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Cerbo GX relay temperature function not available

I have a Cerbo GX with the latest firmware, and the proper temperature sensor connected to temp port 1 of the cerbo. I activated the analog IO setting so the temp sensor output 1 is also shown on my main screen, displaying the proper temperature.

But when getting into setting>relay menu, the option to pick temperature sensor function is not available. I tried to connect the temp sensor on my multiplus, but same problem. I rebooted the device, not working either.

Any reason why I cannot see the temperature sensor function in the relay activation menu of the cerbo gx?

I want to use the temperature sensor and relay to activate a cooling fan (as described here)

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Error #8 Ground relay test failed during active load shedding

The twist here is that the error ONLY happens when the grid is OFF, during the 2-4 hours of load shedding.

Syncing to the grid works perfectly every time. Never a problem when the grid is on.

MPII 5kva, installed for a long time, never a problem.
Latest firmware on the inverter, MPPT's and the Cerbo.
Carlo Gavazzi, so not using AC_Out1.

Tests done:
Manually testing syncing syncs perfectly with the grid.
Also disconnecting the inverter, L&N from the DB during load-shedding, the error still appears.
Checked all loads.
No DB tripping either.

Inverter output during load-shedding event:
Live /Neutral = 231v
Neutral /Earth = 0v
Live /Earth = 231v

I repeat, never a problem when the grid is on, or when it syncs with the grid, just when the grid is off due to load-shedding, that the error randomly appears

See 2022-09-19 at 2:14 am, not a problem during that load shedding event.
The one starting on 2022-09-189 at 10:16 am, had the most errors ever.


Still getting errors, just not as frequent, since I am switching off the L&N between AC_In and DB.


The actual Error:


The volts on AC-Out1 drop for no reason, eliminated loads already. Just happens suddenly, and ONLY when the grid is off.


Batteries are normally charged, volts are perfect, BMS has no errors or warnings, checked all the battery connections.

Is this a unit problem/relay?

Does anyone have any more suggestions I can check, please?
This is not a normal error, no-one seems to have reported this ever that I could find.

To take the inverter in, during the current load-shedding woes, which will take weeks to check/repair assuming there is a fault, would be a complete disaster. Am also told it would be a repair, not a swap.

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Cerbo GX temperature relay to start up a cooling fan

I'm looking to use the Cerbo GX to activate a blower fan in an electrical assembly box at a certain temperature and stop once a differential temperature has been achieved. The blower fan is 12VDC and draws only 10 watts. I would incorporate a VE temperature sensor in the temp sensor port.

I'm looking for detail how to make all the connections and do the programming to achieve this. The programming seems somewhat self explanatory from the manual, but I'd like to confirm plus confirm the physical wiring that needs to take place.

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Programmable Relay Assistant not working correctly

Hi there,

I'm trying to realise a two-phase load shedding functionality for overload situations. It should work as follows:

  1. Turn AC-Out-2 off when a Pre-Alarm exists for at least 2 seconds
  2. Turn AC-Out-2 back on 60 seconds after Pre-Alarm has been cleared
  3. Turn Primary Programmable Relay on as soon as a Pre-Alarm occurs
  4. Turn Primary Programmable Relay off 300 seconds after Pre-Alarm has beed cleared

Assistants 1. and 3. seem to work as expected, but 2. and 4. are executed way before the configured timeouts of 60 and 300 seconds.

I'm very grateful for any suggestions!


phtr asked

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accessing the programmable relay on a Multiplus (II) GX via the console

I’ve been through every menu option I can find on the console on the Multiplus (II) GX 48v 5kVA, all to no avail. Any pointers on how to access and programme the relay? I need to start a Hyundai Diesel generator when the SoC drops to 50%.

I’ve found settings for a ”Tank” but no relay.

Many thanks,


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3-phase load shedding on AC-Out-2

Hi there,

I'm trying to configure load shedding using relay assistants for AC-Out-2 on a 3-phase Quattro-II system. AC-Out-2 shall be dropped on all three phases/Quattros as soon as a device goes into an overload alarm or when a pre-alarm exists for several seconds.

For this I configured the wizards shown in the screenshot. However, a test with Overload Pre-Alarm on one phase did not drop AC-Out-2 of all or even the affected phase.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance!


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Multiplus 48/5000/70 (not multiplus II) - where is the aux relay physically?

Hi, I have a Multiplus 48/5000/70 (not multiplus II) - can somebody please tell me where the aux relay physically is? I can't see it anywher, starting to think that it's not fitted to this early model.

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Multiplus II et chauffe eau thermodynamique

bonjour, j'ai un multiplus II avec CCGX et je voudrais savoir si je peux commander mon chauffe eau thermodynamique (Atlantic calypso) en fonction de la production solaire. le chauffe eau a une entrée qui peut être commandé avec un contact sec donc avec le relais du CCGX cela devrait fonctionner. je m'explique, je voudrais savoir si l'on peut par exemple dire au chauffe eau de ne pas démarrer avant qu'il y ait 1000 W de production ou d'autre paramètres? ou dois je utiliser un assistant du système ess. car quand il y a de la production il monte volontairement la température de l'eau pour stocker de l'énergie. merci pour vos réponses.

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MPPT 450/100 Relais über Leistung steuern

Hallo Community,

eigentlich bin ich von Victron Produkten richtig begeistert. Doch eine Sache regt mich gerade richtig auf. Der MPPT 450/100 hat ein Programmierbares Relais, was eine tolle Sache wäre, wenn man es leistungsbezogen schalten könnte, aber nein man kann alles Mögliche zum Schalten des Relais heranziehen nur das naheliegendste die Leistung in Watt steht einem nicht zur Verfügung. Warum ist das so? Ich will ein Gerät schalten, wenn viel Leistung vorhanden ist und wenn nur wenig anliegt wieder abschalten. Wie soll ich das machen, wenn ich die Leistung in Watt als Schaltparameter nicht nutzen kann?

Über eine Erklärung würde ich mich wirklich sehr freuen und über eine Lösung noch viel mehr.

Freundliche Grüße

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Multiplus II GX Start external device on high demand

Hi, I run a Multiplus II GX as ESS. All loads and the grid are connected to the input.

I have got a non-Victron grid inverter connected to the battery that I would like to use to generate additional power when the Multiplus is not sufficient, e.g. the demand is too high or there is so much solar that the Multiplus can't feed it all in.

I found no way to switch a relay when the inverter is under high load. Did I miss something? Are there other ways to achieve my goal?



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SG ohne Kabel via Cerbo GX ansteuern bei Überschuss


Folgende Situation:

Bestellt sind MP2 48V, extra Cerbo GX, Pylontech 4,8, Kabel und eine Brauchwasserwärmepumpe mit "SG Ready".

Vorhanden sind (seit 10 Jahren) 6,66 kwp mit einem Kostal Piko 7 (welcher ja nicht "intelligent" ist).

Nun zur Frage:

Kann ich dem Cerbo GX "befehlen", dass er - wenn genügend PV-Leistung kommt und der Akku zu einem bestimmten Grad gefüllt ist - die Brauchwasserwärmepumpe auf "Solltemperatur 2" mit Überschuss füttert?

Aber nicht über das Relais, sondern kabellos? Ist ja per RJ45 mit dem Netzwerk verbunden.

Kann der Cerbo GX ein Netzwerksignal z.B. an einen "Shelly" senden?

Habe Nichts dazu finden können. Ein entsprechender Link würde schon sehr helfen.

Vielen Dank !


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Generator Relay assistant used with grid


how does a system with a Multiplus work if I connect on the AC INPUT a grid and I upload the generator relay assistant to start using that connection at like 20% SOC and finish using it at 80% ?
There shouldn't be the need for a second assistant like ESS or like using a flag, right?

Can it be a simpler solution if someone doesn't want a GX device with the full capability of the ESS ?Thanks,


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Cerbo GX Active Relay Output Has Zero Volts

I have a temperature sensor plugged into my Cerbo GX. The GX recognizes the sensor and reports the correct temperature. I set the temperature sensor to turn on relay #1 based on a temperature threshold. That works as the readout on the Touch 50 says that the relay is "Active". I also tried it with relay #2 and it also goes active. I can hear the relay click on.

However, I'm not seeing any voltage produced by either relay. I have a small 12v computer fan that draws less than .3 amps and it won't turn on. This is on a 12 volt system that includes a Multiplus 12/3000, two MPPT 100/50, BMV-712 and a Battery Protect 65. I've tried a lot of things to troubleshoot.

1. Switch pos/neg wires

2. Switch between NO and NC

3. Press the ferrules in as far as possible

4. Check with a voltmeter both with and without the plug that the ferrules are inserted into

5. Tested the ferrules by touching them to my common bus bars and the fan comes on just fine.

6. Upgraded the Cerbo GX firmware to the latest version

I'm pretty new to the Cerbo GX, so maybe I misunderstood how this should work.

Is there a minimum length that the ferrules have to be in order to make contact with the Cerbo GX relay pins? I don't think this is the problem because the voltmeter showed no voltage on the pins without the plug installed.

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Multiplus II – Ground relay test failed #8 - Error 11 0x24

Hello everyone,

This device worked perfectly over the past two weeks and today it started dropping the AC loads.

This notification is displayed – “MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 - #8 Ground relay test failed”

The VE.Bus Error report shows – “Last VE.Bus Error 11 report 0x24/Error occurred/GND Relay Error”

When I restart the Multi it produces the error right away. The bulk and absorption LEDs are also on.

Current firmware version is v471 (Multiplus II software version: 2623471)

I have done the following:

-Verified that AC-in GND is properly connected to grid earth.

-Tested for voltage between AC-in GND and AC-in Neutral. Ok - no voltage measured

-Verified that earth and neutral is not connected somewhere. All ok.

-Physically disconnected all cables from AC- out1 and AC-out2 to verify that there is no problems with any of the loads.

-Switched loads directly to grid via change over switches - all loads functions properly.

-Tested RCDs all ok.

Thank you,


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Programmable relay not AC out put 2 driven by SOC


I have 3 stage load shedding i want to set up to load shed based on SOC

I had seen in the manual that there is only the below

6) Programmable relay that can a.o. be set for general alarm, DC under voltage or genset start/stop function AC rating: 230 V / 4 A DC rating: 4 A up to 35 VDC, 1 A up to 60 VDC

I'm trying to achieve the below

Stage 1 Drops out AC circuit at 70% SOC and on at 75% :Relay??

Stage 2 Drops out general power at 50% and on at 55% : Relay??

Stage 3 Essentail drops out at 25% and on at 30% : AC output 2

Thanks in advance

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