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Phoenix MultiPlus charging batteries when Air Conditioning Runs

I have an older Phoenix Multiplus Inverter charger 12/3000/120v. I am connected to shower power. When the air conditioning cycles on the batteries are getting charged (bulk, abs ect) which is seemingly over charging them. I thought when shore power was connected the inverter/charger is bypassed. It seems like the inverter is running off of the batteries and charging them when there is an AC load. Or is this part of a battery assist when the air conditioning starts? Any help here would appreciated!

thank you.


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phoenix 12/800 no power

I received the phoenix 12/800 from my customer, it's dead. Looks like the microcontroller receives the power, but that's it. Main 12V power rail passes on through via's power to the MOSFETs, but there's no even LED on when you plug in 12V.

Is there a way to make sure that the microcontroller is faulty? Or, any other test that I can make to not send it under the warranty and fix it on my own? I fix electronics for 20+ years and even have 5 star rating on google ;) in my area.

Please help me to fix it, let's fight for the right to repair by fixing all of them :). We waste per year thousands of tonnes of e-waste here in the UK, and that reason should give us a reason to help each other though.

Thank you.

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What does a blinking Yellow LED mean on a Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200 connected to the grid ?

Last year we bought a camper with an older Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200/50. When it is connected to the grid and switched on, the green LED lights up and after a few seconds the relay pulls and it switches to 'charger only' mode, ie the yellow LED lights up, the green LED turns off and the unit follows the grid. It then makes a slight humming sound.

However, after a few minutes the yellow LED starts to blink, mains power is still provided. The manual ( ) only has an indication for a solid yellow LED, not blinking and we could not find any other topic in the forum. Any idea what the yellow blinking LED means ?

Many thanks.

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Phoenix 24/3000 per Fernsteuerung ein- und ausschalten

Hallo all,

Ich möchte meinen Phoenix Inverter bei einer definierten Unterspannung der Batterie abschalten und bei einer definierten höheren Spannung wieder einschalten. Dies soll über das Internet geschehen, was manuell (Ein / Aus) mit Hilfe eines Cerbo GX auch funktioniert.


wie verkabele ich den Phönix mit einem Batteriewächter (z.B. BP-65) oder dem Cerbo GX um automatisch bei Unterspannung den Phönix auszuschalten, bzw. bei einer höheren Spannung den Phoenix erneut automatisch einzuschalten?

Phoenix, Cerbo und der BP haben ja eingebaute Relais, mit denen ich schalten kann. Aber wie verkabele ich die Geräte? Aus der Beschreibung kann ich leider keine Lösung ableiten.

Über Hilfe würde ich mich sehr freuen.

Viele Grüße Lanci

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my-PV AC-Thor and Phoenix Inverter Smart


Does the Phoenix Inverter Smart work with Frequency Shifting (off grid) ?
I am interested in adding an AC-Thor device to my system and it seems to require the frequency shifting.

Do the instructions found here also apply to the Phoenix Inverter Smart line ?

The page only mentions the Multiplus and Quattro.

my system:

- Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter Smart 24/5000
- Victron Energy Cerbo GX
- Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart
- Victron Energy Smart Shunt
- 2x Epever MPPTs
- 24v battery bank

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Low amp soft starter recommendations?


Like many others, I have a small fridge which is creating such a surge when the compressor kicks in that it hits the inverter (Phoenix 12/800) too hard.

The solution would be a soft-start module between the fridge and inverter. I am only finding these at around 16A current limitation. This would mean a peak wattage limit (~3500W) above what the fridge is creating anyway, and still higher than the peak the inverter can handle.

Is my reasoning correct?

Or, would a common 16A soft-start module do the trick anyway?

Or, can you recommend any low amp (by my maths, less than 6A) soft-start modules to keep the peak below inverter peak?

Thanks in advance!


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Inverter 12/375 230Volt Einstellung

Hallo, habe einen 12/375er Inverter. Schließe ich den Inverter über den Zigarettenanzünder an und nehme einen 0,6A Campingkühlschrank an, zeigt mir die App sofort einen Fehler an und dieser lautet „Batteriespannung zu niedrig“. Der Inverster soll min 250 Watt haben, laut Messgerät hat der Kühlschrank aber Max. Nur 90 Watt, sollte also auch passen. Selbst bei einer angezeigten Batteriespannung von 14,5 V kommt diese Fehlermeldung. Der Zigarettenanzünder hat genügend Power, auch habe ich sehr dicke Kabel verwendet. Auch den Inverter direkt an die Batterie angeklemmt…nicht bringt eine Lösung.

habt Ihr eine Idee, was das sein kann und welche Einstellungen gemacht werden müssen?
ach ja, der Inverter ist ok, einzweiter macht das auch so.



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Off-grid cottage inverter grounding

Hi, I'm upgrading our off-grid cottages solar power system with a Victron 2000VA inverter and a SmartShunt, previously it was a pure 12v system used only for lights run through an all-in-one charge controller (NAPS NC 30N).

I've read the inverter manual and the Victron wiring guide but I'm still a bit unsure on how the grounding wires should be connected. I think I've gotten it right based on some examples I've found here in the forums but I'd love if someone could take a look at my plans and tell me if I'm doing anything stupid before I start connecting things.


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Does Cerbo GX handle multiple independent (non-parallel) inverters?

I would like to connect two independent 24/3000 Phoenix Inverter Smart to the same Cerbo GX module. Both inverters would be connected to a Lynx Distributor, so they would use the same battery bank, but their AC outputs would be independent as Phoenix 24/3000 does not support the parallel mode.

Can I connect them to the same Cerbo GX without any trouble?


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Bug? Phoenix Inverter 12/500 - zero percent load displayed, but graphic gauge shows load

Dear Victron energy,

I have a brand new Phoenix Inverter 12/500 230V. There is always "0 Load %" displayed, when the load is connected. Graphic gauge displays load correctly, see image. I tested iPhone iOS app and Mac OS app, both are acting the same.

I disconnected inverter from battery twice for many seconds to force restart, nothing has changed.

Inverter firmware: 1.21

Bluetooth dongle Rev3 firmware: 2.36, bootloader: 1.15

Is it a bug or what I can do to resolve this issue please? Thank you in advance for your support.



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Phoenix 24/3000 - Erfahrungswerte Batterie-Erneuerung LiFePo

We would like to replace our old AGM batteries (600 Ah) with modern LiFePo batteries in our garden house (6panels, 1.2kWp power, Phoenix 24/3000 and a MPPT 100/50 BlueSolar). Can anyone share their experience / recommendations here? Thanks a lot

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Phoenix 12/800 Shutting Down (not overload - not setting related)


My unit is shutting down when I plug my 350w charger and that there is only the batteries, 6x 90Ah AGM, they are a bit tired but still stay around the 12.3v when loaded with the charger.

This charger was liable to conflict with another el cheapo PSU, being my fridge, this is resolved as I was able to put the fridge on straight DC. I did just check the default parameters through Victron Connect and the Low Battery Restart and Alarm is set at 10.30v, the Low Battery Shut Down is set at 9.30v.

I do not recall seing the voltage dropping below 12.3v while charging with no direct sunight. The batteries were indeed able to supply enough power to the Phoenix for a long 6 months without any issues. It could be the batteries getting worse and worse, however, those are Lead Acid and the transfer curve for voltage variation transients is rather a slow knee therefore, I woud see the voltage getting to either the 10.30v or either 9.30v if it would indeed go there during a charge.

I will check again later on as now everything is fully charged, just to confirm, and to add more details about any faults. I might be wrong in my observations, so if anything comes to mind to anyone in here that may help with that in the meantime that I come up with more numbers, please do let me know.

It's not very urgent as it's still the summer and we get plenty of strong sunlight to charge everything up during the day, however, in the winter, it may get more anoying.


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Phoenix inverter ECO mode issue with refrigerator

Hi everyone,

I am a very happy owner of a VE Phoenix inverter 12/500, attached to my solar off-grid system.

I'm using the most efficient refrigerator on the market, the Liebherr TP 1720 which averages to a mind blowing 7W power consumption which for a inner size of 145 liter is just insanely low.

While running the inverter in always ON mode everything works great and this inverter can easily handle the inrush current required, and eventually I am averaging at 11-12W consumption with the overall system, which I really can't complain about.

However, considering that the ECO mode could potentially cut another 5-6W to the above figure it would be great to take advantage of it. Unfortunately it doesn't seems to work with my setup.

When I set this mode, if the refrigerator is cold enough and doesn't require the compressor to start everything runs fine, but as soon as the refrigerator needs to turn on I get an error on the smartphone app related to something like "HIGH AC output alarm". Not sure what is the reason since I can't find much documentation on this error. All I can say is that I just have the refrigerator connected (with its original cable) to the inverter's AC output and nothing else.

When I get this error I just need to switch (on the phone app) to OFF and then to ON and the compressor starts just fine. I'm puzzled about the possible cause.

Concurrently I was just wondering whether the pulse sent in the ECO mode is long enough to allow the fridge's electronics to figure out whether it needs more power or not.

No matter what, to me it would be really great if the pulse duration could be configurable within the app, just like the interval between pulses.

I really would appreciate very much is VE could elaborate more on this topic.

Thank you very so much in advance for an answer and... for making such great products!!

(Just as a curiosity this above mentioned fridge uses a SECOP HXD30AA compressor)

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Recommended low voltage shutdown for AGM batteries?

Hello all!

I have 3x 280Ah 12V batteries in parallel running into a Phoenix 12/800.

Any recommendations on a good setting for the low voltage shutdown?

I have read variously around the internet that lower than 11.5 – 12v is already too deep a DOD to maintain the batteries for a reasonable life. Oddly, the default setting for shutdown on the Phoenix is 9.6V. Isn't that way too low? According to my (dodgy) sources, the battery should still be putting out ~10V at effectively 100% DOD.

I have contacted the manufacturer for discharge curves / data but you know. General recs are most welcome.



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