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Fronius + Multiplus + Pylontech grabbing 10% from grid, why?

Hi all!

I have a Fronius Primo 6.0.2 with a Victron Multiplus II and 3 Pylontech 3000c batteries.

And during this first week I've seen how the system is grabbing roughly 10% of the energy from the grid, when there is enough solar power and batteries. Is this expected behaviour?


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High charge current alarm

Hello, hoping someone can advise me with a High charge current alarm.

I have an off grid system

Fronius inverters

Victrion multi plus

and Pylontech battery's (30kwh useable)

The problem I am having is when the Batteries are full and my inverters are restricting the power off the roof until a large load is being used (e.g kettle) then the inverters step up to provide for the load.

Once the load is switched off the power is diverted to the already charged batteries causing "High charge current alarm"

any help would be appreciated (-:

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3xMP2 with ESS, connecting 2x Fronius on AC-out or 1x MPPT250/100 and one Fronius?

Hi Victron professionals and entheusiasts,

My system consists of:
MP2 5000/48
Smartsolar 250/100
8 kWh LiFePO4 battery controlled by a CANbus communicating Batrium BMS.
12 + 5 x 365Wp AEG glass/glass panels on a SMA STP5.0
10x 365Wp AEG glass/glass panels, each connected at a Enphase IQ7+ on one phase.

Yesterday, I removed 10 pcs Enphase IQ7+ micro inverters from our roof and connected the panels over two separated strings of each 5 pcs 365Wp panels in parallel tot he Smartsolar 250/100.

With the ESS running I have 3 options now:

a) Connect all panels to the two Fronius Symo 4.0 inverters connected to the inverting AC-out of the MP2 for backup during grid failure OR

b) just add one Fronius at the AC-out and charge the batteries with the 2x5 panels connected at the Smartsollar MPPT 250/100?

c) keep the excisting SMA on grid side and use the Fronius to power my house when grid fails and accepting that the SMA will shut off during failure.

What would bet he best option?

Appreciate your opinion!

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New fronius Gen24 product support

Does anyone know if victron are supporting the new Symo/Primo Gen24 models?

Anybody know if they are detected and read by the VenusOS?

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Fronius and Victron split phase

Is it possible to use a Fronius inverter with the 120V/240V split phase system?
And is it possible to run the Fronius on 60Hz?

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Differing Loop Impedance on Quattros for 3-phase system causing Fronius malfunction?

Problem: Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M stopped functioning.

Status: Fronius Reporting ERROR 453

Grid Voltage and Power Module Discrepancy


3x Quattro 10KVA

1x Symo 15KVA AC-Coupled on Quattros AC-out

We have tested loop impedance:

L1 Quattro 5.0Ohms

L2 Quattro 4.8Ohms

L3 Quattro 0.75Ohms.

We are concerned that the difference in loop impedance may be causing the malfunction of the Fronius SYMO. We are also concerned that while replacing the SYMO may provide a temporary resolution, the difference in loop impedance may cause an eventual failure in the new SYMO.

It is to be noted that the L3 Quattro was replaced within the last year.

L1 and L2 Quattros were purchased and installed around 2015.

Your expert knowledge, comments, or advice is appreciated,

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Charge batteries from the Fronius inverter and Victron gives an increase in frequency and cuts off

Good afternoon! It is possible to charge batteries from the sun from the Fronius inverter, and Victron gives an increase in frequency and cuts off this possibility.

How to fix it?

more than 90% of the victron charging does not work.



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Fronius throttled by Quattro despite being needed (AC/DC coupled system)

Hello all,

I have an AC/DC coupled system as seen below:


Half way through the day, the batteries got to 100% and I had a low load of around 1000W, which the DC coupled system handled while the AC coupled is throttled down to 0. Load eventually got higher than the capability of the DC coupled system, and yet the Fronius remains throttled.

BYD BMU raised the CCL a while ago and yet the Quattro didn't change its behavior:


And here's the Quattro throttling the Fronius:


I have two questions:

1. Obviously something is wrong here, Fronius should kick back in when CCL is above 0 to recharge the batteries

2. Why isn't the AC coupled prioritized when the batteries are full over the DC, given that would be more efficient for the AC load?

EDIT: toggling the dc switch of the Fronius didn’t help. Turned on my generator for few minutes then the Fronius started pulling power from its array. Turned off the generator and it is still going strong. A barbaric workaround though…

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Fronius + Multiplus energymeter


Guy Stewart mentions in this webinar that you should not use Fronius Smartmeter in a ESS system but then in the diagram right after it's shown, is that a mistake ?

My house is running 3 phase system and consumption is across those 3 phases which is normal here Denmark. I was planning getting a one phases Fronius Primo 3kw and a Multiplus II 3000VA. Install the Fronius on AC IN meaning on the grid directly (not on the AC OUT) and of course a grid meter EM24 Ethernet that is recommended so both Fronius and Multi are one phase. The ESS documentation states to place the Multi on L1 but the fronius should be on what phase ? Doesn't matter ? Is there a required of a second energy meter in this setup ? In denmark most of us have new grid meters from the energy company which summs up on all phases so consuming on one phase 1kw and producing on another phase 1kw yields 0w usage e.g no penalty or cost therefore no need for 3phase inverter.



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Offgrid vehicle charging

Is anyone aware of a solution for charging an EV from an offgrid solar installatiion (for example, Fronius + Victron)? Ideally I want a solution where the user can select between "eco" and "fast" charging modes; in "eco" mode it should use excess solar once the batteries are fully charged, while respecting the maximum current limit for the solar inverters.

All the existing solutions I'm able to find for 'eco' vehicle charging rely on measuring exported energy to determine what is available for car charging, which is obviously not an option here.

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Fronius Primo with Multiplus II 48v 5000

Please need some guidance and assistance please.

Have installed the following at my residence (home):

14x 595W Canadian Solar panels

Am wanting to connect to the following items as listed below into a Grid Tie system to cater for Solar power to power the Home during the day as well as charge the 2 x Pylontech 4.8Kw/h batteries.

The ideal is that in the evenings we will use battery power and then the following day the batteries will charge again. Am also in addition wanting to ensure that when we have a grid power failure, I still have electricity to power my home.

1x Fronius Primo 8.2kw Single Phase Inverter

1x Victron Multiplus II 48v 5000/70/50

1x Victron Cerbo GX

1x Victron GC Touch 50

Please can you guide me as to the best possible means to connect the device to cater for my needs.


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Rajout d'une Pylontech US3000C

@Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) je viens de rajouter une tite Pylontech US3000C à ma première installée et tout c'est bien passé...


Elles sont bien parties en équilibrage au SoC demandé...

Ma question est : est-ce qu'il faut repasser par VEConfig pour lui re-déclarer la capacité totale ?!

Ou bien c'est tout bon, car je vois bien la capacité qui a bien doublé à l'affichage VRM (74 > 148AH)...

Merci de tes lumières.


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Using a GX device to control Fronius export

I want to control 2 Fronius inverters on separate buildings for zero export.The meter box is in the yard free-standing

Is it possible to set up a GX device and and an EM24 at the meter and use it to only control the Fronius/s with no Victron inverter?


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Fronius PV point as AC IN

Hey everyone,

I have a fronius symo gen 24 AC coupled inverter and a Victron easy solar 2 which I use only on one phase as backup power for some critical loads. There is no integration between these two. Easy solar mppt has four panels. Fronius 14 panels. I was wondering if I can put the fronius pv point output which comes up only as a backup solution giving up to 3kw power when AC grid goes out and there is sun as a AC in for Victron using an automatic transfer switch. The solution will be like this: when grid goes out, Fronius output to the grid goes out, victron ac in from grid goes out, Fronius pv point comes up in max 90 sec if there is sun and gives up to 3kw, automatic transfer switch goes to input 2 which is fronius pv point.

Does it make sense?

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Fronius Symo 5.0-3-M DC power drop and voltage spike on one string

Not a Victron but a Fronius specific question, but I have started monitoring 4 separate strings of 2 Fronius inverters trough node-red in the GX. The system gives no errors and works but I started worrying about this.

I just observed that in the largest of 4 strings (very asymmetric layout), when the light gets low in the mornings or evenings, or on a very cloudy day, as soon as that string goes below 350Watts, it drops power intermittently and i see some voltage fluctuations as well, see image. Not sure which happens first.

This never happens at higher power levels, where is is most of the time. The DC voltages are within spec of the inverter but still... anyone knows why this happens? The other strings don't behave as such, and there are no local cast-over shadows.

I didn't troubleshoot by putting that particular string on another inverter yet but i will.




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