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Multiplus - AC Ignore + Overload

Quick question, I'm struggling to find the exactly answer to.


A Multiplus 24/800/16 is configured for AC-Ignore = true based on battery voltage using the "Dedicated AC-Ignore" Virtual switch.

The Multiplus is inverting and supplying a 700W load.

While the battery voltage and everything else remains the same.... the multiplus "derates" due to temperature to 650W.

Does the multiplus:

Switch back to AC-Ignore = false and fail back to AC-In as it would for battery voltage (for example).

Cut out and reset, dropping the AC-Out entirely.

Something else.

If the desired behaviour was to switch AC-Ignore to False and fail back to grid until either the inverter pro-rates again or the load reduces.... Can this be configured?

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Multiplus not limiting inductive load effect on Induction Generator - Shore Power Curret Limit

I am Dyslexic and have tried to gather info to explain our problem bellow, and been as clear as i can.

TLDR: Shore power limit on a Multiplus does not appear to activate quickly enough to stop inductive load problems with our induction generator and controller. (IGC)

Overview: We are struggling with the detail of what happens when Shore Power Limit, is limiting. (does it have a curve? is it timed? what bandwidth activates it? how does Power Factor effect its activation?) This matters to us because the Shore Power Limit is needed to protect our Hydro induction generator and controller from inductive loads.

Scenario calculations: We live in an off-grid housing coop with Solar and Hydro. We are using the power assist feature on our Multi-plus compact 24v 2000 50-30 230V Which has a Shore power limit of 4.5amps. Latest Firmware. A colour GX screen. Our hydro generator is an induction motor with an Induction Load Controller (IGC). The IGC needs half of the power produced by the hydro as 'headroom' to balance inductive loads.

Edit: (added info)

  • The IGC dumps the spare hydro power variably to our immersion hot-water tank / heating element before the Victron AC input.

  • We have two 12 volt Rolls S12 290Ah AGM batteries (24v)
  • We have a 250/85 MC4 Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
  • We have 2k of solar (angled for summer sun when our hydro is off)
  • And the Multi-plus compact 24v 2000 50-30 230V

The lowest 4.5 amp shore-power low current limit setting on our Victron is 1035W at 230V
The IGC needs double this to balance the generator 2070W at 230v (9Amps)

  • Our hydro produces 2400W @ 230v (10.4Amps) Max stably.

When a washing machine (10Amp Max) is powered with element and motor engaged (8-9Amps on a clamp meter) the IGC frequency and voltage are not balanced enough and the washing machine 'blanks off' at cycle points and restarts the portion of the cycle. Other induction loads like fridges and battery chargers are Audibly strained.
The Multiplus switches to Inverting, but not in time to limit the Induction generator effecting the voltage and frequency. With the batteries and solar providing most of the power the induction loads still effect the Induction generator enough for the frequency and voltage to effect the washing machine again. It switches back and forth syncing the waveforms.

Other factors:
I did try narrowing the low and high voltage and frequency range via victron connect 3 and our Colour GX. I did also think about a 'prorotise solar' Ve configure assistant, to protect the AC input a lot of the time, but the same problem would exist when a higher loads are present.
Our washing machine benefits from the Victrons ability to provide more than 2K to the house because it can supplement the 2k from hydro so we are capable of 3K for shorter periods or sunny times.

N.B The IGC dumps the spare hydro power variably to our immersion hot-water tank / heating element before the Victron AC input.

The Question we need help on: can anyone think of a way to find out what is going on at the point the limit kicks in? i.e whether the inductive loads power factors are effecting the Victrons ability to limit? Or where details/settings of this might be online? If I can get this Charger inverter to limit, then i could justify advising the Housing Coop to replace it for a model with an even lower shore power setting. (see bellow) wich would work when our hydro is running lower than 2.4K (when the induction problems are much worse)

Possible solution 1. Buy a different Victron Charger/Invertor with a lower shore power Limit.

  • MultiPlus 24/2000/50-32 - 2.4 Amps
  • MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32 - 3.6 Amps
  • MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50-30 - 4.4 Amps (Our installed invertor chrager)

Possible solution 2. Buy 2x vicron 16a 24v Bluesmart battery chargers with a Victron Digital Control Display to limit charge current to four 'stages'. Or a larger Skyler 25A charger with variable charge control. But with higher losses and inverter working all the time.

Thanks for reading. Phew that took 6 hours writing!

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multiplus 24v 1600va switch off /on with no warning or alarm


Hi all,

After replacing my GEL hybrid E-Guard batteries that only lasted 5 months with a Hubble AM4, my inverter inexplicably switches off and then on again. The lights flicker rapidly, as observed on the graph with a one-minute sampling rate. This issue occurs randomly, with intervals ranging from 9 to 36 hours. It never occurred during the 5 months when I was using the gel batteries.

The battery is not connected to a CAN bus system, as I utilise a Raspberry Pi for monitoring and a smart shunt for the state of charge (SOC).

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening now?

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VE.Bus Smart dongle with Ruuvitag

Hello, I like to connect an Ruuvitag to my Multiplus II GX 48/5000. According to the specs the Build in GX doesn,t have bleutooth.

The Ruuvitag runs with bleutooth, can I use an bleutooth smart dongel or Ve direct smart dongel?

Or is there a other way to connect the Ruuvitag?

The reason i want to use the Ruuvitag is to monitor the temparature and to receive an warning if the enviroment gets to hot.

I'm mounting the Victron installation in an inclosed cupboard with ventilation and to secure all I need to control and manage the temparature.

Thanks in advance.

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High DC Ripple Multi 12/3000/120 when using appliance

Setup is 1260AH Lithionics (2x630AH) External BMS 400amp Contactor. Victron Multi 12/3000/120. When Using a coffee maker, A/C (has a soft start installed) or microwave the DC Ripple exceeds 1.6v and inverter trips a low battery warning. There is 20ft 2 runs of 4/0 cable between the Distribution and the inverter. I did try moving the inverter 8ft closer and it only dropped the DC ripple by .2 but would still eventually overload and give a low battery warning. Inverter is fused properly all connections are torqued to spec. Im at a loss at the momenth for what it could be. I have been reading the DC Ripple in wiring unlimited

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multi 12/2500/120 not turning on?

Switching over to lithium. I have phoenix multi that was installed previously but has been in indoor storage for 8 years.

Installed wiring on the 12V side. temp wired the Victron. Fuses are all good. Connected to battery (charged to 13V). 120 VAC in connected.

Nothing happens. Toggled the switch both ways. Nothing.

No LEDs anywhere are lit.

No obvious damage anywhere.

Seems there should be some test points on the board.

I don't want to purchase new if this can be put into service.

It appears there is no 5v on the board. Anyone know the source of the 5v?

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Understanding multi-plus load ratings.

Multiplus 24/800/16-16

The rating, which I understand is in VA and reported as "S" in Vebus is 800VA.

However. I have read datasheets before and I believe that 800VA is a thermal limit. 400VA is it's non-conditional rating.

I'm working from memory, but it might be 1200VA instantenous peak if the internal temp is under 60*C. 800VA rating is if the internal temperature is under 45*C. the 400VA is the continous rating without a qualifying temp.

Is this correct?

If I was loading the inverter, at say, 600VA. The internal temp will slowly rise, the fan will come on and depending on ambient temperature it will reach 45*C internal temperature.

My understanding is at this point the Multiplus will "de-rate" itself down to 400VA.

My question is what behaviour will this manifest as. Will the inverter "trip out" and return the multiplus to "OFF" status or will it fail back to pass-thru or disable AC_In_Ignore?

What I am trying to balance, is making use of that top end 400VA when it's available (temperature dependant), but I do not want an inverter reset to drop me into darkness.

I have started with the AC Grid fallback load of 400W, but I want to increase that to 600W. If, however, that will result in complete trip-outs and low of AC_Out completely, then it's a bit useless and I'm stuck at 400W.

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 overheating, but why?

Hello, I have a Multiplus I 12/3000/120 (230/50hz) that overheats when I'm making water. In the first month I owned the Multiplus, I could make water indefinitely. Now I can only go for 20 minutes before the Multiplus shuts down because of overheat. Nothing changed with the installation. The ambient temperature if anything is cooler. It is a heavy load, but not so high I would expect it to overheat. I suspected a fan problem, and that is still a posibility, but I hear the fan and feel a good current of warm air coming from the top of the machine. There is a clicking noise, but only with the watermaker, not with the aircon. Is there more than one fan in this unit? Could one have failed, but the other continues to function. When I run our aircon, there is a similar load, but no overheat. Maybe the watermaker has a poorer power factor? Even so, that wouldn't explain why it used to work, and now struggles.

I feel like I would like a warranty exchange since it used to work for me and now doesn't, but I fear Victron will tell me it works "well enough" since this problem only comes up when loaded up. I'm currently on my boat in a remote place, so don't have access to a dealer for a while.

Is there a way to test the cooling system? Replace fans?




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Lifepo 4 charge with Multiplus
I would like to charge my Lifepo4 battery (24V) with internal BMS and without bluetooth with my Victron Multiplus 24/1600. Bulk/absorption 28.4 V and float 27 V or 26.8 V. It is recommended that the charger be switched off when the LFP is full. I can monitor with the Victron smart shunt. I read somewhere that you can stop charging at 100% SOC via a BMV702 and with the help of the virtual switch of the Multiplus. Is it really that bad to let the float mode do its job? So just leave the charger on.

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Configuring Multiplus for off grid priority

So I got the multiplus hooked up for test. The AC side is not "installed", just a standard plug into a household socket and a single 3 pin test socket. Asides one or two tests of the inverter with the known limitations of no earth reference when in "Invertor Only" or if there is a grid fault, it won't be in "use" until the spark comes to do the AC side and install a ground rod. I also tested the charger.

So I have the inverter/charger itself working fine. I have the a RPI with Venus on it as GX device connected with a MK3 USB to the Multiplus. I

I also figured out the VRM remote config proceedure so have super user access to the Multiplus.

I also got MQTT working, although I would rather it connected to my broker and not make a local one.

What I want to look at next is configuring (or controlling) the Multiplus such that the grid is used as a "last resort", but otherwise continue to provide a "protected" circuit.

I would like:

Normal operation: Invert from battery to supply AC loads.

If AC loads exceeds the inverter capacity, add grid power.

If the DC voltage falls too low, feed AC loads with pass through. Ideally enable the charger at that point (optional) to support the DC loads also.

I can do this manually right now, but that isn't ideal.

I have considered DIY digital control mechanisms, maybe via MQTT, such that I can monitor the system and send controls to it when thresholds are reached.

I thought I'd ask, as the ESS eco-system in Victron exists, but I'm finding researching it a bit difficult. Obviously the vast majority of multiplus users consider the AC-In to be shore power.

Another option, I stumbled on, but not sure about, is to tell the Multiplus that AC-In is in fact a generator and should only be started when the DC is low. Is this a thing? Is it worth going that way?

Links to specific guides on ESS and "Favour solar, favour DC, AC-In only if strictly needed." would be helpful.


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Multiplus-II 8kVA and 10kVA in parallel

I believe the 8kVA and 10kVA Multiplus-II's cannot be paralleled. Will this be fixed with a future software upgrade or never?

If it will be possible in future, then when?

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Overload L1: Warning (Feeding back to Grid)


What will cause an L1 Overload warning feeding back to grid?

Today was a good solar production day and at times i feed almost 4kw to the grid and during those spikes i got an L1 Overload warning. There was no high temperature or interruption in service during this time. As soon as I increased the AC loads the warning cleared.

My Setup:

3 * Multiplus 3000/24 in parallel

4 * 250/100 charge controllers in VE network

6 * Victron 220ah gel Agm


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Digital Multi Controll GX & Multiplus compact 12/2000

Digital Multi Controll GX & Multiplus compact 12/2000 no VE.BUS


Absorption & Float - flashing

Inverter - on

no shore power connected

what does it mean?

can't finde any documentation


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Motorhome setting issues

Dear all,

i have the following system installed in my motorhome:


  • The BMS is the Stuart Pittaway's "diybms v4" connected via BMS-BUS, which is working very reliable!
  • the Battery Shunt is coupled with the diybms
  • there is a second shunt (victron smart shunt) configured to measure DC-power
  • ESS is off, DVCC is on.

I have got three issues which i was not able to solve yet:

  1. The System does not keep the battery on 100%, even with shore-power
  2. The System does not priorise the MPPTs over the Multiplus to charge the batteries
  3. The Multiplus (Compact 1600W) is showing "external control" at all times

Below a screenshot of my VRM:


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Multigrid 3000 wall mount

Hello All,

New here, so please be "kind" to me.

I am setting up a new (to me) Multigrid 48/3000/35

Sadly, it is missing the wall hanger/mount

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement one?

thanks in advance.


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