has been suggested by victron not to make our own cables, but the cable is rather small compared to the ends and the ends require a much bigger hole than just the cable diameter. What is the right thing to do? Do the premade cables have any shielding? Does it make sense to cut one in half and crimp it after making a smaller hold just for the cable? Thanks

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ESS "partly" working

System is a Multiplus II 5000/48 with a BYD B-Box pro 10kWh Lithium set connected to VE.Can on my Cerbo GX with the Can-speed set to high.
I have two PV-sets. One connected through a SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/70 connected to the second Can-bus on my Cerbo GX at normal speed. The second PV-set is connected through a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35 rev3 connected to VE-Direct.
The loads are covered by the batteries with both chargers working at top performance and the batteries are charged of course.
That works ok until...... the batteries are at 100%. Then the set connected to VE-Direct keeps working at top performance, covering the loads and bringing the excess to the grid.
But the set connected by VE.Can is switched off, not doing anything anymore:-(
And, as that PV set is normally producing the most power, this is kind of a bummer.... ;-)
Of course at the end of the day, if the set connected to VE-Direct isn't able to cover the loads on it's own, and the batteries are depleted a bit, the VE.Can MPPT kicks in again and start producing again until the sun goes down completely.
I changed an older VE.Can MPPT for the VE-Direct one and then a new menu-item appeared called Networked operation?!
With the VE.Can MPPT it says Group Master and at BMS controlled it says Yes.
With the VE-Direct MPPT it says Slave at Network status, Ext. control & BMS at Mode setting and Yes at BMS controlled.
I'm not sure if these screens have anything to do with the problem, but as the menu-item appeared after changing an OLD VE.Can MPPT for the VE-Direct one, I thought it could have to do with these problems. Before changing the OLD VE.Can MPPT, BOTH MPPT's were shut off when the batteries were full, bringing no power to the grid at all...
Is there one of you who had this problem and/or may have a working solution?

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Phoenix Smart Charger restarts continuously without battery


I use the smart charger to charge different batteries, to achieve this i code a program to manage the charger via VE.Direct HEX protocol.

When im not detecting current or the cahrger charger or status is in Storage mode i deactivate the charger via SoftSwitch.

The issue is when the Smart Charger is OFF via SoftSwitch or via Remote wire and doesnt have a battery plugged, the Smart Charger restarts itself continuously, i can observ this in the leds on the charger that blink all at once and in the VE.Direct comms i see an unresponsive behaviour, the HEX protocol commands doesnt get responded and text messages doesnt show in about 5 seconds.

I see other post with similar issue

Any idea of what happens?

Maybe the charger doesnt work well without a battery permanently conected?

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Vicrton Energy VE.Direct LoRaWAN - kein Gerät in der Geräteliste (Solar Charger)


ich habe das Vicrton Energy VE.Direct LoRaWAN Gerät besorgt und wollte es zum Datenauslesen für den Solar Charger 100/30 verwenden. Ich habe die Anweisung zur Installation befolgt, es dauert gute 20 Minuten bis die LED "grün" blinkt. Die Anmeldung im Portal ging dann ebenfalls. Nun kann ich aber kein Gerät hinzufügen. Bei einer anderen Installation ging das reibungslos.

Ich sehe nur das Gateway und bin der Meinung, dass grundlegende Daten wie Signalstärke usw. auch fehlen:



Ich hatte es zwei mal probiert und auch mit einem anderen Charger 75/15. Immer erfolglos.

Habe ich irgendeine Einstellung übersehen/vergessen.

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung



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Does activating Remote On/Off disable the configuration ability via VE.Direct?

This may be a silly question, but I haven't found a definite answer in the documentation.

I know that I can't use Remote on/off and VE.Direct at the same time, that's clear. Can I safely activate the "Remote on/off" function on the VE.Direct port of the SmartSolar 150/35 without losing the ability to use VE.Direct for configuration?

I can't use Bluetooth on this device, so I want to be sure not loosing access to the device.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Connecting 2 MPPT Controllers - Bluesolar and Smartsolar

Hi. I'm hoping for some wisdom from the crowd here. I've searched for an answer and come up blank. I have 2 controllers. A Bluesolar 100/30 MPPT controller and a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT controller. I would like both units to be able to communicate to optimize charging and to be able to monitor and configure charging on both units via the bluetooth connection to my phone, Can I connect the 2 units with the cable? Or do I need to connect the Bluetooth dongle to the Bluesolar unit?


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VE.Direct entre un MPPT bluetooth et un Phoenix


J'ai un MPPT 75/15 Smart (donc bluetooth) et un Phoenix 12/500. Puis-je raccorder l'onduleur au régulateur de charge par un cable VE.Direct<=>VE.Direct afin de scruté l'onduleur sur l'appli VictronConnect?


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VE Direct common negative with battery?

I have a 100/50 SmartSolar MPPT charge controller that I am using to charge 6 AGM's to power a small 240v inverter.

This model has VE Direct (no separate load outputs).

I intend to use the VE Direct to drive a logic level MOSFET or transistor, which will then actuate the solenoid in a relay that will be able to cut power to the inverter if the battery voltage drops too low.

To do this, I will need to common the VE Direct negative lead to the system battery negative line, in order that my transistor has the correct voltage reference wrt system ground and the VE Direct power pin (+5V).

Are the VE Direct negative pin and the battery negative terminal isolated from each other inside the controller? If so, will commoning them cause issues / be dangerous?

Thanks, Clint

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Cerbo GX stopped seeing smart shunt

My boat has been sitting idle for a couple of months. At some point over the last few weeks, the Cerbo GX suddenly was not longer able to see the smart shunt connected via a VE Direct cable (it has worked flawlessly for 1.5 years). I checked everything including reconnecting the VE cable on each end, updated all firmware on cerbo and smart shunt and testing out the shunt via bluetooth. I was not able to reset the shunt (by removing the red power cable) yet and not sure if that will help. Is there any other suggestion?

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Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can connected to the Cerbo in ESS?


I am planning an ESS system with a Cerbo.

Can I mix MPPTs with VE.Direct and VE.Can ?

For example, one MPPT RS450 /200 (VE.Can) and several MPPT 150/45 (VE.Direct) connected to the Cerbo?

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

VE.Direct HEX protocol for the Phoenix Smart IP43

Hi. This question has been asked before with no response.

If anyone can point me to any further information on this product I would really appreciate it.



@mvader (Victron Energy)

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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