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Victron Multiplus Quattro ESS not working right

I Have a Multiplus Quattro 5000, transformer based.

I have a 450/100 mppt connected, ESS is set up.

My SOC is set to go down to 80%

My problem:

When battery is full to 80% solar gives perfect and all it can.

When it goes under the 80% it switches to grid, which is right, but then the PV drops to about 800w and does not pick up at all. It goes to 4kw the pv.

If i set the 80% lower, then the pv picks up to about 4kw again.

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Is Quattro compatible with Skylla?

Is Quattro compatible with Skylla? Everything is connected to Cerbo GX. I need to charge batteries using a generator. So logically it seems that I need to connect the generator to AC IN1 of Quattro and Skylla chargers to AC OUT2.

I need Quattro to limit AC IN1 (generator) and dynamically change AC current of Skylla.

Ex. I have a 10kw genset, 5k Quattro (120A charging) and 2x Skylla 100A.

Quattro and chargers can charge all together at 320A of aprox 100% load of the genset.

I want to run the genset and when it's running I want Quattro to take AC from it while still charging batteries by itself and Skylla chargers.

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lithiun batteries at engine room

Receved one instalation of inversor quattro 5000w 12v, with 8*200ap lithiun batteries, but it was done at the engine room of a catamaran, does anyone have a similar instalation and problems? as my inversor just have burned. the warrant will fix it, but the risk of come the same problem again?

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Quattro II wiring of AC-1-out

I am wiring my new Quattro II units at the moment and as every good installer I am checking the wiring thoroughly after each step. The AC-1-in of the Quattro II behaved as expected, but when checkg AC-1-out I am observing an odd behavior.

When I am measuring the continuity between N and L then I get a positiv connection. I first thought there might be an issue with the wires, but even when I disconnected them from the Quattro's terminals I still got a connection between N and L. Neither of the other 3 terminas has this.

Is might be totally expected, but I still wanted to ask if this is right or wrong.
It feels wrong, but may be right.

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What does the Temperature L1 Alarm on VE.Bus System mean?

We have a AC coupling off grid system with a Quattro 48/8000 together with a Fronius Symo 8.2, a 14,4 kWh Pylontech battery system a 5kVA genset and a Color Control device.

Today we have recieve the following alarm message:

Temperature L1 on VE.Bus System.

Looking teh system through the VRM we can see that alarms in teh alarm register, but don't see anymore details about this alarm.
Checking the battetry temperature log doesn't show any problem, so looks like the alrma doesn't refer to the battery temperature.

Could someone tell me what is this alarm about?

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Quattro inverter overloas but Phoenix doesn't

I've replaced Phoenix with Quattro. Both have identical inverters according to datasheets. 24v 5000VA 230v.

Phoenix was rarely overloaded, Quattro constantly. Even a coffee maker can trigger it.

Phoenix never showed "Temperature" warning while working in 45C°. Quattro works in 35C°, shows a warning and then shuts down with an error.

Typical scenario: 10A load for 2 hours triggers a temperature warning first, then an error and Quattro shuts down. Ambient temperature is 35C°. Fan sounds like it's working.

What could be the reason? Broken Quattro?

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Anyone with a Grid Tied Victron system in Australia or NZ?

Is there anyone in this community that has a Grid Tied Victron system that is subject to the regulation requirements in Australia or New Zealand?

I would like to understand what you did & how it was done.

For example:

  1. Did you have to use a Grid Protection Relay? What Make/Model? Did that satisfy electrical inspection?
  2. Are you doing any grid feed in of excess solar?
  3. Do you have diagram of the install that you are willing to share?
  4. Which Grid Code Selection did you make in VE Config? N-bypass or No N-Bypass? How did that decision impact your distribution wiring or bypass/isolation switching?
  5. Any other features of the install that Victron documentation doesn't cover?

Hoping to start a discussion around what has worked & what doesn't work.

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Power flows not displaying correctly on main remote console page

3 Phase Ac coupled system, 10kW of production, 4kW of battery charge, whcih would the AC power flows not be showing under AC loads? Would I need an external current meter?


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Multiplus 12/300/120 Service Manual error

I have what I believe is an error in the Service-Manual-MultiPlus-3k-120V-(firmware-xxxx4xx)-EN.pdf (Version 7 date 8/3/2020) on pages 11-12.

This is regarding DIP switch ds2 in step 2 controlling the output AC voltage of either 115 or 120. Page 11 says ds2=off =120V. The examples on p12 give contradictory info. When I tried ds2=off I had 115VAC output and ds2=on produced 120V.

I'm currently having trouble getting full charge current output. I haven't tried setting ds3,4 in Step 1 to the inverse to see if I get better output, but I'm wondering if the documentation is correct there.



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Possible to combine x3 shore power inlets for ~90A?

A customer had this question about a possible system for a van running a chemlab/test equipment. Ideally, when the opportunity is there, they would like to charge the batteries as quickly as possible via shore power.

The system:

Quatro 48v/8000

x2 Smart Lithium 25v batteries in series
AC-in 1 shore power

AC-in 2 generator

Is it possible to have 3 shore power inlets combine before entering the Quatro? The idea would be to have each shore power cord plugged into a different outlet (each on its own breaker). Each cord would be able to bring in ~20-30A totaling ~90A of 120V charging.

Is this possible? Would the 'combining' of circuits cause the outlet circuits to trip their breakers?

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Multiplus 12/1600/70 not charging at full rate

I just finished installing my multi and 280Ah of lifepo4 batteries with REC BMS. Everything else seems to work fine but I can't get multi to actually charge at 70A. It claims it's charging at 60-62A but when measuring with Fluke clamp meter it shows only ~50A flowing. Additionally my BMS shunt shows the exact same reading as fluke does so I'm betting that the Multiplus current measurement is nowhere near accurate...

How do I get the missing 20 amps of charging out of multi? That's quite a big drop from the expected value and increases significantly the charging time for a 280Ah bank..

I have the weak AC off, 70A set as the limit in the settings. Environmental temp is around 27-29C where batteries and multi are. Batteries were at around 70% when I started charging so they should be easily able to take the full 70A.

And to be clear the REC BMS is not communicating with Victron yet so that can't be the issue either.


Additional info as requested. Screenshots of the settings at the end of the message. During the screenshot I had set the device not to charge so I can make sure it's cooled and not doing anything for a while so when I flip the charging switch there can not be any issues with heat in the beginning at least. The environment is around 25C right now so even if it was slightly derating due to temp it should not be too many amps as per this doc

Multiplus firmware version 481 which should be the latest as no updates are available.

AC is grid AC right now so no limitations on that side.

Did a new test with no AC loads on at all and multiplus in charge only mode. Discharched the lithium battery to 30% so it's nowhere near full.

Voltage at victron end:13.5V

Voltage at battery terminals: 13.3V

Still Victron showing about 62A in victron connect but real amps about 52A. And victron is in bulk charge mode.

Additionally I'm able to easily pull 130amps from the batteries and with solar + multiplus able to charge at 80A. Smart solar MPTT has the same voltage levels as Multiplus as well. So definately seems that there's a problem with the multiplus...




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Quattro Cooling Fan

Hi. We are installing a Victron Quattro 24/8000 in an Itama 75 in France. The cooling fans do not switch on. The unit is getting hot and with other installations the fans have come on, Am I missing something or is the unit faulty?

Any answers appreciated as sea trials are on Wednesday and we must return to UK on Thursday.

Thank you.

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Three Quattro 48/8000 230v devices different humming levels


I just powered on three Quattro's (DC only, building a 3 phase system). The Quattro's are only connected to DC (same battery bank) and come straight out of the box. I updated the firmware and I noticed a big difference in 50Hz humming noise level between the 3 devices while doing so (to be clear not any programming yet, three separate devices with default settings running the latest firmware).

  • Device 1 has a really load hum.
  • Device 2 two is almost quiet, you can't almost hear anything.
  • Device 3 is somewhere in-between.

I was just wondering, is this normal behavior? I would expect that the noise level of all three devices should be about the same. And where is the noise coming from? There is no AC input so there isn't anything to charge. There also isn't any load connected to the AC output.

Best regards

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Soft starter for 1,5 kW Pump

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with installing a soft starter between a Quattro / Multiplus and a 1-2 kW pump? I tried 2 solutions but both systems destroyed my 230V network.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good working soft start solution?


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Quattro shuts down without any warning/alarms

Hello everyone.

Here's my setup: Quattro 8kva with a Fronius 8.2kw on AC OUT and 2 MPPT150/45, and a BYD LVS 32kWh (8 modules).

I have forever had an issue with high voltage alarms (reference topic and this never changed after 1 year. I have tried keeping the grid/generator for 2 days, set the charging voltage to 55 in DVCC (works until it is removed), and none solved the issue.

That's not my problem however, it's fine, a warning I can live with. Last week, I finally got approved for net metering and our grid company installed the meter so I can start feed-in. All was well and good until the system starting shutting down. Nothing in the alarm log or events, except for the usual high voltage alarm.

Here's what happened:


1. batteries full, grid offline

2. at some point grid came online, feed in started, max cell kept going up

3. first shutdown

4. second shutdown, after that I disconnected the grid

I am making the assumption that this shutdown is from the BYD BMU because of the high cell voltage situation, plus the Quattro doesn't register any other alarms/warnings/events.

My first question is, why at point 2, the high cell voltage kept rising? Batteries are full at this stage and I am feeding the excess back to the grid (only AC excess, not DC).

I have for now set DVCC charge voltage limit to 55V and waiting for the grid to come back online and test this.

Does any fellow Victron user have other thoughts or experience with this?

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