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Multiplus II automatic on/off with cerbo gx and VE.BUS

Hi I know similar has been asked in the past, but I have not yet been able to find a solution. Maybe someone else has come up with something?

I am two lithium, a 48v bank and a 12v bank, on my sailboat. I normally live aboard, but this winter I will be leaving the boat for an extended period. I would like to run a far infrared heater and dehumidifier whilst I am away. I have 1.2kw of solar so should be able to handle almost continuous use. Though what I would like to do is only run them when the batteries are charged up to say 70%, thus ensuring that if there are a few days of no sun and the battery drops bellow this level the inverter (and devices it is running) won't running the battery down.

Is there a way I can do this? Note that I am running REC BMS which controls the charging via the cerbo gx.

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CCGX Generator Start-Stop "Do not run genset when AC 1 is in use"

I'm not sure I get the logic behind this?( )

I thought the best practice was to connect the genset to AC1 and shore power to AC2?


"Two AC inputs; integrated switch-over system between shore voltage and generating set The Quattro features two AC inputs (AC-in-1 and AC-in-2) for connecting two independent voltage sources. For example, two generator sets, or a mains supply and a generator set. The Quattro automatically selects the input where voltage is present. If voltage is present on both inputs, the Quattro selects the AC-in-1 input, to which normally the generating set is connected."

Would it be possible to add "Do not run genset when AC2 is in use" as well? (given people are probably already relying on the version with AC1 I understand just changing it to AC2 may not be possible).

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Multiplus 3 Wire Generator Connection- 'Common' where should it go?

Hi there,

fallowing 3 wires from switch, i know where should i connect start and stop wire from multiplus to generator but not sure where 'common' should go / how?

My gen has start stop system with remote and all so it's not complicated but 3rd wire aka common is what im not sure and i dont really want to blow up anything.

thank you

I believe @Matthias Lange - DE ll know the answer hah.


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Which brand automatic starting generator icm cerbo gx?

Are there particulary brands of automaticly starting gensets which work flawlessly with the cerbo automatic switch on/of/automatic relay?

I am looking for a generator in de range of 5 kw-10 kw.

Please some advice or directions.

Thanks in advance.

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Kohler 7.5 Quattro Cerbo GX With Load Sensing Gen Start

My genset is controlled "start/stop" by sensing the presence or absence of a load on the line. It also has a two wire start/stop. The two wire will not stop the genset if there's a load present. My question is, will the Quattro AC IN-1 contactor open and close as necessary for my genset when programmed with the gen start/stop features in the Quattro or Cerbo GX or do I need to add a external contactor?

Thank you

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auto stop start Cummins/Onan genset model type MDKBK.

i am installing 2.4kw of PV power onboard my yacht. i am installing 2 x MPPT 150/30. and a CCGX.

how do i wire the cummins onan genset for auto stop/start.

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Setting up generator (2 wire) to relay at CCGX

After setting this up I tested the manual start at the colour controller, which started the GENSET. The issue is I have set up the conditions of the battery voltage to start at 47 volts, but GENSET won't start. Could you advise me the full settings I need to achieve an auto start of GENSET. I have a Smart Solar MPPT 250/100.

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Turn on load based on battery level

Hello, everyone,

Is there a simple way to turn on a relay based on battery level? I have a load, which I would like to turn on when battery reaches 90% and turn off when battery reaches 50%.

Many thanks,


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Autostart generator wiring (Venus)

Hi, could someone help me figure out how to wire my Hyundai DHY6000SELR to autostart from the Venus controller. I'm not sure if I need additional parts. My generator has an ATS socket (3 pin).

This is the manual for the generator, the wiring diagram is on page 23 and 24.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Auto start Newer Onan

I have a 2019-20 Onan 5.5 GEN set. I just installed a BMV-712, a CCGX and Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V. I have done a lot of research on this site but I’m wondering if my generator is newer and I do not need to install two separate relays like what was needed in the past. I’m not electrician and I am trying to learn. I have a pretty decent idea on how everything works but I do not know exactly what wires needs power, how long and when they need power. On my GEN set I have a start wire that is (red) and a stop/prime wire that is (green). Obviously The green wire needs momentary 5sec power to prime the fuel pump. Then the red wire needs power to start. I have tested both green and red wires and when the generator is running they are both powered up with around 11.7 V. I have a Lippert one control system that is a fully functional generator auto start feature. However now that I have lithium batteries my Lippert system will not recognize a linear voltage drop because my lithium batteries will maintain a high voltage charge status. So the only way to trigger a generator auto start is through my battery state of charge via my battery monitor or CCGX. Does anybody have experience with this situation? If so can you please explain to me what I need to buy and how I need to wire it and set it up?

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Generator start/stop autostart conditions not applying

Hi, I have a question regarding the generator auto start/stop function in the Venus OS. Should the generator autostart conditions be applied immediately or does every change of conditions require a reboot. Currently when I change for example the SOC conditions the CCGX needs to be restarted in order to the autostart to work.

Testing setup:

Battery SOC: 92%

Set autostart by SOC: 95%/98%
Relay clicks, State: Running by SOC condition
Change SOC autostart conditions to 85%/98%
Relay keeps being closed and State: Running by SOC condition

Venus OS: v2.60~37

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1 Answer

Generator start/stop resync after manual override?

I have a Venus GX configured with a generator start/stop. The Venus correctly auto-starts and -stops the generator based on whichever conditions are set up.

Sometimes, however, I manually shut down the generator using a separate switch. Venus has no (automatic) way to know that I have done this.

At that point, no matter what settings I try to change on Venus, any change results in the Venus triggering the generator again, because it always tries to "stop" it.

Is there a way to tell the Venus to "forget" the generator state short of resetting the computer?

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Generator start condition logging

I'm using a CCGX to start the generator on serveral conditions, low SOC, high DC current, inverter (pre)overload and AC Load. I want to reduce generator running hours and want to be able to see what condition and with what value triggered the autostart. Is this possible in any way? Either direct in the CCGX or in the VRM portal?

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Auto Gen Start trigger from room thermostat

is there any way to have the Venus GX auto start the generator on a call from a room thermostat for the HVAC compressor? system has a multiplus

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Color Control GX + Venus GX?

Trying to build the ultimate Solar/Inverter setup for my 40-ft RV. I have purchased two Tesla Power Modules and I am planning on using a MultiPlus 24/3000, Color Control GX, Battery Protect 220, BMV 712. Question: Does the Color Control GX include all the features of the Venus GX, or do I still need both for full remote smartphone capability and auto genset start? It looks like the Venus is not needed

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Quattro with Venus & Genset

Hello Team, we have following configuration:

2 x Quattro 48V/10000 with a Venus and a 30kWh BYD battery bank. The inverters are configured as a split phase system with a 30kVA diesel genset. The system is set up to start the generator automatically at some preset levels. During our test we have noticed that the system cuts off the genset abruptly instead of sending the turn-off signal and allowing the genset to cool down. We have replaced the Venus because we thought that the Venus might be sending a double signal to the generator controller which would cause an immediate shutdown. But this did not fix the problem. Does anyone have any other idea what we could test?

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Detect Generator at AC Input

Our clients are set up for Autostart generator on SOC or <V etc.

Generator starts ok and can be seen on the VRM portal. Generator AC Detect is selected on the CCQX.

However "Generator Not Detected on AC Input" alarm always comes up when the generator is running.

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Honda generator 2 wire self starting New installation with a EasySolar 24/3000 On wiring the 2 wire cable to the Honda gen-set controller via CCGX, it starts and stops itself intermittently. Pressing the CCGX, it starts and stops. Programming and checking, it starts and stops in the parameters tested, no issue. First time we have come across a phantom start/stop signal. Firmware on CCGX 2.32 very remote, no phone coverage, not on VRM. We had another identical Honda with us as we have another site using the same gear, so swapped generators to check the generator side. Same phantom start/stop. To cure we have installed a relay between the CCGX and 2 wire controller on the Honda. Phantom issue resolved. Has anyone come across this issue before? Cheers Rod

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Has anyone tried to connect a Honda EU7000is generator to a Multi-Plus?

I am specifically wondering about using the auto-start feature since the generator has electric start. Honda does make a remote start kit so I think it might be possible.

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Generator doesn't stop when no conditions apply

We start gen for test run via CCGX and the only condition to stop is when battery SOC is 100%. When battery reaches 100% the generator does not stop. We've also had the same behaviour when using battery voltage as the only condition.

I've read elsewhere that if we stop the gen manually (ie not with CCGX, but on the gen) then there may be a sync problem. Is there a way to start from scratch as it were? Do we reset the CCGX or turn off the Multiplus, or both?

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Genset draws current while running ????

Yesterday I went to help a guy with a Victron installation:

- 3x Multiplus 48 5000 in 3-phase configuration

- 1x Color Control

- 1x Smart Solar 250 / 100

- 1x 13.8 BYD battery

- 1x 9 KVA 3-phase genset

I've set up the system (multi, mppt and color control and autostart for the genset by low SOC)

First I've found a problem that whith the genset on, the multis read voltage at the input but not charging, just inverting.

We found that rotating 1 input phase solve the problem.

The funny thing is that when the genset is charging, the color control shows it as a AC INPUT, but also as an AC LOAD.

If I stop the genset the loads disappear (also the input)

Is like the genset draws current.

Can someone explain that? It's fixable?


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