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Phoenix 12/1200 Mounting Confusion!

Phoenix 12/1200:

For vertical Mounting manual says "fan on bottom" but i cannot see the the fan either end!

For clarity, should the OUTPUT (3 Pin UK) end, go top or bottom? ( guesses not helpful, thanks)

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ESS not charging batteries, why?

I have a Victron/Fronius zero-feed-in ESS system using high-cycle life AGM batteries. I want to use the top 20% for ESS and the bottom 80% in case of grid failure.

The batteries discharged to the set point (80%) and are basically staying there, despite there being plenty of excess solar capacity available, as well as the grid. Today it charged to 83%, but did this very slowly.


Why would it be discharging the battery, in the middle of the day, when there is plenty of solar available? Should it not be charging to 100% while it can?

In fact the ve.bus state has been absorption ever since I activated ESS, never bulk. It would seem that if there is tons of PV and grid power available, and it's roughly the middle of the day, it should be bulk charging.


The Fronius inverters were automatically detected and are being controlled well by ESS. Feed-In sometimes overshoots but is corrected in under a second or so when loads change.



ESS settings:



The manual says this:

4.3.1 Mode
Optimized (with BatteryLife) and Optimized (without BatteryLife)
At times when there is excess PV power, the PV energy is stored in the battery. That stored energy is then used later, to power the loads at times when there is a shortage of PV power.

Maybe since it is limiting the Fronius' power for zero feed-in, it thinks there is no excess solar? is that possible?

Do I need to use charge windows to fix this?


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Inverter/Charger connectivity with bluetooth?

I'm very much new to Victron and this type of equipment so I was hoping anyone could clarify some queries I have.

Is it possible to connect a non-smart inverter to a smart charger (e.g Phoenix 12/1200 Inverter + Blue Smart IP22 12/30A Charger) and gain inverter information via some kind of passthrough?

I was rather hopeful I could do this via VEDirect? I saw a VEDirect -> Bluetooth module exists but it seems somewhat wasteful when the charger has a bluetooth module already.


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Phoenix 24/1200 Remote pins auf low oder high?

Hallo zusammen,

ich würde den Phoenix 1200 gerne über einen Schalter mit LED Schalten. Die LED ist für 24 Volt ausgelegt. Die größeren Geräte der Phoenix Reihe kann man durch verbinden von Remote Pin H auf plus oder L auf Minus schalten, damit würde es gehen. In der Anleitung vom 1200er und im Netz finde ich dazu absolut nichts, der Remote Stecker ist aber der gleiche. Geht das mit den Gerät oder fliegt der mir dann um die Ohren?

Wenn es geht, wie ist die Belegung? Macht man es falsch herum, könnte auch was durchbrennen oder?

Danke im voraus für Tipps


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Phoenix 12/1200 Inverter blinkt schnell grün

Hatte eine Lifepo4 Batterie 12 V 140 ah angeschlossen, der Inverter funktionierte. Habe nun paralell eine baugleiche zweite Batterie angeschlossen, nun blinkt der Inverter schnell grün, nichts läuft. An der Batterie sollte es nicht liegen, ein anderer Inverter funktioniert an den beiden Batterien tadellos.

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Phoenix 12/375 not showing any load in the app

I use Phoenix 12/375, together with VictronConnect. VictronConnect shows no load on the "speedometer" nor in percent. All firmware is up to date.

I can use both Iphone and Mac to turn the inverter off and on.

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Phoenix inverter App ever shows 0.

The status of May Phoenix inverter 12/375 has been changed in the App.

Before shows "normal " or maybe the Number of Watts.

Now Always show "0".

Its normal?

Thank you, i attach a screenshot.


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Victron Phoenix 500VA 24-Volt - voltage unsteady/shutdown

Is it normal to see voltage swings on a 250W load for the Victron 24V 500VA inverter? its been swinging from 113v -125v and shuts off the inverter every 20 seconds or so. On the same load, my multiplus is holding 120V exactly.

Battery is at ~26V with lots of AH left (the multiplus can run full blast).

It is on the latest firmware and is connected to a Cerbo GX, 30A fuse, 8Gauge pure copper wire, connections are secure.

Any help is appreciated , otherwise its going back, its brand new from Victron dealer.

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Charger and SmartShunt and Inverter current going the wrong way and miss representing SOC

I have a need to keep 120V maximum 50W of load powered in the case of a power outage and to be able to remotely monitor the SOC of the batteries. The configuration runs off of 2 x AGM 12V 100Ah batteries connected in series with a SmartShunt 500A, a Phoenix Inverter 24V 250VA 120V, a Blue Smart IP65 24V 8A charger all connected to a Raspberry Pi acting as a CerboGX.


Both the SmartShunt and the Inverter are connected to the Pi via the to USB cable and are visible via the VictronConnect Application and VRM.

Since the Charger only has Bluetooth capability, we can not manage it remotely, but only locally which is fine. But non of the devices talk to each other over a virtual Victron wireless network like a SmartShunt can with an MPPT for example.


The problems that I am seeing are the following:

  1. When looking at the inverter, it only show 0% load. That value never changes.
  2. When looking at the SOC on the SmartShunt for the batteries, they are continuously reporting as discharging even though the Charger is permanently connected and charging the batteries.
  3. In the VRM portal, the current flow is going from the batteries to the Inverter and not from the Inverter to the batteries as I would have expected it since the inverter is supposed to keep the batteries topped off when AC power is usually available.

Is this configuration simply not possible because each element do not have a way of communicating to each other?

Or is the Charger not to be connected to the negative terminal of the battery bank but needs to go through the system Negative of the SmartShunt? (I have tried that but to no difference).


The setup is available at

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

Thierry Douet asked
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Phoenix 1200VA inverter and microwave

We have the Victron 1200VA phoenix inverter and are trying to run a 1000watt LG 'inverter microwave.' The microwave runs, lights and turntable, but the magnatron only comes on maybe half the time. We run the microwave at 600watts, and my understanding is the 'inverter microwave' ought to be running the magnatron at low watts. Even at 200watts there is the same problem. Even if the microwave is momentarily demanding start up power the Victron ought to be able to supply 2000watts then a continuous 900w? Has anyone ideas to help us get this working? Warm up the Victron? Reset the voltage to 240? Thanks, Martin

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Phoenix 12/500 voilier terre et protections

Bonjour, Je viens d'installer un convertisseur Phoenix 12/500 dans un voilier, pour l'instant sans aucune protection (différentiel ou autre) sur le CA et sans avoir relier la terre.

J'ai peur de ne pas très bien comprendre comment procéder et la nécessité d'un disjoncteur différentiel ou autre ?

Pouvez vous m'éclairer SVP ou m'orienter vers un document détaillant l'installation et le raccordement à la terre?



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Tremblement phoenix inventer smart

Bonjour. Nous avons installé un regulateur 100.50 victron et un convertisseur phoenix inverter smart 12/3000 dans nôtre camping car. Nous avons branché nôtre sèche cheveux 1000w 50hz et en 1er vitesse et 1er température un bruit important se produit et on arrête. En mettant la vitesse haute et la température 2 qui est maxi tout va bien. Également le lisseur est impossible à utilisé car le même bruit se produit. Le lisseur120v240v, 41v 50.60hz. Nos appareils sont-ils trop faible pour ce matériel. Merci de votre réponse

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BMV and inverter disagree on voltage, inverter shuts down under high load

Good day,

I'm having voltage discrepancy issues with my Phoenix 800 inverter and my BMV. For more info on that please feel free to check this post:

Can I get the BMV to set the voltage of the system in order to override whatever the inverter reads?

Or perhaps my cabling is wrong, unlikely but possible.

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Raccordement à la terre Phoenix 1200VA


Je souhaiterais savoir comment raccorder efficacement à la terre un convertisseur Phoenix 1200VA.

J'ai lu attentivement le mode d'emploi et parcouru pas mal de forums.

Ma maison est raccordée au réseau électrique public (schéma de terre TT) et dispose d'une assez bonne prise de terre (résistance = 6,8 ohm).

Le convertisseur sera utilisé dans une pièce annexe pour alimenter notamment un frigo durant la nuit (les batteries étant rechargées la journée grâce à des panneaux solaires). Je ne souhaite pas que quelqu'un puisse s'électrocuter en touchant un frigo si jamais celui-ci présentait un défaut d'isolation.

Donc, au moment où le convertisseur fonctionnera, le réseau électrique de la maison sera également en fonction et donc connecté au réseau public. D'autres appareils dans la pièce seront eux connectés au réseau.

Le manuel indique : "Cet appareil est un produit de classe de sécurité I (livré avec une borne de mise à la terre de protection). Le châssis doit être mis à la masse.".

Et plus loin, un schéma indique la procédure à suivre.

En suivant le manuel, si j'ai bien compris, je dois connecter le neutre à la masse/terre à l'aide du connecteur FJ2. Je dois ensuite raccorder le châssis du convertisseur à la terre de ma maison à l'aide d'un câble de diamètre approprié.

Et c'est là que tout s'embrouille dans ma tête. Etant raccordé au réseau, la terre de ma maison est liée au neutre du distributeur (via le transfo du quartier). Cela ne va-t-il pas poser un problème si cette même terre est en même temps liée au neutre du convertisseur? Comment vont réagir mes disjoncteurs différentiels en cas de fuite dans cette situation?

Je ne suis pas un expert en électricité. Mais est-ce qu'une même prise de terre peut servir à protéger efficacement deux sources de courant en même temps (le réseau public et le convertisseur)?

D'avance merci pour vos réponses et éclaircissements!

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Phoenix 12/800 Shutting Down (not overload - not setting related)


My unit is shutting down when I plug my 350w charger and that there is only the batteries, 6x 90Ah AGM, they are a bit tired but still stay around the 12.3v when loaded with the charger.

This charger was liable to conflict with another el cheapo PSU, being my fridge, this is resolved as I was able to put the fridge on straight DC. I did just check the default parameters through Victron Connect and the Low Battery Restart and Alarm is set at 10.30v, the Low Battery Shut Down is set at 9.30v.

I do not recall seing the voltage dropping below 12.3v while charging with no direct sunight. The batteries were indeed able to supply enough power to the Phoenix for a long 6 months without any issues. It could be the batteries getting worse and worse, however, those are Lead Acid and the transfer curve for voltage variation transients is rather a slow knee therefore, I woud see the voltage getting to either the 10.30v or either 9.30v if it would indeed go there during a charge.

I will check again later on as now everything is fully charged, just to confirm, and to add more details about any faults. I might be wrong in my observations, so if anything comes to mind to anyone in here that may help with that in the meantime that I come up with more numbers, please do let me know.

It's not very urgent as it's still the summer and we get plenty of strong sunlight to charge everything up during the day, however, in the winter, it may get more anoying.


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