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Multi RS 48/6000 ACIN1 relay does not close

Have a customer with a Multi RS 48/6000 in a truck, connected to generic 48V CANbus batteries. No problem charging from solar (via separate MPPT) but the batteries will not charge from the Multi RS when connected to shore power. The message on screen says ACIN1 relay open which would explain why its not working but I can't find any settings that relate to this relay, or any reason why it would not close when connection is active.

There are no faults in the log except battery voltage low (its currently at 45V so desperately needs charging asap). I've tried with DVCC enabled and disabled and with battery canbus cable unplugged so I'm 99% sure its something internal to the RS Multi. Any ideas?

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Relay to control remoteport on inverter


Can I use a 220v relay like this to control the remote port on my Phoenix 12/1200 inverter?


Skärmavbild 2023-01-25 kl. 22.45.47.png

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Can I add more switches to controls on the dashboard.

I would like to add some more virtual relay/switches to the controls on the dashboard. The controls is a convenient connection to ‘Venus OS Lage/node red’.

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How can I use Victron Cerbo GX Relay to Activate Heat Pad in Green House

Dear Community,

I am using a Cerbo GX + Ruvvi Temp Sensors in a Greenhouse. When Temperature falls below a certain point, I want the relay to close, and the heat pads to activate. When the temperature exceeds a certain point, I want the relay to open, and power to the heat pads to disconnect.

I have built the setup, and it's running, but I believe the configuration on the Cerbo GX, and relay control is designed to operate for cooling principles NOT heating. I believe the program is directional, and the user would benefit from being able to determine the direction that the program operates. One should be able to determine if the activation value or de-activation value triggers the relay based on direction.

Below is my current setup, 'Activate' at 11 degrees, and 'de-activate' at 17 degrees, yet its currently 8 degrees outside and the condition is 'active'.



Its active because at some point in the day, the temperature exceeded 11 degrees, so the relay activated, yet even though its fallen below 11 degrees it remains active. It would only shut off if the temperature exceeded 17 degrees.

How can I set it up, so that if the temperature falls below a certain point the relay is activated, (as I think the relay works only when the temperature EXCEEDS a certain value.

It's designed for a hot cabinet, activate when temperature is 30 degrees, de-activate when temperature is 20 degrees as an example.

I believe the activation direction is the limiting factor, since once temperature exceeds 17 degrees the relay would deactivate. Yet if it falls below 11 degrees It won't activate, only once it INCREASES past 11 degrees.

A link to the setup is here, in-case you wanted to have a look.


I am using Carbon heat pads, which are incredibly low energy, but will give enough heat to the plant pots to improve growing conditions.

Let me know if you have a better way of programming this.

Thank you

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Grid relay error - everything checked and still cause problem

Hi I have problems with 3 phase instalation with 3 x multiplus II 3000 VA.

On off grid mode everything works fine but when mains is on cause error 11.

Below more details please help to indificate what cause a problem:



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How to trigger MP2 2x120 relay on loss of shorepower

When we are away and our coach loses shorepower both AC units will try to run off inverter. My plan is to place a NC 12v coil relay in the rear AC line so that the MP2 relay could kill the rear AC and prevent an overload on inverter. Is this doable via the relay assistant? Will it be quick enough to prevent an overload? Thanks for any insight here.

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Node red : Multiplus II primary relay

Dear all,

My installation consists of solar panels, Pylontech batteries, a Multiplus II, and a Solar Charger MPPT 450/100. This set is controlled by a CERBO GX. I have installed Venus Large and Node-RED.

I already control a hot water tank from a CERBO GX relay programmed with Node-RED.

I would also like to program the primary relay of the Multiplus II via Node-RED. I can do this with the Relay Assistant but cannot find it with Node-RED. Do you have an idea?


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Multiplus II 2 X 120 Programable Relay

I have the Multiplus II 2X 120 in my RV. I am rigging up a cooling system that triggers off the relay programmable logic. But there is nothing in the manual that shows the location of this relay. It has two Aux + - connections and an open collector (whatever that is) and Ext. ground relay. Is there documentation on these or is the relay inside the case?


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Programmable relay not AC out put 2 driven by SOC


I have 3 stage load shedding i want to set up to load shed based on SOC

I had seen in the manual that there is only the below

6) Programmable relay that can a.o. be set for general alarm, DC under voltage or genset start/stop function AC rating: 230 V / 4 A DC rating: 4 A up to 35 VDC, 1 A up to 60 VDC

I'm trying to achieve the below

Stage 1 Drops out AC circuit at 70% SOC and on at 75% :Relay??

Stage 2 Drops out general power at 50% and on at 55% : Relay??

Stage 3 Essentail drops out at 25% and on at 30% : AC output 2

Thanks in advance

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Any way to program relay 2 to disconnect load after some SOC value?

Hi guys,

I have programmed a system with 2 Quattros of 10kW to obtain a 120/240 split phase system, also 1 Cerbo GX and 4 MPPT 100-250 controllers, and 20 kWp on PV power, and 30 kWh on storage by pylontech, an 20kW on propane generator.

The issue is that in relay 1 I have connected the start/stop functions of the propane generator.

Additionally, and the reason for the question is that the generator could not start due to various faults, such as an empty propane tank or the starting battery does not work or someone forgot to put the system in automatic mode,

so, as an additional method, it is required that when a low SOC level (something like 30 - 40%), relay 2 be programmed to disconnect the load and only leave the essential load running (like a refrigerator and a modem).

I understand that I require a contactor previously wiring to separate the loads.

thanks for your time guys,

Greetings from Baja California Sur, Mexico.


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"Ground Relay" setting, on or off?

Hello, I have a Multiplus 2000/12/80. The Ground Relay setting is on by default. Based on my reading it looks like I should turn it off. I don't have a ground relay wire hooked up and I didn't buy an autotransformer. All I have hooked up to my multiplus is the battery, chassis ground, shore power, AC, and battery temperature cable. Am I missing anything or should this be turned off? Would having it turned on have caused any issues?

Thanks for the help!

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Color Control GX relay NO NC - contact close time adjustment

Hi I have a Color control GX running firmware 2.71

The relay function is for genset auto start. The problem is that sometimes the relay will not close long enough to allow the genset to crank fully to start.

Is there a way to have the contact to close for longer without using a 3rd party off delay relay?

Thanks for your help :)

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BMV 712 Update 4.12 relay function no longer working

My BMV 712 just updated to 4.12 but now the relay function has stopped working.

My solid state relay stays closed regardless of the relay being inverted or not in the app, and such it will not open when a low soc or voltage are reached and my inverter will not switch off.

The relay is connected to the on/off switch on the inverters remote.

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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150/70 MPPT relay operation

Will the programed relay output operation of 150/70 continue to work (sensing a set batt voltage) if the remote is turned off by another sensor (BVM712)

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Off grid system. Switching in extra load when SOC 100%

We are designing and off grid system with a solar array though a couple of Smart MTTPs. There is almost certainly a Cerbo GX in the system. During the day when the SOC reaches 100% we would like to be able to send any further solar energy to a simple DC heater. This would need to switch out when the MTTP were no longer exceeding the normal system load.

We hoped to program the Cerbo relay to control a high power relay. Is this possible. Or is there another way. I noted the Cerbo info state "diverts excess (solar) power to self-consumption" but fail to find an explanation.

Many thanks for all contributions


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