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Quattro Transfer time


I am trying to find info about Quattro 48/15000 transfer switching time (specifically when the UPS feature is OFF):
- What is the switching time when switching from Generator to inverter and when switching from inverter to generator?
- Is the switching different in a 3-phase connection? and in a parallel connection (2 Quattros/phase)?

- is the switch time affected by load, temperature, or any other determinant?

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Multipluss 5000/24/240Vdoes not switch over to shore power

Hoping to get some help with my MultiPlus 5000/24/240V that does not switch over to shore power. There is shore power being supplied to the MP as confirmed by measuring AC Input connections inside and with VE Configure 3 software connection, but the transfer switch does not click on as it usually does after 20 seconds or so. Green LED light for Inverter is on and no other LED's are on or blinking.

I have not made any changes to the setup of this MP and the only possible anomaly I can find is that the AC Input is 277V which is a bit above the stated AC Input range of 185-265V.
When I connect to this MP with VE Configure 3 it does show the UMains V as being 277V and this is in RED which I assume is because it is above the limit of 265V.
I have checked the other Shore Power pedestals here in the marina and they are showing 129V which is unusually high and then when this goes through my Victron Isolation Transformer it comes out as 277V.

If the AC Input voltage to a MP is too high will this prevent it from activating the Transfer Switch and turning on the Charger?

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

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Putting a transfer switch AFTER a Multiplus?

Is there any problem putting a transfer switch after the MPII (IE, connecting from the "out" side of the 120V system to a transfer switch)? My application here is that I'd like to connect a generator with autostart downstream of the MPII so that if there's an issue with the MP, I can monitor the power and autostart the generator to take over. That covers shore power loss as well as a problem in the inverter itself that prevents power from passing.

Shore power ---- MPII --- Transfer switch ---- Coach

Generator ----------------------^

I'm aware that would prevent my generator from being able to charge the batteries via the MPII, that's not a requirement for my installation (in fact, it's kind of benefit). Just wondering if this is a support topology and/or if anyone has wired this way.

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Filax 2, inverteur en prioritaire


Je me suis fait une petite installation solaire de 400w pour alimenter mon installation multimédia au solaire. Actuellement j'ai un ATS bon marché (ça marche très bien mais il ne sont pas prévu pour tenir sur le long terme surtout si on switch assez souvent). Du coup je serais intéressé par le Filax 2.

A savoir que, mon branchement actuel c'est:

Priorité à l'inverteur phoenix et le courant de la maison en secondaire. De manière à ce que ça bascule sur le solaire des que je l'enclanche et repasse sur le secteur maison dès que je l'eteint ou batterie faible.

Je voulais savoir si quelqu'un avait déjà fait ce montage et si cela fonctionne bien avec le Filax 2 (au vu du prix je préfère être sur que cela va fonctionner correctement)



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interrupteur solaire ve solairswitch et multiplus 2

bonjour a tous , j'ai récuperrer un interrupteur solaire VE SOLARSWITCH peut ton le connecter avec un multiplus 2 et cerbo et un mppt quels est la puissance de sortie car j'ai 6000w pv et un 250/100 MPPT merci de votre reponse ! ou alors il est un peux obsolète avec mon matos ou prendre celui ci dessous ?

Commutateur de transfert 5kVA-220V VE Transfer Switch-Victron Energy


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Inverter on house mains

Hi all.

I have a 400ah battery bank with a 3kw inverter that I use in my off grid caravan.

I was looking at a cost effective way to re purpose the above and hook it into my house to take advantage of the Octopus night tariff, that is a quarter of the day rate.

I was wondering if I could use the VE transfer switch so if the inverter is switched on it will use power from the inverter, and then switch back to mains when depleted.

I could then use a timer to charge the battery at optimal tariff time.

Does anyone have any advice or other ideas?

Much appreciated.

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Victron MultiPlus II - ESS - Irregular Transfer Time - Appliances switching OFF

Hi All,

Our company has executed over 300 Victron installations and just recently we are encountering a phenomenon where a few systems are not transferring seamlessly from a grid-connected state (ESS) over to the Inverter upon failure of the AC Grid supply.

Victron MultiPlus-II including MultiPlus-II's in parallel
Victron Cerbo GX
Carlo Gavazzi Grid Meter (ET112 or ET340)
Grid code: NRS-097-2-1 (South Africa)
LOM: Enabled (Type B)
Assistant: ESS
Battery: Freedom Won LiTe Home or Pylontech
Firmware: 494, 495, 496, 497

The VRM advanced section does not detect a drop in the AC-Output voltage, however the phenomenon is clearly evident on site where the lights, WiFi router, TV and other plugs will drop and recover - having to reboot as a result of the duration of the power interruption.

We do not have the equipment to measure the output and confirm the transfer time but it is my understanding that the MultiPlus-II is supposed to transfer within 20ms to justify it's proposed UPS rating/capability?

Has anybody got any insights into this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Multiplus 12/500 transfer switch


I want to connect a 12/500 Multiplus to the grid (with a 200Ah battery) to take-over critical loads when loadshedding kicks in. I am worried about the 16A transfer switch and I am struggling to get an answer for this. Does this mean that the transfer from grid to battery only occurs if the connected loads are greater than 16A? Or will the Multiplus automatically take-over supply to the critical loads when the grid goes down, even if the loads is less than 16A?

massyn asked

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Multiplus transfer switch design question

I have a Multiplus 2000 inverter / charger. When the main switch is in either 'inverter' or 'charger only' position, the transfer switch works as it should, acting as a pass through when an external power source is detected. When the main switch is off, the transfer switch does not work. I would think the transfer switch would work independently of the inverter.

I may only want solar to charge the batteries and if hooked to shore power, I must turn the inverter on in order for A/C to pass through. I know I can make changes to the configuration to limit charging, but this seems inconvenient to go back and forth changing the charge settings just so the transfer switch works.

Can you explain the design criteria for this? Is there a better work around?

tarpkir asked
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Does a small battery backup require an ATS?

Hi all,

In my livingroom at home, I’m running a small battery backup for the TV, wifi and occasional laptop or other small device. The setup is: Phoenix Ve.Direct 12|375 standalone inverter, Blue Smart 12/15(3) AC charger and a 105 ah, semi-deep cycle lead acid battery.

Does this setup need an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) or can I permanently leave the charger in the wall socket connected to the battery, the inverter connected to the battery and the wifi + TV connected to the inverter?


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Multiplus 24/3000/70 long transfer delay


It's getting COLD here in the PNW and when the 50amp 240AC shorepower breaker is occasionally (unintentionally) overloaded, there is a LONG delay before the Multiplus begins inverting. Am I to assume this is because there are excessive 120V loads or is something malfunctioning other than the operator?

I was under the impression the switch over was supposed to happen in nano seconds and this is new behavior.

Is there a simple way to diagnose this issue?

thanks in advance.

Your friend,


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