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Wird für eine LWWP ein drittes Smartmeter benötigt?

Hallo liebe Community.

Ich habe einen MP2 3000 mit 2 Pylontech und eine 10 Jahre alte SMA 18kW Anlage.

Als "Haupt" Smartmeter habe ich den EM24. Für die Anzeige der SMA Anlage einen ET340.

Im Herbst bekomme ich eine LWWP (400V). Benötige ich um diese mit überschüssigen Strom anzusteuern eine drittes Smartmeter oder kann diese ebenfalls an den EM24 angeschlossen werden da der nschluß ja schon für den Cerbo GX reserviert ist. Oder kann so eine LWWP an den Cerbo direkt angeschlossen werden? Eine Modbus Schnittstelle hat die Heizung.

Vielen Dank Vorab

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EM24 RS485 über Modbus TCP Server

Hello, I have the following problem: I do not get my second EM24 with RS485 connection displayed in my Cerbo GX.

The first EM24 for the grid I have connected via USB on Modbus port 1, which works fine.

The second EM24 I have connected via RS485 Modbus TCP Server (Waveshare RS485 to ETH (B)). And configured on Modbus port 2. I just don't get it displayed in the Cerbo. The server seems to work because I can access the meter with the USC tool from Carlo Gavazzi via Modbus TCP and read the data.

I have activated Modbus in the Cerbo under the item Services-Modbus.

I get the meter neither with the Modbus scanner nor with manual input displayed. The Cerbo and the Modbus server are in the same IP network and have different adresses .

And I do not know now no more further. Who can help or give advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Strange AC load values from Quattro with no load connected

I have a Quattro 48/5000 connected to a Cerbo and am getting some very odd results that don't make sense on both the web console and Modbus-TCP.

There is no load connected to the Quattro.

Scenario 1: Quattro powered by batteries

Console displays AC load as 0 which is correct.
Modbus register 817 (from the Cerbo) shows 00 00 (0W) which is correct
Modbus register 23 (from the Quattro) shows FF FE (-32767W) which seems wrong!

Scenario 2: AC in 1 to Quattro with 220VAC, Quattro in Passthru

Console displays AC load as between 100W and 103W
Modbus register 817 (from the Cerbo) shows 00 64 (100W) which is wrong as there is no load
Modbus register 23 (from the Quattro) shows 00 0A (10W) which is wrong as no load

Why is the system showing an AC load when there obviously isn't one and why is there a discrepancy between the Quattro Output power and Cerbo AC consumption?

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Cerbo digital and analogue input names

The names for the digital inputs are all pre-defined but there is no option for , for example, 'Other'. Could this be added as there is a high probability that an input will be used for something that is not defined in the list - I can think of lots of possibilities.

Also, in the Modbus TCP register list, register 3424 Type the generator type 9 is missing.

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Modbus-TCP registers for Cerbo digital inputs

The Cerbo user manual says the values of the digital inputs can be read using the Modbus-TCP. I have looked in the field list but can't see them anywhere. Are they named differently?

Does anyone know the registers to read?


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Modbus TCP Register 4541 user yield (multi) what is it?

can someone tell me that this [kWh] value tells me?

Is it total energy output of the multis in all directions, or AC.Out, or ??? What is meant with "user yield" here?

thank you!

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CCGX - DVCC -> How to Limit Charge Voltage using ModBus-TCP

I've noticed the addition in DVCC the ability to limit the managed battery charge voltage to a value of my liking. I am very happy, that this is finally possible now.
Now, I would like to set this maximum charge voltage using Home Assistant.

Inside my Modbus TCP services, I have access to
According to CCGX-Modbus-TCP Register-list.xlsx, the only writing-enabled registers are the CCGX-relay-states.

Is there any possibility set the Maximum Charge Voltage per Modbus TCP from Home Assistant? If yes, what is the register of this service?

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TCP Mod Bus Adresse for Critical Loads

Hallo ich suche nach der Mod Bus Adresse für die Critical Loads meines Multiplus II an einem Cerbo GX. Das MODbus TCP Register hab ich schon druchsucht leider ohne ergebnisse. Die ID für den Multiplus ist hoffentlich die 227? Oder?

Danke schon mal für euere Hilfe.

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Multiple GX instances over LAN for same inverter?

Is it possible to have multiple GX devices displaying and sharing the same inverter information over Modbus TCP?

I have inverter and Cerbo next to the main eletric panel and those are located in house's technical rooms. In order to monitor the system in other rooms one needs to use mobile device or web browser.

It would make sense to get some rasperrys running VenusOS and hook them over local LAN into living space and provide the same interface on those. Maybe some into TV video inputs, would be nice to see visualization in TV's PIP-screen.

From other questions I understood that it's not possible, but could it be supported in coming releases? What is preventing it?



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Generator AC-IN and PV Inverter on AC-Out (Zero feed protection)

Hi community,

I want to take some safety and be sure that my generator will never get feed-in from the PV inverter, so my flow is like this:

  • if the grid has been lost and batteries go near 20%, I will start the generator (a small gasoline generator, without automation functions)
  • then on CerboGX, change AcSource to Generator (there is no way to change using automation, over Modbus, unfortunately)
  • the change of ac-source-type will trigger an automated workflow that will change a contactor to enable the generator and also change ac-in Amps to what the generator can make (24A) (Modbus /Ac/ActiveIn/CurrentLimit)
  • Multiplus will soak as much energy from the generator as possible from AC-In + PV solar (Fronius) on ac-out
    • while batteries are low, and still in bulk is It safe to run PV solar (Fronius) with the generator on ac-in? is it possible to get feed-in by multi into the generator?
  • The batteries will reach some "end" goal which is 80%, my plan is to disable the PV inverter using `/PvInverter/Disable` Modbus, this will give me an opportunity to PowerAssist OR change the contactor that goes to a generator

As for now, my main concern is safety and not burning generators with feed-in, all other automation of how to get back to the grid could be automated later.

Thanks for the help!

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Modbusadresse für MPPT-Suchlauf "aktiv" gesucht, Modbus adress wanted for MPPT-Search "aktiv"

Hallo Freunde der Solartechnik,

derzeit bin ich wieder am basteln und möchte meinen Eigenverbrauch ein wenig optimieren. Hierzu schalte ich einen variablen Dumpload (333-4000W) bei einsetzender Adsorptionsphase der Akkus ein. Jedoch gerät meine Steuerung ziemlich ins Wanken, wenn die Solarladeregler (Smartpolar 150-45 & 150-100) den MPPT-Suchlauf starten. Hierfür würde ich gern das Modbussignal der Laderegler nutzen um während des "Suchlaufs" die Dumploads nicht abzuwerfen. Leider bin ich nicht recht fündig geworden und möchte deshalb fragen, ob mir jemand die Modbusadresse für die Zustandsabfrage MPPT-Suchlauf "aktiv" verraten könnte. Die Adresse 791 beschreibt das Signal leider nicht in der Form wie ich es bräuchte.

Vielen Dank in die Runde und beste Grüße aus der Oberlausitz

Hello friends of solar technology,

I'm currently tinkering again and would like to optimize my own consumption a little. For this I switch on a variable dumpload (333-4000W) when the adsorption phase of the batteries begins. However, my controller falters quite a bit when the solar charge controllers (Smartpolar 150-45 & 150-100) start the MPPT search. Therefore I would like to use the Modbus signal of the charge controller to not drop the dumploads during the "search run". Unfortunately, I didn't really find what I was looking for and would therefore like to ask if someone could tell me the Modbus address for the MPPT search "active" status query. Unfortunately, the address 791 does not determine the signal in the form I need it. Thank you all and best regards from Upper Lusatia


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Cerbo GX ESS Mode 2 Intermittent Code 2 "Connection Error"

I have a Multiplus-II, SmartSolar MPPT, with a Cerbo GX for the brains. I've written an ESS mode 2 control program that runs on a dedicated Raspberry Pi. The program queries the Cerbo on a one-minute cycle using Modbus TCP, sleeping between queries, and gets an intermittent code 2 (Connection Error) communicating with the Cerbo several times over the course of a 24-hour day.

The error has shown up at all times of day and generally lasts for 10 minutes or less. I know the Raspberry Pi is still online because that's how I access it during the error. I know the Cerbo is still online because I can see it on the router. I suspect the Cerbo is not locked up or rebooting because it still feeds data to the VRM portal while the code 2 is going on. My program has code to retry querying the Cerbo up to four times over the course of 12.5 minutes -- all the retry loop does is reissue the "read register" request, it doesn't close or open the connection.

Any ideas? All firmware is current as of this date.

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Modbus stopt sometimes

I see that since the last update the cerbo stops sometimes the Modbus PV Inverter connection. It takes about 5min to reconnect the Website.

Somebody else monitors these?

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Betriebszustand über Modbus auslesen

Moin in die Community,

ich bin neue in der Victron Welt.

Ich kommuniziere über einer Beckhoff-Steuerung via Modbus mit einem Cerbo CX. Ich habe mit drei MultiPlus II eine Drei-Phasen Netz aufgebaut.

Ich würden gern über Modbus auslesen ob sich die MultiPlus II im charger oder inverter Mode befinden. Ich habe in der Excel Tabelle nix dazu gefunden.

Hat vielleicht einer von euch eine Idee wie ich das erfassen könnte?

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Use the "feedin excess solarcharger power" button with modbus?

I will find it clever to be able to switch the "feedin excess solarcharger power" button through modbus TCP to manage network injection from home automation.
Of course this will mean integrating it into the excel modbus table.
Is it possible to consider it?
Thank you in advance.



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