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New build solar battery system…

We will break ground in a self-build property next year. I am used to installing solar in vans/mobile units but this is a bigger job than I’ve taken on this far, and 240V.

Feed in tariffs being a thing of the past, I really want to store and use my solar energy in batteries and the discharge this though the main distribution of our house. My question is, for a 4 bed house with South, West and East facing roof options, what units and setup would you recommend to give me an efficient storage solution?

If it’s all victron then all the better.


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Building a backup power system


I have a 7.8 kWp solar system with a Fronius Symo 6-0-3-M inverter and a Varta Element 6 battery.

I want to add backup power capability to the system for cases of power grid failures.

The inverter is 3-phase coupled to the house and I want to provide backup power to the entire house on all three phases, within the limits of 16A per phase (230V). In addition there will be a diesel power generator (8KVA) as well, which shall be integrated. As battery I would consider a BYB LVS 12.0 kWh system for start.

Even after reading lots of information about Victron and possible configurations I still have a ton of questions. I hope somebody here is kind enough to help me through the thought process.

  1. If I want to supply all three phases with backup power, I have to have 3 Victron units?
  2. Can I use 1 Quattro for the generator to come into play on one phase (L1 e.g.) and for the other two phases use a multiplus?
  3. Will all three Victron units be conencted to the same battery stack via some master charge bus?
  4. If I keep the Fronius it would be AC coupled and deliver up to 6000W PV power, how does that affect the dimensionig of the Victrons? 3x3000 = 9000 (okay?) or each all units have to be capable of handling the full 6000W?
  5. I have an additional 5000W UPS for the most critical loads, so for this phase I would disable the Victron embedded UPS?

Thanks in advance :)

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How to integrate new features on Cerbo GX


I need to integrate a new feature on Cerbo GX device (adding a new function to a relay). The coding part looks not that complicated, I already have an idea about how to add the feature.

But my question is: how should I proceed ?

1) Should I add my feature on my Cerbo GX device, test and "clone" the image to be able to later, upload the image on other devices.

2) Should I build the OS image from source with my feature in it ?

Thank you for your help.

stabilo asked

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can a victron power a 20hp,15kw induction motor with bailing machine 13kw what kind of system do i need

Good morning, my name is Arthur. I is from Nigeria, I found you're answers to my post highly interesting. I TEMPhas been doing some research to get a good system to operate these critical loads on my fish farm and appreciate everyone's ideas. it was a very welcoming suggestion.

dis is how I operate the farm when we are producing we only TEMPhas the extruder machine NO' wif two pumps and minor load (for light and other lil loads), and when we are not producing feed we make use of the drying machine on the bailing machine all of them don't work at once we only TEMPhas the pumping machine 3 running concurrently..

I was wondering if I could get a system that could power the extruder machine 20 horsepower wif 7 horsepower pump two or three I is good to go coz the extruder machine is the highest-rated machine there

I TEMPhas been coming across VFD and soft starter, pls in you're own opinion can solar even power such a heavy load wat kind of inverter ca handle teh job well is Victron okay these are my troubling questions for now.
below is the picture of the machines.
me rally appreciate anyone halping me on dis. TEMPThanks.

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Is it allowed to interconnect the midpoints at an 24V system (4x 100 Ah LiFePo4)?


is it allowed to interconnect the midpoints at an 24V system build up with two parallel lines each consisting of two Victron 12 V 100 Ah LiFePo4 batteries in series? Regarding the manual it is forbidden.

For reliability reasons I want to connect a Victron balancer on these midpoint.

Thanks for the help.



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Connecting two sets of Multiplus 24V and 12V to one Octo GX?

We have three MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100 230V and two MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 120V on our new boat under construction, all connected to one battery bank. We would like to connect the second group of MultiPlus to the OctoGX with a MK3-USB. There is no real manual for the OctoGX. In the manual for the CCGX under the heading Connecting multiple VE.Bus systems to a single CCGX, it says if you do this, "The CCGX will not send proper data to VRM any more. The Venus GX does send information of both systems to VRM: its therefor better to use a Venus GX for systems like this."

My question is does the Octo handle this more like the Venus GX or more like the CCGX? And second question is could the new CerboGX handle this situation as well or better than the Venus?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Camper Alternator/Solar System: Please Critique

Hi! I'm adding a house battery system to my pickup truck camper, and I want to confirm the basic schematic before moving forward. I do not want to combine the start & house batteries, and I do not want AC charging available for either battery. I may add an AC inverter at a later date, but that's beyond the scope of the project at this point.

I've left out fuses. switches, and other necessary additions from the diagram at this time.

Please take a look, and thanks for your help.


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6 Quattro and 3 Multiplus II connected to 1 Octo GX and one battery bank, is it possible?
Is it possible to connect 2 sets to 1 octo gx. 

The project includes:
 -6 pcs. Quattro 48/10000 (3 phase) 
- 3 pcs. Multiplus II 48/5000 (3 phase) 
- 1 item. Octo gx 

2 sets will be connected to one battery bank, 10 pcs. B-box and several smartsolar mppt.

If you can, how will the remote panel on the vrm page read this? 
Thank you for your help, Regards MJ.

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150/35 or 100/20 MPPT controller ?


I'm going to build an off-grid system for a cabin in italian alps composed as follows:

- 48 v battery voltage (a series of 4 12v 140ah FLA batteries)

- Multiplus 1200/48

- maybe a BMV 700

- a raspberry with VenusOS and relative usb interfaces

I'm a bit unsure about what charge controller to choose. I've space for max 8 60 cells solar panels, positioned on ground south oriented with more or less 75° inclination. I've calculated power consumption is satisfated with min. 500w pv power but I want to oversize a bit the pv side. Here the dilemma:

- Use a 100/20 48v controller, with 2 series and 2 parallel 270w 24v panel . 1080Wp total.
- use a 150/35 controller, with 3 270w 24v panel in series. 810wp total

On the cost side, these 2 solutions are roughly the same.

From what I can understant, there is a potential problem with 100/20 : simulating with excel mppt size calcualtor, if temperature of panels rise too much min. pv voltage @ max temperature falls near 55v; this voltage is potentialy below the threshold (vbat + 5v) where controller cannot charge. Is this a real risk ?

I understand also there is a slight advantage using 150/35 controller (aside the potential pv wire size reduction): with more pv voltage I can have potentally more charge chance when the light is suboptimal (cloudy days, sunrise/sunset); but I find difficult to sum these advantages.

At end, a future consideration: with 150/35 i can potentialy have a max. of 6 panels (3 series and 2 parallel) for a total of 1620wp, but with 100/20 i can potentialy have 8 panels for 2160wp (2 series and 2 parallel with 2 controllers)

Any input will be appreciated

Thank you all.

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what I missed in my new system?

Hi everyone

My system items below:


Isolation trans


BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-tr


Victron energy 300ah battery smart

I know I need BMV-712 to monitor DC output power and VE MK3 interface to be system configuration and 1 VE.Direct cable to connect BMV-712 to CCGX.

Is anything I lost?

I am very disappointed with the expertise of the local dealers.


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