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Multiplus going off when under load

Hi there,

I have a Muliplus connected to a generator and battery bank. My water maker (1500W, AC) is connected to the Multiplus. When I try turn on my HP water maker pump, the Multiplus switches OFF. It then comes back on after 20-30s. The pump itself rotates about 1/4 turn (shaft is free moving). I suspect this is some sort of current protection. I have tried the Multiplus in pass thru mode and it still occurs.

For info, it did this last week when I tried to run the water maker. However, it started after a couple of restarts. There is a 16a RCD and MCB protecting the circuit but it is working fine.

Can anyone provide insight?

Edit: It is a Multiplus 3000. The Generator is an old Paguro 4000 (3500W). If I wire the HP pump directly to the Generator (bypass multiplus), it starts first time.

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UK Anti islanding with Quattro

We are looking at installing either a Quattro 48/10000 or 2 x Multiplus 48/5000 grid tied.

Ideally we would like to use a Multiplus 48/10000 but these are not yet certified G99 unfortunately.

Both myself and the electrician are currently rather confused.

Apparently the Mulitplus II has anti-islanding built in, but Quattro doesn't, but I've found this which which states that LOM detection is certified for use in the UK with the Quattro.

So can we use the Quattro without any external anti-islanding in the UK?

Setup will be grid-inverter-all loads, so all loads will run through the inverter.

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ESS, batteries full, no pv feed in and still pulling from grid

Hi all,

I am running a Quattro + Cerbo with PV inverters AC-coupled on the output. ESS program with batteries fully charged and still pulling most of the power from the grid.

At night, when loads are low (around 500W) it pulls a lot of power from the grid, but if I engage a bigger load, it triggers battery consumption and stops getting energy from the grid. I just want to stop pulling power from the grid anytime I have energy stored in my batteries.

Any thoughts? Thanks

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Faulty device workarounds

I have 3 multiplus units, one of them refuses to start causing the remaining 2 also not starting. Is there option to configure the Victrons to ignore the one not starting unit?

Originally they have been in 3 phase ESS configuration, this configuration has completely turned off after first failure.

I tried also following configurations:

- 2 phases, but I need to put somewhere the not starting inverter otherwise it will not save, so I put in phase 1

- 1 phase with 3x AC in

- 3 phases without group, ESS replaced with AC disconnect virtual switch

- tried to leave the not starting unit in 'unconfigured' but this configuration can not be even saved

In all above configurations none of inverters start. I would like to ask for advice how to make at least one multiplus start.

1. Is there option to tell the system to 'ignore' certain unit?

2. In case the configuration is independent (e.g. 1 phase 3x AC in) is there option to allow continue operation in case one unit is not starting?

My system: 16x IBC solar 450 Wp, 3x Victron Multiplus 5000 (three phase setup), 2x Victron MPPT 250/70, 1x BYD LVS 4kWh, 1x Victron color GX

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G99 Single Line Diagram


Can someone help point me in the right direction.

I am applying for a G99 connection in the UK and having some trouble providing an acceptable single line diagram.

I have attached how my setup should look but is there an easy way to turn this into a single line diagram that the DNO will accept.




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Why is the Multiplus II cheaper than the old one?

My head is spinning after reading what I can find. The new model used to be more expensive? Is built cheaper? Has unresolved software bugs that are not in the “old” Multiplus?

We are switching from a 12V to a 24V house bank on a boat so need to buy new and make a decision. 24/3000 buy the new or the old? I plan to buy two for single phase parallel operation.

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RV Inverter Upgrade: 12v vs 24 Inverter

RV Upgrade; The coach has on onboard 4kw generator that will be used to charge the batteries in addition to the 950w solar panel array.

I am going to be running 4x 12.8v 200ah lithium batteries and deciding whether to run as 24v paired with a 24/5000 Quattro or run as 12v paired with 12/3000 Multiplus.

If I go the 24/5000 route I am having the panel upgraded from 30amp to 50amp. The quatrro has a much beefier charger in it and will almost cut charging time in half compared to the Multi-plus so I am leaning that direction.

Other than faster charging and additional power headroom, what else am I not considering as potential downsides or upsides to the 24/5000 setup vs the 12/3000 setup?

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MPPT Solarleistung geht auf 0 Watt, wenn MultiPlus Landstrom bezieht


meine Anlage (in einem Wohnmobil) besteht aus folgenden Komponenten:

- Cerbo GX
- MultiPlus 12/2000/80
- SmartSolar MPPT 100/30
- SmartShunt 500

Grundsätzlich läuft alles, wie es soll, aber sobald ich den MultiPlus an Landstrom anschließe, stellt der MPPT seine Arbeit ein und die Solarleistung geht auf 0 Watt. Es wäre doch sinnvoll, vorranig die Solarenergie zu nutzen. Insbesondere auf Stellplätzen mit verbrauchsabhängigen Landstromtarifen wäre das sehr wünschenswert.

Habe ich irgend etwas falsch konfiguriert oder ist dieses Verhalten so gewollt?


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IPzS battery monitoring

So I now have everything up and running except for one more building (the main one) to connect to my off grid setup.
But I am not sure I have everything set up right on the battery monitoring.
I have a 930ah (C5 rating) IPzS 48v battery setup,
Victron multiplus 2 48/8000/110 inverter
fronius AC 8.2-1 inverter on AC1 out
Smartshunt 500
Cerbo GX

Yesterday it went to absorption at 99%, but this morning it went in to bulk charge at 96%, is this to be expected or too early, it went to absorption again at 99% today
Just wondering if maybe I have something setup wrong in VRM settings
I have Multi set with battery monitor on, 85% when bulk finished, battery capacity 1140ah (C10 rating) and charge efficiency 0.80% and the same in the shunt, if I set the battery monitor in VRM to either the shunt or the Multi the result is pretty much the same.
Using the flooded tubular plate curve.
It does appear that there is a lot more amps going in compared to going out.
Any advice greatly appreciated here.

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Multiplus 12/3000 - Low Charging Amperage

I am plugged into a 30 Amp outlet via shore power using AC Input1. As I watch charging Amperage, I am only charging at 17 Amps. How can I maximize Charging amperage i.e. utilize the capacity of a 30 Amp circuit/breaker? I am charging a 12 VDC Lithium Iron Phosphate battery bank with 912 AH.

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Why on the multiplus does victron recommend 2- 1/0 dc power lines instead of 1- 4/0 from battery

Why on the multiplus 3000/120 does victron recommend 2- 1/0 dc power lines instead of 1- 4/0 from battery?

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Loads runaway


I noticed that suddenly my Pylontech Battery went down to 10% and stopped discharge - as configured. However there was no load on the system which could justfiy the discharge from 100% to 10%.

Luckily the home assistant recorded all happenings during the night. Out of nowhere suddenly the loads (AC + critical) went up to 10.000 Watts, decliing slowly to 2200W in the morning. This causes the battery to discharge. There was no real load. All the dichargd energy went into the grid (15 kwh export over the night).

When I checked it was still claiming 2000W load. Just because I was out of ideas, I restarted the CerboGX, and TADA ... the loads took about 1 minute but then went down the expected value and now everything works again in balance.

Question: This smells like some firmware bug (Cerbo was running for about 8 weeks). Is this a known issue? Is it expected to reboot Cerbo GX after a certain period of time?

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Multiplus not using full shore power limit

Running the air conditioner in the RV with AC input current set at 15 but muliplus will only use around 9.5 and is using power assist to make up for this. See screen shot 1


If i turn off power assist it will then fully uses shore power and even has a little left over for battery charge. See screen shot 2


I have tried turning on/off the weak ac and the ups functions. How can i fix this? I need to have the power assist on so even though with it disable it does pull the full amount from shore current. With it off i am unable to run other interment ac loads.

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Quattro in Charge Only mode switches to passthru mode?

I'm using one Quattro normally in inverter mode and a second Quattro in Charge Only mode to charge the batteries but it switches to passthru mode. It is only connected to the batteries so it's impossible to pass thru, so I assume it means it's not doing anything... But I don't know why ....

Thanks for your thoughts


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Lynx Shunt VE.Can - charge control NON Victron batteries

Can't seem to find the answer in the Victron documentation. I see the Lynx Shunt VE.Can can send a start / stop charge via its outputs. Will this work with NON Victron batteries ?

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