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How to set up EasySolar II GX in a configuration which prevents feeding energy back to grid ?

Does the EasySolar II GX feed energy back to the grid by default? If so, how can i prevent that?
otherwise if it doesn't by default, can safely connect it to the grid ?

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Easy solar 2 GX which i have just connected to a 10kw generator,

I have a Easy solar 2 GX which i have just connected to a 10kw generator, how do I know its charging the batteries ?

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Battery Percentage Not reading correctly on EasySolar GX II

After enabling the battery monitor from the VEConfigure,
the battery showed up on my screen however, the percentage which initially at 100% is only going down despite the battery being charged at times of the day.
The battery is showing that it is charging / discharging, the battery voltage changes as well up and down. However, the percentage never goes up, it only goes down while discharging.
Any idea on how to fix that please?

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SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

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Enabling Battery monitoring on EasySolar II GX, Capacity Value ?

am trying to enable battery monitoring on my EasySolar II GX,
What is the value for the battery capacity needed once i check "enable battery monitor" ?
My battery bank consists of 4 x 200AH batteries, so the battery capacity should be 800AH (whole bank) or 200AH (1 battery) ?

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Wifi not detected on EasySolar II GX

My network cant detect the Wifi for my EasySolar II GX, which was working properly yesterday.
am not sure if i made any changes that caused this as this is a new system setup and i was trying to figure things out.

Any ideas on how can i get the Wifi show up again ?
I tried the reset button but nothing changed.

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Easysolar-II GX Screen does not show battery state of charge

Easysolar-II GX Screen does not show my battery bank battery state of charge. How can i get it to display this info please ?

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Where can i find the VRM Portal ID on my EasySolar II GX

am trying to add an installation of my EasySolar II GX and i cant find the correct VRM Portal ID.
The VRM ID showing on the device sticker does not work. Also this VRM ID is exactly the same as ETH MAC. Is that normal, what am i missing please ?
Any help is really appreciated.

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Sorry for long delay.

The MPPT's due bad / wrong connections went on fire.

First of all one of MPPT's were over loaded and once one of MPPT's goes on fire then 2nd got power of all panels ( !! 15 PANELS OF 250W !! )

Person who connected all panels and system did not put fuses and all on system as well.


System was just ticking bomb!

It was my plan to 'fix' connections across current system and make new lines but i got new wires and fuses two days after MPPT's broke. (i was waiting for supply few weeks)


Inverter is fine.


Now i have made 5 new strings, 3 panels per string, Ordered 3 MPPT's 150/35 to get it sorted as should be.
Huge thanks to

EcoSolar (Also Repair Centre) from POLAND for quick response and getting me sorted with CORRECT HARDWARE.


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EasySolar12/1600 and LIFEP04 with internal BMS keep tripping RCD

Hi, sorry if already covered but I have a camper van with an Easysolar 12/1600 connected to a lithium battery with internal BMS, the camper has:

hook up

orion 12 | 12 30 from starter battery

270w solar panel

victron bmv 712 Shunt

(UK based)

Any other details needed let me know

When the van is on hook up the battery charges until it gets to 99-100% charged then trips the house RCD. Any help to stop this would be greatly appreciated.

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EasySolar II better than EasySolar?


I am looking to buy a 48/5000 system and I am trying to do an educated pick between the old (cheaper) version with Color Display and Breaker box and the new Easysolar II GX with no Color display and breaker box. A third option is to have Multiplus I or II and SmartSolar but it seems that total the price gets even worse. So, could someone elaborate on why I should buy the Second version over the 1st one? I still can not find the advantages in the product description.

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Is it possible with EasySolar to give PV charging poriority over grid charging?

I am thinking about replacing and upgrading all the electric stuff in my 1997 mobile home.

I want to add photovoltaik and as the mobile home is also permanently connected to the grid (I am only visiting at the weekends) I am looking for a solution that is charging my batteries mainly from photovoltaik and only uses the grid for charging when there is not enough sun.

My compressor fridge is running all the time, so I need permanent power.

Is it possible with EasySolar (not yet sure which size I will take) to get this PV charging priority over grid charging so I do only have to pay for grid power when there is not enough sun to power my fridge while I am away over the weekdays.

Thanks for your help!


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easy solar 12/1600/70-16 ladegerät error

ich habe das kombigerät victron easysolar 12/1600/70-16 MPPT 100/50 in meinem tinyhouse eingebaut.
das gerät ist mit einer 480 W solaranlage und einer 200 Ah LiFePo batterie von bulltron mit BMS gekoppelt. das victron gerät lädt die batterie tadellos über den solargenerator. den MPPT (es ist erstaunlicherweise ein blue smart verbaut - hm, prima!) habe ich mittels der victron app auf lithium batterie eingestellt. laden funktioniert!

der inverter arbeitet ebenso tadellos und liefert stressfreie 230 V.

jetzt kommt die fehlermeldung: das ladegerät lädt bei angeschlossenem 230 V landstrom die batterie mit knapp 50 A schnell wieder auf, auch dies funktioniert, der lüfter arbeitet hierbei (leider etwas zu laut für meinen geschmack). wenn die batterie 100% ladung erreicht hat schaltet der victron lader kurz ab, versucht aber sofort wieder zu laden. er baut knapp 30 A auf und schaltet danach auf error. das versucht er mehrmals, bis er dann komplett abschaltet. leider ist damit auch die 230 V landstromversorgung für heizung und kühlschrank unterbrochen. (das ladegerät kann ich leider mangels zugang nicht auf lithiumbatterie einstellen - vielleicht liegt da das problem)

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Does EasySolar 1600/24VDC have diodes on MC4 connections?


There seems to be some sort of diode on EasySolar 1600 each MC4 input connectors + terminal. Anywhere any specs, what kind of diode there is? If there is a diode, I dont need any separate diodes on PV strings, evem when panels facing different directions?

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Easysolar temp sensor/CCGX

Hi, doing my nut here.

I have an easysolar 24/1600/40 with ccgx.

Initial problem is that temp sensor supplied with it reads 4-5 degrees high. Searching here, I found that it's possible to correct in the superuser mode of the OS. I set superuser, but the sensor doesn't show up in the device list. And now I'm stuck in superuser mode. It won't let me out unless I enter passwords for user or user/installer. Password checks disabled, CCGX restarted. Can't find any way of resetting/clearing these passwords. Can't remember ever using them, but my memory is terrible, so take that with a big pinch of salt.

So two questions

How to get the sensor to show up?

How to get out of superuser?

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Float voltage is too high when ac charger on

When batteries in float,

Float voltage goes to 30v when ac charger turns on. Easysolar 24/1600.

Without ac charger from pv only it is around 27.30v which is were it suppose to be. What could be causing the wrong reading every thing is in default settings.

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EASY SOLAR 12/1600


Easysolar 12/1600. Batterie auxiliaire

2 PJ : extrait du manuel + photo

Dans le manuel au format pdf, il est indiqué qu'il "est équipé d'une connexion (+) pour la charge d'une batterie de démarrage. Pour le raccordement voir l'annexe 1."

Sauf erreur, il n'y a pas d'annexe 1 dans le manuel ! mais seulement des appendices référencés de A à D qui ne renseignent pas sur le raccordement de cette connexion.

Voir photo. Pouvez-vous me dire s'il vous plait où se situe cette connexion ?



Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 8.24.21 AM.jpg


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No charger showing on Colour control panel on Easy solar 48/5000

HI I was wondering for some pointer to rectify an issue - bought another ESolar 48/5000 all works fine less I can not get the MPPT charger to display on the color control panel , cable are in OK , VE bus looks set fine , MPPT is fine via blue tooth --- any pointers to try and fix it in situe without having to send it away ?

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Is it possible to use the EasySolar II to charge an EV ?

Hello, Is it possible to use the EasySolar II to charge an EV ?

What I mean is just used it 'islanded' to change a electric vehicle directly.

Solar panels > EasySolar II > EV

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certificat vde0126 easysolar II ESS pour la France ?


Je viens de terminer une installation ESS avec un EasySolar II GX 48/3000 et des batteries Pylontech, un CPI sur le DC (car 210Voc), et je suis en train de remplir le dossier consuel.

Et là, impossible de trouver le certificat vde0126 pour le easySolar II. Il est disponible pour le multiplus II pour la France, mais seulement pour les autres pays pour le easySolar II

Du coup comment faire pour le consuel ?


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How much current AC Out-2 EasySolar II GX 3000/48 supports ?

How much current AC Out-2 on EasySolar II GX 3000/48 supports ?
i cant find this in the manual which only states that the Out-1 can supply up to 45A.
Can anyone help please ?

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Feedback Needed For Solar System Design


Hello everyone,
am trying to design my solar system as a DIY project,
after lots of research, this is how it turned out. I hope i can get feedback on whether i have made any mistakes.
I am particularly concerned because some fuses and circuit breaker calculations are different than what is suggested in the EasySolar GX II manual.

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24v easysolar 3000/70 no fan working cutting out

hi i have a victron easysolar 24/3000/70 the mppt stopped after 2 days it went off for repair there were some holes in chassis when delivered new came back from repair with these holes worked out i have only got 1 screw holding the mppt and wiring on chassis also the fan is not working thus it keeps cutting out i can hear a humming noise noise from top of inverter but no fan working brought from low energy supermarket via amazon phillip gordon from victron sorted my return out first time PLEASE HELP

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Easysolar 24/1600 Multiple charge sources

How does battery charging process works when you have charging source coming from pv panel and another from ac charger both with two different charging algorithms.

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Easysolar 24/1600 switch all off panel, battery..

For the purpose of maintenance, do you disconnect the PV panels and battery connection by switching of the easysolar 24/1600 from the front panel or is this just to turn of the inverter and ac charger.

No line fuses or external breakers are used to minimize unexpected faults.

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Easysolar 24/1600 outout from grid or battery

When grid turns back on, does the ac output switch to grid or continue using power from batteries.

I know ac1 or boiler is a bypass from grid but what about the other ac outs.

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black red wire out of easysolsr 24/1600


What is the full purpose of the thin pair wires coming out of the easyplus24/1600. Does it require extra hardware for monitoring. Photo included.

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Ac out trips when ac in is turned on. Easysolar all in one

Ac in coming from utility causes ac out to turn off when utility power comes back on. Easy solar 24/1600.

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Easysolar mppt led float to bulk

Easysolar mppt 100/50 blue led changes from float to bulk quickly after small load. It does not go to absorption. What does that indicate.

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