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SolarEdge + ModBusTCP + Meter Import/Export

Issue is related to ModbusTCP connection from CerboGX to SolarEdge.

I have used SolarEdge ModbusTCP over LAN, in my local management system integration, to read various PM data from SolarEdge.

Now I have got Victron MultiPlus with CerboGX and its "/opt/victronenergy/dbus-fronius/dbus-fronius" is constantly connected to my two SolarEdges inverters through modbus sunspec as well. It works perfectly well.

Problem is SolarEdge allows only one concurrent connection through modbus-tcp. I have reconfigured my local management system to read data from what Victron dbus and mosquito broker (mqtt) can output on pvinverters topic of 20 and 21, what corresponds to both SolarEdge inverters.

Unfortunately Victron reads only basic inverter modbus data without meters import/export power and energy. According to SolarEdge meters data are bit further from 40000 modbus address:

1st meter: 40000 + 121, 2nd meter: 40000+295, 3rd meter: 40000+496

Were you able somehow to force Victron cerbo to read SolarEdge meter data as well through modbus? Any help/hint would be very much appreciated.



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Retrieve Skylla IP54 charger settings other than manually via LCD display?

I would like to double check the configuration settings for a pair of Skylla IP65 chargers. Scrolling through the LCD, on multiple units, is painful and error prone. Is there any method of retrieving the settings programmatically?

The units are connected to a CCGX. I checked the MODBUS registers, but they do not appear there.



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Fronius Ohmpilot in a Victron environment


I am rather new to Victron and a young user of Victron. Have my setup at home gathering everything together.
3 x Multiplus II 5000
1x MPPT RS 450/200
1x Cerbo GX
and a Modbus EM24 Smartmeter

My main question is I would love to use the Ohmpilot to heat up my boiler. But the question is if I somehow get this setup going via Modbus on the Cerbo GX. Or if I need something else to get it going.
Your help is very much appreciated. Many thanks, patrik

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Modbus TCP register .pump

Looking for register list com.victronenergy.pump and .temprelay? They are not on the 2.9 register list?

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ModbusTCP ERROR - Error finding service with type vebus at device instance 261

Dear community,
we got 80+ industrial installations (agriculture) using Victron products for stand-alone operation, manly using Venus, SmartSolar, Multiplus 1+2.

The Venus is connected to a B&R PLC via ModbusTCP. I have been using this since like 7 year +, but since releases v2.8x and 2.9x the ModbusTCP connection isn't running smoothly no more.

Every 10 -20 hours i get connection errors saying "Error finding service with type vebus at device instance 261". This is not for long and occurs randomly. But while this error persists, data delivered at id 242 is incorrect, resulting in errors within our PLC (we monitor all Multi function for animal safety - no AC from Multi -> no ventilation = crisis).

Is this known? Can this be fixed or averted somehow?


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Question where to get the modbus register addresses for a Fronius Primo 5.0-1

Good afternoon.

I can't find the excel map with the modbus register addresses for my Fronius Primo 5.0-1 updated to the latest version.

I have monitored the registers from 40000 to 40300 and they do not match with any document downloaded from Victron, or with the GEN24.

Could you tell me where to get it?

Thank you very much and best regards.

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Victron Qauttro (x3) with Fronius 3phase (x1); Zero feed-in per phase not working.

We have installed a 3-phase system consisting of 3 x Victron 8 Kva's and Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M. The phase’s are not balanced by default as loads don't draw at same time. The problem is now that with one phase drawing higher loads than other two, the Fronius is throttling to the highest phase from loads, the two other phases (equivalent to the one or more loads being fed by Fronius via the Victron’s) then is being feed into the grid past the Victron energy meter.

How can we limit this feed into grid?


Tcp is enabled, PV inverter has been assigned, but at the TCP finds no IP address. Even if we enter the address in manually it does not change the feed into grid. All settings on Fronius match. Out of ideas to try and make this work.

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Modbus stopt sometimes

I see that since the last update the cerbo stops sometimes the Modbus PV Inverter connection. It takes about 5min to reconnect the Website.

Somebody else monitors these?

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ESS multiplus 2 ET340 gridmeter keeps disconnecting

problem: gridmeter connect and disconnect randomly

modbus unit ID is not visible in menu:


problem in this video:


carlo gavazzi ET340.

3 x multiplus 2. (3 fase)

ESS with only ACin connected.


modbus unit ID is not showing.

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Cerbo GX - two way communication - command line activation


Is there a way to activate two way communication via command line(script) in a CerboGX?

I`ve found

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/System/AutoUpdate SetValue #

which is in the ccgx documentation despite not showing up in the official dbus field list.

I´m looking into activating two-way communication via the rcs.local script or the serial console if that`s at all possible.

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Battery Modbus Data


I connected a battery with Pace BMS to a CerboGX via CAN Bus.

Its working, i get data from the BMS displayed in the Cerbo.

Now i tried to read those through Modbus in ioBroker like other Sources (MP2, Gridmeter), but i get the following error:

Error processing function Code 4, Unit id 225, start adress 13, quantity 2, src Error finding service with device type vebus at device instance 512

Any ideas?



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Set Minimim SOC % remotely via ...?

Can someone point me towards documentation about setting the Minimum SOC % remotely via either Modbus, MQTT, RPC(?) or even local ssh / shell commands if doable.

I'll take whatever messaging flavour Victron wants!

I skim read the ESS Manual and apart from Schedule Charging (not quite what I need) I saw nothing about remotely controlling Minimum SOC%. Hopefully this is achievable as I wish to adjust SOC% based on environmental, time and demand conditions.

Many thanks, Dan

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BMV712 temporarily loses connection to EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 MPPT 150/70


I always have the problem that my BMV712 loses the connection to the ColorControl of the EasySolar. Both are connected via I get the ColorControl again and again the message that the BMV is not connected, if I then wait he connects again sometime.

I have the EasySolar hanging in the network and query it via ModBus, also here I have in the time in which the BMV is not connected no current values.

The EasySolar has an MPPT installed, which is also connected via If I connect the VE.direkt cable to the 2nd port on the ColorControl, the MPPT is immediately displayed as a new device, if I change the connection for the BMV on the ColorControl, it usually takes a few minutes until it appears, so there is also a significant delay.

What can this be or what can I do here?

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CerboGX & modbus value


I have a hybrid Quattro system with a generator connected to AC2. The generator has his own ATS and I am using CerboGX relay1 for this. On VRM interface I can see the generator and all information related to it as you can see in this picture


My question is, how can I read the "Acc. runtime" value with modbus. I couldn't find anything relevant on current modbus list. If it is not possible, is there any other way to get this information?

Thank you

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New MPPT250/100 no valid ID TCPIP


due to failure i replaced the MPPT 250/100 with a new one with FW3.13.

The new MPPT is assigned a unit ID of 280. When reading ModbusTCP at address 280 it does not work and cerbo prints an error on unit ID 24 timeout err 4. The ID on TCP should be 0-255. The new MPPT has a VRM instance number of 280. How to change the ID for TCPIP?

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