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Remote Console on Local network

I am assembling my new victron system at the moment and I am planning where to put wires, how many and which type. It will be that the Cerbo GX will be in the basement beside the inverters and connected to ethernet locally (no bluetooth, no wifi). No VRM connection as I do not want my data to leave the house - I will use the docker-grafana on a Promoxx node in my home rack.

However, I still want to have the overview about what the system is doing. I obviously can logon via my PC, but I thought it would be great to have also a little monitor hanging in my living room for quick checks. Maybe somebody already have done something like that and could tell me if there are any restriction between the actual GX Touch Screen and the Remote Console in the WebGUI.

My plan would be to either have a Raspberry Pi with screen in an enclosure mounted and connecting via Wifi or use something like an HDMI extender to get the Cerbo's HDMI output directly transmitted (will touch work?). I am more or less leaning to the Raspberry solution.

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Orion-tr 1212-9 - noise during current limiting, won't start during current limiting by remote


if the orion is in current limitation, i.e. the load at the output is so high that it has to be limited, then it cannot be switched on via the remote. The LED turns on, but the output does not go on. You have to switch the remote first and then switch on the load.


when the orion is in the current limit, it makes a very unpleasant loud noise.

i would like to use the orion to charge a battery, i just sketched it very simply.

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VRM Portal issue trying to add new installation (Venus GX)


I'm writing here because I have some problems with VRM Portal and my installation...

For 2 years I didn't go to VRM Portal because I didn't need. It seems that my account has been deleted (I asked for forgotten password but I never received any e-mail). So I created a new account. I did a firmware update on the Venus GX (now 2.73), "she" is now on the internet via wifi. I try to add it on my "installation" (on VRM) using VRM Portal ID but nothing happens. A short message indicates that I will receive a confirmation e-mail but... nothing happens too. Really, I spent a lot of time trying by myself but I have no solutions yet.

Thank you per advance if you think to have a solution !

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Phoenix combi 24 - 2000 stops working with no load

Have a phoenix combi here, and this inverter / charger switches off when there is no load, or a very small load.. relay clicks .. then it steps down.. other click in 5 seconds, and no output .. inverter on led stays green.. not starting up again .. only when the on / off /charger only switch is used..

Anyone had something similar before? thanks.

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Boat system monitoring through CCGX

Hi all -

I have a boat with a Color Control GX, 2x MPPT 100/30 Smartsolar controllers, a Multiplus Compact and Smartshunt. While on the boat, I can use Victron Connect (iOS version) to monitor the system. I have no solid wifi connectivity from the boat's location. What I'd like to do is to be able to remotely monitor the current system, as well as add a bilge counter, bilge alarm, and indoor temperature sensor.

I understand I need to get a USB modem or cellular router to provide a solid internet connection. Are there additional sensors to do the above that can be connected to the CCGX and configured through it, and if so where do I get them?

The alternative would be to get something like a Siren 3 that provides the functionality, but that comes with a subscription and additional hardware cost. I'd like to use VRM to provide something close to the same functionality.

Thanks for any advice,

- Clay

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75/15 “why is the charger off”

I have 2x 100w panels ran in series on my van to a VictronConnect 75/15 charge controller and a 170ah lithium battery. I have used this set up for over 18 months with zero issues. Over the last 2 weeks my charge controller says “why is the charger off” and has not shown any watts come in over the past 15 days. I checked all fuses and wires and they are all fine. The only thing I could think of was I camped in 5 degree weather for 3 days but even resetting the charge controller, nothing. I checked last week and I was getting 21v of solar to the charge controller pv and 13v to the battery side of my charge controller (nothing has ever been connected to the load terminals). Does anyone have any ideas?


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Remote Console suddenly missing on VRM

Hi, I have a relatively new off-grid system connected to the VRM. There's Venus GX running firmware version v2.73, three-phase Multi, few MPPT-s, generator etc. A few days ago suddenly Remote Console functionality disappeared from the menu. When I checked Device list/Gateway I noticed that Remote Console on VRM is disabled. Perhaps there was a system update or something which caused this. Does someone have good advice on how to activate this again remotely or there is no other way but to drive to the site and make adjustments there? Is there a way how to create a direct connection to the Venus GX?

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Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/2000 — connect a remote switch


I use a Victron Inverter Phoenix Compact 24/2000

In the manual was shown a different board with other connectors then i have inside my inverter. The manual told me to connect a remote switch on terminal "H". On this position i haven't a terminal, that place is free. What i have, that are two 3 Pin connectors. The left one was named as "remote switch" with "CH" - "COM" - "IN". How i have to connect there my switch or otherwise the relais output from my bms712?

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot and best regards from me - Markus

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Remote console wrong colours


I am getting the remote console but with the wrong colours, anyone know why? This is shown locally on my computer, do I need a config file or something?



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Non-Inverting Cable ASS030550200 resistance to pull RX to GND on an MPPT

I want to switch off my MPPT with ignition on. So I have to pull down RX to GND, and therefore I prepared the mentioned cable with a JST plug.

But I recognized that on a high signal the resistance between COM (black) and REMOTE (red) is still some 52kOhms. Is this too much to pull down RX to GND or will it work?

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Remote switch-off in the 3-phase system?

I am still in the planning phase and would like to install 3 Mulitplus2 48/5000 units.

Is it possible via Modbus TCP or the remote contact on the devices to switch off the inverters for phase L2 and L3 and keep L1 running?

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Vrm dashboard not displaying values

Battery and mppt values on the dashboard are displayed


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Toggle switch with indicator light for Phoenix Inverter

Hi! I've installed a Phoenix 12/375 inverter in my vehicle. I'd like to add my own toggle switch with indicator light in a more accessible place. All toggles with lights that I've seen have three terminals, two for circuit to load and one for negative, but the remote wiring only provides 2 wires and I don't know the voltage. Is there anyway to install my own switch that lights up when on? Does Victron make a remote switch that's much smaller and recessed into the wall perhaps? Thanks for any help.

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Unfamiliar PV-inverter recognised by my Cerbo GX

I have set up a Cerbo GX with a BMV-712 via VE.direct. The 712 is wireless connected to my Smartsolar 100/50.

I understand I need to connect the MPPT to the Cerbo via VE direct as well but the distance is >10m.

Now my question. Why is there a Fronius PV-inverter showing in my VRM console? And the Watts? I have a total of 300W solar panels so the numbers showing are not relevant at all. I have removed the PV-inverter device from my setup but it returns.


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Remote On/Off for all MPPTs

This is just a suggestion for Victron.

I was helping install a VE.Bus BMS this weekend along with a 150/100 Smart solar with the remote On/Off. It made installation so much smoother! I often help with camper van installs and usually work with the 100/50 or 100/30 units which do not have a remote on/off switch. I know there is a VE.Direct adapter, but most people go all in with Victron so they also use a GX device so it's not possible to use that AND use the GX. I have resorted in the past of using a battery protect installed backwards, but that just adds to the cost of install and complexity.

My suggestion would be to add remote on/off to all MPPT units. It would make installations with Victron lithium batteries, and DIY lithium with an external BMS a lot smoother.

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Getting error: "You can upload only a single .rvsc or .rvms file"

Dear Victron community,

Since this week I get an error when trying to upload a file via the VRM environment. I have done this many times before and did not get this error.

I have read this posting with the same error, but I always already downloaded the files from the VRM to my computer first. (and yes, watched the video) Then I adjust the rvms file via the VE Bus configurator in the VE Configure 3 for each of the 3 phases. Close the program/save the changes. And then use that RVMS file for upload again. However I now get this error a couple of times:


What can I do to solve this as it worked before?

Side notes: both the VE bus config and config 3 are up to date.

In VE config 3 there were updates for the ESS assistant. I have tried to upload the file with and without that ESS updates. (for all three phases)

Thank you for your help.

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VRM Portal IP address?


We are doing some installations with Venus GX in a closed network. We need to make an opening in the customer firewall, to be able to connect to the VRM.

We are not able to do a DNS lookup on the http://ccgxlogging.victronenergy.com/

Cabn you guys provide us with the correct IP adress and port numbers.

Thanks in advance.

BR. Jonas

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Verbindung von Multiplus II GX 48 5000 zu SolarEdge Wechselrichter geht im VRM verloren


In der VRM Console verliert der Multipluss II den Kontakt zu dem SolarEdge Wechselrichter der PV Anlage. Diese sind über ein Netzwerk verbunden und befinden sich im selben Netzwerk.

Ich habe im SolarEdge die Einstellung vor genommen das Modbus aktiv ist.

Es hat auch funktioniert und der Solar Edge zeigte mir im Kontrollpanel die Daten an. Nun ist dieses Anzeige im Kontollpanel plötzlich wieder weg.

Ich habe die Einstellungen im Solaredge überprüft. Diese sind unverändert.

Der Solar Edge WR ist auch problemlos über das Netzwerk erreichbar aber in der Victron VRM wird gemeldet das dieser nicht verbunden ist.

Bitte um Hilfe!

Herzlichen Dank

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Bug report: Pylontech 2500 Battery-Remote Console-Details &VRM data errors

I'm commissioning three Pylontech 2500 batteries with a new Cerbo GX and came across two problems with the remote console "Details" display of data and the data reported by the VRM data widget. (the battery operation is working nominally)

1/ the Details screen (remote console) description has the first two labels of the "Lowest cell voltage" and "Highest cell voltage" reversed. The VRM widget display also has these labels reversed.

2/ Something is very wrong with the display of the Lowest and Highest cell temperatures.
The Details screen is also reporting the "Minimum cell temperature" and "Maximum cell temperature" incorrectly. For an ambient temperature of 24C and battery temp of 24C and a small charge current 7.5A @ 26.88V for 3 units (333Ah) the reported max and min cell temperatures are -33C and -43C. The next day when the ambient temperature had dropped to 21C, reported -63C & -73C.

I tried each of the brand new batteries separately (i.e. not connected together via RS232 cable) moving the CAN cable to each in turn and each of the "Cell temperatures" was the same i.e -33C. I would have expected the cell temperature should have been (under the operating conditions) to have been very close to the battery temperature at 24C plus/minus no more than 1C.

I also have observed that the reported battery temperature resolution is 1 degree C (no problem with this), with the cell temperature incremented in units of 10C. This might hint at the possible cause of the problem.

The battery otherwise seems to be operating nominally and the local LED display is not showing any problems. Otherwise, the Pylontech 2500 BMS CAN bus connection to the Cerbo GX was simple and quick commissioning, complements on making it so easy.

I'll try to post screenshots of the problem, for some reason the current session does not allow images.

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Online Portal does not update

I have had nothing but trouble with the Cerbo GX and GX touch screen. Finally I have had it updating and working fine for a week and now that I've left my installation location and want to monitor it remotely as designed it is not updating and showing "offline". I see other posts regarding this but no real fixes offered. Anyone else having these troubles?

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SBP-65 controlled by Remote BMV Temperature AND High Voltage?


I'd like to use a SBP to control a 24v seawater airconditioner for cooling lithium cells while charging.

The Smart Battery Protect shall power the airconditioner as long as these two conditions are met (logical AND):

High Battery Temperature via Remote Port (Smart BMV-712 alarm/relay)

High System Voltage (as approximation of Solar absorb phase) via SBP internal sensor (e.g. >3.35V@Cell or >26,8V@24V)

Can this be done with a single SBP or would I need to use two SBP in series? (1: voltage, 2: remote)

Or even better: Can I use two remotes (H&L) from Smart MPPT Absoption relay and Temperature from BMV on a single SBP?

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VRM Remote Console not working via VRM app or website

Hi everyone,

I just recently installed Cerbo GX with the latest firmware (v2.61).

I've connected up my Victron gear via VE direct cables (SmartShunt, SmartSolar and Inverter).

I can log into my VRM account on my computer and use the VRM app on my iPhone, however neither my computer VRM or VRM app allow access to the remote console. I see a screen that says "remote console connecting..." and then after several minutes I get a "cannot connect" error.

I tried to follow the troubleshooting page but the links have moved. Seems a bit buggy which is a surprise for Victron...

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Display of data in VRM and remote access


my VRM dashboard looks since yesterday totally different.


before it looked like this (just an example out of Victron world)


What could be the reason? Also I do not have the possibility for remote console anymore.

Has someone else discovered this change?



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Remote console via VRM not working

Hi. I am new to the Victron world, having recently installed a MPPT solar controller, BMV 712, and Venus GX. MultiPlus in box to install next. All in a RV with new lithium batteries too.

All is working great so far with the exception of the Remote Console via internet with the vrm.victronenergy.com website or the VRM iOS app. I can use remote console when connected to the RV WiFi hotspot or using the built-in IP address in the Venus GX.

Other VRM functions work fine over the internet - and I have it set to update in 1 minute intervals.

I’ve spent hours reading online and trying different settings, without success.

Can someone please give me the specific settings for the Venus GX to enable remote internet Remote Console access? I think I have everything set properly - but it does not work. I must be missing something. Do I need to set SSH? What about 2-way communication?

It seems odd that all other VRM functions work fine via remote internet with the exception of Remote Console.


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Is there anyway to turn on/off relays without having to go into Remote Console?

Would be a nice feature if relays could be controlled directly via the VRM GUI or VRM Connect

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Remote status LED for Orion-tr Smart?

I'd like to have a remote status LED so that I can know whether the Orion-tr is charging without having to open the Bluetooth app or go down into the engine room. Can I wire a 12v LED to the L/H terminals and ground or positive in some way to do this?


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Smart shunt not showing in remote console settings page

Hey Guys,

I have a Multiplus II with both MPPT on the DC and a Fronius on the input. When first installed using the Ve.Direct cable to the Multi I noticed the smart shunt appeared in the remote console device list.

After disconnecting the batteries to rearrange them onto shelving I noticed a little spark when reconnecting the shunt positive lead to the battery. After looking at the remote console device list the shunt no longer appears in the list of devices.

If I plug the USB to Ve.Direct cable between the shunt and the Multi, I can see that the multi is using it again but it still doesn't show up in the device list.

Is there a way of enabling/disabling the devices shown in the device list or does the unit sound stuffed.



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VRM Konsole Anzeigefehler

Hallo, ich habe auf meiner Remote Konsole über einen Cerbo GX , 2 Anzeige Fehler.

1. Das PV Ladegerät überlagert das Logo vom MPPT

2. Die Punkte für die Energieflussrichtung fehlen, egal wie Groß die Last ist und in welche Richtung sie geht. Im Dashboard wird alle richtig angezeigt.

Kann man sowas irgendwo anpassen?


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