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Inverter Temperature on VRM "Monitoring "

Hello, Why we cant monitor on VRM the internal Temperature of the Inverters and solar chargers?

Please Add this Option by Victron designers.

It's very Useful

All The Best

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Teltonika Eye Sensor (BT temp,hum) in venus?

This would be really great to be able to add in Venus OS.... Look a lot like the Ruuvi but a lot cheaper but yet made by a pro company Teltonika.....


matteburk asked
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Cerbo GX Temperature Control Limits

I have the Cerbo GX and a relay connected to a fan. Multiplus II and two SmartSolar Controllers.

Is it possible from the Cerbo GX to watch the temperature of the SmartShunt? Or I see an option to turn on the relay with an Alarm. Can I specifically wait for a temperature alarm?


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BMV-712: low temp cutoff?

Hi All,

I've just ordered myself the BMV-712 to monitor a couple of basic 12v 100Ah lithium batteries. These batteries do not have any sort of low temperature cutoff protection. I was wondering if there was anyway to use the temp sensor for the BMV-712 to trip the relay when things get too cold? I only have a handful of nights a year where cold is an issue, so was hoping something like this would be enough to give my batteries some protection against low temp usage.

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where is the battery temperature in vrm portal?

When I connect via Bluetooth to my smart solar MPPT 450|200 I can see the battery temperature from the connected sensor. But in the vrm portal I can't find it. What am I doing wrong? I have the cerbo gx as central device.

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How to unplug temperature sensor from Victron Multiplus (new style)


I recently bought a new style Victron Multiplus, the 70A / 1600.

In a few days I'll need to take it to a fabricator and get a steel plate or frame made up, so it'll fit in the same place as the old Victron Combi, but I thought I'd take it out the box and test it first. Great! It works!

Initially I didn't connect the temperature sensor because I couldn't see how to unplug it again when needing to remove and resite the Multiplus, but I started to feel guilty about charging the batteries without it in this hot weather.

Alas, my fears were justified - I connected the temperature sensor and now can't disconnect it again! What do I do, please? It seems very firmly seized by some hidden metal pins and firm pulling has no effect.

There seem to be little orange plastic thingies below each retaining hole, which look like they might be releases, but I also had little luck pressing them with a small flatbladed screwdriver.

Can anyone advise, please?



andywb asked
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Cerbo GX temperature relay to start up a cooling fan

I'm looking to use the Cerbo GX to activate a blower fan in an electrical assembly box at a certain temperature and stop once a differential temperature has been achieved. The blower fan is 12VDC and draws only 10 watts. I would incorporate a VE temperature sensor in the temp sensor port.

I'm looking for detail how to make all the connections and do the programming to achieve this. The programming seems somewhat self explanatory from the manual, but I'd like to confirm plus confirm the physical wiring that needs to take place.

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MultiPlus: Disable Charger based on battery temperature

I'm currently building an RV off-grid system based around a Lithium Tesla Battery and MultiPlus. In the system is also a BMV 702, BatteryProtect 220 and Color Control.

As the Lithium Battery really doesn't like to be charged below freezing temperature I'm planning to have an automated heating pad that keeps the battery warm, but I would like to have a fail safe which disables the MultiPlus Charger whenever the temperature of the Battery reaches 5°C

My current setup is to connect the BMV-702 Temperature Control Sensor to the Battery and then connected the BMV-702 Relay to the MultiPlus AUX1 which controls the Charger via the Charge Assistant. This works nicely, but I was wondering:

1. The MultiPlus already has a Temperature Sense Connector plus the Temperature Sensor shipped, when I measure the voltage of the Temperature sensor I get a reading of 2.6V at 25°C. Is there any datasheet of the Temperature Sensor that I could use to configure the MultiPlus Assistant for temperature? I would really like to not depend on the BMV for the temperature measuring and best have the MultiPlus measure the temperature directly.

2. I found the new Shared Temperature Sense feature of the Venus/ColorControl: https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2018/10/17/venus-os-v2-20-scheduled-charging-equalize-and-more/ which mentions:

the Venus-device will send the battery temperature to the connected Solar Chargers and Inverter/chargers.

But I don't see anything in the MultiPlus Configuration Screen to do anything with that Temperature or any other way that it actually receives the temperature form the Venus/ColorControl.

Plus just two other small questions:

1. Is there any way to see the current voltage reading on the MultiPlus AUX inputs? I'm having a bit a hard time to find the correct voltages to use in the Assistant

2. When I disable the Charger in the VEConfig all together, but then enable the Charger again via the Assistant based on the AUX1. The charger is actually running! That's a bit scary ;) Also which charge settings are used? I assume just the last settings of the charger before it was disabled all together?

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T sense cable multiplus II

When installing the folowing combination: multiplus II 24/3000/70, smartsolar MPPT100/50, Cerbo GX, smart shunt and battery balancer. I had some questions about the battery temperature sensor. There is a T-sense cable that comes with the multiplus II. The manual says it should be connected to the negative side of the battery pack. Now i will be using a smartshunt, and in the manual of the they talk about a temperature sensor cable ASS000100000. For me it looks the same as the T-sense cable. Is it possible to use the Tsense cable on the smartshunt and let the cerbo GX communicate the temperature info to the multiplus and smartsolar?

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Temperature Sensors not matching
The temperature sensor ASS000001000 that came with the Multiplus i used on my MPPT , today i connected another one but this time to the Cerbo , its connected to the same battery lug but showing 9 dgrees more . There are three different types ,of battery sensors so im wondering if i have wrong type or if it would make any difference , how to tell the three different types apart . Have now removed it from the Cerbo and fitted it in the Multiplus and its within 1 degree .
An observation that i dont know is significant or not is the sensor that came with the Multiplus and i used on the MPPT changes in increments of 1/10 of a degree , this new one connected to the Cerbo only changes in full degrees , no parts of a degree are displayed either but that could be down the the way the Cerbo works and Multiplus works .



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Temperature Sensor identification

I have two Victron temperature sensors, one came with a Multiplus, the other with either a BMV or an old CAN BlueSolar. (Definitely Victron products, neither is third-party.)

I can't identify which is which to put the Multiplus sensor with the Multiplus...

One has blue crimped terminals.

The other has grey crimped terminals, a white dot on the heatshrink and KL10 stamped on the lug.

Which is the Multiplus sensor? What is the other one?



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BMV 712 and 24V DC / 120V AC Quattro with Cerbo GX

We have a 24V DC Quattro 120-120V AC Inverter/Charger and want to be able to shut off charging from the Quattro to the non-Victron lithium batteries when the temperature drops below a certain point. The system also has a CerboGX and BMV-712 wired in. The Quattro temperature sensor is connected to the 24V battery pack and we have a second temperate sensor we can connect from the BMV-712 smart shunt to the batteries if needed.

Currently the Quattro only measures high battery temperatures as we under stand it. Is there a way to get the relay in the Quattro to disconnect Quattro battery charging if the temperature drops below a certain point?

Thank you for your help with this.

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Falsche Temperatur

Hallo! Der mitgelieferte Temperatursensor vom Multiplus zeigt mir um ca 8 Grad zu viel an. Kann man das ändern/einstellen? Danke!

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48/5000 Quattro inverter temperature sensor with BMV712 shunt wiring

Hi Everybody,

I have an MPPT 150/70 to charge a 220 Ah 48V battery bank and also a Quattro 48/5000 inverter with a temperature sensor. This sensor is actually wired on negative battery terminal.

Now I'm adding a BMV712 500A 50mV shunt on the negative battery terminal.

Question: where temperature sensor should be wired now ?

- always on the negative battery terminal ?

- or on the "Load and Charger" shunt terminal ?

If the sensor is "electrically isolated" it can be wired on the battery terminal, if it is not, it must be wired on the "load and chanrger shunt terminal to get the same potential than before (without the shunt.)


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I sensor 2 pieces of Equipment

Has anyone tried using one Temperature sensor to connect to an MPPT and a Multiplus . My MPPT is 1 mtr from the batteries and the Multiplus within 50cm of that so the insulation on the cable could be stripped away at the point it enters the MPPT then continue on to the Multiplus .

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