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Pheonix 12/2000 and Hair Dryers

Just installed a Phoenix 12/2000 replacing an old modified sine wave 1600watt, all powered by 3x110Ah yuasa sla batteries. My partners 1200w Babyliss hairdryer creates an overload shutdown. Any ideas why please? Thanks.

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Multi 12 80 2000 swaps neutral and line

Victron Phoenix 12 80 2000 swaps line and neutral when inverting.

Marine installation, has been working for many years with occasional shorepower RCD trip.

The outlet sockets on the boat are switched on by a small MCB on the board. The MCB is solely and directly supplied from the Multi‘s output Line wire, N combines to all other Ns.

The Multis input is correctly wired to shorepower.

With the socket MCB switched off, all other MCBs lines are life when shorepower is connected.

As soon as the socket MCB is switched on the external shorepower RCD trips.

If shore power is internally switched off at double isolator. I can switch the socket MCB on and consumers supplied by these socket outlets will work.

However, I can now no longer detect a life signal at the supply line point of the outlet socket MCB but instead on the combined neutral point on the board!

This is of course the same with every socket, a life signal on all neutrals.

What is happening here?

ahilger asked

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Can I connect 12/375A inverter to anderson plug?

Can I connect my 12/375A Phoenix inverter to an Anderson plug?

Would be convenient to be able to unplug my inverter from my camper's battery box.

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Starlink not booting on 12/250 Phoenix Inverter

I’m not having much luck getting the Victron Phoenix 12/250 to power my Starlink internet, and am hoping that someone can help please. When on the inverter, Starlink will reboot about 30s after power up. If I have a light bulb also connected, the bulb will briefly flicker at that stage too.

The Starlink dish (gen 1, round with black cables) normally consumes approx 80W (PF 93%). However during startup it can draw more than that. (174W for a second according to my own measurements.) The rating of the inverter is 400W peak, so would seem to be well within spec.

The inverter has been tested as being ok by the local Victron service agent. However a replacement is being made available. I’m not particularly confident that the replacement will fare any better (unless it has different firmware). Is there any diagnostic information available from the inverter (other than the LEDs)? Any other suggestions for my testing? Has anyone got a gen1 Starlink dish working off a Phoenix Inverter?


Background info:

  • I calculated that my 12 VDC wiring + connections have a resistance of less than 7.8 milli ohms. (This is based on the voltage drop measured when the inverter was driving a 60W incandescent light bulb). The cables are short (<30cm) and there is no fuse (anymore).
  • The battery is in a Ford Territory, and starts the engine ok. I’ve tried with and without the engine running. So I’m reasonably confident that it's not a DC issue.
  • Snow melt mode on the dish is off. Eco mode off on inverter
  • I’m not a power electronics specialist, but I’ve got a degree in electrical engineering so hopefully I can understand a bit of technical talk.

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Is it possible to use Pylontech batteries with mppt + venus + phoenix inverter for an offgrid application?

Is it possible to use Pylontech batteries with mppt + venusGX + phoenix inverter for an offgrid application?

Do I need to use a multiplus instead?

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How do I see Phoenix 12/1200 on/off controls on the VRM Dashboard?

I have enabled inverter/charger control in VRM settings page, but when I click on the controls icon in the upper right, all I see is a toggle for "Switches: Relay 2". I can control on/off state through the remote console, but I'd like it on the Dashboard. I have latest firmware in everything as of 2022 Nov 24

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DC Power shows incorrect consumption on unloaded phoenix inverter

After some time wondering why my "DC Power Consumption" some times report incorrect values in the dashboard i started trying to figure out why.

System components:
* Phoenix Inverter 12V 800VA 230V
* Smartshunt 500A
* EPEver PC charge controller (reporting to venus)
* Pi3 with Venus os
* 100Ah 12v Lifepo4 battery

While running on battery and no or a small load on the inverter, the "DC Power" reports a power consumption of approx. 23w or 46w more than that the actual power used displayed on the battery shunt on the Venus and in VRM.

Display when inverter is loaded with approx 12w(bulb) + 6w of inverter idle consumption:


(The shunt reports correct all the time, checked with a clamp meter)

I've seen the difference between shunt and dc power to been up to 46w when the inverter is completely idle(ON but nothing connected on AC side)

After some peeking into `dbus-spy` i think i've found the issue, and it seams to be that the inverter reports between 0 and -0.2A load on `AC/Out/L1/I` when idling, reporting -0,1A on 230v will report to -23w of usage and shown as 42w( -1*(-19+-23) ) extra ont the "DC Power" block in the UI. This is also the reason why the issue disappears when the inverter is loaded, as this negative reading then will be gone.

As for now it looks like the current reading on my inverter could be out of sync inside the device, or that it just displays incorrect values when idling... Is there a way to get this reading "in-sync" again (a form of calibration?) or something else that could be done to make my reading more exact? eg. ignore current readings bellow zero from the inverter ? as the inverter have no way of generating back power there should never be a negative value reported on the AC side.

Anyone have an advice for this issue?

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Phoenix Inverter 12/1200 with LifePo4-Smart 12.8/100 battery

Hi all,

according to the manual, the Phoenix 12/1200 inverter requires a battery capacity of at least 150 Ah.

Why is that? Would it also work wth a lower capacity battery, e.g., a 100 Ah LifePo4-Smart battery?

Thanks for your help!

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Phoenix 375VA/12 Remote on-off switch with indication LED


I would like to connect a custom switch with an indicator LED to the remote on-off connector.

I'm looking something like: "H - LED - Series resistor - Switch ON/OFF - L" solution.

How much voltage drop is allowed between the H & L terminals? And what is the current (xx mA?) flowing between H & L terminals? ( Do I need a series resistor and if so what resistance without interfering functionality?)

I need to maintain solid motorhome interior appearance by using similar power switches everywhere and therefore the following Victron product is not an option for me: Phoenix Inverter Control VE.Direct - Victron Energy

Kind Regards, Ilkka

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Good USB Hub for CCGX with low power draw or Relay shutoff for inverter?

I use a CCGX, BMV-702, 3 MPPT's, and 1 USB wifi dongle.

Since there are only 2 VE direct and 2 usb ports, I need a usb hub to get my 5th connection point.

Currently, I have a crappy AC powered usb hub on the old phoenix inverter (That doesn't have ve direct port, Insert angry face) and the inverter is in ECO mode.

The USB hub is the only AC load on my boat, and I only really need it to send the wifi to check the system.

Is it possible to use the relay on CCGX or BMV to turn off phoenix inverter using it's remote port at night, when I don't need to check the wifi?

Or should I just find a low powered USB hub that runs on DC? (Does anyone have any recommendations?)

Every night, my BMV says 100% but the AC inverter is powering the USB hub through the night, and it uses about 2% of the bank and 96 watts. Is this slowly killing my batteries? Should I not be worried about this daily 2% discharge?



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CHARGER + BMV 700, Disconnect other cables when charging ?


The seller couldn't answer me and i couldn't find any wiring diagram for my current setup, so i'm asking this to you guys:

Here's a diagram of my setup


Question: Do i need to disconnect every other cable on the battery when i want to charge it with the IP67 charger? I'm afraid of damaging the shunt or the inverter if i leave all the cables on while charging, i'm pretty new to this.

I was thinking of using the circuit breaker and then start the charge, but still, i'm not 100% sure that it'll prevent the inverter from being potentially damaged.

(It's obvious but just in case: on the diagram, the negative cable of the IP67 charger is connected on the "LOAD and CHARGER" side of the shunt.)

(I'm only willing to charge the battery when the inverter is off.)

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Victron multiplus phoenix 12/2500/120 solid overload light

I have a phoenix multiplus 12 2500 120 inverter charger and it has a problem where when it is switched on it goes straight to a solid overload light with no power output. The output is disconnected so no chance of an actual overload. The 12v battery is fully charged. I've taken it apart and can't see anything wrong. Checked all fuses and they are okay. I can't see or smell anything burnt on the PCBs or transformers.

Its a fairly old unit, I was wondering if a firmware update would fix it.

Any help would be appreciated

daveloxhore asked
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PIN Convertisseur 24v 2000W

Bonjour. j'ai l'intention de faire l'acquisition d'un convertisseur victron 24v 2000w et sur internet il y a 2 références: PIN 242200000 ou PIN 242201000. Quelle est la différence?

Hello. I intend to purchase a victron 24v 2000w converter and on the internet there are 2 references: PIN 242200000 or PIN 242201000. What is the difference?


Pippo De La Pyramide asked
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Inverter Phoenix VE.Direct 1200VA ECO mode


I bought a Phoenix VE.Direct 1200VA inverter because of its low power consumption in ECO mode.

The manuals reports that "The default ECO mode wake-up minimum power is 15 Watt"

I tried connecting a 50W incandescent lamp and it doesn't turn on.

Is it possible that the inverter has defect or for some reason had been factory programmed with a higher load detect level?

Thank you

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phoenix 24/500 wrong idle power 100VA


my 24/500 phoenix shows 100VA idle AC consumption, but nothing is connected to AC.

He is connected to a CERBO and the DC loads are for no reason at about 90W when connected via When the is disconnected DC Loads are close to 0W in this situation.

There is also a Multiplus 24/3000 connected to the cerbo, so i can't see the phoenix at the dashboard, but in the menu, and there are the about 100VA AC Load.

What's wrong with the phoenix?

lars78 asked

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