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MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger

Quattro 12/5000/220-2x100 120V meaning

Our boat came with this Quattro pre-installed and set up. The boat is kept in BVI.

  1. Please tell me what these numbers mean?
  2. Specifically, is it set up to connect only to 220v shore power?
  3. Is the inverter set to provide only 120v AC?
  4. Is the frequency limited to 50 or 60 Hz?
  5. Can we change these settings, particularly for shore power, if we take the boat to Europe or other non-North American destinations? Or, does the Quattro automatically adjust to the shore power characteristics (volts and Hz)?
  6. What file should I use to upgrade the firmware should the need arise?
  7. Can the firmware upgrade file be automatically selected via an online update?

Best wishes, Bob

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Quattros in parallel - is it possible to turn one off during off-season?

Hello everyone!

Currently we're running a single 10kW Quattro off-grid, and considering to add a second parallel one to increase peak-load acceptance.

However, these peak loads happen only during the sunny summer season. During the dark winter days current Quattro is more than enough.

I assume that two Quattros use twice more energy running near idle load? Hence, I wonder is it possible/easy/how to turn off the second Quattro for the winter and leave only one running?

Thank you in advance!

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Multiplus 3000 12v - Assistant Setup

Hello Everyone, Im trying to figure out how to make my Multiplus 3000 respect my BMS charging profile across the Can-Bus. I believe it's through maybe an "assistant".... Can anyone tell me if I'm at least on the right track?

I'm using a Orion Jr2 as my BMS feeding a Cerbo GX via the Can-Bus


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Quattro 48/8000 et générateur ACCESS 5500XL pourquoi l'inter diff du générateur coupe


Nous avons une installation PV représenté sur le Schéma unifilaire monophasé FRONIUS et VICTRON color control batterie BYD connecté reseau.pdf

Son fonctionnement normal est tel que représenté sur le schéma, inverseur en position 1 pour un connecté pour injection du surplus au réseau.

En AC2, un générateur diésel 5kW (voir FT: DOC_02GE_IMER_ACCESS_5500XL_FR.pdf)

Puis les capture d'écran : VE CONFIG.png Capture d’écran 2023-05-30 101958.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102045.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102124.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102203.pngCapture d’écran 2023-05-30 102238.pngColor control.png

L'utilisation du générateur (démarrage manuel avec la corde) se fera lorsqu'il y a coupure du réseau elec + capacité faible batterie + peu de soleil.

Lorsque j’allume le groupe électrogène, celui-ci envoie bien du 230V en AC IN 2, mais pas d’intensité (pince ampèremétrique) au bout de quelques secondes on entend les relais du Quattro claquer et au même moment l’Inter différentiel 30mA du groupe électrogène disjoncte.

J’ai effectué le test avec une autre charge, cela fonctionne.

J’ai effectué les tests en débranchant la terre cela disjoncte

J’ai effectué le test en Coupant les batteries, cela ne disjoncte pas (mais pas de demande de charge je suppose)

J’ai l’impression que lorsque le Victron commence à demander la charge cela disjoncte, pour effectuer ces différents tests, j’ai coupé l’alimentation en AC IN1, ainsi que le MPTT et le Fronius afin de ne charger les batteries qu’avec le G.E.

Un lien avec le mode back-up du Victron ( MALT du Neutre) est-il possible ?

Merci d'avance pour votre aide.


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Smart BMS 12/200 with Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70

I have a setup with a Multiplus 12/1600/70 and a Smart Solar 100/30 MPPT which I am planning to convert to lithium using Smart Lithium batteries and a Smart BMS 12/200. My question is about the System+ port on the Smart BMS. The documentation is unclear about how use the System port, and where charge sources should be connected. The manual shows the following two setups, which would seem to contradict each other. Which is correct? If I connect the charge sources to the System+ port, do I need to connect the load disconnect to the charge sources, or will the System+ port handle the load disconnect?

In the appendix, the manual says:

"If These MultiPlus models are not connected directly to the System+ port, they can also be controlled from the Load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect outputs by using the Smart BMS CL 12/100 to MultiPlus cable"

It is unclear in the manual which setup one should choose or what the benefits and drawbacks of each are. It is also unclear whether I can connect other charge sources such as the MPPT to the System+ port with no load disconnect. This is important as my MPPT does not have a remote disconnect port, and the VE.Direct port is already connected to a Cerbo GX.


Example 1 - Multiplus connected to System+ port, no remote disconnect:


Example 2 - Multiplus connected to batteries w/remote load disconnect


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charge batterie LifePO4


Sur une config standard, 12 panneaux sur MPPT, MPII 5000, Cerbo et connexion réseau avec ESS installé.

Avec du soleil et une puissance solaire assez importante, l'onduleur ne rend pas prioritaire la sortie AC Load de l'onduleur. L'intégralité de la production est prise pour la batterie. L'onduleur alimente les charges AC depuis le réseau.

J'ai d'autres sites ou l'onduleur alimente les charges AC puis utilise le reste pour charger les batteries et paramétrés de la même façon (batteries identiques)

Une idée ??



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QUATTRO 48/5000 RCD on both AC OUTS

Hello, I wondered about RCD for Quattro Outputs? They keeps tripping. It is possible to have only one of them active. Either RCD at AC-OUT1 or RCD at AC-OUT2. If I try to switch the second one ON, it will make the first one trip. The connection is very simple. No other appliances are connected before any of the RCD. As far as I know it should work, I'm really puzzled about this.


I siplified the scheme to not draw too many lines from three quattros. AC-OUT L1 is the same inverter as AC-OUT L1, and that goes for all 3 pcs. N is common for all Quattros OUTPUTS, including OUT1 and OUT2 (because they use single terminal at the Quattro). AC-IN Neutrals are separated for all three Quattros outputs as ther should be.

I hope this question is not answered elsewhere. All I found was input RCD tripping (I have no issue with that) or Multiplus RCD tripping, but Multiplus has not single N terminal for both AC-OUTs as far as I know.

RCDs that I use are 30 mA current rated, I even switched one of them for 300 mA current rated but it did not changed a thing. Can you please help me? I would like to start using the second output. Thank you, Miroslav, Czech Rep.

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Problem with Three Phase Mode 3 ESS

I have a brand new installation of 3x Quattro 15000/200-2x100. They are connected to Pylontech using the GX device CAN. I’m using ESS Mode 3, and sending set points using MODBUS/TCP to the GX Device.

Everything works well in my code - I have a complete log of the set points which are sent every few seconds. I also read the MODBUS registers back to make sure they worked - it takes 2-3 seconds before the change value takes affect, but then it confirms OK.

As per the Manual I'm settings registers 37-41.

The general problem is simply that the Quattros are not doing as they are told. I'm getting strange results - such as 2 out of 3 phases all charging nicely and the third doing nothing. Also, when trying to run the inverter and discharge the battery (by setting grid set point to zero) - it just ignores me and does nothing.

On the GX touch screen, everything seems fine - battery and units are happy.

It keeps going into DISCHARGING Mode (Rather than External Control) on the main touch status screen. It then discharges at 150w into the battery. However when I go into the GX Menu the status clearly says "EXT CONTROL"

I just tried a forced charge with a high set point - phases L2 and L3 did it, L1 sat dormant. Then I just tried a forced discharge with a '30' set point on each, and only L3 fired up, the other two stayed Dormant.

Then a forced charge again - all set points high... and only L3 charging again.

I've changed out all the data cables between the GX and the units. That made no difference.

Randomly one inverter fired up, immediately went to OVERLOAD + LOW BATTERY and reported a DC RIPPLE.

I'm really stuck! Is there any way to see a log of what the Quattros are doing, rather than them just ignoring me and making up their own minds?

Battery SOC is OK, and I've checked loads of MODBUS parameters:

Allowed To Charge=True

Allowed To DisCharge=True

Max Charge Current=880 Amps

Meter Grid to Load=6.13 kWh

Meter Grid to Battery=0.86 kWh

Meter Battery to Load=0.07 kWh

VE.Bus STATE=252


VE.Bus Low Battery Alarm=0

VE.Bus Low Battery L1 Alarm=0

VE.Bus Low Battery L1 Alarm=0

VE.Bus Low Battery L1 Alarm=0

VE.Bus BMS Error=0

Battery Alarm=0

Battery State=0

Battery Error Code=0

Battery Count=0

Battery Modules Blocking CHARGE=0

Battery Modules Blocking DISCHARGE=0

ESS BatteryLife State=2

ESS Min SOC=10

ESS Mode=3

ESS Max SOC=20

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Unexpected grid feedback from Quattro 15000

I have a newly installed Quattro 48/15000 connected with an autotransformer to my house. I brought the grid to the AC in 2 terminals from the meter panel. The autotransformer feeds our house through a panel which has two feeds to sub panels. I also have a battery bank (30KWH EG4 batteries) and an MPPT 450/200 that has 10KW or panels attached.

The inverter has a loud buzzing noise that comes and goes as well as some noise on the AC waveform but this question is about the grid tie. When I throw the breaker enabling the grid connection I hear the relay click and the sound from the unit changes, all expected. What isn’t expected is that the cerbo display shows the grid connection at 50W or so but an additional 3KW of load that is not coming from the house. External measurements have shown this to be exported to the grid but the cerbo knows nothing about this. This even happens if there is no solar and all of the power is coming from the batteries. I have the grid set point at 50w and have turned off export from the dc and ac connected solar chargers in the ESS settings so I’m at at loss to explain what is happening. I can’t leave it connected to the grid when it exports against configuration. This means that if my batteries get too low I will be without power.

Maybe I have something misconfigured? Any ideas about how to fix this would be appreciated.

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Delay connecting AC 1 in on a Quattro

Hi Folks

Can someone guide me through the steps to delay the connecting of the AC 1 input on a Quattro when the grid power returns after loadshedding.

many thanks

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Dynamically Adjust Generator Charging Current Based On Solar Yield

Is it possible to dynamically adjust the charging current from the generator based on solar yield? For example, the ideal charging current for my batteries is 300A (which is what the quattos are currently set at). When it's sunny outside, I'd like the quattros to reduce the generator charging current to maintain the 300A charging current to the batteries. I'm using two quattros, a cerbo and a Smart Solar Charge Controller.

Thanks in advance!

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Anyone with a Grid Tied Victron system in Australia or NZ?

Is there anyone in this community that has a Grid Tied Victron system that is subject to the regulation requirements in Australia or New Zealand?

I would like to understand what you did & how it was done.

For example:

  1. Did you have to use a Grid Protection Relay? What Make/Model? Did that satisfy electrical inspection?
  2. Are you doing any grid feed in of excess solar?
  3. Do you have diagram of the install that you are willing to share?
  4. Which Grid Code Selection did you make in VE Config? N-bypass or No N-Bypass? How did that decision impact your distribution wiring or bypass/isolation switching?
  5. Any other features of the install that Victron documentation doesn't cover?

Hoping to start a discussion around what has worked & what doesn't work.

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Multiplus deleted from device list

MultiPlus showed that firmware update was available but I got error 745 when I tried to update. I checked Victron Configure and everything seemed to be in order other than it said there were unused assistants and prompted me for deletion which I did. Then the device list showed a DELETE tag for the Multiplus. I went to the remote console and it was not on the list there so I rebooted and the Multi dropped off the Device list on VRM.

1) What happened?

2) How do I get the Multi back on the device list and functioning? When I look on the MK3-USB directly on the Multiplus, it shows that it is working - inverting/charging.

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Quattro/Skylla in combination with alternator voltage runaway

We've just had some big damages on our sailboat because an overvoltage scenario. We normally run a Quattro (100A) + Skylla-i (100A) parallel to charge a 24V LiFePO4 battery. This has been working just fine for the last year.

Recently we also started the engine and alternator with a Wakespeed regulator (max 75A). It seems this caused an increase on the system voltage to about 30V at which stage the battery shut down. It's uncertain wether the voltage kept raising on the system, but a lot of equipment/PCB's are damaged / fried. The issue is really serious so the insurance company flew in an electronics expert to help solve the root cause.

I'm wondering if anyone has some knowledge on this issue where voltage increases because of multiple chargers charging at the same time.

Some details:

  • LiFePO4 bank of 840Ah, full system is designed for 500A, cells are 280A, charging capacity at 1C is 840A, we max out at about 250A which is 0.3C
  • Equipment: Quattro 100A, Skylla 100A, Prestolite alternator + WS500 downsized from 100A tot 75A
  • There is no CANbus connection in place, so everything just runs on the voltage settings.
  • There is also a Sterling alternator protection device installed.

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Multiplus 230VAC Input from 240V Split-Phase Generator?

I live off grid and have a European Multiplus 230V Inverter paired with an Autotransformer that gives me two 120V legs (I'm in the US). This allows me to use 120VAC in the house and also power some devices that require 240VAC split-phase.

I have a backup generator which outputs split-phase 240VAC. If I want to connect my generator to the Multiplus AC Input, can I simply use one hot wire from my generator as the line and the other hot as the neutral?

Any help appreciated.

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