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EasySolar-II GX for North America

Has anyone heard of any plan for Victron to offer a North American version of the EasySolar-II GX?

abegweit asked

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Are these screen readouts correct

Can anyone tell me if these look like normal readouts on an easysolar screen readout. I am getting confusing answers from my retailer.

Ess sustain

Alarm low battery

Battery 98%+278w 51.5v

Solar ess 189w 183.6v

Output 208w 207w

L1 in 241w power +209w

Yield 0.26kw today

Sorry to ask but I am unsure if this has been setup correctly

choicelocks asked

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Pylontec Color Control Gx Easysolar II GC problems with mppt

Hi together,

I’am searching a solution for my problem. I don’t know what to do anymore.

First our setup:

Pylontec up 2500

Easysolar II GX 24/3000/70

Color control GX

I am unable to control the mppt via the GX panel.

The mppt is also not listet on my device list.

The mppt is connected via VE.direct. The cable must be fine, I tried anot her one. No change.

Somebody a idea what to do?

Thank you


cord-dayal asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Sustain Mode EasySolar


The EasySolar goes to Sustain Mode. At 4:00 in the morning a bigger Load switches on (washing machine). The reason for Sustain Mode is the Battery Voltage? Best regards Thomas

Thomas Schloßbauer asked
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Set-up BMV-712 with Easysolar 12/1600, 175W-12V Mono panel and 2x hoppecke sun power VR M 12 135
I'm getting lost trying to set up the system in the title. As far as I can tell the easysolar and mppt in it are okay on their factory default setting for AGM batteries, seeing as everything works. However, the BMV-712 says SOC 100% pretty much at all times. The only way I sort of monitor the battery health now is by checking the voltage doesn't drop under 12v. I've been reading the BMV manual but whenever it mentions checking the battery settings I'm not sure what's what because the manual with the batteries is crazy complicated. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction of all the thing I have to manually set-up? I'd be ever so grateful!

pieterpost asked
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Commissioning a Easysolar 2 ESS system in South Yorkshire

My Father has purchased an installed the above along with 10 X Canadian Solar 455w PV panels. He is awaiting 2 X Pylontech US5000 batteries that should arrive in the coming weeks.

Is there anyone near the South Yorkshire area who would be willing to be paid to comission an ESS system .

Thanks in advance

nellyccc3 asked

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Is it a lost cause

New install 3000 48v ess 3.6kva pv 2 pylontech 2000c correct leads. Pylontech have gone rapidly from half charge to full charge then no charge on led displays. Inverter shows alarm on battery. Vrm says that password is incorrect. And no ac connected. Although showing some history. Pv is generating.
We have tried ideas over phone with retailer. Do you think it’s faulty inverter.

choicelocks asked
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Easy Solar II Gx Charge & Solaire


J'ai une installation composée de 8 panneaux de 400W crête montés en 2 // de 4 en série pouvant me délivrer 190v cc & 21 A. Hors le Easy Solar II Gx 24.32-250-70 s'il charge bien la batterie 24v (2x12v série) ne me produit pas de 220 V une fois les batteries chargées. Il se contente de rester connecté au réseau ! Y aurait un réglage permettant de mettre l'onduleur en fonctionnement tant que le soleil est présent une fois la batterie chargée ? Si je coupe AC IN l'onduleur se met en fonctionnement mais prend prioritairement sur la batterie et peu sur les PV.

Merci pour vos lumières.


michel-pornic asked
nonop4 answered ·

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SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

cz0911 asked
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Will the current EasySolar II GX get bluetooth and VE Can port profile?


I just got my 24/3000 EasySolar II GX device from warehouse and have updated it to latest firmware 2.84.

I Found this in the changelog

v2.84 – February 16th 2022


  • GX LTE / GX GSM: Fix connection not working when an APN is required by either the SIM card or the operator. This issue was introduced per v2.80.
  • Add selectable VE.Can port profile for MultiPlus-II GX and EasySolar-II GX new hardware revision. For more details about this, see footnote 23 in the GX device datasheet.

  1. Late 2021 / early 2022, the hardware of the MultiPlus-II GX and EasySolar-II GX product range has been updated. The update adds Bluetooth and changes the CAN-communications port from a limited 500kbps BMS-Can only type to a full featured VE.Can port (non-isolated). Status per model:
    1. MultiPlus-II GX 48V 3kVA; introduced per HQ2124, shipping from most warehouses (Australia, Spain, Netherlands)
    2. EasySolar-II GX 24V 3kVA; introduced per HQ2203, not shipping yet.
    3. All other models: not implemented yet.

Does this mean the older models will get this implemented later or does the current hardware of the 24/3000 not going to have Bluetooth and VE Can port functionalituy?

I have right now the 2.84 version installed and can only se BMS-Can bus 500kbit in the settings.

I was wondering if i would be able to connect the Ruuvi BT temp sensors to the EasySolar II GX device etc.?

martinmjoberg asked
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Possible to use solar for AC out 0?

Hey there,

I am trying (and failing) to use solar energy on my EasySolar for the AC0 output.

My installation is on an RV, I have an Easysolar with the build in MPPT, some solar panels on the roof, a 200ah victron lithium battery, a BMV 712, a digital multi control and a CCGX.

As for the wiring, some loads are connected to AC0 of the multi as this is only available when a AC input is available. This is needed as for example my fridge prioritizes AC over gas thus there should be no power available when I am not connected to the grid. The fridge switches to gas automatically and my battery is not sucked dry overnight (I have no way to manually set the power source for the fridge). Same goes for the air conditioning or the electric water heating, both should not run on battery so I put them on AC0.

My issue is that when I am somewhere with power available I would like to use my batterie and the solar to power the loads on AC0 as it otherwise goes to waste and I have to pay for the consumption from the grid. But whatever I try I cannot get it to work. What I tried so far:

  • using victron connect to put the multi to default island mode
  • using the virtual switch to ignore AC
  • setting up an ESS

Same result, no power to AC0 (all firmwares are up to date).

I am thinking of adding a wire with a switch to connect AC0 and AC1 but that sounds like a hack I should not need.

So before I start doing that my question to the community, is there a way to use solar on the AC0 loads? In case yes, what do I need to do?

thanks in advance,


martinsteer asked
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SmartSolar MPPT disappears from config of EasySolar5000 Mk-II

The SmartSolar MPPT frequently disappears from the config of my EasySolar5000, resulting in no charging from the sun.

2021.10 Purchased
2021.12.23 Installed
The problem started within a few days of installation. Now it occurs probably everyday, often more than once. Maybe I am noticing it more because I check more frequently. Rebooting the ES5000 from the Remote Console fixes it for a while.
2022.01.18 firmware upgraded to newest version on all ES5000 components
2022.03 finally got around to writing this.

Occasionally the whole unit crashes and needs to be power-cycled.

Victron EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX Firmware Version 2.64
Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 Firmware version 49
SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 Firmware version 3.07
SmartSolar Bootloader v1.07

12x solar panels in 4 strings of 3. 2 types:
3+3 AmeriSolar 280W Policristalino
3+3 290 Wp REC TwinPeak2

4x BYD B-Plus LV battery 2.5KWh v5.0 (bought in 2018 and previously used with Victron EasySolar3000)

Any help appreciated, thanks









bob2 asked
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Batterie gleichzeitig per Multiplus (PV Wechselrichter an AC in) und Mppt laden?


Ich habe ein Easysolar II GX 48/3000, angeschlossen ans Netz, einen PV Wechselrichter mit 2.700Wp an AC in sowie 3.100Wp am integrierten MPPT.

Am Easysolar hängt eine Pylontech Force L1 10,65kWh.

Kann die Batterie nun gleichzeitig per AC Lader sowie vom MPPT geladen werden? So dass also beide PV Anlagen gleichzeit ihre Leistung in die Batterie stecken, falls nicht genug Verbraucher laufen?



shelldor asked
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Connecting Cerbo GX to EasySolar

Can anyone clarify how to connect a Cerbo GX to an EasySolar?

Using a VE direct cable, do you connect a VE Direct port to the integrated MPPT?

Or, do you connect using a VE.Can port to the integrated MPPT?

Or something else??

Many thanks in anticipation......

adrianop asked
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