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Timestamp for retained MQTT message value

Is there a way to determine the timestamp of the retained value I get from the first messages received from the MQTT broker? Since the retained value can be quite stale, I want to properly inform the user of the accuracy of the values they're looking at.

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MQTT - Setup but not publishing

Hi there,

I have followed: MQTT local & via MQTT broker - Victron Community (

I setup the MQTT service both SSL and Plain text in my Cerbo. I use MQTT Explorer to view the MQTT broker. I can see : N/c0619ab1asd32/system/0 but the only sub topic is serial. There isnt any other topics like in the link above (Battery, AC etc etc).

I am wondering what I missed so it publishes the rest of the info?

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Remotetly turn assistants on or off

I'm using assistants on my Quattro to ignore AC to maximise solar charging by keeping my (Lithium) battery bank between 80% and 95% charged.

However, in order for my (passive) battery balancing using my BMS (Batrium) to occur I need periodically to allow the AC to fully charge the batteries and keep them there for an hour or so for the full balancing process to complete.

Is there a way to turn an assistant on and off remotely using a Cerbo and NR, MQTT, etc.?

I can't see any MQTT topics relating to Assistants, could I maybe use the relays some way?

Of course, ultimately using the "Irradiated" setting on the MPPT relays would be nice so that the assistant(s) are ON when the sun is out and OFF when it's dark!

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MPPT 150/100 died


Howdy trying to investigate this failure with my MPPT 150/100. Installed new solar panels and updated the battery wiring since the factory gauge (RV) was small and came from the factory cut / with exposed copper on the red wire... On battery alone with PV cut off, no lights and no longer available on bluetooth. Did notice a few hours before that it was 'rebooting' frequently / the bluetooth was not stable. It is connected to a Venus/Cerbo GX (w dual MultiPlus 3000VA 12v and 1,000 amp smartshunt). during that time, I noticed the battery configuration was wrong and corrected it (settings showed 24v battery, but was 12v). But found that the corrections did not stay. I wasn't sure if it was because Venus/CAN was setting things up and the configuration was no-op or not. But looking at the graphs, it looks like around the time of the failures it legitimately thought 24v and was not saving the settings, but you can see previously it did not have that issue. Back to the wires, 2ga (US) from panels and to battery (wasn't sure what to put on battery side so decided larger would just lead to less efficient charging on lower end, but not leave me in a pickle on the higher end.)

Questions I'm trying to solve:

  • Is any of this expected?
  • Is this something that I should warranty? - less than a year in service and $800 USD
  • How do I know replacing the MPPT 150/100 won't cause the same issue again?
  • Is it possible the wire sizing caused this?

Graphs :) - the missing time period is when the charger seemed to die. When that happened the multipluses also went down- so unaware of what happened during that time. Might be time to install a UPS for the "home lab" in the RV.

Battle born batteries 12v. So 14.2 is right.


Here 18.9v is, quite wrong. I think this is going back to that 24v setting I mentioned.


nothing out of the ordinary with the pv


if you're curious about multiplus since that would be the other feeder of dc voltage


Not seeing anything unusual on the battery either,


Oh, one thing that was weird too, the battery terminals:



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Adding a additonal SmartShunt .. will it show in the Raspberrypi


I am looking to gather the data in my Home Assistant Dashboard for the Orion-TR smart 12-12 30AD c-DC I know that the data is fed with the Bluetooth but Victron don't give us the possibility to connect to I was thinking adding an additional Shut at the output of the DC-DC with the Ve-cable

- It this feasible?

- Will it disturb the overall electrical system?

- If yes, will the additional shut be displayed on the RaspberryPI 7 inch screen?

- If yes, will it be possible the get the information via the MQQT mapping


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Victron Connect: remote configure timing out at 40%

Hi all,

I'm having an issue remotely configuring devices through the VictronConnect app. I've followed the instructions here:

The error I'm getting is that it's stalling at 40%, on all the VRM installations I have access to and have tried.


The modal dialog then displays the following, after a little while:


Is the MQTT-RPC timeout issue perhaps related to the recent header message (regarding delayed processing) that's appeared on the VRM?

I've tried this using the latest Windows app (v. 5.73), and latest Android app (v. 5.73)

Update: A couple of follow on questions:

1. Is it possible to see any logs (I can ssh with root access) to help determine why it's timing out?

2. Is it possible to increase the timeout value?


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Struggling with local access to MQTT data

I have a simple home solar PV system - 2 panels, MPPT 100/20 charger, AGM batteries & Phoenix 24/800 inverter. It's up and running and I've added a Raspberry Pi 3 running Venus OS, connected to the two Victron devices with VE.Direct USB cables. I can connect to the Venus system with a browser and can see the devices data fine. I can connect using the VRM portal and can also see the devices data fine.

I've enabled the Venus MQTT broker for SSL and PlainText and can connect to it from MQTT Explorer but all I see is the following :


I know there is a 'keepalive' requirement I've seen discussed in the forums, but as I understand it the Venus MQTT broker is enabled when accessed from the VRM portal and should be accessible from the LAN when that happens.

My problem at present is I cannot see any data from the two victron devices in MQTT Explorer. I assume I've missed something, but trawled the forums for a while and cannot see what it is ??

My aim is to bridge the central MQTT broker in my existing home automation system to the Venus MQTT broker so I can add the Victron data into my home automation database (InfluxDB) and display it, along with other data, using Grafana.

I've spent hours reading forums posts etc. but cannot see where I've gone wrong. It would be much appreciated if someone could give some guidance as to how I can achieve my aim of adding the Venus MQTT data into my existing home automation system, with the 'keepalive' function and without using the VRM portal. I have no need to se the VRM portal as I have already have VPN access to my existing system, so will be able to see the PV data when added into the system.



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Can I operate Dynamic Current Limiter through MQTT or a digital input?

Hello All,

Is there any way to enable the Dynamic Current Limiter on the fly through MQTT or a digital input?


I have a Multiplus 3000 with a Cerbo on our boat and use PowerAssist to make sure I don't trip my 30A shore power breaker when the two AC units decide to start up at the same time. It works great!

It also enables me to occasionally to run one AC unit on a small portable generator when anchored out in the sticky summer. But to do this I need to enable the "Dynamic Current Limiter" to smooth the transfer of the starting inrush to the little generator. This also works great, except...

When the Dynamic Current Limiter is enabled, the Multi pulls from the battery bank on every surge, even when I am plugged into my 30A shore power and have reset my current limit accordingly. This continuous draw and charge cycle is driving the temp of my large battery bank up to over 100F and making my engine room very warm to work in.

I'd love to be able to turn the Dynamic Current Limiter off when I don't need it, without firing up VE config.

Maybe there's a better way to do this, any input is most appreciated.

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Custom Smart Meter


I have a "standard" MultiPlus 3000, 2x Pylontech US2000C setup (with GX device in a parallel network setup). I want to install an EM24 for ESS in future. Problem: My energy meter must be extended for this and I will not get an installation in the next months..

In the meantime I'd still love to have ESS running. Using some "light-diode" reader on my smart meter I know the current consumption on all phases on an raspberry. Using this reader I'd like to pass these values to ESS. For the moment I see two options:

  1. Use ESS Mode 3 - while this will probably work (I will test soon), I can not really get a feeling on how ESS will work, and also wont see my real "savings" in VRM.
  2. Use ESS Mode 1/2 and somehow push the current consumption per phase (via e.g. MQTT) to the GX device. Here I can not find a writable register, or any explanation on how that could be done.

Does anyhow ever tried the second option?



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Venus MQTT keepalive - how to do this in python script with topic list payload ??

I have a python script to send the 'keepalive' message to the Venus MQTT broker running on a raspberry pi 3 :

import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt     # MQTT support
import time
import json

mqttBroker ="victronpi"                 # define MQTT broker address
client = mqtt.Client("KeepAlive") # identify client
client.connect(mqttBroker)              # connect to broker
print("VictronPi MQTT broker connected...")

while True:
  # send 'keepalive' message
  errcode = client.publish("R/b123abc7d123/keepalive") # publish all topics
#  topics = json.dumps("solarcharger/+/Dc/0/Voltage")
#  errcode = client.publish("R/b123abc7d123/keepalive",topics) # publish selected topics
  print("VictronPi KeepAlive sent : ",errcode)

I'd like to just keep alive the topics I'm interested in. I gather you can do this by including a payload in the 'keepalive' message but I'm struggling with the python syntax to do this, see commented out lines above, which just create a new read topic. Can anyone enlighten me what the correct python syntax to do this is please ?


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MQTT change MaxChargeCurrent not working on multiplus after I connected bluesolar MPPT


I have a problem, which appeared after I connected bluesolar charger to my battery. Before there was only multiplus II and when I changed DC charge current, it was working properly. MQTT topic is venus-home/N/xxxxxxxxxxx/vebus/289/Dc/0/MaxChargeCurrent (of course I'm using W instead of N to change values).

Problem appeared, when I connected bluesolar to the system. Now when I change the MaxChargeCurrent value, it's working, but a few seconds later it change back to 35A.

I'd like to control charging current of the multiplus, not whole system, so that the bluesolar is charging full power and multiplus is controlled by MQTT. But since I connected bluesolar it's not working. Is it a bug or am I missed something? (sorry for my english :/ )

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Getting started with MQTT, some beginner questions

Hi all
I've just finished the installation of an ESS system to improve my autoconsumption here in Belgium.
I would like to add the information of the battery transfers and state to my home made PV monitoring system.

My current idea is to use MQTT to (locally, port 18883) read values at a relatively slow rate (once per 5 min). I'm mostly interested in battery state and the energy to and from batteries. Then write that to a file and FTP it to a website.

To be honest I'm new to MQTT (but I should be able to manage :) ) , is there a beginner's guide somewhere?

Today I tried MQTT explorer to browse through the available values. I could find what I was needing.
But one thing that I already see is that using the explorer the MQTT is refreshed only when I use the VRM. I guess that has something to do with the keep alive or so?
How will that be when I have the client running on my Pi connecting?


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Disable inverter in a ESS system


I have a Multiplus II, Cerbo GX, Victron MPPT and a Fronius inverter. The fronius is on AC IN. The system works fine. When there is sun MPPT charges the battery together with the Multiplus II from the energy produced by Fornius as long as the house load is covered first.

My electricity price is variable and changes every hour, i have made some automation in Nodered to start charging EV when the electricity is at it's lowest BUT i don't want to use the battery for charging the EV since i want to buy from the grid. I want to keep the battery when the energy is expensive.

I have access to Modbus and MQTT so i am looking for suggestion what i should do in case i don't want to discharge from battery. I tried the Switch mode from Modbus 33 to set to Charger only and that works since the MPPT can continue to charge battery while i buy from grid but the question is, is that the correct way to do it ? There are also Hub4/DisableFeedIn but the name doesn't sound correct because i want DisableDischarge. Maybe setting the gridpoint could do this ?


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MultiPlus 24/500/10 als USV mit AC Solarstrom und MQTT

Hallo Community,

ich habe ein paar Fragen zum MultiPlus 24/500/10, hierfür habe ich leider in der Anleitung nicht viel finden können.

  • Kann das Gerät, wie der MultiPlus II, mit LiFePo4 betrieben werden (Spannungsbereich) und das BMS via CAN Bus über das Cerbo GX angeschlossen werden?
  • Kann der Ladestrom für die Batterie über das Cerbo GX mit hilfe von MQTT gesteuert werden? In der Cerbo GX Anleitung findet sich dabei der Hinweis "Ermöglicht MQTT im LAN - Weitere Informationen über MQTT sind auf Victron Community verfügbar."

Ich möchte eine alte USV ersetzen. Wenn möglich soll das neue System die Servertechnik weitesgehend mit Solarstrom versorgen. Die PV Anlage und auch ein Zähler in der Verteilung ist bereits vorhanden. auch die Daten der PV Anlage und vom Modbuszähler sind über ioBroker und NodeRed verfügbar. Eine Steuerung über MQTT ist mit der bestehenden Technik mit wehnig Aufwand möglich. Ein vereinfachtes Shema meiner vorstellung im Anhang.




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MQTT-PRC broker error #15


Where I can find an explanation of MQTT-RPC broker error #15?

When trying to connect to my smart devices (2 MPPTs and 1 SmartShunt) I am getting this massage:


Does anyone know what to do with it?

Best Regards.

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