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Dashboard Einstellung auf Remote Konsole

Guten Morgen,

Venus GX gibt die Möglichkeit in der Remote Konsole einzustellen, was auf den VRM Portal zu sehen sein soll. Mein Venus GX hat die Software Version v2.89. Angeschlossen sind verschiedene Geräte.

Egal was ich in der Remote Konsole einstelle (und anschließend das GX neu starte), das VRM Portal zeigt immer dasselbe Erscheinungsbild. Die meisten Geräte werden angezeigt, andere nicht. Hat jemand dieses Phänomen auch bereits beobachtet und eine Lösung (oder auch nicht) gefunden?

Beste Grüße Peter

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Remote VEConfigure Upload - Quattro #6 DDC Program Error

I have a system of 3 Quattro 15k configured in 3Phase, a CCGX, BMV-700 and AC-out coupled PV on-grid inverters.

Yesterday I wanted to change charger settings in VEConfig of each Quattro so I downloaded the VE.Bus using Remote VEConfigure and changed the settings on each of the Quattros within the VE.Bus remote file. Of course it required a VESoftware tools update and within the VEConfigure, ESS assistant update. I updated successfully.

Interestingly, after the update, ESS assistant settings were not the same in each of the Quattros; the Master had all the settings, but the Slaves had fewer setting pages. (Anyone knows if normal? why?)

After setting changes, I closed+saved the VEconfigure and VEBus tools, and went on to upload the updated file via Remote VEConfigure. First trial returned an error, second as well, and the third trial just crashed and froze on one stage of the upload. After a checkup on site, the system was shut down, with a beeping sound, flashing LEDs and Quattro #6 DDC Program Error alarm on CCGX (attached photos).

My problems:

  1. I checked on site CCGX and VRM portal, the connection seems up and running online, however I cannot connect to the CCGX nor the device Remote VEConfigure, and Victron Connect app, it shows the system "offline".
  2. I have to solve this solely remotely, online, since I don't have specialized personnel on site with the necessary tools
  3. Error 6 DDC seems a problem in the assistant and needs a VE.Bus firmware update. How can I do this remotely online when my connection seems to have a problem?

Urgent support is needed with thanks.

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) can you please jump in for suggestions


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Multiplus charge current control? assistant/ESS

Hi Folks... This is going to raise a few eyebrows I expect but none the less...

I have two Multi's 5000/48/70-100 and 5000/24/70-100.

They are connected in series, as in, the output of the 48 feeds the input of the 24. I have done this to take advantage of the assist feature, giving me more overall output whilst retaining the ability to use either system independently, external manual changeover switch, in the event that either system has an issue or needs to be switched off for maintenance/modification.

My solar is DC coupled to the 48 system and managed by the BYD battery ( Standard config :-) )

We are completely off grid so my system needs to be as fault tolerant as possible.

The configuration works well, AC input limit on the 24 protects 48 and can be used to determine which battery is actually supplying my loads, assuming that the load is les than 4kW at the time and I anticipate using charge current limit, dynamically, on the 24 to determine the balance of available charge current between the batteries.

I discovered that I cant directly connect both Multi's to the same VE.Bus as they immediately try to go parallel which isn't the goal and as far as I know would not work anyway.
I have connected the 24 to my CCGX via an MK3, which seems to work locally and within VRM.I
(I cant access the registers on the 24 via Modbus but that is a different question.)

I need to control the charge current limit and am aware that there is an assistant which I think will allow me to do so with an analogue input or potentially 1 or more digital in's

I am also aware that ESS is replacing this kind of functionality and was wondering if treating the 48 as a grid and running ESS on the 24 is possible and if it is weather it would be a better, more integrated, approach.

Questions In summery...

1) What options do I have for managing charge current limit remotely/externally?

2) Is ESS an option?

3) Is it possible to handle the second Multi, 24, as an AC coupled charger for the first Multi, 48, like AC solar?
In an ideal scenario it would be good to be able to cross feed energy in either direction and manage where available charge is going, as a system.

4) Is there a GX variant that will allow both Multis to be directly connected, so I have full access to parameters and remote config, whilst keeping the two systems from trying to parallel up?

Sorry this is a bit long, I wanted to provide an accurate context.


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Feature request: Allow Multiplus to be switched on&off from the VRM Dashboard

Hi there,

I'm using - and loving - the VRM portal, live controlling my installation (the new layout is great).

As I must spare any lost watt, I'm often switching on&off my multiplus C. Somebody knows if, in the future, it would be possible doing it directly on the main page, without opening the console?

That would be awesome !




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how can i add devices to the VRM device list

Good evening,

I i accidentally removed one of my tankmeters from the device list in VRM.

How can i get this device back in the list?

Kind regards,

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Multiplus-II & Lynx Smart BMS - Remote Control Multiplus Switch

Hi All

Currently have an Easyplus 1600 and VE.Bus BMS. I know I cannot control the Easyplus Switch status via VRM Remote Console - as I see the message below - as the state is controlled by the VE.Bus.


I am upgrading to Multiplus-II & Lynx Smart BMS.

Will I be able to control the Multiplus-II Switch state via the VRM Remote Console and Cerbox GX Touch ?

Thanks all,


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Turn off/on Multiplus 2 remotely via Remote console in Venus GX


is it possible to turn my Multiplus 2 5000 off and on via Remote Console in Venus GX?

Without a hardware-switch?



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Remote console via VRM not working

Hi. I am new to the Victron world, having recently installed a MPPT solar controller, BMV 712, and Venus GX. MultiPlus in box to install next. All in a RV with new lithium batteries too.

All is working great so far with the exception of the Remote Console via internet with the vrm.victronenergy.com website or the VRM iOS app. I can use remote console when connected to the RV WiFi hotspot or using the built-in IP address in the Venus GX.

Other VRM functions work fine over the internet - and I have it set to update in 1 minute intervals.

I’ve spent hours reading online and trying different settings, without success.

Can someone please give me the specific settings for the Venus GX to enable remote internet Remote Console access? I think I have everything set properly - but it does not work. I must be missing something. Do I need to set SSH? What about 2-way communication?

It seems odd that all other VRM functions work fine via remote internet with the exception of Remote Console.


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VRM dashboard and Remote Console

Yesterday I finished setting up a new system on VRM. Had some issues with unstable internet connection, so I installed a booster and reconnected Venus GX to internet and VRM portal.

After that, when in VRM I got an error message (which I annoyingly didn’t screenshot) saying something like “a minute ago, an unauthorised device received data. If a new Raspberry Pi device has been added, you can reset authentication token. If a Victron GX device, contact your dealer”. I was unable to get any updates from VRM during this time.

Now, I work for the dealer and no one in our business had an answer. Given we were already pressed with this customer and needed to get a solution for him, I decided to try the “reset authentication token” on a whim

After this, his VRM dashboard now looks completely different (no schematic power flow), and I am no longer able to access remote console despite being activated, connected to VRM and logging data.

I’m curious if resetting authentication token has done this (yes, I realise I shouldn’t be pressing buttons to which I do not know the result), and if there is any way to re enable schematic view and remote console?

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VRM Portal issue trying to add new installation (Venus GX)


I'm writing here because I have some problems with VRM Portal and my installation...

For 2 years I didn't go to VRM Portal because I didn't need. It seems that my account has been deleted (I asked for forgotten password but I never received any e-mail). So I created a new account. I did a firmware update on the Venus GX (now 2.73), "she" is now on the internet via wifi. I try to add it on my "installation" (on VRM) using VRM Portal ID but nothing happens. A short message indicates that I will receive a confirmation e-mail but... nothing happens too. Really, I spent a lot of time trying by myself but I have no solutions yet.

Thank you per advance if you think to have a solution !

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VRM & remote console - PV CT sensor data disappearing & reappearing after a GX reboot

Another issue now, the PV generation data on the VRM portal & the PV 40A addition in the remote console keeps disappearing in both. The only way to get it to come back is to reboot the Multiplus in the remote console (GX side) and wait for it to reappear, only for it to disappear again an hour or so later. One day I might have a fully working system as expected. Please see the below video.


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Smartsolar remote

Hi there

I am a new member and happy to be in a possession of two SmartSolar MPPT 150/11 Tr-Ve.com controllers as well as one MultiPlus 24/5000/120 charger/inverter which I have installed for supporting 2x2500 ( nearly 5000 total watt output) independent group of solar panels. Have downloaded the Vilctron connect app but cannot see the multiplus device, is it perhaps because it does not work remotely whereas the controllers are ''visible''?. Also, can I see remotely when I am not at home how the controllers and charger/inverter perform?

Thank you in advance for any reply and assistance

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Ess remote konsole kritische lasten ?

bitte um hilfe, was sind in der ESS remote konsole kritische lasten ?

vielen dank

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HTML Grid Power Information

I want to help a Friend of mine in a project.

He has a Cerbo GX and want to get a relay working, when he is pushing energy into the grid.

I want to do this with a Raspberry Pi.

When i go to the VRM-Portal the HTML-Information i want to grab in a script is this:

<span class="load" ng-switch-when="grid">-184 W</span>

But when i go to the LAN, i'm unable to get the information from the HTML Code.

In the atteched Picture you can see the Information i want to grab.

Where can i find this information in the HTML?

Hope you can help me :)


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Controller Compatibility

I have a customer with a Phoneix Multiplus 2500 Combi probably about 2007 manufacture, it is working fine but the remote controller is defective, it is the older Phoneix Multi Control with the analog current limiter, my question is, will the latest controller with the digital current limiter work with this unit and is it plug and play to replace? grateful for any help, thanks.

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