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Multiplus firmware for DVCC

Hi everyone, trying to sync voltages maybe I'm missing something?

Just have a couple of questions is DVCC okay to use with the 415 firmware on the multiplus as it requires 422 firmware I'm trying not to update it unless really have to (the multi is around 8 years old with new chip)

Or, is it best to either use the VE smart network instead it's mostly just to sync voltages

The system spec

Victron multiplus firmware 415

Two Victron smart solar mppts, 150/85 (10 series)which needs the latest Bluetooth dongle for the VE smart network to work and 100/50 (11 series) which has option already.

Victron Smartshunt


Lithium battery bank with heater inbuilt not Victron

Would it just be easier to just buy the BT dongle for the 150/85 mppt so to connect smartshunt/mppts to VE smart network or is there another way to sync voltages

Any ideas would be great thanks

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Multiplus II shows wrong DC Voltage -> State „float“ prevents charging

My system is an ESS with Multiplus II, Cerbo CX and two MPPT 250/70 and the smart shunt 500 in an 48V System LiFePO4 (no BMS).

The problem is, that due to any reason the DC Voltage shown / measured by the Multiplus is higher than the real DC-voltage. The shunt shows the correct voltage (checked with a voltmeter). The result of this mismatch is, that the Multiplus „thinks“ the batteries are full (state „Float“) and therefor the MPPTs are not charging .

When I switch off the Multiplus, the MPPTs are still not charging. But after rebooting the Cerbo both MPPTs are charging now to the proper voltage and SoC.

The system ran fine for more than half a year. Then one day this problem showed up. Updating to the latest firmware did not solve the problem. After increasing the Float Voltage from 54V to 54.3V it worked a while very good. But now the phenomenon started again.



Are there any ideas how to solve this?

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fonctionnement du phoenix 12/1200

Bonjour à tous,

Cela fait 3 ns que j'ai installé un équipement Victon chez moi dans une maison autonome. J'ai 3 panneau de 300W relié à un MPPT 150/45, une batterie lithium 200AH 12,8V et un phoenix 12/1200. Tout est relié par du 25 mm2 et la distance entre le MPPT, batterie et transformateur est inférieur à 1m.

J'ai branché ma nouvelle batterie hier, j'avis avant une batterie plomb qui n'a pas tenue, et depuis j'ai l'impression que mon transformateur fait un bruit comme un frigo (désolé de ne pas trouver de mot plus adéquate). Cel m'inquiète un peu et j'ai peur d'avoir mal réglé les information via le victron Connect, j'ai pourtant suivi tout les éléments indiqué sur la notice.

Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre aide, je suis un peu perdu.


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Mppt diamètre/distances


Je dois rajouter un système de production solaire. Seulement, je ne trouve pas d'informations concernant le diamètre du câble par rapport à la longueur.

C'est un projet en études pour l'instant.

La distance entre la pose des panneaux solaires et les batteries est de 40m max.

Cest pour un site isolé en 48v

j'ai déjà installé à 20m des panneaux solaires sur mppt 150/85 avec câble 2x25mm² (panneaux->mppt 25mm² sur 20m, mppt-> batteries, 10mm² sur 2m).

Là, je voudrais mettre entre 3-4kwc.

Quel mppt prendre : 150v ou 250v?

Quel diamètre de câble entre panneaux solaires et mppt ?

Merci de votre réponse


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Incorrect battery voltage reading on MPPT 150/45

The MPPT 150/45 charge controller is connected to a battery of 4 x 12V cells and is set to 48V. Although the multimeter indicates a Voltage of 55V across the battery, the MPPT is only indicating a Voltage of 18.89V across the battery. Does anybody have any advice?

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Upgrading - swap MPPT 150/100 to 250/100 or get 2 additional 100/20 ?

Dear community,

I want to add four 590W panels to the roof. Before there were already 12 of them, 3s4p. Would you advice that I swap my MPPT150/100 for an MPPT250/100, to create a 4s4p, or instead get 2 additional MPPT100/20 with 2s1p each? All panels have the same orientation, but the shadow situation is complicated.

Pro buying two small MPPTs (instead of a Smart Solar MPPT250/100)
+ Having more MPPTs could be a benefit when there are difficult shadows
+ I understand that the maximum output of MPPT150/100 and MPPT250/100 are actually the same (5800W at 48V), so having three MPPTs would increase the theoretical maximum peak
+ Probably cheaper than selling the used MPPT150/100 and getting a new one

Against buying two small MPPTs (and for getting a MPPT250/100)
- adding one of the panel to each paralleled string would also help with the shadows, no big advantage of extra MPPTs
- having separate MPPTs means longer cables at lower voltages (2 more strings with 2 panels with Impp=17,25A open Voc=41,2V each) - thus, higher loss
- MPPTs might switch on a bit later, when only two panels in series

Any recommendations?
Thank you

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3xMP2 with ESS, connecting 2x Fronius on AC-out or 1x MPPT250/100 and one Fronius?

Hi Victron professionals and entheusiasts,

My system consists of:
MP2 5000/48
Smartsolar 250/100
8 kWh LiFePO4 battery controlled by a CANbus communicating Batrium BMS.
12 + 5 x 365Wp AEG glass/glass panels on a SMA STP5.0
10x 365Wp AEG glass/glass panels, each connected at a Enphase IQ7+ on one phase.

Yesterday, I removed 10 pcs Enphase IQ7+ micro inverters from our roof and connected the panels over two separated strings of each 5 pcs 365Wp panels in parallel tot he Smartsolar 250/100.

With the ESS running I have 3 options now:

a) Connect all panels to the two Fronius Symo 4.0 inverters connected to the inverting AC-out of the MP2 for backup during grid failure OR

b) just add one Fronius at the AC-out and charge the batteries with the 2x5 panels connected at the Smartsollar MPPT 250/100?

c) keep the excisting SMA on grid side and use the Fronius to power my house when grid fails and accepting that the SMA will shut off during failure.

What would bet he best option?

Appreciate your opinion!

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Any advantage for the SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 vs. MPPT RS 450/100

I plan to install 10 - 395W panels as a 5 Series x 2 Parallel configuration for a 48V system. From computing the MPPT charge controller, the Excel VE-MPPT has 2 options: #1. SmartSolar 250/100 and #2. the MPPT RS 450/100.

Base on the comparison below, I did not see much advantage of the MPPT RS 450/100 controller vs. the SmartSolar 250/100, except for being able to connect more panels in series to 450V. Did I miss something for the MPPT RS purpose? Why would one use the MPPTR RS?


Category #1 SmartSolar #2 MPPT RS notes
Price $950 $1295
Size Small Large
Battery 12, 14, 36, 48 48
Efficiency @48V .99 .96
Power @48V 5800 5760

Voc Min +5V 120V
#2 - 120V is way too high for shadowing days
Vmpp min +1V 80
Voc Max 250 450
Max PV voltage @ min Temp (-10C) 241.7 241.7 #2 has more head room
Min PV Voltage @ max Temp (70C) 157.8V 158.4V
Max current @MPP min Temp 88.7A 87.3A
#2 MPPT RS tracker current is 18A
Max current @MPP max Temp 71.8A 70.7A
PV Array 5S x 2P 5S x 1 - per Track (2) #2 has room to grow 3 more panels

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Mppt disappears from easysolar


I had successfully added a smart solar not to and easy solar 2. System via direct connect ports and it has been working very success fully over the last 4 days but this morning it’s disappeared from the system and UX display. I have tried connecting via usb and direct but nothing I have set mppt back to factory defaults but still not showing. I believe the two systems are linked via Bluetooth. I did add a display to the mppt last night. So I am at a loss. See pictures


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MPPT 100/30, Battery Sense and BMV702

I have two AGM battery banks with existing BMV702 monitors (no temp sense installed). The banks are in the engine room of my boat.

I am installing an MPPT 100/30 on each bank and am a little concerned with voltage and temp compensation. The controllers will not likely be in the engine room, and will be about 10' away from the batteries.
Am I best to install a battery sense on each bank, or am I able to get the bluetooth dongle and temp cable for the BMV702's and use that somehow ?

or, am I overthinking things. The batteries never get over 35 C, that is only 0.12v of compensation needed which should not be a problem if I set the voltage parameters in the middle of the band for my batteries.

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75/15 MPPT and insufficient PV error with Firmware 1.59 issue

Hi folks,

I have a victron 75/15 MPPT hooked up to a 160w panel and 200ah AGM leisure battery, the system has been working flawlessly for years, battery replaced when needed but no issues at all, however, suddenly after upgrading to firmware version 1.59 I constantly get the insufficient PV error.

I have tried using a different panel, and different battery to no difference, having discussed this on Reddit in the victron community there,‘I’ve come across two others who also seen the same issue after upgrading to 1.59

Is there anything I can do about this, have victron issued any statements about faulty firmware, or is there a way for me to roll back to previous version which worked without any issue at all?

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SmartSolar 100/20 drops to <10W intermittently for no obvious reasons

I've got 5 x SmartSolar 100/20's (Firmware v1.61) with 4x170W panels conected to each. These are charging a 48V Lifepo4 battery bank (2 lots of 4x12.8V). There is also a SmartShunt (Firmware v4.12) in series.This is connected to a Smart RS Solar inverter (Firmware v1.11). The whole system is managed by a CerboGX (3.00~15) to which is connected to all the units via ve.bus and ve.can. All five of the MPPTS and the SmartShunt are also in a Bluetooth ve Smart Network.

Each group of 4 panels has different shading issue however the problem I'm having doesn't correspond to any particular shading or times of day.

The issue I have is that randomly, one or more of the SmartSolar MPPTs will intermittently drop out. Input PV voltage is fine (in fact, goes up a little), input PV current drops to near zero and output current falls to near zero. It will stay there for a random period of time and then corrects itself.

While this is happening, the other MPPT's will continue to work correctly (although sometimes, more than one MPPT will start to do this at the same point but correct itself at different points!).

None of these issues corresponds with temperatures, battery output loads. battery state of charge or anything else I can see. The MPPTs remain in Bulk mode at all times. It does seem to quite often happen when the battery voltage is around 54V (but not always).

At one point, when this was happening, I tripped the breaker between the MPPT and the solar panels and then turned it back on and the MPPT started working again.

I'm open to suggestions really because I'm stumped. My initial thoughts were it could be one of the following:

1) The fact they are in a network as well as being managed by the CerboGX
2) The MPPT firmware has a bug

Some screenshots showing a few of the dropouts I have plenty other data if it helps :)




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Smartsolar MPPT 100/20 Earthing

I’ve just purchased the above charge controller, confused by the earthing connection on the heat sink.

Could somebody advise it’s correct use?

Normally Earthing relates to mains equipment not low voltage!

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Smart Solar MPPT Tr

Thanks to all the advice and explanations of the difference between several models of MPPT 150-70 , i am going to order the 150-70 Smart Solar Tr . I have just 3 more points im unsure about .

Can a Smart Solar MPPT temperature and voltage be controlled from the Cerbo using DVCC

Can the Smart Solar be connected to a Cerbo via a VE Direct to USB cable or does it have to be a VE Direct to VE Direct

How are the settings transferred to the MPPT if its set up Using Victron Connect on a Windows Laptop . On VRM i did this on a Multiplus with VE Configure and uploaded a file when prompted .

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MPPT differences


Are these two different models and if they are how are they different , i notice the one states CAN , the other doesn't and the only manuals i can fine online or at Victron all say MPPT 150-70 Smart Solar Tr CAN .


I am wondering if one is a discontinued model .

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