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Cerbo temp sensor scale

My temperature sensors are off on my Cerbo. So I adjusted them in room temperature with offset. But now thay are off when its cold outside. So I need to scale them. Around what temperature is the scale placed? The scale has to be 1 somewhere. The first that comes i my mind is that its around 0 degrees. But it could also be something else?

0 degrees x 1,2=0

4 degrees x 1,2 =4,8

So zero is the most mathematical logic?

jon-norberg asked

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Fridge/Freezer temperature sensors for ccgx

Hello All-

I just watched the latest Victron Webinar (https://youtu.be/qHxcnSVpVbM?t=311) and at 5:11, they talk about the Ruuvi wireless temperature sensor that works with the Color CCGX.

I was curious if there were any other wireless temperature sensors that would work, or is it currently just limited to the Ruuvi brand?

There are many different wireless temperature sensors out there, so I was wondering if any of them would work? Being based in the US, I was looking for something easier to get ahold of.

Thank you-


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Alert temp units for Cerbo GX temperature sensor

I have the Victron temperature probe set up with my Victron GX and set the units to Farenheit in the Profile settings. My problems are that when I set the alarm thresholds and in the alerts I get during an alarm condition, the units are always in Celsius. Is there a way to get the units to be Farenheit everywhere? If not, I think this would be a good improvement to the software...thanks!

olivier-hecht asked

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Inaccurate temperature reading

Hive mind, what do you have on this one…?

I’ve two of the type C (ASS2000) probes. I’ve trialed them both when connected to the cebo GX and the are both out by almost exactly +6C. They both read the same wrong temperature. I think I read somwhere that if you had Victron ‘Turbo Wizard’ status you could offset this error via the colour display. Does anyone have a hack I could use to get them reading correctly? Is there something else I can do to get them right (apart from subtracting 6 from the current reading that is…)

Thanks in advanice…

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Multiplus Temperature Probe Reading 30 deg-C when Temperature is 24 deg-C

My multiplus is reading 30-32 C when the actual temperature at the terminal is 23-24 C. How do I calibrate it? Do I just go into VE Config and change the compensation?

avalon asked
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Which battery temperature sensor do I use

I’m moving through my Victron instal with AGM batteries. I’ve a temperature sensor with the Cerbo and one with the multiplus. Do I fit them both or is there some setup that I need to do?

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correct temp shown in console but incorrect temp sent via STS to MPPTs

Howdy all,

I have a temp sensor wired directly into my venus gx and it displays accurate temperature data in the console and VRM... but for some reason when I configure DVCC -> STS my MPPTs display erroneous temps (32F) no matter what. Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong? All firmwares are fully patched.

Accurate temperature displayed in VRM:


Inaccurate temp displayed on MPPTs (32F no matter the actual temp):



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MultiPlus 24/3000/70 "Stop charger below" Temperature

I have a MultiPlus 24/3000/70 With a 24v 600aH LiFePO4 bank. These batteries do not have low temperature shutoff. I Have the temperature probe extended and giving accurate reading at the batteries. I have the MK3-USB and VE Configure 3 loaded. Under the "Charger" tab, there is no "Stop charger below" (insert temperature). This checkbox is available when using other models, like a Quattro, I really need this setting for this system!

Extremely frustrating, I do not want to destroy thousands of dollars worth of batteries because this multiplus won't stop charging when a heater malfunctions.

Thank you for your time and solutions.

tsawind asked
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BMV-712 ve.direct worked fine until i added the temperature sensor, now transmits garbage ?


my BMV-712 is installed with the victron shunt. There is a ve.direct connection via the victron USB cable to a Raspberry PI. The text output from the ve.direct has been working flawlessly for a few weeks.

I added a temperature sensor today, and now it only transmit garbage. If i remove the temperature sensor i still see no text display, just random data.

Anyone have any thoughts on whats going on ?

Thanks !


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I would like to add a low temperature (charger) cut off

I would like to add a low temperature (charger) cut off, Is that possible with my Victron system?


RV, no solar


Alternator to 2 - Orion-Tr Smart 12/12/30 DC-DC Charger Non-isolated w Bluetooth


BMV-712 with

500A/50mV shunt


LiFePO4 200Ah


To be determined

Question 2

Because my DC-DC Charger’s are Non-isolated I must use a common port BMS, correct?

michael-drabeck asked
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Will Multiplus temperature sensor information shared with bluesolar mppt?

I have a Multiplus Compact inverter with a temperature sensor connected to the battery. The multiplus inverter is also connected to a Cerbo GX device via ve.bus cable. In VRM Portal i see the battery tempersture info. I am planning to install a bluesolar mppt charger and connect to the Cerbo GX device via ve.direct cable.

Will the battery temperature also shared with the bluesolar to allow the mppt to improve battery charge process or it is better to install a battery temperature sensor in the cerbo gx too?

Josep morancho asked
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Question about load output and low temp cutoff with BlueSolar w/ rev2 smart dongle and smartshunt.

With the following equipment...

  1. 500 amp smartshunt
    1. with optional temp sensor
  2. BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15
    1. with VE Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle Rev2

My understanding is that I will be able to setup the ve network over BT and setup low temp cutoff on the MPPT. (i don't have the smartshunt yet to try it)

My question is, would it be in anyway possible to control the load output on the MPPT charger based on temperature?

My use case would be controlling battery warming via the load output and only having it turn on below a certain temp. I know this can be achieved in other ways, but I thought since it has some other voltage based algorithms for controlling it, it might be possible. Would be a very slick way to control heating on lifepo4 batteries.

Thank you for your time. Really loving the software and capabilities of the Victron system.


mike-wesner asked

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VE.Smart networking or DVCC ?

With a simple system, all DC without inverter but with a GX device + MPPT + smartshunt with temp. sensor and GEL batteries, which is the correct way to compensate temperature?

a) Enable BLE smart.network and join MPPT and smartshunt; or

b) Enable DVCC on GX device and select Smartshunt as the Battery monitor/ temperarture sensor

Or... both (not at same time) work?

Elimac asked
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STS Temperature Sensor Weirdness

Hello all,

It's starting to get cold here in Texas and I noticed some odd behavior this morning related to my low temp cutoff settings on my MPPTs and I'm hoping someone can help me resolve it. I have a venus gx with a temp sensor plugged in to the first port. The correct temperature displays properly in VRM and in the remote console. I purposefully set my MPPTs to cut off at 45 F to ensure temperature sharing worked. This morning the temp sensor read 42.8 F and my MPPTs were charging... yikes!

I noticed the following:

1. When DVCC -> STS -> temperature sensor is set to "automatic", the "Used sensor" displays "---" and my MPPTs charge the batteries despite violating my low temp cutoff setting. Further, when I pull up any of the MPPTs in victron connect, they do not display a temperature in the "Battery" section leading me to believe they are not aware of the current temperature and something has gone awry with STS.

2. When I manually select what I believe is the proper temperature sensor (there are several listed for some reason), all MPPTs incorrectly register the battery temp as 32 F as shown within victron connect and they stop charging my batteries.

Does anyone have any advice that might help me troubleshoot this issue? Desired state is to share the accurate temperature detected by the proper sensor connected to my Venus GX with all MPPTs so I don't kill my lithium batteries when it drops below freezing.


shinepuppy asked
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Does the Victron sense automatically adjust temperature compensation?


I purchased the Victron Temperature and Voltage Sensor with the presumption that it will adjust the temperature compensation values, however that doesn’t seem to be the case which is highly confusing, because otherwise what is the point.

My temperature compensation value sits on -16.20mV/C. Never changes, even in very low temperatures the MPPT 100/20 controller I have didn’t even use the internal temperature sensor to adjust the values, which is why I got this temperature sensor.

What’s happening? -can somebody please help with this. I’ve just purchased 2 new and expensive AGM batteries because my last ones pretty much died. Don’t want this happening again.

Note that temperatures at the batteries are ranging between 23 and 28C. So I expected to see some change in temp. Compensation.

Many thanks!

greenarc asked
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Multiplus 48/15000/200 temperature issue.

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine is running off-grid 3x 48/15K Multiplus, and 2 of them are linked as Master / Slave. Lately the master is switching OFF due to temperature problem (which is almost impossible as we are at 10C and a light charge is applied to them, less than 3kW.) The battery banks consists of 2 arrays of 48V/1500A (2V/1500A Hoppecke - 3kA available). No power is produced by the PV arrays, as it is currently the night.

It has started having this behaviour today, and we have checked the installation. When the temperature LED becomes red, we can hear the fans running full speed, but the air blown outside is cold.

I am thinking either a migh be a problem with a temperature sensor, or a fan which is just "dead" and that will not blow air into one of the areas of the Multiplus. Not even sure if it could be a dust problem, or if we have to check both master and slave, even the issue is reported on the master.

Anyone has an idea / procedure to determine what is the cause ?

Thanks for your help.


michelg asked
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ASS000020000 TEMPERATURE SENSOR TYPE C not available?

I have a new MPPT Smartsolar 100V 20AMP controller, and want to stop charging my lithium battery below a certain temperature.

The temperature sensor will be connected to Lithium battery which is around 6Ft away from controller - I assume the wired sensor is 6ft long, and hence i dont need wireless.

I cant find the ASS000020000 Temperature Sensor Type C on a popular/cheaper ecommerce site such as Amazon. It is available on another site, but it is charging significantly more - for the sensor plus shipping.

Any suggestions?

Ash Win asked
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How to report ambient temperature using Victron Shunt or SmartSolar to VRM portal?

I have a Raspberry Pi running Venus with Victron Shunt and SmartSolar. I'd like to also report the ambient temperature to the VRM portal. I have read that there are ways to add custom sensors using an AD converter. However, given Victron Shunt already comes with a battery temperature sensor input, can I use that input to report the ambient temperature using the Victron battery temperature sensor? Will it show only as a battery temp? Also, since SmartSolar has the built-in temperature sensor, is there a way to report that value or is it strictly used to compare the value to the battery temp to compensate?

Thanks in advance.

aslanhobbes asked

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What Temperature sensor can I use with the Cerbo?
  • Hi, is there available information on what type of temperature sensor can be used on Cerbo? Thanks Knut

knut-vidar-paulsen asked
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Temperature sensing with the MultiPlus II GX and SmartSolar MPPT

I am looking at getting a 48V MultiPlus II GX. This has 1xVE.Direct port.
Was going to pair this with a SmartSolar 150/35. Communicates via Bluetooth and VE.Direct.

The MPPT will be close to the batteries but they are AGMs and I was thinking it would be ideal to have a battery temperature sensor connected.

The MultiPlus II GX should ship with a temperature sensor.

My questions:
1. If the MPPT is connected to the MultiPlus II GX via VE.Direct, will the temperature sensor of the MultiPlus II GX control the MPPT the same as if a temperature sensor was connected to the MPPT?

2. If the answer to 1 "no" - how would I approach monitoring battery temperature and voltage ideally with this setup to control both the MPPTs charging and the MultiPlus II GX's charging?

I can use the Bluetooth Smart Battery Sense to feed the information to the MPPT, but the MultiPlus II GX doesn't have BT. So then would I need a BT dongle for the MultiPlus II GX as well? And this would use the single VE.Direct port, so I assume I'd also need a powered USB hubs and at least two USB to VE.Direct cables? Those are a lot of adapters and cables just to monitor temperature simultaneously...

Or I could use the Smart Battery Sense to control the MPPT, and the MultiPlus II GX temperature sensor to control it?

Thanks for the help, let me know if any more information is required.

milbank2450 asked
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Cable Size to extend length of Temperature sensor QUA/PMP/Venus GX ASS000001000 Extending cable length

I need to extend the length of the cable about 10 metres is there any suggestions please for cable size?

jcottis asked
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What is the temperture measurement accuracy of Victron sensors?

I've purchased a new MulitPlus II with included battery temperature sensor but the sensor is reading many degrees high, while I'll be using the sensor on LifePO4 batteries the low-temperature reading is the most critical in my situation. What accuracy should I be expecting from Victron temperature sensors?

Can the temperature sensor be corrected with software?

What temperate sensor is glued into the battery sensor? is it just a simple LM335?


raymiller asked
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Offgrid site - Controlling cooling FAN based on temperature


I'm about to install a site that is purely DC - no inverter. We will have these victron devices:

MPPT - 250/60

Venus GX

Smartshunt + temperature sensor

The relay output of the MPPT is already used to control LVD, protecting the batteries from deep discharge.

I'm looking for a way to control a FAN based on the cabinet temperature. It will be very hot in summer, and we do have temperature measurements via smartshunt. However, I can't find an option to control the Venus relay based on this parameter. Is this possible or am I missing something?

Elimac asked
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EasyPlus, VE.Bus Smart Dongle, SmartShunt 500 Temperature Sensing confusion


I am playing in my lab with my new setup to be installed in a campervan. The setup is as follow (questions listed later):

200Ah LiFeP04 battery:

EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70:

- Temperature sensing cable connected to battery minus pole

VE.Bus Smart Dongle:

- RJ45 connected to EasyPlus

- B- connected to battery minus pole

- B+ and T- connected to battery plus pole using cable "Temperature Sensor for BVM-702/712

SmartShunt 500A:

- Aux and Vbatt+ connected to battery plus pole using cable "Temperature Sensor for BVM-702/712

Interface MK3-USB:

- RJ45 connected to EasyPlus


1) Temperature is being read in three places (EasyPlus,Ve.Bus Smart Dongle, and SmartShunt)

Can I simplify the cabling by removing some of the temperature sensors? I.e. can EasyPlus Compact use the temperature readings from either VE.Bus Smart Dongle or SmartShunt 500A? Please note that I will also add a SmartSolar MPPT75/15 and that one for sure will need either the SmartShunt 500A or the VE.Bus Smart Dongle for temperature sensing (using VE.Smart Network)

2) How come that the temperature cable from the EasyPlus has to be mounted on the negative pole whole the ones from VE.Bus Smart Dongle and SmartShunt 500A goes on the positive pole? Can I attach it to the positive pole as well. Since I am using the shunt, I rather not attach anything between the shunt "To battery minus" and the battery minus pole

3) on VE.Bus Smart Dongle the B- should be connected to battery minus pole (according to documentation)

Could I attach it on the side "To system minus" of the shunt? Again to avoid (as best practices) having anything between the shunt and the battery minus pole.

4) can EasyPlus Compact 12/1600/70 read from the attached VE.Bus Smart Dongle or SmartShunt 500A (using VE.Smart Network) to get temperature information and battery monitor status? I know I can enable "Enable battery monitor" in the EasyPlus, but how does it play with the other components? In general, can EasyPlus pull information from other components?


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T-sense on MultiPlus II

(deleted part of this question as it was answered elsewhere)

When using a Smart Dongle with a Multiplus II, does the T-sense measure average temperature across the bank or only for the battery it is attached to?



stephenh asked
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No Analog inputs shown on cerbo gx.

Originally was showing temperature and tank options in menus. While installing resistive tank sensors the cerbo GX rebooted. now all analog options are blank. The tank over view page shows no tanks connected and no options for temperature sensors available. How can I get those items to show again? It seems like the cerbo GX hardware may have faulted out.

jayoung asked
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Battery Temperature Monitoring

I have a MultPlus 3000VA and a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20. Which is the cheapest way to have these products self-monitor the batteries internal temperature and use that feed-back to adjust their operation?

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