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Multiplus 2 domestic battery system

I’ve installed a Multiplus 2 connected to 6 PylonTech batteries and Venus GX with the primary function of running my heat pump from off-peak electricity. I can’t get any advice on how to power the house system when the battery is fully charged. Do I have to have dedicated circuits in AC-OUT1 or 2?

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MultiPlus not Showing AC Information on NMEA

I have a network with a Multiplus conected to a Cerbo, which is connected to an NMEA network. NMEA is turned on.

I'm not seeing the MultiPlus AC data on the network. I have interrogated the network and it appears the Multiplus outputs AC data on PGNs 65013, 65014 and 65016. However, the network requires AC data on PGNs 127503 and 127504, which are teh normal AC Input and Output PGNs.

Has anyone seen this before and know of a resolution?

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quatro 24 kw 380v, phase omdraaien.

Heb de in en uit L1,L2,L3 consequent doorgevoerd toch verteld de Victron dat phase niet klopt.Heb nu de kabels verwisseld naar de victron to L2,L1,L3 en alles werkt. kan dit ook software matig zonder de positie te veranderen van de quatro's?

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Multiple bank charging with one multiplus

On a boat 24 volt system

2 engine, 2 alternators, 4 battery banks (8*12v batteries (2 house and 2 starter per engine)

Each alternerator is connected to a argo fet which then charges the batteries in each bank which all works

Multiplus is connected to 2 of the house batteries on one side

Can anyone suggest how I can use the charger output from the multiplus to charge all 4 battery banks, with out bridging the alternators

Massive thanks in advance


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Can't see Quattro via MK2 USB running Victron Connect on Linux

Hi, I'm trying to connect to a Quattro 48/8000/100 using a MK2 USB on a linux computer using Victron Connect but no local devices are shown. I can see the usb serial device using lsusb and everything works fine when connecting to my BlueSolar charge controller. Probably the system did work under windows through the MK2 and my researches lead me to think I might need a MK3 USB to connect. Is this correct or is there some way I can get it to work using the MK2?

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Multiplus BoostFactor

Hello Victron Team,

Can you explain me what exactly is the "BoostFactor"?
Thank you

Kind regards

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Multiplus 24/5000/230 not charging from SDMO INVERTER 3000 generator

Will work for i to 3 hours with a 20m cable at bulk then out. Stopping and restartig the gen works for a few minutes. I am trying:

- moving the gen at 5m from multiplus; seems to work for the last 10 minutes

- setting the gen at low powr (rabbit)

What could be the cause of that failure?


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Adding a multiplus (charger only) to a complete system, how to protect lithium batteries

I have a system with victron lithium batteries + quattro + Ve.BMS.
For quicker charging i would like to add a multiplus (because i have one), set on charger only, without connecting it to the system with network cable and without using the 230v output.
Now I need to make sure that the mulitplus is connected to the charge disconnect from the VE.BMS, but how to do it? I tried to connect the remote connection to the charge disconnect, but that is not working. Can is use a battery protect or will this blow up the multiplus when activated? Is there another way?

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MultiPlus don't reduce charge current commanded from BYD


This system, 3 parallel MultiPlus-II 48/5000 with 2 BYD BBox LV 14kWh and 2x 250/100 MPPTs.
Its recharging during night time via generator control (No ESS or such).
Now the batteries shut down short after fully charge 100% SOC.
It looks the BYD commanded CCL 0A, but MP-II is still charging with 25 Amp.
Battery shut down after a while.


DVCC is active, no shared sensors are active like victron battery compatibility doc recommend.


Any ideas / thoughts?

Thanks a lot. Saludos

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Quattro 15kva battery terminals short during Loadshedding

Background : we have blackouts in South-Africa (Loadshedding), power is cut for 2 hours at a time in my town (Nelspruit), depending on the stage between 1 and 4 times per day currently.

I bought the Victron Quattro 15kva with 28 panels, 2 mppts, cerbo gx, color screen, smart shunt and 2 x 10kwh Lithium batteries. Was installed by a Victron accredited installer.

The purchase was made to avoid Loadshedding and not be affected by it.

Between every 3rd and 6th time the inverter will shut down completely, whether my loads are 200, 1200, 2000 or 4000 watts, doen not matter if the batteries are 70, 90 or 100%.

If it's during the daytime it will start up again within 2 minutes if there is sufficient sunlight. During nighttime it wont come back on at all until the grid power is restored.

There is a short on the battery terminals so the batteries goes into protection, It won't turn back on again, even if I turn the unit off and on, only when the grid come back it will turn on.

The installer updated the firmware to the latest version.

He set the cut off voltage to 210v to not follow the grid down for a "brown out"

I cannot replicate the problem by turning of the main grid power, then the inverter switches without issue.

Any help would be appreciated

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MultiPlus 12/1600/70 - Inverting Whilst on Shore Power

I have a MultiPlus 12/1600/70.

On the seperate control panel toggling left charges the battery and provides 240v to the 3-pin sockets when connected to shore power. Toggling right Inverts when not on shore power. The middle position is off.

Whenever I am on shore power and do not want to charge the battery I leave the Multiplus off (middle position). The problem I have is that when I want to invert (toggling right) whilst on shore power the unit provides 240v as expected but it also charges the battery (the 'Inverter on' lights up for a few seconds on the right side and then turn off, the left lights on the control panel light up showing 'Mains on' and the current state of charge and the battery begins to charge).

If I can harvest some good solar power during the day I do not want to use the shore power to top up my battery when I need 240v.

I could disconnect shore power to resolve this but is there a setting in Venus or on the Multiplus that would prevent this happening?

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Quattro-II AC-input detect: Dropping the active grid without activating generator?

This is more or less continuation of my previous case:

I still don't understand the Quattro's algorithm when switching inputs:

- AC2 (lower priority) input is active from grid

- Generator starts in AC1 (higher priority), voltage is detected in AC1

- AC2 is instantly dropped + inverter activated

- AC1 remains inactive, AC2 remains inactive

Why drop the working grid (AC2) if the generator (AC1) is not accepted? What is the point in that? I've crashed my servers behind Victron many times because of that, when the batteries run dry. And yes, It's good reason to start generator when batteries are dry.


I thought that would have been kind of obvious, but it's not. Could it be fixed?

Could GX provide clear information why Quattro doesn't accept generator power?

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MultiPlus + Cerbo. Shore power to outlets without charging or inverting.

We have a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16, Cerbo, Orion Jr2 BMS etc. On Cerbo we have 4 modes for MultiPlus: "Off", "Charger Only", "Inverter Only" and "On".

What I'm missing is "AC direct", meaning no charging, no inverting, just AC coming from shore power and going to our 240v outlets.

In our old system, before LiFePO4 and MultiPlus we had a relay doing this. Now with all these "smart systems" we thought that they could be configured the way we want to. But so far haven't found a way.

We would hate rewire everything and go back to an "external" relay.

Our solar panels can handle our DC demand, so there is no need to charge the batteries while plugged into shore power. We just want to be able to use 240v appliances without turning everything on and off all the time. Our system is basically designed to be used off-grid, but every once in a while we find ourselves in a marina...

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multiplus ii 48/3000 gx do not charge more than 5 amps.

HelIo i am new with victron multi plus 2. My problem is, i cant reach more than 5.xx amp charging curret. Charger Setings set to 56v and 35A.


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peux-je désactiver le relais entre le réseau et le multiplus victron energy ?

Hello, I hope you are well. I am a research engineer and currently I am working on microgrid systems. I have two questions about Victron Energy products and I will be very happy if I find answers as much as possible. My first question is that in my work I have to make a laboratory prototype of a microgrid, then move to the part of energy management. For that I chose to make a centralized control, that is to say a control station which will control all the system (control of the switches on the load side and on the source side -PV/Batteries/ public network or generator). So the question is can I eliminate the power management at the Multiplus level (I can detail question 1 if it is not clear!).

The second question is about the product "Interface MK3-USB VE.Bus to USB", do I have to use this device to access the configuration of the multiplus or can I configure the multiplus even with the application or via web?

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