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AC-couple Victron Quattro systems


Can the Victron Quattro be used as a Grid Following device? In other words, can we AC-couple Victron Quattro systems with one system being Grid Forming, and the other Grid following?

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Quattro Transfer time


I am trying to find info about Quattro 48/15000 transfer switching time (specifically when the UPS feature is OFF):
- What is the switching time when switching from Generator to inverter and when switching from inverter to generator?
- Is the switching different in a 3-phase connection? and in a parallel connection (2 Quattros/phase)?

- is the switch time affected by load, temperature, or any other determinant?

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Cant change Settings for COS phi on QUATTRO 15K at Grid-Code VDE-AR-N 4105:2011-08

Dear Community,

- i have a 3-Phase Quattro 15K with ESS-Setup. (Firmware 497)
- Living in germany required me to setup a external NS-Protection by using Ziehl UFR1001E to comply with VDE-AR-N 4105:2011-08 or VDE-AR-N 4105: 2018-11

- As it is required by my local Network, i need to comply to some settings like for COSϕ, as it is described in DIN VDE V 0124-100 (VDE V 0124-100):2020-06.

- I know the QUATTRO 15K is certified to comply with ...
--> VDE-AR-N 4105: 2018-11...
...based on Test defined in ...
--> DIN VDE V 0124-100 (VDE V 0124-100): 2020-06. “Network integration of power generation systems – Low voltage"...
... by ...
--> Certificate-ESS-VDE-AR-N-4105-2018-11-Quattro-48-8000-110,-48-10000-140,-48-15000-200.pdf

Here comes the Problem:
- VE Configure 3 just offers me Grid-Code VDE-AR-N 4105:2011-08 and within this Grid-Code i also can´t make any changes, e.g. to COSϕ




How can i either change settings on values like COSϕ (as it is for example possible in other Grid Code... (Here TOR Erzeuger Austria..)


...or how can i get to select Grid-Code...

--> VDE-AR-N 4105: 2018-11 (with external NS-Protection) ... like i have seen it in Screenshots in in a different Post....
Screenshot with QUATTRO having VDE-AR-N 4105: 2018-11

.. where i assume i will automatically comply to the right settings defined by my local network provicer (like COSϕ .. settings)

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Maximum in-rush current for Quattro 24V/8000W

I am after the maximum inrush current for the Quattro 24V / 8000W, and the Multiplus 24V / 3000W

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PV Inverter Always Shows 0 Watts on Dashboard

Hello. Attached inverter is a ABB UNO-DM-5.0-TL-PLUS-US on the AC output of two MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 120V in a split phase configuration. The ABB inverter is communicating via sunspec protocal to Venus OS v2.93. AC totals shows the correct output power but the dashboard always shows zero. Is there a way to fix this? It's been several years and I can't find a solution. Thanks.




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Disaster! Aux2 popped on Quattro…is it terminal?

During build up of battery I have wired for the 2 signal BMS and have used this successfully on other installations. With the Aux terminals being in behind the main battery cables I wired the tiny signal wires to the Quattro first and instantly regretted it when the other end touched down onto a battery terminal for a split second sending around 46v into Aux2 with a tiny but audible pop.

Question is, can I assume that Aux 2 is fried (obvs) and just use another input such as the temp input for example, or have I done more damage? I know the safest thing is to pack up the Quattro and send it back for repair or whatever but that’s going to be a lot of work. Doable but I’d rather not go there unless I really have to. Maybe I could replace a card (fault finding machinery repair electrician here. It gets worse) or something within the Quattro under Victron guidance?

Any help appreciated and yes, I’ve now (stable door, horse etc) disconnected the wires from the Aux terminals until I’ve connected the other end.

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AC supplement "pass-through"?

I have a question about “pass-through” on my two 24/3000 Multiplus(s)

I haven’t delved into this feature too much, and what I have read/seen, its still a vague concept to me.

My setup at home is 5kW of Solar PVs(LG), 3 Victron MPPT’s (150/100 & 250/100), feeding into a series of Lynx busbars to two Multiplus 24/3000, running in split phase, to a separate sub panel, charging and powered from 60 kWh of LFP batteries (SOK).

I have been slowly adding more and more loads to the subpanel, and it virtually powers anything substantial in my home. My weekly consumption is about 150 kWh on the subpanel, with about 40 kWh still being power from the grid on my main panel. I have not added any high current loads such as the Dryer or Stove (yet), but routinely run my pool pump and air conditioner off the subpanel (solar/battery)

I understand the concept that, if I was in a boat or trailer, connected to “shore” power, and the shore power was limited, to say 20 or 30 amps, and if I tried to run loads that exceeded the capacity of the shore power, the Multiplus(s) would ’supplement’ the power requirement from the battery bank. (Correct?)

What about the opposite? If I ran my stove off my subpanel (~5000W), one leg drawing about 3000W, and my Multiplus was already supply 1000W to the ’normal’ loads, so now it needs to supply 4000W, would it draw power from the grid to make up the difference? (The 24/3000 Multiplus will nominally supply only 2400W).

Both Multiplus(s) are connected to AC power from the main panel, but told to “ignore” AC until my batteries fall to less than 20% SOC.

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Multiplus, MPPT Networking

Hi all,

I have Venus OS (on a Pi) running with 3 x MPPT Smart Solar, a SmartShunt and a Mutliplus. All are connected by USB, VE.Direct and MK3-USB. All are appearing on the the Venus Console.

Under the MPPTs, when looking under networked operation, I get the following settings which I cannot change. I have DVCC enabled. I have VE Smart Networking disabled.

Can someone point me to what these settings mean and how to adjust them? Is there a way to network the MPPTs with the Multiplus and Venus? I can't adjust the settings on Venus OS,



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One Phase Smart Meter with Ethernet for Cerbo


I use EM24 Ethernet Smart Meters to connect various players to my GX system (3 Quattro Units). These are made for three phases. Is there a one phase smart meter which connects via Ethernet to the CerboGX? I cannot use RS485.

PS: Victron should think about using MQTT to provide smart metering values to the GX, the support list of smart meter directly by the GX is .... too limited.

Thanks :)

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Choosing between Victron 250/85, 250/100, 450/100 for East-West facing ~8.5kWp system 48V

I was trying to choose between different MPPTs, comparing victron 250/85, 250/100, 450/100, for a set-up of trying to get 10or11 panels on one roof and 10 on the other for an East-West PV system.

My conclusion was that the 250/100 will handle the most PV panels in parallel and input power, the 450/100 will handle more panels as a single string but less input PV power than the 250/100.

I would choose two 250/100s ?

In particular does the Pmpp variation with temperature dictate the power handling capability of the victron MPPT? e.g. if Pmpp < victron MPPT level at -10C and +40C then all is good?

Have I got it right? Please could someone cast an eye over the method for calculating string voltage and powers for different victron charge controllers please and let me know if I've made any howlers?

Thanks for taking a look

[Edit: I know there's an MPPT calculator on the victron site but you can't select one product and try different panel combinations on it !]

Panels 405W Qcell

I think:-

1) The 250/85 will take 6 panels in a string, or 2x5 in parallel, or 5panels into MPPT1 and 5panels into MPPT2

2) The 250/100 will take 6 panels in a string, or 2x6 in parallel, or 6panels into MPPT1 and 6panels into MPPT2, as it will cope with more PV power than the /85 model

3) The 450/100 will take 10 panels in a string, or 5panels into MPPT1 and 5panels into MPPT2,

It cannot be used for two strings in parallel due to PVmax of 18Amps

The Voc max is limited by the battery float voltage [Edit: to 8 x float voltage, which means it can be less than 450V]

String voltage at -10degC example calc, using STC of 25degC

e.g. Voc + Voc*((-0.27/100)*(-10-25))

e.g. 37.18 + 37.18*((-0.27/100)*(-10-25)) = 37.18+3.51 =40.69V

For the power limit then the panel's Pmpp and it's variation vs temperature is what to watch ?

Power at -10degC example calc

e.g. Pmpp + Pmpp*((-0.34/100)*(-10-25))

e.g. 405 + 405*((-0.34/100)*(-10-25)) = 405+48.195 =453.2W

A) Victron 250/85:-

MPPT 250/85, 3x MPPT trackers

PV max power 4900W, Vmax 250V

70A max PV short circuit current, 30A per MPPT


B) Victron 250/100:-

MPPT 250/100, 3x MPPT trackers

PV max power 5800W, Vmax 250V,

70A max PV short circuit current, 30A per MPPT


C) Victron 450/100:-

RS MPPT 450/100, 2xMPPT trackers

PV max power 5000W, Vmax 450V, 30A per MPPT

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Dynamically Adjust Generator Charging Current Based On Solar Yield

Is it possible to dynamically adjust the charging current from the generator based on solar yield? For example, the ideal charging current for my batteries is 300A (which is what the quattos are currently set at). When it's sunny outside, I'd like the quattros to reduce the generator charging current to maintain the 300A charging current to the batteries. I'm using two quattros, a cerbo and a Smart Solar Charge Controller.

Thanks in advance!

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What does float lights and inverter lights mean on my Multiplus?

Multiplia 48/5000/70 goes from ... ON at invertor to .... LED Float on charger side ?

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Both Green and Yellow (Bulk and Absorption) LED's on continuously

Yesterday I updated my Multiplus I to firmware v502. Now while charging, I see both a Green and Yellow LED on continuously.

VictronConnect shows "Bulk," although while connecting, I see the word "Fault" flash on screen in the little Real-time data field.

A power down reset doesn't change anything.

It seems that this problem is following the firmware. Anyone else seeing this?

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Help with pre-charging issue on two Quattro 5000VA inverters

May 25, 2023 update:

Thanks for the helpful advice, everyone. As an update, here's what I've learned, and I think we can consider this question closed:

1. Multiple inverters in parallel apparently put greater stress on battery pre-charge circuits than the same combined size as just one inverter (i.e., 2 x 5000KVa vs. 1 x 10000KVa).

2. It seems worth trying other battery brands, such as EG4, to see if they have better pre-charge circuits than the SOKs. Despite now having 4 x 100Ah 48v SOKs connected, I am still occasionally getting an alarm when trying to pre-charge two paralleled inverters. Importantly, SOK support hasn't been super helpful in the processes. They are unwilling to talk to me directly, don't have a developed community I can fall back on, provided what feels like cut-and-paste info to the distributor I work with, and showed little real interest, IMO, in if that reply actually worked and if the problem was addressed.

3. This Victron community has been very helpful. I appreciate the level of response, the thoughtful questions, and the helpful insight. Thank you all.


Original post:


Last year I built a power station for our camp at Burning Man. At its core, it has two Quattro 5000VA inverter chargers wired in parallel with a large bank of SOK 48v 100Ah batteries recharged from some solar shade structures I built. The system worked fine at burning man and at the end of the season. The only change after that was to remove the batteries to protect against freezing. They are fully charged. See the system picture attached for context if helpful.


Today, six months later, when powering up the system, each battery's BMS goes to alarm mode, which I'm assuming is because the inverter capacitors are drained.

What I've tried:

With no luck, I tried pre-charging them using a 50w 30 Ohm resistor between the negative battery terminal and the wire leading to the Lynx. After some research, I then decided to try a 200w 50 Ohm resistor setup. No luck. I waited until the voltage stabilized at ~52.4v on the MPPT display each time and then some, with no success. For this startup test, I only used two of the SOKs, but I imagine that would have no impact vs. using more.

A few pieces of additional perspective:

1. If I remove the power cables from the Lynx to the Inverters, the rest of the system powers up and works just fine.

2. I looked inside the Quattros and inside the Lnyx for possible shorts, but don't see any.

3. I removed the remote pass-throughs for the Phoenix, two 48-12v DC-DC converters and unplugged the Cerbo to minimize anything stealing the limited power from the Quattros. The MPPT is still plugged in (I'm using the display to monitor the system voltage), but at 20mA, that shouldn't have any impact. Nothing changed.

4. I tried only having one Quattro connected with no luck

5. Waiting longer for the inverters to pre-charge (I tried for up to a minute) seems to have no impact.

6. I've tried different resistors with no change in results, so I assume it isn't a b broken resistor issue.


Help. :) What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


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Low Multiplus AC output voltage

I recently installed a 12/3000/120-50/120V Multiplus , BMV 712, a Digital Multi Control GX panel, 2 MPPT 100/30 solar chargers, a couple battery protects (100 amp on solar side and 200 amp on inverter side) along with 2 x 560 watt solar panel arrays and 2x 200 AH LiFe Blue batteries in my RV. I was able unable to get my computer to find a port to configure the Mulitplus so is used DIP switches. Step 1 switches are as follows : D8 off, D7-D3 are on and D2 and 1 are off for step 1. Step 2 switches are as follows: D8 is off, D7 is on, D6 is off, D5 and 4 are on, D3 through D1 are off. Everything seems to be working fine except when the Inverter initially kicks in, it puts out 120V (as it should) for a few seconds then drops the output voltage to 60 V. Any ideas how to remedy this problem? Thanks.

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